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1/13/2021 7:10:00 AM

Several Republicans have lashed out at the Capitol's new security system, implemented in the wake of last week's deadly insurrection. GOP Rep. Rodney Davis was heard shouting that the checks were 'horse s***.'

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It is alarming this security measure wasn’t implemented subsequent to 911 or even just in the wake of virus and civil unrest. Maybe these lawmakers will come to grips with America’s reality. jwhoopes2 Cavity searches are a pain in the a$$! dawneryans But did anyone take notice! Rodney Davis is an ass hat.

RodneyDavis you sound insane—stfu and RESIGN...arguing against process again...🤡🤡🤡 TreasonHasConsequences ExpelTheSeditionists ExpelTheTraitors Would be nice if they had a little empathy for school kids now... Boo Hoo. Suck it up. Crude Rodney, I feel the same way when you speak, horse-poo! The republicans who are complaining can always quit if they don’t like the new security measures. No one is begging you to stay.

Don’t elect barflys from Colorado anymore. There’s a start. and yet they want armed police checking schoolchildren in? So the people who don’t want to do anything about guns and mass shootings and say we should just have metal detectors/security are complaining about it.... Hypocrites to the core. maybe we don't want you or your colleagues to be shot or killed

These are people that push for more security measures in schools with armed police are now complaining when they get that same security. Hypocrites! Yet Repubs wanted, insisted on detectors in all schools! So effing hypocritical! 🤬 ❄️❄️❄️ School kids have to go through them because guns are not a f*cking accessory

I live in RodneyDavis district. Since he is so removed from reality, perhaps I should run against him in the next go-round? Maybe I will just start campaigning now. White supremacy has no boundaries of civility when its enacted upon them. If they can't abide then kick them out. whiterage He meant to say diddly poo.

I was a Federal employee and, from shortly after 9/11, walked through a metal detector and had my bags x-rayed every morning I went to work. Suck it up, buttercups. Sounds like republi-karens are at it again Someone at your organization interview them and ask them if they want their kids to do this everyday. And that’s it’s there responsibility to do something about it!

Photo: Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia shouts at journalists as she goes through security outside the House Chamber at Capitol Hill. Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images Our children walk through metal detectors everyday at school, even elementary schools. Why should it be any different for the Republicans!!!

This is now our nation after a trump administration. Never did we think we would come to this, but this is where we MUST be for the good of the country. Get over your indignation and realize that this is for YOUR protection . NO, Rodney Davis is horsesh_t! Tell that to every public high school... Awww. Poor thing. Thoughts and prayers.

Have them go to an elementary school, the front secretary is your security, and then watch the terror of kids having active shooter drills. It’s like not wanting to take a lie detector test. If you’re not lying, you don’t have anything to worry about. Davis and Womack have both received campaign contributions from the NRA - to the surprise of no one really

Even though Marjorie Taylor Green probably has a DC concealed carry permit, one would hope an elected member of Congress would have the good sense not to bring a loaded weapon into the Capitol under the current circumstances. Now they know how we feel I'm surprised that this hasn't been standard practice for years now. You enter almost any government office, ie. DMV, courthouse, and you walk through a security checkpoint. Several schools have these in place.

He should be the first to have a full body scan! Capital police should be the only ones (or other law enforcement ) to have guns! Now there needs to be a perimeter for members of Congress! Talk about an entitlement attitude.... He sounds “politically intoxicated” to me. Welcome to every elementary, middle and high school in America.

Congratulations RodneyDavis - you're making the national news for your 'civility' and 'moderate' and 'bipartisan' unwillingness to follow basic safety rules. GOPHypocrisy GOPSeditiousTraitors TrumpInsurrection High schools got used to it, so will they So they are complicit in the insurrection and then get mad at security measures. Huh. Very telling, IMO.

“Voltaire was right, “Those who can make you believe absurdities — can make you commit atrocities.” Hey IL-13, your rep thinks going through a metal detector is horseshit. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I mean it's not like they work in a high school... even though quite a few of them act like they are still in Kindergarten (looking at you HouseGOP and SenateGOP).

