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1/21/2021 7:26:00 AM

President Biden: 'There is truth and there are lies. Lies told for power and for profit. And each of us has a duty and a responsibility, as citizens, as Americans, and especially as leaders ... to defend the truth and defeat the lies.'

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Wray refutes claims that Antifa and leftists added to Capitol riot Stacey Abrams calls GOP efforts to restrict voting ‘new Jim Crow era laws’ FBI Director Wray says the Capitol siege has been an 'inspiration' to terrorist extremists Read more: NPR »

Thousands of cold-stunned sea turtles being rescued in Texas

People have taken thousands of cold-stunned sea turtles to a convention center in South Texas in hopes of saving them during the unusually chilly weather

dwatchnews_nam Tell me a time when any politician hasn’t been lying. Seriously? He was lying there! What a piece of work. 1.5 Billion tells the truth. Why take taxpayers money in salary when your boss pays in lump sums? As he listens to no one. That’s rich coming from a guy who is a known plagiarist, liar, and a fraud!

JoeBiden thank you for being a good human being Lol what about his lies ? There are allot of them! Janet Yellen never mentioned Biden's 'Buy American' plan which is a promise made on his 'Joe Biden for President' website during her confirmation hearing. She only said Biden plans on investing in infrastructure - not U.S. manufacturing. And what about election transparency?

Perhaps Biden can create a plan to build minority-owned manufacturing plants here in U.S.? Kind of like Opportunity Zones from Trump Administration? It would be a win win - help minorities and create jobs. Putting people of color in management positions isnt enough. 🤢🤮👎 To deal with hate appropriately, the Germans created the word: vergangenheitsbewältigung. In our case, I suggest a new English word: mallusion (malignant delusion).

Lieden 👍🇺🇸 Well said!! How refreshing it will be!!! lol Lord knows we tried lol... but cheating won National petroleum radio is lecturing us about the need and obligation to disseminate truth and honesty That's hypocritical, to say the least. Straight up Gospel truth right there. This is what a leader sounds like.

Honesty and truth can only be shared by people that believe in the human race as equal beings irrespective of color, origin, creed and customs . to defend the truth mean to mantain the power and profit that came from the lies. and to defeat the lies mean to take another power and profit. These career politicians claim themselves “truth”, but in reality they all lie. Defund these career politicians, America deserves young energetic leaders, not career politicians

Well maybe we'll come to know who are the real lying-dog-faced-pony soldiers who love power and profit. Maybe? Psssttt...POTUS Nuclear power is clean dense affordable energy. Prematurely closing nuclear power plants and failure to build new ones results in increased reliance of fossil fuels. truth Diversity is strength, war is peace, freedom is slavery.

Tell the truth are you kidding - I do not think you are capable of doing that. For 4 years you have beaten up and persecuted Trump - now in 1 day you want everyone to forgot that. I don't think so... Pretty God damn good words. Hypocrisy in bright lights. He's already shown us 50 years of plagiarizing, misrepresentations.... etc. We will not be duped by a rhetorical speech and media who long ago abandoned their journalism integrity, independence and responsibilities.

FUCKIN A WALTER! A-Men! The portal to the alternate universe is closed, sealed, and labeled. Peace Prize for killing so many innocent people ... Peace be upon Trump, the peace-loving man, the enemy of the ayatollahs, not the people Your truth, Hillary, Obama, John Kerry, Nancy, was at war that money and wealth are at war. Obama and you with the criminal ayatollahs who kill their own people. You are behind the scenes, Obama killed the Syrian children with the terrorist Qassem Soleimani and won the Nobel

Or put another way: sometimes a dwarf is a person of average height shooting high who simply has a bad press when it comes to the basket ball ;)The virtue of my phrase is that it would sound funny if Joe Pesci said it or if Jordan said it hehehe Bring back the Fairness Doctrine Lie 1 Uh, Russian collusion? Where did that land on your truth/lie scale?

Abortion, which kills 50 millions each year world wide, is the most heinous crime against the most helpless human beings. How can there be any healing in the country when such a terrible crime is legal? Is he implying that only certain lies are unacceptable? Biden lies all the time. He told black people that republicans would have them back in chains, he said Trump called white supremacist good people. He never did. He and the media lied about that. Don’t believe me? Watch the speech yourself.

It's time to bring back the Fairness Doctrine. Mr Biden, you've got a lot to do. Best of luck, idea... Once a month have some dems and GOP sit down for casual chat. Show and remind us our leaders are human not just divided rivals, I want dems and GOP helping each other, I want to see it, we only hear about the divisions.

THATS A GOOD FUCKIN QUOTE RIGHT THERE I'm so fucking happy to read just that first quoted sentence with correct verb application. I want to cry. It shouldn't be that fucking important... SenTedCruz psst this one's for you to absorb. Wallace told viewers, 'whether it's us on the air on cable or broadcast, whether it's us in social media, on our Twitter accounts, understanding that we have to deal from facts, from the truth, to hear each other out, as he said. A right to disagree, but not a right to violence.'

Extreme Corruption in Courts. In India decisions of Supreme Court are changed by lower courts. Public at large has refused to accept malafide order of Supreme Court. See my Pinned Tweet. This type of corruption is started in USA. Justice system has collapsed all over the world ? Excellent! Can we please stop saying that humans can change their sex? Biology is science, too.

Republicans should be ashamed of themselves for ignoring Trump's lies, particularly the one about the election results. There should be serious penalties for leaders who lie. Talking to you NPR. word He voted for a war in Iraq that was based on a lie. Kamala plagiarized Dr. King and Biden...well he’s also known for plagiarism

He's got to be talking about CNN, a great source of lies they never apologize for. Wow. Coming from the mouth of a career politician who has done almost nothing. Shocking. Lies are just the truth of the side who didn't win. And 'truth' is only the lies the winner tells. Fuck off with the platitudes. We as individuals or like we the ISPs and social media platforms?

horrible And then about lies, meanwhile on Fox... So send out $2,000 checks. So what do we do about Fox News? Bartiromo was on last night in prime time explaining that it was Antifa that attacked the Capitol. Watching today’s Events from Australia I was very emotional, what I witnessed was a truly realistic assessment of your Country’s plight and current issues; however,I’ve never seen such a change in attitude compared to 4 years ago,Hope, Unity, Love,EMPATHY and Courage, Love to USA