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After announcing in March he wouldn't launch a White House campaign, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is 'increasingly concerned that the current field of candidates is not well positioned' to defeat President Trump, according to a statement.

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Then why doesn’t he spend his money attacking Trump and supporting a progressive Dem candidate? Lol no chance Then get behind Warren and help her. The young people like her. They are our future. They are the worst in history. VoteBernieNoMatterWho MichaelBloomberg if you are really concerned about beating realDonaldTrump, take him on in his own primaries. Run as a Republican and debate trump in Iowa and NH, not some long shot when it's too late. Do it before he cancels more primaries.

He has a point. He’s just not the answer. The fact he’s hedging tells me he’s not serious, but rather signaling to others that Dems need a better alternative if they have any hope of defeating the Cheeto-in-Charge. Another really old guy running for president... 🤣😂😅🤓😲 What a mope! Please do not waste your money! We’ve got Bernie, it’s ok!!

Please don’t waste your 💰 Mike.

NPR Choice pageTrump fired his ass (John Bolton). What else is he doing that will conceivably enhance his image than this? Poor Dems. Their candidates are falling apart. No one able to beat Trump and they continue to spin their wheels, doing nothing to help DACA recipients, homeless, trade battles, cyber security, nothing at all. Nothing to run on.

Here he comes to save the day! That means Messiah Mike is on the way! On the sea and on the land he’ll get that quarrelsome Warren in hand! So relax Bill and Jeff! Your 300 uber mansions are well secured and your 200 super yachts are safely moored! Did he lie YES! Hilarious 😂 Nothing like a rich old white guy to really balance things out

Mr stop and frisk men of color now hea a dem and needs our votes . good luck with that Mr. Bloomberg has made an astute observation about the present line-up of Dem candidates. Does that mean that HE would add some excitement to the campaign? NOPE. Andrew Yang is well-positioned, if not, best-positioned, because instead of blaming, he actually focuses on solutions,. No need for Bloomberg to run, since Yang has the right ideas. Bloomberg2020 YangGang Yang2020 Election2020 MATH

Bloomberg is fucking up

NPR Choice page

Hey his plan could be “I’ll PAY for healthcare for all!” Why do I see so many anti-white comments? Obama got into office and kept up business as usual. Bailed out Wall Street and the banks, dropped more bombs than Bush, f’ed over health care... now gives speeches to the same fat cats at hundreds of thousands $ a pop! I could go on, but

He can include himself in that mix How about this, since he is a part time Democrat and part time Republican, let him run a primary against Trump! When you think money is the answer. Interloper! This is not an election that needs a third party candidate. Bloomberg is on an ego trip just like when he ran in NY for a third term. He is not indispensable.

He just Bought and paid for the Virginia elections to turn all democrat... I’m sure he will bankrupt himself to do the same as a National Candidate! No more geriatric Dem candidates please...we only have one so far that knows how the internet works...VOTE AndrewYang YangGang2020

NPR Choice pageexcuse me I'm looking for a help for the next chrismas in Côte d'Ivoire this year 2019.I want to serve 2.000 children poor and those have never get any thing for that period. If you want to help our association we 'll provide you our agreement as ONG to exercise in our area.Thank Not surprising ... what % of the surgeon’s bill did the insurer pay?

Shame on him! He should be supporting the leading candidates. Well duh, it’s Trump. Next best opportunity for any Democrat to win will be 2024. The 1968 Ocean-Brownsville School dispute drove Meir Kahane to form The Jewish Defense League precipitating a NYC Jewish/Black rift that never healed! By doing for antisemitism what Obama’s did for racism a Bloomberg Presidency might make this healing an existential imperative!

Are you listening? He’s saying he doesn’t think any of you have a chance, better GetYourShitTogether!!! BernieSanders ewarren KamalaHarris Michaelyang JoeBiden Please don't Mr. Mayor. You're fine where you are. He’s right. They won’t win. Oh please! No more! Enough is enough! No more candidates!! Dear God, we're confused enough.!!!!!

Bloomberg's CivilRights record is indefensible. Several courts have found the Stop&Frisk he championed violates 4th amendment. And NYC paid many $millions to settle wrongful arrest cases from thousands his cops booked for peaceful assembly during 2004 convention. We need to think objectively about this. Can the democrat candidates make small changes to improve their odds of winning? I am sure they can. The idea is not to get comfortable.

Tell the king to take a hike. No more old white men. 🇺🇸

NPR Choice page

Sit this one out, por favor He’s right to be concerned. Did everyone forget Bloomberg was a strong supporter of illegal race-based stop/frisk? Remember the federal class action lawsuit against the city/NYPD? There were hundreds of thousands of illegal stop/frisks when he was mayor & he was ok with it If Bloomberg becomes the choice to vote for against Trump, I’ll vote for Bloomberg. If a head of lettuce becomes the choice to vote for against Trump, I’ll vote for the head of lettuce.

USA4Bloomberg Democrats are actually very happy with the candidates we have. We don’t need a billionaire trying to buy his way in. Awww hell no! Trump will be impeached so don’t worry That’s because they’re not. Biden is a possibility but Warren or Sanders will lose to Trump. The rest of the field has no shot at the nomination but they all would lose too. The progressive agenda doesn’t play well with most Americans

Wouldn’t be better with you, though 🤷‍♂️

NPR Choice page!!! Good - this race finally gets interesting. There for a while it looked like a race to the bottom where the Democrats try to sell a woke-Twitter crafted platform ... to an electorate which generally hates woke-Twitter. Perhaps they'll have a chance after all. Yes “Big Gulp” Bloomberg is going to do well as a presidential candidate

USA4Bloomberg Another Steyer Buttigieg2020 He won’t help Only person on earth that could make me even consider voting for trump USA4Bloomberg Personality of lint. Oh fucking yes! Here we go! I'm all in!!! Bloomberg2020

NPR Choice pageOmg, soooo boring.. 😴 LOCK them All UP Glad I wasn’t on that call. I can’t listen to trump speak!

Please.. PLEASE ... Run!!! I need Hope!!! At least if you lose.. I’ll know we gave it our best shot!! No thank you. He is just nervous about paying more tax under Warren's plan. It is time for a woman to get this house in order. these Boomers are waaaay outta touch with reality. Another old white man who thinks he knows best. 🙄

White male billionaire saviors running for president to “represent the people” is like when men design bras. Sure, you COULD do it. But it’s pretty uncomfortable and not nearly as sexy as you think. OR= disturbed that he may face higher taxes and less influence I think we need to think objectively at this. Can the democrat candidates make small changes to improve their odd of winning? I am sure they can. I think the idea is not to get comfortable.

Bleh So spend that money on voter registration fool! he should primary trump...he's acting like a republican so he should run as a republican

Oh great, no large drinks across the country and he’ll buy a third term. Correction-he is actually worried that if Warrens wins. He will end up having less $. So, now has decided to run, but probably hopes to loose The globalists candidate Is Warren Buffett not available? Is Bill Gates too young? He ain’t it.

As much as I like Joe Biden and some of the others, I’m glad Michael Bloomberg is running. Maybe a truly successful billionaire businessman will not scare away business leaders like Elizabeth Warren is likely to do. I’ll bet he will show his tax returns. Me too , but... transientnumber Tired of rich ole men!

JosieBLawson Fugheddaboutitt!

Eager to read his platform. I don't have a candidate yet. I'm for strong borders & military; strong economic policies; halting AND reversing immigration (legal or not) women's rights; disability rights; for parisagreement; for strong public health and REAL environmental polices! He Is colorectal We need a Moderate Heavyweight

We literally already have an old, white billionaire running But look at what happened to Giuliani. It’s not a good transition🤑 StopOldWhitePrivlegedMillionaresFromTryingToTakeover Fool me once with Trump, shame on you. Fool me twice with Bloomberg, shame on me. No. God, no. StopOldWhitePrivlegedMillionaresFromTryingToTakeover He does want to pay ewarren UltraRich Tax. He didn't want to answer the Debate Questions He has no plans written out. Billionaires don't care about the working class.

