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Foreboding yet fulfilling, this duo of cosmic horror stories stabs at the heart of what it means to be human — and what it means to truly understand how one's humanity can crumble at a touch, writes our reviewer.

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NPR Choice pageOh no! That will cut into my margins for my business selling $1.00 of fermented grape juice for $27 HOW LONG HAVE THEY KNOWN THIS? Sadly, that won’t fix the broken kids, nor will damaged DNA become perfect again. This will be a generational problem.

NPR Choice pageAre you sure that the above paragraph wasn’t written by a random paragraph generator or perhaps someone with a stroke? dasspo kayne Bibliogato This sounds amazing!

NPR Choice pagePromises said, but apparently not kept. donald trump and his flunkies are a wild pack of liars. They will never stop playing song. I mean... it's Trump... What the hell do you expect? He (and those around him) lies about everything, all of the time.

NPR Choice pageC'mon entrepreneur s. There's profit in recycling. Get to it wow when did Canada become a Latin American country, is this what that wall was for? Everybody needs an Uber for a pillow....

NPR Choice pageKind of like describes my life, but I really need a new upgrade without hurting my bank account. The guy from Maroon 5 has seen better days. Wouldn't be surprised if this lede was better than the entire film 😂

NPR Choice pageMore info good. Too much bad. If Canada approves it, I can get it. But should I? Maybe a federal system to read Canadian medical reports? Maybe a new cabinet position? And a program enhancing public science literacy should follow. Otherwise who’ll be able to read the data?

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