RodneyDavis say that to millions of school children who walk through magnetometers every day Gee - if only they had held their leader accountable from the start this wouldn’t be happening. All federally elected GOP are to blame for 45. NeverForget I really need Melanie’s jacket right now Imagine campaigning with guns to go after liberal Congressional members and fomenting Sedition by the GOP & crying about metal dectors that they force up in school children. HouseGOP need arresting by the FBI . obviously carrying guns is not for defense. It's Racism.

We'll get to the rest of the GOP seditionist soon enough. Corporate America already has. Every one of them that voted against a completely legitimate election and were the founders of this insurrection now have been black-listed by previous donors. They're all finished. Oh honey! If a kindergarten can to do this everyday for school so can a grown ass woman. Not to mention trying to teach them how to survive a school shooting. Get over yourself!!

Of course they lashed out. They want the Magas is to have easy access. Kids have these in schools. Just walk through them and shut up. Way to cry about having go through a metal detector to earn your tax payer funded 6 figure salary and life time benefits. One day at my job would leave these people crying for their mothers.

Don’t let them in. Welcome to the reality of so many others. Suck it up and go back to work.....or re sign and go home Reagan banned assault weapons.. seems the Repubs forgot that. Aww wahhh! Now they know how students feel walking into their schools. Back the blue, right? Maybe they shouldn’t have shown the rioters where to go. This wouldn’t be happening if they weren’t trying to take our government by force.

They could always resign if they don't like it. Some high school kids have to do it every day Better than nothing should have always been implemented The “f*kc your feelings” people have some pretty whiny and privileged feelings about basic noninvasive security measures. Shut up and impeach. Can they at least pretend they are adults?

In majority of federal building you go through metal detectors. If you don’t like it resign. Bunch of rich white privilege brats Try being a high school student in America. Wearing a mask, going through metal detectors every day. They need to get over themselves. Is that the lady who stops and checks her phone after taking 1 step from the escalator?

They could resign and leave if they're really that upset! Then get out of the way and let the folks who want to work get through. They better have gates around it today. And handcuff and jail (I'm sure there's a Capitol jail cell) anyone who disobeys the Capitol police. Oh, you can't be a civilized human being 7 days after angry mobs broke in and beat us up? Rot in this jail cell. Without your phone.

LaW aNd OrDeR There are 15 year olds who are required to learn algebra in schools that have to pass through metal detectors because Congress can’t pass necessary gun safety legislation, and these GOP reps can’t pass through one? Their entire party and values are horseshit, so. It’s insulting that the public as a whole is expected to submit to these precautions but apparently some Republicans feel they are above anything mere mortals are subject to.

Thank your President Classie Guy! The reality is, they only should be needed for Republicans. Boy, how sweet would that be. Law and order also applies to the elected officials, punks No, what happened earlier when the Capital was attacked was horse shit. The new security measures are called consequences. Had you used proper checks and balances to reign in Trump, probably wouldn’t be an issue.

Hey mtg, you are such a fucking embarrassment to the rest of GA. Let’s see how reapportionment works for you... Anyone else think we shouldn't be tolerating any rebellion given what happened last week? What's being threatened now? Is it me or do all Republican leaders sound like big babies: “I don’t wanna wear my mask!”, “I don’t wanna go through security checkpoint after a terrorist attack!”, “Twitter took my followers away and that’s all I care about!” 🙄

I bet she kicks and screams every time she’s “forced” through her TSA pre-check line at the airport too 🙄 This woman can fuck alllllllllll the way off. When the entitleds are treated like common folks. It becomes ugly. Such arrogance! These are the same bastards who said we should have armed guards at schools to prevent kids killing each other.

GOP opinion no longer matters If high schoolers can manage it every day, surely so can adult elected representatives. People just dont like being told what to do, its probably not even related to their party or politics Too fucking bad! If they don’t like it STAY OUT! Leave you GUNS at home! Arrest them or the temper tantrums and refusals will continue.

