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1/16/2021 7:08:00 AM

As nations around the world scramble to start vaccinating against COVID-19, many countries are finding it difficult if not impossible to get the vaccines they want. The only doses Argentina could get their hands on were of the controversial Sputnik V.

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And Argentina will have trouble paying for them, cause they never pay for anything Bueno todos sabemos que los países ricos se hicieron con la vacuna pfizer moderna Mientras los demás resiben pequeños envíos es por eso que se está optando por vacunas chinas y rusas En México se compró pfizer , aztra zeneca, cansino y está valorando la rusa

I feel sorry for Argentina, but I am looking forward to laughing at the substandard statistics. Maybe trump sold Russia all our missing vaccine. 'The country of 45 million people has already lost more than 85,000 people to the disease.' That's not true, check data before publish. Everyday for 3 years, I wake up with the memories & trauma of multiple sexual assaults & other horrific crimes! These sex criminal cops & the accomplices are free to rape & victimize the community more! WILL YOU PLEASE HELP ME GET FBI/FBIPhoenix/TheJusticeDept INVESTIGATION?

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Unfortunately,Vaccines won’t be the cure all in 2021 and Face masks will be worn on New Year’s Eve 2021 Understand it from virologists