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1/16/2021 4:30:00 PM

Uganda's election commission says President Yoweri Museveni has won a sixth term in office, defeating the former singer Bobi Wine. But Wine is challenging the election as rigged, and a top U.S. diplomat is calling the vote 'fundamentally flawed.'

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That’s super Hippocratiwcal Did any African Government say that the US election is or is not rigged? Why? Because Americans are the only people who decide whether their election is rigged or not. It is not the function of foreigners to decide. Same principles should apply to African elections. Its too bad Twitter couldn't influence a foreign election. A damn shame.

Ironic that the US is commenting on this. Africa, if it wasn’t rigged then it wouldn’t be Africa now would it. “Vote rigging doesn’t exist. Anywhere.” says jack..🤣 These Ugandan opposition supporters will get banned on Twitter if they keep saying it was rigged.🙄 greggutfeld UgandaElection What’s new ridged elections corrupt politicians and the list goes on and on how long are we all going to take this for! encrochat

That U.S. diplomat should be in the U.S. saying that too Actual footage of the voting taking place It will take another 100 years before Africans wake up and crush dictatorship forever! People are too scared of losing their life’s to a revolution! Dictators will never leave power until they are forced out. And that can only be achieved with collateral damage

It’s a damn shame that cheating is called winning 😩 This is sad because he literally cheated. He turned off the internet!!!! Like, what! Every democracy needs something called term limits More 5yrs of murders,torture 😢 abductions😫,massive corruption 😑massive land grabbing 😒,all Ugandan resources being sold to the Chinese for M7s benefit 🙄, no drugs in hospitals, poor roads, women dying giving birth, we're doomed 😢. Feels like the world has ended for Ugandans

HEBobiwine won but UgandaEC rigged in favor of M7; M7's security forces are killing Ugandans who're assumed to have the true election results; M7 ordered telecom companies to shut down the internet to stop the circulation of election declaration forms as well as police violence Blockchain can save Africa from corruption

Another Eidi Amin, what is the point of an election if there is no limit to the number of times some can be elected. Might just as well call it autocratic Monarchy and have done with it. Ugandans are challenging this. The world witnessed Ugandans being raped by dictator Museveni. He’s now killing opposition leaders and suspended judiciary for 3 months. Clearly he didn’t win otherwise he would be a free man

You are shameless Isn't this shamful 😨👎🏾👏🏿 Our rightfully elected president is HEBobiwine Museveni took over the Electral Commission and declared Himself the Winner of the presidential elections, & now all opposition leaders who were elected by Ugandans as MPs are all under house arrest, Robert Kyagulanyi & his wife too

Maybe trump could move there and become president! JenJenJennywren Is the comment from the US diplomat satire? what, did they use dominion? US diplomat got nothing to say about rigged elections 🤣🤣 pot meet kettle Lmao no one gives a damn what the U.S. thinks right now. If the US UK and European union world bank doesn't stop to give this man big sums of money he will remain in power forever. Stop the foreign Aid without proper accountability Stop selling him military weapons to finish his own citizens

Just like The U.S. 😂😂 Already, you can now clearly see the impact of Trump and his election antics. Hard for the US to really do or say anything at this point CNN BBCBreaking US cannot even declare their own President. Ha ha ha ha How is this even possible. It’s got voter fraud written all over it! Why shut down the internet if all was fair and transparent?!

Damn Why isn't NPR banned for inciting violence by daring to suggest a DEMOCRATICALLY CONDUCTED VOTE was rigged This claim is disputed and daaaangerous! The army won the election for M7. Pelosi is on her way to impeach anyone she can The nursery school motto in d picture states ..'our future starts now' 😶😶

I sometimes consider leaders like M7 should still reign whenever someone has to mention USA. i think we have a place for the magas to go to now...... For now, people who live in glass houses (The Big Lie) should refrain from tossing stones (“fundamentally flawed”) at others. The terrible outcome of the Trump era is that the moral pedestal of the US has been leveled, making such judgments seem baseless (pun intended).

The Democrats must have ridge the election for him there really good at it So, everyone in the world is now going to say RIGGED when they lose, and then start a riot? Bet it was Antifa. lmao Democracy works! He was not elected by majority of Ugandans but selected by the fake UgandaEC . WeAreRemovingADictator

Elections are safe, fraud isnt real, theres no evidence. Stop spreading conspiracy theories. Not sure we have any standing to be talking about another country’s flawed elections after the lies surrounding our own election integrity. Are the Ugandan people serious. Election Fraud is a dangerous accusation to make against the government. There has never been fraud in an election ever.

The US has no credibility regarding election integrity and the whole world knows it. Sounds something like this country, except here our elected officials call the election flawed. So NPR will say this is vote fraud without any evidence. Yet when issues and red data flags, as well as fraud arrests happen in USA in 2020. It is the most secure unfraudulent election in history. Just months after the entire government was hacked. Great Journalism peak hypocrisy

Maybe Trump should’ve taken some pointers from President Yoweri Museveni instead of Giuliani. Anyone who changes laws to increase their term limit is corrupt to the core. Putin, Xi, this guy... I’m bet trump would tried to do the same if he could. Plenty of wackos out there that would of supported it Pretty rich for a us diplomat to be calling a foreign election flawed

People in the U.S. 'we hate that other countries meddle in our elections' we start bad mouthing other countries' election. Lol US diplomat should first consider getting those vote audits, legitimate vote counting demands of President Trump first, before giving sermons to Ugandan election commission. Per so called 'disputed reports', Trump had won, but mysterious inflation of count helped Biden.