'But these are for the commoners. Not us' -the gop Are they all packing? Are citizens taking tours of the capital allowed to bring guns inside? Such snowflakes Awww, they can’t handle what every single high school student, and some middle and elementary school students, go through every day at school? Cry more.

Leave. Fucken losers. They can't even wait in line for a security check without bitchin acting like nothing big happened last week. And clearly there was inside help and so these measures are needed. What babies. This is a microcosm of what's wrong with this country and why we couldn't control this pandemic. God forbid anyone tells them what to do and they have to cooperate with others.

Sometimes I am thankful that Trump became president because it revealed how many stupid people exist out there. They are not above the law nor the rules. They don’t like it? Resign. I don’t like a lot things my employer expects me to follow, but I do it because I like to eat. We know horse sh*t when we see it. It’s those belly aching Congress people. Just shut up.

This is so incredible. Do they have an idea or remember what it was to travel just after 9/11? There was a time TSA didn't exist. When you didn't take your shoes and belts off to fly! F-off. Our citizens tried to breech the Capitol. Get over it. Of course they did... It's not horses*** unless he faces embarassment of having to remove his shoes.

F*k Republicans, I'm sick of them. If they can't follow the new security system they shouldn't be able to enter the building or arrested if they enter without security check. Why even post this? Are we now subjected to the minutiae of every Republican grievance and 'lashing out?' Stop. Giving.Them. Oxygen.

Republican Karen would like to see the manager. Grow up Get used to it, school kids have to deal with this. Well, this is what other places had to do when there is a shooting, or risk of a shooting. Welcome to everyday life for most of Americans. Classy.. the mask helps. 😉 TynnaDemellier They just can't stop being shitheads, can they?

If they are triggered by a metal detector then they would hate watching an NHL game in Canada... There was a mob on their doorstep demanding the heads of elected officials last week. What did they expect? Snowflakes Your fired Whatever it takes..But orange 🍊 45 should not be able to RUN, EVER for any office; and TAXPAYERS should not PAY for a pension , lifetime Secret Service ,travel benefits, etc. All the dude should get is PRISON TIME..for COVID deaths, caged babies, RAPE , INSURRECTION...etc.

Bro a 7 year old could do this with no problem, I don’t understand. Whatever it takes..But orange 🍊 45 should not be able to RUN, EVER for any office; and TAXPAYERS should not PAY for a pension , lifetime Secret Service ,travel benefits, etc. All the dude should get is PRISON TIME..for COVID deaths, caged babies, RAPE , INSURRECTION...etc.

You should be grateful that they want to implement measures to keep you safe! Maybe should just let them secede. Maybe let them all carry and exercise their 2ndAmendment That’s the whole point isn’t it? Wouldn’t anyone want to be packing heat if their “house” got violently raided the week prior? Maybe we would not need these new measures if you and some of your R colleagues had more respect for our Constitution and for the truth itself. But you chose to play along with the Big Liar and his big lie for your own political profit.

Funny bc that’s the phrase many Illinois voters use to describe the job RodneyDavis does protecting & standing up for us 🤔 If they can’t follow the rules don’t let them in. Go Brady Go SenateGOP HouseGOP it’s sad they don’t have that much passion about what happened at the Capital. Only thinking of being a bit inconvenienced.

America, your elected officials! WTF is wrong with people voting for these losers over and over? CivicsEdNow Do you know how many CHILDREN have to do this at school nowadays because our system is so broken? Suck it the F up! Next time, throw these guys out and see how they survive in the riot. For years I have worked for several Cities and Counties. It is common for certain buildings to have security checks with metal detectors. Administration buildings, court houses, Sheriff’s stations. Having a fit about this at the Capital is absolutely childish.

The GOP is not the party of law and order. They should never ever make that claim again! Boo hoo. This sounds easier than standing outside a workplace, waiting to get your temperature taken due to a PANDEMIC, in March, in the WINTER! The threat is indeed inside. Lawmakers assisting in a coup? Inside job no doubt.

R’s wanted more security and metal detectors at schools to prevent shootings. Now R’s don’t want to be screened for something they wanted in the first place? Hypocrites and snowflakes!!! WTF is wrong w these people. Yes because it’s everyone’s God given right to walk into the Capitol with a firearm. Let’s just invite all her “friends” from last Wednesday back and have them bring all the guns they hitch, she and other R’s can’t hide in the bunker

chryllaird Don’t like the rules? Resign Respect the rules or go home Would they rather be shot? Well since it seems they acted in league with the terrorists, it looks like it's a good idea. That’s what she is herself 💩 Great idea,start modeling behavior you want to see the crazed masses emulate. Way to put on the big boy pants of responsibility and accountability GOP

Don't forget in order to enter federal facilities one must be in compliance with the Real ID Act by Oct 1 2021 They all are welcome to resign and concede their election to their Democratic opponents! If I behaved this way at work, I would risk losing my job. Is it too much to expect they show a level of professionalism? Get your shit together GOP

This is no surprise. Congress loves to make new laws for citizens and businesses to follow but always exempts themselves from those laws!!! Obviously they've never been to a courthouse, emergency room, school or flown on a plane. The ONLY reason I can think of that someone working there would be angry after what happened last week was if it interfered with some future 'plan' they had.

GOP is the party that believes in individualism without responsibility. And facism. And racism. And sedition. They don’t believe they should have to go through what many school kids across the country face every day? Don’t they get screened at airports? 🙄 They don’t want security? After the insurrection that they were complicit with? Then get the hell out of government and go home.

WTF are these people thinking? They nearly had a massacre and their complaining. Go home traitors! So, what happened to the Law and Order group. The rules are there to protect everyone concerned. Please follow the rules just like everyone else. It’s always the republicans. Big entitled babies. If school children have to walk through them every morning, why not Congress members?

My elementary students did it. As a substitute teacher I did it. What’s the problem? Imagine you wake up to 2 unknown males trying to move your clothes & your private parts are exposed. They take photos. Plus, the police, the people that suppose to protect you, are involved in the sex crime. Will you please help me get a FBI/TheJusticeDept investigation?

If they don't like it, maybe they should disavow conspiracies and be truthful with their supporters. 2 Police officers and 4 other people died, 50 officers injured. Actions have consequences. Crying as usual... Students go through metal detectors everyday. Today's GOP: Spoiled, selfish, and so whiny it would make your ears bleed.

who's the snowflake now? Whew! !! The entitlement, the rudeness, ridiculousness and the big Good Ole Boy energy.... It's too much! LOLLLLL snowflakes Now they know how high schoolers feel. I feel like someone needs to remind them that they work in the people's house & we'd like to keep terrorists off the carpets. If they don't like the new security they can always resign & get a new job. Heads up, your new employer may require you to actually work.

GOP not a good look. SpeakerPelosi please censure GOP members. They need to be held accountable. GOP and GOPLeader have no shame and stand for lawlessness. We've moved from the malignant narcissism of trump to the full blown sociopathy of boebert, greene, and gomert The HouseGOP is resisting security efforts after an attempted terrorist attack by Trump supporters. So on brand for them.

How lazy can you be. Instead of nagging like punks why they get to work I had to go through a metal detector and have my bag scanned by x-ray every day when I worked in the Senate Office Buildings, and that was over 10 years ago. byebitch you probably tryna bring a gun in anyway.. Then talk to her current president.

So they are OK at schools but not in Congress, where there's just as much (if not more) childish behavior? Biggest snowflakes of all time Ya, because the LAST thing the Capital Building needs right now is increased security. Was Qbert among the whiners? Fucking snowflakes They must go. Only people with something to hide don't like to comply to safety precautions.

