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1/22/2021 8:32:00 AM

There are 7 House members currently in COVID-related quarantine. We're tracking the lawmakers who've either tested positive for active infections or have been quarantined.

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Major fire erupts at a warehouse outside of Los Angeles

More than 100 firefighters to a massive fire that erupted in Compton, Calif.

QueenCreo Oh geez! Good thing Pelosi got all her votes tho..cuz that was more important than not spreading the Covid.🙄 Text Only Link: Congress And COVID-19: Members' Cases And Quarantines I am more interested in knowing who is positive and how many doses of the vaccine they have received and when. You could have included that in the article.

Well, they were all hugging and kissing. Many without masks. superspreaders I'd bet they are all TRumpublicans No one cares about covid this is terrible news Let's just assume everyone is positive at this point....And get it over with. The probably attended JoeBiden Inauguration super spreader event. Ethnography of Supremacy 201 by NoOneUnscripted

First NoOneUnscripted seditious conspiracy warning, November 11, 2020: