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Chicago police rarely solve murders. When they do, there's a stark racial disparity. (WBEZ)

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WBEZ Sounds like they need a Nobel Peace prize winning community organizer to help out. WBEZ NPR sheas and Austin NPR kills them all. Remember the sulynagogue rates in July and August soured twenty times the average rate in two states for Brigid Shea kkk promises to wipe out capitalism for Giulianis master joo moons.

WBEZ WBEZ Good job liberals WBEZ Didn’t seem to be an issue on mikeandmolly was on. ChicagoCrime WBEZ Could there also be a component of some cultures not cooperating and giving information? Sucks to be a COP there...maybe to be a family member of a murder victim. WBEZ told you to put smollett back on the air.

WBEZ they need more detectives and less patrol officers, so they solve crimes and stop conducting sidewalk shakedowns, one makes neighborhoods safer, the other creates resentment. but departments nationwide seem to do the opposite. WBEZ If we want more crimes solved in African American or communities of color the 'no snitching' needs to end.

WBEZ Who cooperates with police more?

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WBEZ Because in certain communities no one will provide information to the police. It’s not their fault WBEZ Who, demographically speaking, are the most likely to have committed those crimes? WBEZ Isn't Chiraq run 100% by democrats? 🤔

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NPR Choice pageAwesome This guy for President Człowiek sam stworzył HIV i AIDS

NPR Choice pageProbably murdered by the cops or white supremacists (and yes, I am aware of the heavy overlap there). Dallasites want ANSWERS! DPD, get it together! Stunned? I doubt it.

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NPR Choice pageHillbilly Industries LLC. And that, my friends, is where all these deaths are coming from. People buying this crap off the streets and then not knowing what the heck is in them. Why is there a ban on vaping products if cigarettes are still sold?

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