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1/24/2021 9:34:00 AM

Prominent Republicans continued to criticize the idea of trying an out-of-office president, while some Democrats worried about hampering President Biden's agenda.

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Why the hell is Congress waisting our money? This could go for something much more important. Say feeding our homeless? Helping those who have lost everything in this pandemic! But no, let's keep Trump from ever holding office cause he could beat us. Idiots I wonder if they would feel the same if this was done by a Democrat President.

NRSC Always wanting to let the old white guy off the hook no matter the crime. I guess there is still time for Obama! A spy is a spy...the whole group should be tried ASAP! Hellery, Comey, Biden was in the loop, but also should be impeached for HIS Quip Pro Quo ConvictTrumpNow ConvictAndDisqualifyTrump

They always have some stupid excuse for not taking responsibility for their own stupid choices and agendas. Oh please. It cannot be forgotten that they wanted to kill people. This is way beyond something that can be overlooked. It’s a bad idea on so many levels. Biden could actually act on his call for “unity” by intervening.

The Republicans were in on it. Otherwise known as Republicans sliming out of Justice. A Congress that is above the law or a President in or out of office is F______ unacceptable. How does ANYONE not GET THIS ? Absurdity Manifesting portrays a régime with a double edge ideology. Trump was an unconventional President, so he can have an unconventional impeachment.

Absurd. Only prosecute criminals who are caught on the premises while committing a crime? That’s all bullshit. We prosecute Trump for being a cool attempting piece of garbage. And anybody who else who had any part in it with him. Biden can worry about his own agenda he doesn’t need the Democratic Party to carry him around now he won let him do his job.

If someone puts together a crew to rob a bank because he thinks he deserves to have that money and he does not succeed but makes a successful get away, should law enforcement not pursue and prosecute? That is what Mr. Trump and his insurrection crew did. Not 'vindictive' JohnCornyn justice&accountability Vindictive is blocking a SC nominee 264 days before an election Vindictive is ramming in a SC nominee8 days before an election. Vindictive is the GOP repeatedly telling TheBigLie about election fraud Vindictive is the GOP motto

Stay the course. We need to see justice work. If there is no accountability, there is no democracy. And we need to know which members of Congress are okay with Trumps failed attempts to steal the election and destroy democracy. COWARDS!!! If he’d robbed a bank, would they still want him freed? Are we still listening to what Republicans are saying?

Sounds like JohnCornyn thinks plotting an insurrection against our government (of which he’s a part of?) fueled by lies he never bothered to stand up against, and fulfilling his duty and oath to defend our Constitution isn’t that big of a deal. Maybe he should resign. Excuses, excuses. Do your jobs! Yes republicans still complain about Benghazi after a 3 year investigation. Their hypocrisy and double standards are showing!

Don’t they have anything better to do with their time? Like fix our voting system? Fix healthcare? Overhaul the entire system? What a waste. OMG!!! How s still up for debate?! The double-impeached douchebag is a criminal on the loose and needs to be convicted! The evidence is already overwhelming! Justice now or Dems won't vote in next elections. We expect action against the thugs not a few but all.

Honeymoon’s over. Then, why does the government arrest people who entered the Capitol? They are not there any more. The rule of law. Does it mean the laws only rule the poor and weak? Do your job. This democracy cannot allow anyone who tried to dismember it to walk away from their actions. TrumpInsurrection ExpelTheSeditionists

He led a fucking assault on the Capitol! Stop with this bullshit framing! The offense was committed while he was in office. Articles of impeachment have drawn, the senators should do their jobs if they still know what that is. Prominent republicans are worried that an investigation will reveal their role in the coup attempt. That’s why the panicked crowd for unity. They couldn’t care less about anything but saving their own skins. Accountability

just DefundFASCISTS BANKRUPTtheTRUMPS and ALL who supported them. Accountability is key! No GOP walk backs allowed. 😠 Correction: prominent republicans are scared of Donny Instead of trying him in the Senate for Insurrection, we could just try him in regular criminal court for all the other crimes he has committed both before and after he became president. Tax evasion, bank fraud, insurance fraud, etc.

He tried to hold onto the White House by force! He incited violence against our Congress! You're damned right he must be tried! This is the GOP‘s last chance to get rid of the label of the political party that supports SEDITION. If Republicans don’t convict Trump they got him for four more years. I’m about to run for office specifically to commit crimes and line my own pockets because no one would hold me accountable.

They didnt want to try him during the presidency, and they don’t want to try him after; the question for republican politicians, then, is when is it appropriate to hold a president accountable when they are a representative of your own party? Or does that not matter anymore? According to the Republicans you know when it's a good time to try a Republican president? Never.

Come now. There will be more evidence against Trump, and fewer radical conspiracies and lies circulating, in 14 days. McConnell is one of many who want Trump gone for good. If he wanted to save Trump and weaken Biden, he’d have agreed to start the trial tomorrow. It's all political theater. The Republicans should shut up period.

Do the right thing. If the rich and powerful never face charges then the poor and powerless don't have a chance. Justice for all. The Emperor's agenda must not be derailed by such petty squabbles. The rebel leader Trump has already been exiled to the swamp planet of Florida, further action is unnecessary.

Once you impeach one former president who tried to overthrow democracy before he left office, you have to do it to every one! Do your job. Yes yes, all of that beltway bullshit is far more important than a president inciting a murderous mob attack Congress and try to overturn a free and fair election. Not like anything like that should be worrying to a democracy.