Oh good, another super rich old white man who thinks he knows how to fix everything. Thank GOD Neither are you. Bloomer

Did he check in on Weinsteins island ? Ugh, the ego of this man. No one is clamoring for him to come save us. Oh boy! Just think he’ll ban large soft drinks nation wide and make NY the model for failure of the entire country. He’s just the latest to jump out of the clown car. That would be great if he was actually a better choice than any of the current candidates. But he isn’t.

He's right about 'the field'. Last year Bloomberg was the first name I mentioned (as an ex-GOP) as my preferred Dem to beat Trump. A little worried about his tendency towards food-Naziism. 🙄 Appreciate the concern but no thanks. Unless him running can divert votes from trump but not from the Democratic nominee, I’d rather he donate to the Democrats instead.

this billionaire is worried he’ll have to pay his fair share He’s right... they aren’t. But is he any better? That’s the question...

Spoiler Another billionaire wants to buy the presidency. Paging Bern! Yes another billionaire from NY!!! 😕 No more old white guys! No he’s worried that him& his billionaire friends will pay more taxes StopOldWhitePrivlegedMillionaresFromTryingToTakeover Bring it, you gun grabbing twit. Well neither is he and it won't help. Go be off and spend your vast fortune. We got this.

65 million people voted Hillary Rodham Clinton 62 million voted for trump plus Putin. Why does the media presume any of the 65million people who voted for Hillary would now vote for trump/putin ticket?

Is increasingly concerned Bernie will win! Just what we need someone just as arrogant as T FFS JUST DONATE BLUE AND STFU Is Bloomberg so egotistical that he believes he is better positioned? In other words, he lied. Why do these billionaires think they are God's gift to us? Fck Bloomberg. Is you is, or is you ain’t?

And somehow Bloomberg thinks his entry is going to correct this position? 🤣 The Billionaire class is officially in full freak out mode. Bloomberg No more rich, old white men. I think he’s kind of getting a late start 4 running? He’s missed all theses debates!! Maybe that’s what he wanted!!! He’s a jerk!!

I am so tired of old white men ruining our country. Stop and save our democracy by using your resources to support amazing candidates on the state and local level runforsomething 😂😂😂😂😂 after driving New York back2 decades of progress. Losing respect on New York’s finest. Now, he wants to ruin America as well. nothankyoubloomberg

He wasn't troubled enough by Trump; he's more worried about Warren/Sanders, not because they might get Trump reelected. He won’t help Rich old white guy wants to president. News at 11. It appears that Democrats are getting nervous with the momentum turning over to the progressives and are now relying on another former Republican to maintain the status quo. Bloomberg

Billionaires are terrified of Warren and Sanders. Teeheee NPR-democRATS 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿 So he's making a stand in Alabama?

We don't want another one of those 'Only I can do it' rich guys. Go away! Seen a way to make some fast cash apparently he hasn't tuned in at all to AndrewYang campaign - it's smoldering & is likely to catch fire ... Bloomo could have helped with that Oh yay. Another rich, white, old man. We need him why again

Just NO. NYC mayors don't have a great track record running for president. Ghouliani, Blase-blasio ... hell even Bloomberg all went down in flames. A Bit Late. A Bit Old. And may split the Centrist Vote, allowing Elizabeth Warren to win. I'm not so sure this is a good idea. We've had enough billionaires in the White House.

I agree with him but I wouldn’t vote for him

Ass. What he really means is that he & his big pocketed friends are admitting that Bernie is a serious contender. Another billionaire He’s be a good VP to the coffee guy Please, close the door to the notion of running. Thanks oh this gnat again Nope. Sorry but the only old man who has a chance of beating the 🍊🤡 is Biden. Dems have got to get him out!

Billionaire POTUS? Been there, done that and it was a failure. Besides, he’s just another old pale stale male and we don’t need anymore of them in politics. Let a thousand flowers bloom He’s right.

Sanders2020 bloomberg made nyc what it is today. BloombergForPresident If this isn't arrogance! Perhaps MikeBloomberg didn't notice PeteForPresident Trending on Twitter. If anyone is 'well positioned' it's him & Bloomberg coming in this late in the game adds nothing IMO - too many Qs including his name in Epstein Financial BlackBook

Start hoarding soda, everyone. Go away Sure and 1 more name added to the noise will help 🤦🏼‍♂️ Go mike go aka he's scared ewarren will get the nomination and tax his billions? Isn't he too short? I think he should run!

He will get my Vote. The last thing the Democratic field needs is a new major candidate. Somebody's worried about his $$$$$$!! Fuck Neither is he. He's no challenge for Trump and we all know it. This guy has been historically hostile to the citizens in his city. No way the rest of America is going to jump on his bandwagon just because he suffers TDS at a heightened level.

NO! Go away! I've made a point of not saying negative things about specific Dem candidates, but to support/push for policy & ideas that I prefer. That said, this is irresponsible, selfish & damages Democratic ticket overall. Beto didn't drop out to make room for Bloomberg. 💩💩 Michael. My dude. My guy. We have SO many candidates. Great candidates. Amazing candidates. And if we DID need another, (we don’t) it wouldn’t be an old rich white dude. No offense, of course. Throw your money behind your fave and let’s do this thing!

*eternal screaming* ...ugh

The current crop of Dems can't beat Trump. Thank god Bloomberg is running. Not interested, please! I don’t blame Mike Bloomberg. Biden is shaky and Mayor Pete is not doing well with people of color. Mike Bloomberg is an advocate for gun control, lower prescription drug costs, and implementing proactive measures for this climate crisis. Give Mike a chance.

Because what this country needs is another rich white guy running it. So he going to join and lose to cause he is sure everyone else will? Wonder how much money he plans to gain? Old white man concerned that other old white man (and woman) may have a difficult time beating other old white man. Hope I stay young for a while, because y’all sure make being an old and white look freakin terrible 🤦‍♂️

Translation: Billionaire Boomer terrified that Liz or Bernie will take a little fraction of his money, wants to spoil the race and leave Donald in Power. THE MAN HAS A VERY STRONG AND GOOD POINT. And Bloomberg is? Really? let’s give another zillionaire access to the whitehouse to screw middle class over again?

What a tool, this old wallets are scared a progressive ideas No more old white men!!!!!!!!! Haven't they done enough damage already? No more old white guys!! Jayzus! Why would anyone believe that a white billionaire with only one term's worth of years left in his life has the people's best interests at heart? WHY WOULD ANYONE BELIEVE THAT

Bloomberg, taking the temperature of the room: 'You know what this race needs? More billionaires.' One on One debates between the 2 would be interesting. No thanks LOL no shit Sherlock, er Michael...

Now imagine the ego needed to think that. No more billionaires Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg joins the race. Another Clown joins the circus 🤡😂🤣 Ffs let the middle class win the class warfare Bloomberg. 🙄 That savior complex is a beyotch. Warren wanna mess with his money Another geezer. Is running for president a retirement activity?

This is no time to listen to a rich person. We the PEOPLE CAN MAKE CHOICE. Slightly older than Biden at 77. Lets be honest, he sees quite well that several Dem candidates could beat Trump but a few of them scare his pocketbook so much he would rather Trump win...

The more the merrier, I guess. Oh boy. New York City is not the only place in the US. He knows the Dems are going to get slaughtered. Stop looking at the crappy polls and getting giddy thinking any democrat in the race right now has a chance. michaelbloombe6 No, no, no, you’ll just dilute the vote, but never enough to get the nomination. Better to put your support behind the DEM candidate who will be nominated to run for president.

Billionaires screaming like stuck pigs over Warren. Trump is a mirror. Go away No one needs this entitled shit right now. He’s right. If TheDemocrats don’t find a viable candidate, we will have another 4 years...may God help us. As if he is. And he is? Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Please just don't Fuck this guy. don’t need you MB Puuulease. Rich old white men afraid of Warren. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Michael Bloomberg is a Russian agent. Great news (not), another New York businessman as President. Been there, done that. 🙄 NoMoreBillionaires

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