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1/13/2021 7:12:00 PM

YouTube, citing 'the ongoing potential for violence,' has temporarily suspended President Trump's account for at least a week.

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Trump pardons ex-strategist Steve Bannon, dozens of others Scottish petition circulates to rename airport near Trump golf course 'Biden International' MyPillow's CEO, a Trump supporter, says Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl's stopped selling his products Read more: NPR »

Congress affirms Biden's Electoral College victory

Congress affirmed President-elect Joe Biden's victory after Pro-Trump rioters stormed the US Capitol and delayed proceedings. Follow here for the latest.

Thank you, Tou Tube!!👏👏👏 I presume you suspended all the BLM channels too? The foreign dictators? No? How suprising. Meanwhile, Twitch, 'cricket chirp'. but they banned pogchamp, that's the same thing. 'RIGHT'? 👍He will not stop this behavior until he is punished by jail time. Donktum is one of his accounts for Trump, Oann created it for him.

Make it permanent....use twitter as your template, if necessary Trump could always use carrier pigeons to communicate with his terror groups. Needs to stay down at least a month to keep him from sending messages to his storm troopers. Maybe longer. Thank you Congrats to the lucky winners yesterday. The first 30 people to comment CASH will earn a payment of $1500 to $3500 before midnight.(469) 527-0574 and text this number to claim your winnings

Youtube you suspend his acct for a week? Come on! You know he’s not going to change after one week! Suspend it permanently! Thanks and what took so long? Should be permanently banned It should never come back. Congress should impeach, convict and the man should be in jail not on YouTube google That's nice but his army of idiots aren't stopping after the 20th. BanTrumpForever

Well well well.... it's almost like actions have consequences.... Until we have moved past these ongoing threats of violence, this is sadly necessary. Temporary isn’t good enough. Ban him.