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12/2/2019 9:32:00 PM

Research suggests the most effective way to help poor people can be to give them no-strings-attached cash. Now, a new study finds a ripple effect: Cash transfers to some families can benefit the whole community.

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Walmart and Instacart partner for same-day U.S. delivery in fight against Amazon's Whole Foods

Instacart already partners with Aldi, Costco, Albertsons, Kroger and Walmart's Sam's Club, along with smaller grocers. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said during his testimony before the House Judiciary subcommittee on antitrust that Instacart is an emerging competitor.

Thanks for reporting. Let’s see NBCNews MSNBC carry this. So people who don't have money... just need money? Who woulda thought thank you for this. at 67, i know what a FreedomDividend would have meant to my life for college, as a stay-at-home mom, a single mom, a crime victim, a senior. AndrewYang $1,000 EverySinglMonth is so American to change to a mindset that WeHaveEnoughMoneyForEVERYoneToBeOK

hey, nprpolitics DavidChalian ErinBurnett andersoncooper ChrisCuomo donlemon SRuhle KatyTurNBC maddow esaagar mviser carolhunter latimes sfchronicle mercnews RoKhanna janeosanders ninaturner AOC MONEYsolvesMoneyProblems - Research I learned this in a freshman economics class in college 25 years ago.

Get a job ya bums LittleConnors AndrewYang might be onto something I wonder why RepAOC and all of the Bernie followers hadn’t known this. Most of us already knew So you mean Andrew Yang is the right choice yes? Really?! I never would’ve guessed..... All the more reason for Global Universal Basic Income

AndrewYang Things I do everyday: 1) Listen to 2) Find new articles about AndrewYang Help me out, and actually cover his.campaign. It's big news! The Mincome Project in Dauphin Manitoba 1973. _DJ_Ghost 👍It's no brainer. Like running a business, cash on hands produces productivity. Productivity produces jobs! Give ppl $ monthly, produces confidence. Confidence produces creativity. I can go on & on....basicincome UBI is Now!!

AndrewYang YangGang taking over the comments 😁 🧢 NPR is apparently now part of the yanggang Insofar as money is the life blood of an economy, it makes sense to give an infusion of cash to cash starved areas of society. AndrewYang That’s what Andrew Yang is talking about doing AndrewYang ChicagoYang2020 FreedomDividend ubi

You mean like this? Freedom Dividend Explained with Venmo: FreedomDividend This took researching?! How about just tax less? yeah, so like.. someone give me 20k and ill pay off college with it tia_o0o End the wars, raise the wage and tax the fucking rich Yang2020 They must have gotten the idea by looking at cash strapped black communities in the United States.

The biggest takeaway is for every $1 given it generated $2.60 in additional economic activity. So whatever the cost of UBI would add x2.6 of economic activity. The tax revenue from that would self fund a huge portion of the cost. This study covers every single concern ppl have. That’s just common sense. No need for research.

Why are they growing pine trees? Are they on a Pesto diet? AndrewYang Why should Everybody have Equal Money? Why? Can someone send this to my mom? How is Andrew Yang not mentioned in this article?!?! For the love of god - explain this lapse to me!!! Give them cash! What r u smoking? _CryptoCurator sure money that is not more worth then the paper where it is printed on, will make it all good. Jeeez wake the f*ck up please bc money is just the problem that people are poor in the first place. Jeeez what a dumba**es

AndrewYang 'Educators for Yang' are trying to crowdsource a YangK12EdPlan that awakens a tidal wave of involvement families and communities ( Should have mentioned Andrew Yang, seems a bit weird not to. Great study and great programm. I personally donate to Give_Directly directly as well! AndrewYang

This was written by someone who obviously doesn’t understand basic principles of economics and probably disagrees with basic principles like supply and demand. Rather, likes the idea of give fish and don’t teach how to fish because that best fits the writers predisposed ideology Yang2020 AOC hmmm who would’ve thought?

Yang is a great mind and we Americans can use his leadership to accomplish more then we've ever done. If people have a mindset of scarcity then they can't be thinking about Climate change/ green economy! AndrewYang Has a solution for it YoutubeAndrewYang Why does this sound familiar? yangang securethebag getthisbread acquirecurrency

BREAKING NEWS: Turns out.. having money is better than not having money! COMING UP NEXT: Scientific Breakthrough! No money=poverty Money= no poverty Gibsmedat Trickle Up economics!!!!!! YangGang2020 YangGang A N D R E W Y A N G So lame Just like any research study, population that is studied plays the most important factor in conclusions and replicability.

skirting way too close to MSNBC with leaving Yang out of this. Dont be FakeNews. YangMediaBlackout That's why people should be voting Yang! FreedomDividend Yang2020 We should mass tag AOC lol Research suggests individual wellbeing is strongest when people work. TimeForYang Dude I never THOUGHT of that!! Imagine giving poor people money... woah.

EndorseAndrewYang AndrewYang2020 YangGang Media must not want to name Andrew Yang, doing so gives Yang legitimacy and the machine can't have that. AndrewYang Oprah Winfrey gave poor people cash and their lives didn’t change at all because they were the same people - with no new skills or education. Give a man a fish is nowhere near as helpful as teaching a man to fish.

Wow npr can you just mention yang please? AndrewYang FACTS - 'Then randomly assigned them to various groups: those who got no help from GiveDirectly and a 'treatment group' of about 10,500 families who got a one-time cash grant of about $1,000.' -- Inflation was just about 1% -- 327 million roughly people in the U.S.

AOC- your friends at disagree with ur disingenuous assessment of AndrewYang’s UBI proposal. Do you really think that government-restricted, welfare programs (which add shame and stigma to marginalized people) are better than unrestricted dividends? yanggang UBI yang2020 Research needs to research AndrewYang.

AndrewYang AndrewYang FreedomDividend HumanityFirst Well, I have tested this with family members and it does not work as well as promoted. TJH3 So Andrew Yang ? yang2020 let’s not over think this. He’s the only candidate with real solutions that are backed by data and research. Just like this article. He knows money in the hands of Americans will boost the economy in ways we have not seen in a long time.

Only for people who truly want to get out of poverty. Some will just buy tequila and rims. Really? I knew!! Our do nothing government is too expensive. BernieSanders and AOC please see above... AndrewYang Umm, no. You are perpetuating a dependent society that is MUCH easier to control. Plus, in effect you're trying to buy the poor vote...might want to stop bribing them. Where does the 'help' stop?

Hasn’t 30 years of failed trickle down proven to everyone that it’s the opposite. Growth trickles up How's about a job? I was gonna tag AndrewYang - then saw he'd already liked this post. UBI and no-strings cash for poverty alleviation come from the same home. Isn’t that called stimulus? Ya know that thing that GWBush did.

If only there was a presidential candidate who understood this... Yang2020 AndrewYang Yes ... Its a people centered economy instead pf corporation centered... AndrewYang AndrewYang YangGang2020 Please explain to me why I would work and contribute to society if they were to just give me money? I want to understand.

Research also suggests that recipients are then less likely to earn it themselves if they are just given cash. Making them then more dependent on government to 'redistribute wealth' - a.k.a. steal. What? Letting people earn and have more money helps them and the community? But California prefers fees, regulations, high gas, taxes and policies that take money from all the folks.

This is an Onion article right Ok, giving money to families in Africa, living in REAL poverty, and of a completely different culture does not mean it would be a success here in the United States. I would guess it would have a very high failure rate. Um get a job How in the world can you trust NPR AndrewYang MSNBC

This is so cool! I won't have to work anymore. Before, you had to work. Now, some other naive person will do everything for me. Trickle down economics? I know just the guy for the job! AndrewYang YangGang So don't teach the man to fish, just give him a fish? AndrewYang Scientists discover that the poor lack money.

AndrewYang Great story Next time, you could point out that there's a candidate AndrewYang for president that has been pushing UBI 👍 😳😳 you first AndrewYang Research suggests that the most effective way to help poor people is sweeping government reforms and removing money from politics. Let's not pretend YangGang is better than Bernie2020. Bernie and his support base are stronger than Yang and his.

Yeah, screw that whole “teach a man to fish” thing amirite? 'That money goes to local businesses,' says Miguel. 'They sell more. They generate more revenue. And then eventually that gets passed on into labor earnings for their workers.' The net effect: Every dollar in cash aid increased total economic activity in the area by $2.60.

AndrewYang Yes give them YOUR money....... not mine As long as Americans identify poverty with race and skin color, this will NEVER happen. Giving “no string attached” money to people’s of color would bring on the 2nd Civil War. My research has shown that if you teach someone how to succeed they will. I just don't hand over cash to idiots.

Just read an article in TheEconomist on this as well - interesting read AndrewYang AndrewYang less then 1% inflation and that too their isn't competition exist. That's a great thing. Providing welfare is a jail.. you have no freedom. Direct cash is the freedom not to teach them to fish? Better check with Bloomberg on that one.

Oh yeah - the FreedomDividend, supported by numerous economists for decades as ubi. Vote Yang2020 to make it real Um... AndrewYang knows this. AndrewYang I'm poor n I know the no-strings-attached cash would b a huge help! AletheiaAtheos AI + Automation is displacing 220,000 traditional jobs PER DAY. UBI funded by VAT from rapidly approaching Technological Singularity gifted to us by techies is coming within 10 years.

AndrewYang Who woulda thunk it Only if you give it to the wifes. AndrewYang UBI AOC check it out, girlfriend! Thanks for the YangMediaShoutOut !! AndrewYang It really is math. The complex the system the more costly it gets and the least efficient it becomes. Solving a problem often times can be very simple and straightforward. How much are spending on all the wellness programs combined?

Now do all of the waste AndrewYang Bruh... the headline even says “no strings attached”... FreedomDividend AndrewYang Cash gives folks options/The options a person has the freer that person is/ Having no money is like having no options which is like being locked up/ brianoshepherd Duh AndrewYang Well no shit!!!!

AndrewYang Where can I get that no strings attached cash. I am tired of working. Free college is better than free cash. AndrewYang This just proves that people just need to get the cash they need. FreedomDividend YangGang2020 AndrewYang Yeah, it's common sense too. You put money in the hands of people, what do you think they do with that money? You don't need a research done to understand.

MissCorkill show this to Debby DebateSamSeder this is another aspect of UBI that I think can have huge impacts in underserved communities. AletheiaAtheos Yang be lovin dis!! AndrewYang Glad to hear NPR's reporting on this topic. Good journalism as always. Do we really need research to know giving CASH to poor people (or to anyone) will help them, as well as stimulate the local economy in which they live?!? I hope our 'research time' is over.🙄

yanggang baby Hmmmm sounds like there’s a certain candidate proposing this same idea 🤔 AOC CashlinRap 🤯 Hmm, who does this sound like? I find that it helps me the best as well It's the moral thing to do. AndrewYang YangGang YangGang SecureTheBag This must be a libertarian Trojan horse! 😂 You know there is an Asian man running for president who wants to give every American adult $1000/month, no strings attached. MATH HTAM!

If only we had a forward thinking candidate. Someone who would have built a platform with policies focused on solutions like that ...Yang2020 YangGang When a Presidential candidate in 5th place is literally saying this Obligatory AndrewYang CC: AOC BernieSanders SenSanders People4Bernie ’ripple effect’ is just a fancy way of saying ‘trickle-up economy.’

Imagine what a cash transfer to the majority of people would do to benefit the community 🤔 AOC Seriously! how do you report this and not mention AndrewYang AndrewYang While GiveDirectly is a success, the transfer of the process to a first world setting has the obstacles of the society to reach the same success.

Does it mean YangGang2020 ? Don't confuse people in article with US citizens who have perfected living off of taxpayers. Rather, for mentally/physically able, take away luxuries, force people to show up 8 hrs/day sober to collect handouts, & remove illegals from workforce....they'll stop being dependent.

msb_1989 Wait, what?!? berniesanders and Bernie2020 reapond immediately!! I spent a year working for a foundation. This is one of the reasons why I remain skeptical of the philanthropy world. Done by the poor people give me some money research team or PPGMSM It reminds me of how the world has failed indigenous people by forcing them to rely on old colonial dictates.

Oh hellooooo! AndrewYang calling! adonsports NPR lives on no-strings- attached free cash... so... OccupyWallStNYC Do you really need 'study' to find cash given to poor people help whole community? What planet are you living on? Go out, talk to ordinary people. who would have thought Research shows you an achieve the same effect by giving poor people a job and teaching them financial responsibility and teach them they are not entitled to creature comforts in life that they have to work for these things.

But someone I don't like might benefit Friedman was right NAW, REALLY? AndrewYang

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NPR Choice pageI’m Not so sure that’s the real reason why China is barring the port and military at Hong Kong...over human rights? have you reported on the CA Port and ummm the one destroyed by hurricane that China was building? Thank goodness we have experienced, professional, foreign service officers to keep channels of communication open while this crisis resolves. Oh yeah..

NPR Choice pageIt’s not quartz. It’s ‘quartz’ and it’s the pulverized mica that’s causing lung disease. PPE? Ha! 19 out of Does anyone know how this would affect the price of quartz countertops on the consumer end? Asking because I want to upgrade my countertops.

NPR Choice pageYeah, the entire thing. There won’t be a vote to impeach. Impeach and remove. Nothing like making sht up to undo and election before the holidays while the President is far away. Cowards. Dems continue to do Putin's job by constantly dividing our nation.

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