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1/13/2021 4:03:00 AM

BREAKING: Vice President Pence has sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, saying he will not invoke the 25th Amendment against President Trump.

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U.S. Covid death toll passes 400,000 Trump is handing Biden a more dangerous world. There's only so much the new president can undo Trump's legacy will take years to purge from the American psyche Read more: NPR »

Trump should resign or be removed by 25th Amendment: Illinois Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger

Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., appeared on ABC's 'This Week.'

👏🏼 Problem with your statement Mike, Is that you should’ve invoked the 25th before the attempted coup, yes let’s call it what it was. So you will not continue to do the right thing, you never did. ShibaRussell Content aside. Grammatically, it's a model letter.:/ Coward How do we know there isn't a medical explanation for his incendiary, erratic behavior last week? Has he been evaluated recently by a third party clinician?

No surprise there! He is a spineless man! We have 7 days till he is out of office. This is a huge waste of time and taxpayers money Polosi 0 trump 10 He should have left it sit while they pressured for a response until Biden took office if possible. Gutless sack of dog droppings Agree or disagree, this shows insight and deliberation on the VP part. The sad part is he allowed the brew to ferment these past years, and now needs to face the drunk ness that it causes.

Shame! Donald touched the hot stove ( Blunt ) and he'll do it again because you, Mr Pence, are a COWARD to make him feel the burn. May as well let all the people you’re arresting go... why keep trying to find them. If Trump isn’t going to get any recourse why should the one protesting. Just saying. As much as I don’t like Trump, Pence is right. 25 isn’t the right call, nor is impeachment. It’s Article 14, section 3. It was put in there exactly for this purpose.

Pence is wanting to Honor people that died on that day, but won’t stand up against the idiot that caused it, then Pence is no better. Spineless to the end. I expected no less. Pence- a mature and solid presidential material DavidColtart VP Pence next President, I am dreaming. 👎👎👎 Mike_Pence Genuinely shocked...

Personally, I'm happy Pence refused to invoke the 25th. The 25th doesn't prevent Trump from running for office in the future. Impeachment and conviction would. The safest thing for this country is for Trump to be disqualified from running ever for office again. Who knew Pence would be the moderate... Impeach

Chickenshit Double spaces after full stops!? And the punctuation in his bible quote?!? What a hideous creature. In 2021, US VP cites God and the Bible as arguments. Not to be taken seriously. KVPR It is a formality, and frankly a waste of our time since the POTUS’ last day is 1/20/2121 - 8 days from today.

'now is the time to heal'? really? if he'd been reelected, the time to heal all the damage would happen after four more years of destruction... no, trump needs to face some kind of punishment, as president. this is 100% his mess. Did anyone ever tell VP Pence that when you use the words 'But now' disregards everything you wrote or said prior to the 'But now'? Then to quote the Bible..... oookkkkayyy.

Excellent ✨🤞🏼✅ Impeach him now before time runs out! Punk Lock him up!!! LockHimUp Pence: meow meow! Vote Blue 🗳 rachbarnhart He does realize they wanted to hang him too? Looking for tiny tiny balls...has anyone seen them? If they impeach him it might cause other issues for biden admin. If he does get impeached, he could have several legal issues to deal with, and nothing to shield him.

is TeamPelosi missing? Lol... orange man bad Common sense isn't that common. IMPEACH HIM TOO! Coward to the end. Shame on him. Come on Pence.. grow some bolas. What does he propose? What does he think? Arguably a historic mistake that will tarnish his reputation even further. Listen. I think k hes garbage. But I understand. So let's impeach. Now

Oh NOW they're calling for unity...? That's rich. That was respectful - Traitor Where was he to “lower the temperature” and bring about unity for the last 4+ years? He was been silent and complicit. Always an enabler and just as guilty for the insurrection. Impeach him too. Wow , 'where is pence ' isnt that what they were chanting

The crowd was looking to hang you and the President told them he loved them. If that is what you believe to be de-escalation, you suck at it! Is anyone else seeing a connection between trump and pence meeting yesterday, saying today he didn't have to worry about the 25th, and then this letter this evening?

On the wrong side of history...again. The Bible STFU! _Granny_T If Mike Pence cannot carry out his sworn duties as VP, he must be impeached. In lock step to the very end... Well, alright Pence- way to stand your ground. He may very well still be a player in this political arena.- His peers have got to admire that... but then everyone will be like... if he runs for president, Trump will be his VP... Oh boy.

He’s exactly right and the democrats have said it, it’s a matter of the capacity to do the job that the 25th amendment applies to. Trump has the capacity to do the job so that’s not the issue here and the 25th amendment is not the right way to address it Thank the Lord All it took was one talk with Trump for him to lose his spine again. What was said?

Dear Madame Speaker, I asked my mom and she said, “no”. From Way Up Trump’s Ass, Mike Coward. work with US to lower the temperature You screw big time and to avoid accountability you ask for healing and unity, all the while you threaten with more violence if you are held accountable or you don't get your way. Sick.

Well said Sometimes the trash takes itself out Trump first, family and country after that. Real Pence once again. Coward. Already figured out we have to do it on our own. Doesn't matter. The next stage in the story of American politics has now been set up. Trump did his part in that - making it very clear that the far-right has been sufficiently listened to. The chance was given. Never again. Hatred/sedition/fascism must not be tolerated.

Carries a Bible for exercise, ignores the Ten Commandments? Evangelical base woke up and looked behind his curtain? Lady Liberty always smacks down a Man who would be King? And all that support him? No matter who, where, or when? What a dick. So now that their coup attempt failed we’re supposed to just move on together like nothing happened.

Corrupt cowards the lot of them. You already know what this is. I wished a Miss Tippin was around to teach this political history.. We Hoosiers could have told you this was coming. Pence is weak. Maybe he had one day where he had a spine, but he typically does not. He follows along with agendas in order to move up in position and gain more money. I look forward to the People pressing charges against Mike.

The lack of courage to do the right thing is remarkable, VP Pence. Grateful the Transition46 is underway & true leadership will soon be in the White House. I wish people would just stop and shut up. I’m so fed up with everyone’s crap! Can we just get on with life and be nice to each other. If only the f-ing SenateGOP had convicted DonaldTrump we would now have had a competent VP as POTUS running the country.

Duh What even did she expect? She should have moved forward with impeachment January fucking seventh!!!!! Arrêtez le vol “The Bible says...” Wow. I thought that the constitution and laws rule the country, not the Bible. Good, tired of the double standards. These Liberals need to check themselves, Nancy has gone too far.

Mike Pence does not believe that insane president presents danger to the country. Mike Pence believes that insane president is better president than sane Mike Pence. So much for a VP Pence courage and oath to protect the Country & uphold Constitution!!! A decent man fooled by a clown. The putrid and repulsive House Speaker has no intention of not inflaming the masses. Vice President Pence is making a decent effort at the very least.

Weak. 'I think it's more in the nation's interest if Trump does something worse between now and inauguration. The fact that I can stop it does not mean that I have any responsibility at all.' Such is Republican leadership. They were with Trump. They are with the terrorists. What a fucking guy. I think he's right. The 25th amendment talk was a waste of time. It was clearly meant for medical issues and so far as we know there isn't one. Now they will move on to their next action tomorrow.

Jesus is gonna be so pissed at Pence for being such a pussy it hurt people Mother won’t return his gonads. Coward Can I just say that if someone turned on me and had his followers tracking me down threatening to kill me I would not be a chicken shit I am disappointed in Pence😕😕😕 It's on! Time to impeach the peach!

The fly is more likely to impeach than Pence smd ball-lesswonder Lol, chump This is clearly the only reason Trump agreed to meet with him yesterday. Republicans seem to be slow learners. If you agree with Pence, do your self a favor and read the emails between the Transition Team and the GSA prior to the official transition. Trump and the Trump Administration deserve no mercy.

What a pussy Jackass Complicit. 9 days to go and now they want to work together and unite. fuckyoupence He is by all accounts mentally ill. Is that not a medical thing? This is not a political issue. Democrats and Republicans should stand United in the acts that happened on the 6th. Why make it about party?

Of course he won't Mike_Pence is a coward, more worried about his own skin than America and what it stands for. We reach unity by holding people accountable He made some good points until the end. No. People who attempt an insurrection/coup/riot/whatever and fail do NOT get to claim unity as a goal. They do get to claim Gitmo as home.

Just impeach these crazies already Who is Snir Pena? That a man with integrity! Coward. Spineless wennie! This is very well written I am surprised he didnt wait until friday at say 4.55pm to send it. You expected something different (from him)? Come on, who would do this to an ally one week from the end of the mandate? Had it happened a few months earlier, maybe yes, but not now.

There can be no healing while your attacker still holds a knife. You must take the knife away and put them in a cell first. Great letter. Total Coward VP he does not stand up to the petulant narcissist who called on his mob to make him pay with his life. Now is the time to set a precedent, now is the time to stand up against white supremacy & white privilege. Now is the time to stop the hate mob!

Wonder what filth Trump has on him 🤔 Perfect. Time to impeach! Really hate he used my favorite Bible passage. Hes Nancy’s bitch now!!! M 🍑 He is not ok, never has been. Yes, because when my boss sends an angry mob to kill me, I would also refuse to get him fired. 🙄 Either Cowardly or very Brave... There is a reason behind this that may be exposed fairly soon.

I was hoping he would finish the letter with support for impeachment but it’s same ol’ Pence 😴 He has disgraced this country!!! Get some balls!!! Stand up & do what’s right!!! I agree with Pence!! Instead of doing what is right, he is letting the traitors and their Hitler wannabe leader decide the outcome. He incited the insurgents to take over our Capital Bldg. which put multiple people in fear of their lives and caused the murder of a law enforcement officer.

😑 What happened to separation of church and state? If he cared about “playing politics” (how very PC), he wouldn’t have “played politics (🙄), and this would’ve been a two paragraph letter. More like, “The powers of the 25th Amendment don’t cover this.” But, whatEVS, Mikey 🙄🖕 Coward Drumpf could snort rails off of Mother’s tits and he still wouldn’t have the balls to stand up to him.

holdengraber 'a medical decision' [...] 'the Bible says' We need to ImpeachNow! Call your reps and make it happen: 📞855-942-0208 What a shame. Another one who lost an opportunity to do the right thing for this country...👎🏻 So like...the whole noose thing didnt scare him or 🤔 VP's morality pretends to exist in the context of his faith. Not his life nor deeds.

Fool. This dude is so horny to try to be the president one day. Pathetic Coward Sycophant coward What did y’all expect from someone who calls his wife momma! 😒 So help me God? Rather odd way to end a letter He obviously has Abused Spouse Syndrome. Stop with the double spaces in between sentences. So help me god!

'Turn down the temperature' for worry of more outrage from MAGA is a terrible admission. They rode the bull and, once knocked off, realize they have no control over the mob. It's not a threat, they are scared. Karma's a b--ch. She got what asked for. She kept pushing this nonsense. She should have proceeded with impeachment as lies within her power.

The balls on this guy...oh wait, I misspoke. “our administration’s energy is directed to ensure an orderly transition.” LOL He incited a violent mob to kill you!! His signature is a bit of a study in handwriting analysis. Puts on a big show but knows he can't deliver. Pessimistic. Close to family. Typical response from gutless; spineless; twerk. Who could never become epitome of Hoosier in name, spirit for American history! Gandhi said; Blaming the wolf would not help the sheep much.The sheep must learn not to fall in the clutches of the wolf' But if they do; shit happens!

Commenters here: 'Trump has undermined the rule of law and I am furious that Pence won't undermine the law the way I want to get him for it.' I can’t believe he quoted Footloose Remember the good old days when we could watch BLM looters running down the street with looted goods or setting police cars on fire? Now we have really bad people in red hats.

Stockholm Syndrome Pence made a deal with the devil yesterday during his meeting with Trump, he all but admitted that today. Same. Same. No surprise here. rachbarnhart Love when the Bible is cited as justification for (or lack thereof) of legislative movement. If he were a coward, he would be doing what the dems want. He's standing up for what is right.

'Pence has sent a letter to Nancy Pelosi, saying he will not invoke the 25th Amendment against Trump' USA GOP MAGA Terrorism Capitol Impeachment ImpeachTrump Election Biden Coronavirus Covid FBI CIA Leadership mmcintire His defining traits will always be cowardice and complicity. Pence + political future = oxymoron.

The last ditch effort by an evil force. Sad Now we have 2 traitors in chief. 'I would've been shocked if he had replied *YES*' said 9 out of 10 people. ImpeachTrump ImpeachTrumpAgainNOW This chickenshit would have never upset his daddy This asshole pinky promised?! coward Coward. Oh, to be a fly in the hair...

I bet there’s plenty of qualified psychiatrists that would gladly affirm that he’s unable to fulfil his duties! 🦇 💩 Pence is a smaller person than the fly that took the spotlight during debates Inexcusable Coward Sincerely, Mickey Mouse WTF is that signature With all due respect, Mr. Vice President, I don’t think that healing and unity are possible without accountability. President Trump incited this insurrection. He must be held accountable and we must be kept safe from further uprising. The 25th may be the best way to achieve that.

Pence the pussy You know what - I went to Mike Pence’s college. He ratted out his own frat brothers to do what was right. Yet he can’t seem to find th balls to do it now. Sad. Surprising no one. That is a well written letter. TexDem16 Wow, quoting the Bible and promoting “unity” (no accountability) after the insurrectionists built gallows meant for him. Coward.

Republicans: “we condemn the actions at the Capitol and we never want to see them happen again.” Also Republicans: “we aren’t going to invoke the 25th amendmen, so people realize there is no consequences to storming the capitol and we’re alrite with it happening again” Unpopular take: Pence is right about the 25th. Trump likely has multiple mental disorders, but calling him insane lets him off the hook. His behavior is evil and impeachable and he should be convicted and removed from office.

Whatever Mike. Mike_Pence VP you should be ashamed of yourself, if you are capable of emotions. Because vp is a Bitch. Coward VP is a coward and complicit. If My life as well as my family’s life were threatened I would seek justice. vp is a traitor. Gutless coward 😡😡😡😡😡😡 Pure cowardice Ok Mikey no problem. I’m sure Donald has learned his lesson and will behave Presidential now.

Can VP Mike just take over the presidency ? Not exactly a man of vision. SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!! TheTakeaway I bet he is afraid