Do your job!! I'm a nurse, covid makes everything harder, not impossible, but harder, so your job is hard get it done, all of it !!! Biden's agenda and impeachment Here think of it this way: It’s not about trying an out of office president, it’s about convicting a goddamn TRAITOR. How about a headline reflecting the views of people that think he should be convicted for inciting a murderous attack on the capitol rather than those that don't?

TrumpIsATerrorist unamerican magaisacult shameful MAGATerrorists magacultmystbedestroyed magacultmustdie youmakemesick youradisgrace youaretheproblem I am willing to testify against Trump. If impeachment stops when someone leaves office, when does the “criminal free-for-all“ time for Joe begin? The day after the election, does he get to run free with a machete? Or do you hold people accountable and ”drain the swamp”?

McConnellPress How ridiculous and weak those within the GOP look. Cowering to a bully who has only their demise in mind. He wants to end the republican party and they're fighting to lick his boot. WakeUp Imagine not prosecuting a murderer because, hey, the victim’s dead, right? You broke the law — many many laws, in fact. You tried to overthrow a free & fair election & incited insurrection. The statue of limitations really ought to be longer than a goddamn month for that.

Just give Trump his spanking (Conviction) really quick; no debate is needed because we all saw what he did. Then we will move on. But, Trump needs to pay a cost. Let’s call the Q: What is it that would come out as evidence during a constitutional process involving the 06 Jan 2021 incident that Senators do not want the public to hear?

So people can just attach the damn Capitol building at the request of an American president to destroy democracy and NOTHING HAPPENS? WTAF?! He and his followers jeopardized lives and democracy that day. This cannot be forgotten nor brushed under the rug. No action sends a resounding message that this is allowable and can be attempted again.

Prominent GOP Senators? So busy deflecting blame, inventing strategies, playing partisan politics, etc. they've forgotten the sheer depth and magnitutude of the insurgent terror attack on our capitol, constitution, and democracy. SHAME! ShamefulSenators But everyone agreed that Donald Trump, who was never a good president, killed 400,000 Americans by lying about a deadly pandemic, and tried to have the Vice President executed so he could steal an election should be able to walk away scot-free because boy he sure tried it, huh?

I call bullshit GOP- trump has a travel allowance paid for by tax payers, secret service and NO other job. He is available and you know it. He broke the law in DC, he gets tried in DC. SenSchumer please stand strong in face of these idiotic objections. SenateDems SenateGOP We want Trump held accountable as well as the Senators that enabled him. No unity without justice. He tried to take down democracy to prop up his ego - people died. Convict Trump and vote to prevent him from ever holding office again. Expel Hawley and Cruz.

keep up This is ridiculous. Trump needs to be tried and convicted. Republicans need to do their job. They are scared. But they keep making the wrong choices and keep going further down. They have to stop defending the criminal. They didn't like trying one in office, either. ‘The purpose of the Criminal Justice System... is to deliver justice for all, by convicting and punishing the guilty and helping them to stop offending, while protecting the innocent.’

He should be tried because otherwise we already see he's thinking of running again. What happened should not be tolerated. Our elected officials should be able to do more than one thing at a time. Not the time to be weak. The agenda will go though if SenSchumer will EndTheFilibuster and not compromise with treasonous Republicans.

Enough with this crap. Stop pushing this propaganda. There will be accountability for this treason. We will insist on it. Law and order -- as applied to everyone but them. Who cares what Republicans think? They don't believe anything. They lie non stop and change their positions as soon as it suits them. Bad faith all the time. Report on actual policy, facts about the investigation or real events. Not GOP games.

And yet these were the very same people that wanted Hillary Clinton locked up, and one of whom filed impeachment articles on Biden like literally as he was being sworn in. Cry me a river. 🎻 82% of the people want action, a trial and a vote! SenatorFeckless is a WhinyLittleBitch! You realize your headline is only negative right? What’s the cost-benefit analysis for preserving democracy?

Defund We want justice. Carry on. There is no ‘get out of jail free card’ for Presidents who betray our country and their oath TrumpTreason TrumpInsurrection ConvictAndDisqualifyTrump CountryOverTrump CountryOverParty ProsecuteTheTraitors AbuseOfPower highcrimes GOP pay attention Let them acquit him before the indictment then if they think it’s no big

He cannot be let off the hook. The precedent set by that decision opens us to further attacks. Frighteningly, a future attack may succeed. SenateGOP SenateDems I don't care what Republicans have to say. They lost all credibility years ago So there's a Free Space for high crimes and misdemeanors? As long as you do it close to the end of your term and can delay impeachment proceedings until you're out of office?

He was not of out of office when the process of impeachment began. This is not impeaching a President who is out of office but rather continuing the process. Why is this concept hard to follow.? Those who oppose this action you assume the American people are nonfunctional. They should understand how wrong that’s person was, while finding a good view of the party.

“Officer Daniel Hodges, seen in viral video being smashed in a door: 'There's a guy ripping my mask off, he was able to rip away the baton and beat me with it. He was practically foaming at the mouth...these people were true believers in the worst way” The risk of doing nothing...the message that would MUCH worse.

Moral cowardice and short-term thinking by craven political 'leaders' will lead to something far worse than 1/6 if we let it pass by without holding those who participated, planned and encouraged the insurrection fully responsible. He must be held accountable. They all need to be. Democrats are always worried. That’s the problem.

Prominent Republicans played a significant role in the attempted coup. Of course they want us to forget all about it! We will NOT. HE INCITED AN INSURRECTION. Treason