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1/25/2021 7:26:00 AM

Iowa's decades-long lock on the nominating process has been under threat since last year's disastrous caucus, when results were delayed for days in part because of a faulty smartphone app.

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Biden now says US will have enough vaccine for every adult by the end of May Biden: US will be able to vaccinate all adults by end of May Biden announces Johnson & Johnson and Merck partnership to 'accelerate' Covid vaccine production Read more: NPR »

Betting on death of petrol cars, Volvo to go all electric by 2030

Volvo's entire car lineup will be fully electric by 2030, the Chinese-owned company said on Tuesday, joining a growing number of carmakers planning to phase out fossil-fuel engines by the end of this decade.

Yeah, time to move on. States should do rank choice primaries, 5-10 a week, in batches. Batches picked by a rotating algorithm w/ bonuses given based on metrics of voter engagement, and states active role in ending gerrymandering in their districts. Primaries are very different races than generals. Why give a red state any more dubious influence?

Go to the south DO YOU KNOW WHAT IS NOT FUNNY OR A PERFORMANCE ART? SEX CRIMES!!! DO YOU KNOW WHO IS NOT JOKING AROUND? ME, ANDREW BALLARD!!! I AM A SEX CRIME/POLICE CORRUPTION VICTIM, AND I DESERVE JUSTICE! WILL YOU HELP ME GET A FBI/FBIPhoenix/TheJusticeDept INVESTIGATION? I am still at a loss to understand why any of us give a tiny care about what voters in either Iowa or New Hampshire think. Talk about the tail wagging the dog.

The Iowa caucus thing is stupid and should have been junked years ago. The whole state-by-state thing sux. Everything right down to the Electoral College needs to be dismantled and rethought. FFS get on with it. Please! Enough with the Iowa shit. The first state should be a state that has a representative population like that of the rest of the country and Iowa sure AF ain’t that!

How about a nation wide primary with ranked choice voting Put the fork on that one. Tired of a state least representative of America having so much sway. Especially when they don't even chose a straight popular vote winner. No, it shouldn't. In fact, presidential primaries should be regional. It'd be fun to imagine the regions (10 max. in my opinion) and this might cause candidates to run for many fewer months, which would be nice.

They should pick the state where the Democratic electorate most closely resembles the combined total electorates of the states that are most likely to be at the tipping point (WI, PA, MI, NC, GA, AZ, TX, FL). Why are states so staggered during PrimaryElection drawing it out? If any state is going to be 1st, let it be a state that is most representative of the US.

They should have a 10 week process, doing 10 states every two weeks. The order should be rotated every four years. States sharing a day should be a mix of big, small, red, and blue. It would make the process fair and give EVERY state the chance to have a say. Either do it randomly or in order of voter turnout in 2020 general election. Make it fair and reward good citizenship.

Let’s group all the states into three categories of primaries: Super Tuesday Pretty Good Tuesday Meh Tuesday (includes Iowa) *whispers* Primaries should be all the states simultaneously voting so we dont have such a ridiculous dragged out process Skip Iowa. It is silly to be polite. No. Ridiculous waste of money in state that doesn't represent the party and doesnt even run a primary. NH should be out too.

👋🏻 Iowan here. I’m fine with someone else going first. Enjoy your years of endless political commercials. Yes. Ask David McCann retired pharmacist ,his father and my grandfather around the cresent area ,are related to the McCann that made you a state ,if you want fair justice ,that would be a good place to start

It was the F’ing Republicans calling the reporting phones with 1000’s of Robo Calls! The Fuck up was Not Locking up some Republicans! It's ludicrous for a single state to have so much power over elections. I live 10 minutes away from Iowa, but have WAY less voting power than some of my friends. How does that make sense?

The Democrats should choose at least one of the battleground states. No reason for Iowa caucuses to lead. None at all. If they keep it, DNC is stupid Why the hell should a state like Iowa, that has no city larger than 215k and is 90% white, have such a massive influence on who the candidate gets to be? It's a sad, pathetic joke.

Honestly I kind of don't mind this. Iowa needs to have some of the influence it has taken away. When it comes to the primary I swear it seems some people and some media forget that 49 other states exist in the union. No they shouldn’t! That state does represent the Diversity of the US 2020 isn't even cold yet. Can we just enjoy/mourn [whatever side you're on] one election at a time?

I’m running as a Democrat in Utah to unseat Mike Lee in the US Senate in 2022. I’m trying to drum up as much support as I can. Follow me and let’s get to work. Prophet of Environment, 范楚漳,環境先知🌎🌍Dictator:I’m fining Biden US$13 billions Environmental pollution & unnecessary waste natural resources. Permitting transgender to join USA🇺🇸military.Will add weight to breast transplants to transport cost/emissions + cloths for uniforms

thank you very much for your work ▬104 At least the schools and businesses are starting to slowly reopen already in the Biden administration. Corona will now soon go away.👍 ▌104▬ Text Only Link: Democrats Weigh Whether Iowa Should Stay 1st In Line For 2024 Election