Though, it's okay for metal detectors to be put in Black and Brown kids schools. The conservatives should have told their friends not to storm the Capital. This inconvenience is part of the consequences They brought this upon themselves My response: 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 My goodness they really are the biggest cry babies..

Hey look, RodneyDavis doesn’t care about laws or law enforcement, same as the insurrectionists. Coincidence? insurrection GOPSedition Love it love it love it I cannot tolerate that woman. I been saying this since 2001 when they put them at the airports. Oh and if I’ve learned anything over the years in a state where carry in the chambers was allowed, the MoC who carry are idiots who drop thier side arms a lot. “Opps, ha, it didn’t again. Guess the holster came loose.” To quote an actual elected official 😔

Can you imagine that just 6 days ago the CapitolPolice risked and lost lives to save the lives of the congressmen from the RepublicanTerrorists TrumpTerrorists and 6 days later Republicans spit in their faces. BlueLivesMatter FUCKTHEGOP FuckTrump FuckGOP Because of course the rules don't apply to the GOP.

Bunch of cry babies Oh, all those people Congressmen and Congresswomen complaining can piss up a rope. GrowUp Cry babies Enough. They need to go. It’s this bullshit that got us in this mess. YourAnonRiots Aww are they having to do things like they make the normal public go through 😭😭 Welcome to security & shelter in place drills that 3 YEAR OLDS have been learning to do for years, GOP. If they can do it without tantrums, you probably can too.

They get damn near undressed to catch a flight. They need to stop wasting our taxpayer dollars. They are like: now how do we get our armed friends in for coup part 2 More political stunts, I see. Some of these politicians are ok with this, for their protection, but are not ok with metal detectors at schools where children have been slaughtered. The world has gone nuts.

Looks like an airport check to me. How fucking stupid do these people have to be? It's to keep them from being slaughtered this week. why do they complain about every freak'n thing? every freak'n thing!! such miserable lots! Sounds like people who complained about taking shoes off and laptops out at airport check points after 9/11. They got over it and eventually if you flew enough had options to register yourself. Maybe they should feel comfortable not having to carry heavy metal objects in bags.

Pretty much like going to Highschool in the USA. RodneyDavis readtheroom If it makes everyone else feel safer, that's good. Who exactly is she railing against? HouseGOP SenateGOP if you don’t like the new security measures at the Capitol just resign Most people go through that just going to a courthouse; white privilege never disappoints.

Ask school kids what it feels like having to go through metal detectors every day at school. They don’t whine and complain. They follow the rules. Grown a**men/women in Congress crying like babies. Shame. You know they've gone full Karen when they start making points with their hands. Please stop illustrating your stories with these lunatics. They love the visibility. Make them as invisible as possible.

Those Republicans can just resign if they don’t like it. They don’t like to be told what to do (like children). Learn how to adult for Christs sake. 🤬 I think the GOP and the Dems need separate safe holds. Should another issue arise Capital PD Can escort the Dems and hold the site secure. The GoP Can slip into the garden or some shit. They clearly don’t care about safety of self or others.

Why the anger over a safety measure that we all use often? Just walk thru 🤦🏽‍♀️. They do not live in the same world as the rest of us, I guess. If you have nothing to hide what’s the big deal. Isn’t that what republicans always say? Who’re the snowflakes now!!!!! Let them resign and find someplace else to work if they don’t like it.

Maybe don’t incite an attack on the capital next time..... just thinking out loud. Marjorie Taylor Greene always looks like she just left a White Snake concert ISTG Freedom isn’t free. Have Republicans flown before? Walk through the frickin’ security checks for Gods sake. Of course. They refuse to mask up. The Party of No to everything positive.

But these same Congress members allow these security measures to be imposed on public schools students, especially those in the black and brown neighborhoods If you don't like it don't run again. What a shock! Entitled, white rich people thinking the rules don’t apply to them. Symptomatic of what is wrong with Congress. Rules for us, separate rules for them. How many of our children have to do this on a daily basis bc Congress refuses to act?