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'With his words and his actions, President Trump has indicted himself,' former Vice President Biden said in a campaign speech today. It's the first time the Democratic presidential candidate publicly called for Trump's impeachment and removal from office

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NPR a “news” organization which is part of the PM (Propaganda Media). All they employ is repeaters, no reporters. A reporter would would remind us of history & president. We’re not so lucky with this government subsidized PM outlet. hereandnow And yet he’s just another crook What words!!! It’s nothing any other president said in public or meetings before. Total scam this thing. Vote in congress and don’t hold Reps hostage so they cans ask witnesses questions or get transcripts. Totally unethical.

Welcome, former VP Biden, to the chorus of Democratic presidential candidates who've spoken up already to say that Trump has indicted himself and should be impeached. Must be hearing and reading the selective media edits like he did for his campaign opener which still hasn't called him on (look up the FULL comments on Charlottesville; Trump specifically condemned both White Nat and Supr)

Not a coincidence he comes to this position the day after dropping to second in multiple national polls hereandnow Hahaha. So what? Am I supposed to ignore his horrible policy record, constant gaffes, failing mind, and commitment to protecting an unsustainable status quo just because he said something so obvious EVERY politician should be calling for it? NPR: Stop shilling for neo-liberals!

Sorry Biden, your criminal son is going to jail. Lol Go Joe! Presidential candidate calls for the overthrow of his rival. Fixed it for you.

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DeadDuck GafferBiden still quacks...Not for long. Time to drop out and to prepare for BidenGate! ATTN* We can READ ! The phone call was perfect CREEPY JOE isn't safe , just cause he running I'ma help you.... READY ? Make a deal before someone else does. Early bird gets immunity Better hurry !!! Times up as you can clearly see

Drop out now JoeChina you know you’re going to anyway. Go enjoy your Ill gotten gains while you’re still able. I think the even worse dirt is yet to come...full bore treason in fairly plain language from the president concerning Saudi Arabia and Russia. Call it an informed hunch. That is why the president is attempting to speed this to senate while the scantest illusion of cover exists.

pretty sure KamalaHarris has been calling for Trump's impeachment for a while now Joe Biden is utterly corrupt, but he still thinks he has credibility in calling for Trump's impeachment. I love Biden, but why does he look crazy? So there's that,,,,,,

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Hey Joe....I bet you aren't supporting this You'd have to give all that money back The United States Under President Trump Cotton-Eye Joe needs some new denture glue. Says the lifetime politician who's son, with no experience, credentials, finds himself in the middle of over a billion dollars in international transactions and business...

'We're not going to give you the billion dollars…if the prosecutor's not fired, you're not getting the money.' -Joe Biden Just like you incriminated yourself With hunter’s Ukrainian prosecutor? But u have not? I’m a little confused how u think ur innocent It's good. Better late than never. ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW

NPR Choice pageAwesome This guy for President Człowiek sam stworzył HIV i AIDS

'bout time

NPR Choice pageProbably murdered by the cops or white supremacists (and yes, I am aware of the heavy overlap there). Dallasites want ANSWERS! DPD, get it together! Stunned? I doubt it.

NPR Choice pageHow is this new? 🇺🇸💞 DON'T MISS THIS 💞🇳🇬 mustread You can get this book right now in your Kindle for just $2.99. Yours forever. OR You can subscribe to KindleUnlimited and read this book for free with your 1month unpaid trial. Just go to 👇🏾Amazon and choose That's right, why pay a mortgage when you can pay someone else's mortgage.

NPR Choice pageHillbilly Industries LLC. And that, my friends, is where all these deaths are coming from. People buying this crap off the streets and then not knowing what the heck is in them. Why is there a ban on vaping products if cigarettes are still sold?

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