MarkDice Did they use dominion voting machines? Dictator museveni has declared himself winner coz he took over elections process using military to brutalize journalists Ugandans opponents killing Ugandans during campaigns shutting down internet Unfortunately, the us has no moral ground to argue election irregularities

Cold blooded Like the election of USA ? Us diplomat should mind his own business Uh oh that's another one kicked off SM Many congratulations to the great man. He is the president all Ugandans deserve. And thanks to Uganda 🇺🇬 election commission for conducting free & fair elections. Surely Museveni has now won more elections than any other politician in the world. A record 🇺🇬 should be proud of.

Twitter you need to censor and this tweet immediately! cannot allow questions and conspiracy theories about the election integrity of Uganda exist! Those diplomats need to go home. How come they did not do the same thing in the US where a sick basement man who did not campaign is about to become the President of the US? BBCWorld latimes Twitter GOPChairwoman GOPLeader Google JustinTrudeau bbcafrique

Wow dems here are alleging fraud in uganda election lol ,they know this president is as legitimate as biden who is currently the president elect What is it with losing candidates not accepting results lately? sixth term? you cant question elections it’s not free speech Stop undermining their free and fair election.

He shutdown Twitter in his country, because he recognized that he didn’t want Jack Dorsey, and Zuckerberg to have more power over his country than he did. Unintendedconsequences of Big Tech censorship Couldn’t this incite violence? I thought rigged elections were fake news tho. Eugene_Scott Top US diplomat should not be pointing to irregular election abroad until we have regain some credibility, that means a majority of the GOP confesses to lying about election fraud, publicly recognizes president Biden, calls Trump a seditious traitor

🤣🤣🤣 Good thing that can't happen here Wow something Trump could only dream of ! Numbers were doctored for Despot Museveni to win but in reality, HEBobiwine won He is now making 40 years in power after adding on these next 5 years. That's ridiculous! In released audio, HEBobiwine calls upon all Ugandans to REJECT these fraudulent results of Museveni's activist Justice Simon Byabakama, Chairman Electoral Commission 👇🏽

Does not US diplomat know that disagreeing with the outcome of the elections is not free speech? Gee I wonder where they heard this That is an absolute lie. This election was the most secure in Ugandan history I’m not Ugandan. Just an observer. In my opinion, any President that stays in office for over 30 years is power hungry and benefiting from a faulty election.

WhiteheadComm Fundamentally flawed and stupidly rigged M7Rigs2021 WeAreRemovingADictator sources close to election thinking, rule this the safest election in history. If it can attempt to happen in America, it can happen ANYWHERE So what’s new? 🙄 I’m guessing “term limits” is not a thing over there 😳

An example of what could be if we don’t address the problems that Traitordon exposed: Education Reform focused on Critical Reasoning & Logic is IMMENSELY Important realDonaldTrump yooo you see this? Isn't this the rhetoric of insurrection? As we’ve learned rigging doesn’t happen. Welcome to Biden/Harris/DNC new America

Unsubstantiated claims It's more legit than Biden's 'win'. Did they use Dominion voting machines like the communist party in the USA did? bwesigye Tewali buzibu coz we knew earlier that rigging is a must and we're firm the law will judge Don't they have limits to the Terms they serve? The acclaimed world powers, regulatory bodies and pressure groups have failed. Watch Africa fall into oblivion going forward with no regards to democratic processes. We should have continued with monarchy and chiefdoms if the democracy forced on us was just for gains.

An american calling the african election rigged 👀 Evidence of rigging? Too bad US credibility is gone now. Dear Uganda: Don't trust anything a Trump Administration official says, particularly about election fraud. Wait until next Wednesday and then ask us again. Likely better run and more transparant than the American election.

I wonder where these guys learned this? The 'top US Diplomat' has a lot of gall. A top US anything should not be listened to for a long time. Sounds familiar... This administration’s use of the Big Lie dimmed our ability to project light into actual rigged elections for years to come, Calling elections as 'rigged and fraud' might get you a ban and suspension on Twitter 😳 So be careful 😊😁😂 BidenInauguration Trump UgandaElections

Bobi's under house arrest. Sixth term! Imagine! What’s sad is that my first thought was - “why would anyone care what America believed about election integrity at this point.” So, great job GOP, another feather in your cap. Look at us calling other countries elections when we got a section of people too stupid to believe the results of the one that actually affects them...

Let’s not even begin to assume this is a legitimate election This claim is disputed elections can’t be rigged I guess Uganda does not have term limits for their president. Since he had no problem trying to kill his opponent and his family Maybe now is not the time for US citizens to have opinions on foreign elections. 😂

He rigged it