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A new survey finds a majority of parents rarely, if ever, discuss ethnicity, gender, class or other identity categories with their kids. Researchers say that's a problem — because kids are hardwired to notice differences early on, and they ask questions.

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I thought racism was taught at home? The only reason a parent wouldn't discuss race, ethnicity, gender or class with their children is because of an unspoken privilege they know their children are privy to. This research is obviously lopsided and not inclusive of an actual majority of parents. I just want to point out that I'm white and have had these discussions multiple times with my kids so yeah...thanks for the gifs.

The 'I don't see color' narrative is exhausting. Clearly you are not referring to a majority of black parents. Use your words. Say what you mean. Sounds about white That's not a problem that's GOOD. Race is an irrelevant characteristic, people are human and should be judged by their character alone. How is this a problem? If they observe something and ask a question, they ask a question. It's how they learn. It's how all humans learn.

My parents never sat me down with this talk and I never treated women or people of other races any differently. And that “majority” would be whom...? Being clear and precise with data is super helpful. The majority of parents that I know - who are predominately parents of color, feminist, and/or queer - talk about all those things. But maybe my sample is different.

Really? Who did they survey? Certainly NOT my house. 🙄🙄🙄

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writesforlife How is this possible? The article does address this, but the title and lead in should be more clear and specific. On FB I thought the lead in talked about white parents in particular, but now I can't find the article there The differences we all expect are in the original report; just nowhere in this article about the report

0% of those surveyed were of minority race We did ! Most agenda driven parents have the school systems do that. I ride for y’all but this needs to be cleaned up. It's okay, they won't be the majority for much longer. So basically white parents because blacks definitely have these conversations we have no choice ,but to have them.

NPR—shame on you for this headline! At the very least—take out the 5th & 7th words & say “majority parents”

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Sounds about white. White* parents. NPR. WHITE PARENTS*. So you are saying that you spoke with a majority white group of parents.... good to know. Um. You mean white parents? My Mexican dad stay talking about race. Lol Not trying to be rude, but this is the type of article where context (i.e. race/ethnicity of respondents) is CRUCIAL to understanding what’s really happening. I’m a bit disappointed in NPR and the author, CoryTurner, for leaving much of that context out. 😕

I always talked to my kids about it because I wanted to try my best to control the narrative, understanding that it wasn’t a matter of if differences could ever be an issue for some, but rather when Do better NPR, clearly this was a survey of white parents, and that should go in your title. A survey by who to who? Chances are the people that made and took this survey never had to have the conversations in the first place.

Lemme guess, majority white parents? Change majority of parents to White Parents

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Do better NPR. This is white biased When they ask, I answer. Other than that, life goes on. White perspective showing over there NPR. Which parents? b_smith212 Twitter has alot of Black and white thinking going on , As a kid I didn't treat n e one different. Treat people how u want to be treated. Keep telling your kids oh ur poor so ur different or your this color so ur different,

This headline is so wrong! Just 'parents' in general? Cause I was talking bout this w/mine before they could walk/talk. fact my adoptive white parents rarely if ever spoke about ethnicity, gender, class or identity categories. At least not our mother, unless it benefited her specific narrative. Not this white parent. That's practically all we talked about with our kids - and still do now that they're yoing adults

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npr - Y’all going to correct this or what? sure, if you’re white caramac54 Let's be clear: white parents aren't talking about race. And yes, it's a problem. Those researchers are wrong and anyone that was ever a kid knows that well they dont I'm one of the few white parents who do talk about race--cause I have to since my kids are Black. So we have to have the discussions. We talk all about class, race, immigration status, gender cause it all impacts them in a white supremacy culture.

obviously they only sampled white parents.... White parents don't talk about race and only White parents don't talk about race. The rest of us are told at a young age about race and how the system favors whites over everyone else, how to stay away from police, and how to react to racism, and a whole lot of other stuff.

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Who did you ask? this is damn near a daily discussion in Black & Brown homes. You cannot deal with the issues of race and gender if you can’t comfortably talk about these differences and speak honestly to your children about the challenges that different groups face in our society. In my children’s preschool they would sometimes mix different flesh tones to try to make their own color. And they would discuss their skin colors and how they were different. And we would use that as a stepping stone to talk about lots of the social issues at home.

Parents of Color talk at nauseam about ethnicity, race, difference, etc.. please just say you only surveyed whitle people...🤨🙄 From as early as I can remember, my parents told me to set my own high standards & learn to evaluate myself accurately becuz I would be viewed thru distorted lenses. They were right & that's why I thrive internally.

Our kids are mixed race. We talked to them plenty about racism and heritage. But emphasized that what is important is your own actions, your own skills. If the country someone's grandparents came from is the most interesting thing about them, they are not interesting. You talk to black parents *white Correction - white parents. I think a word is missing?

Just say the majority of White parents don’t talk about this. Smh

NPR Choice pageProbably murdered by the cops or white supremacists (and yes, I am aware of the heavy overlap there). Dallasites want ANSWERS! DPD, get it together! Stunned? I doubt it.

There’s a typo in the headline... *A majority of white parents. The “talk” used to be about sex, now it’s about how to simply make it home, alive. This discussion is talked about in color families frequently... ethnicity, gender and class... who have ya’ll been asking? Majority of white parents Survey participants are whom?

I'm white. I do. Does this not include the numerous times my father sat me down and told me how to not appear threatening, anxious, or even animate when in the presence of police. If not, cool. Here, let me fix your headline:White Parents do not discuss race. Do better. My family wasn't surveyed Must not have been any black parents surveyed.

my dad told me not to marry a Filipino when I was like 10. his cousins 'knew better' so like, who r u interviewing? The Stars Hollow population?

I hate being grouped together with people I have nothing in common with. No white child would have survived my mother acting like a privileged, spoiled brat. This is a white people problem. They need to stop blaming others. Are we truly surprised? WHITE parents.... You must've only surveyed white parents. But either way the study is flawed. The KKK certainly talks about race. The Proud Boys, Aryan Nation certainly talk to their kids about race.

Teach GBA+. Kids will grasp it faster than adults. Please do better. THIS IS GARBAGE sounds like you're missing a key detail here. some parents can not afford to send their children outside WITHOUT talking about it. Definitely a problem. I have brown children and I discuss this daily!!!!!!!!!!

Give more details about the sampling for this “survey!!” Those who “rarely” discuss are highly unlikely to be from a marginalized/oppressed group!! Our discussions happen and are generally for survival, not just information!! Amazing, how the left push to create division, my kids know they're humans, and to treat everyone with respect.

Continue to discuss with our 19 yo This is backwards. Most kids, almost all kids are not born to notice things like color. The accent and love people until they are told can your writers be thus stupid? A majority of white parents you mean. Speak truth NPR, do really think people of color are NOT talking to their children on these issues. truth

White parents. Come on NPR - I expect better. We need better! Black n Latino parents have n continue to speak to their children on such issues-so that they can survive 👀 They talk about 6 month olds in this article which....I don't see how in the world you are supposed to talk to a 6 month old about gender, race, religion, etc.

I mean, I guess since white people are not the minority this is technically true, but wildly misses the point as a result of how it's framed here. You can do better than this. It really is ok to say WHICH parents don’t have these discussions. For the rest of us, the survival of our children out in these streets, literally depends on us having these conversations with them.

Tell the whole story, npr. Don't be such friggin colonizers. “Majority of parents” or “parents of the majority” lmaoooooooooo which one is it? I think people on here should clarify that it’s not ALL white people. I’m white & have a mixed race son who noticed differences early on in school. I asked him 1 day (4th grade new school) if he made any friends. He said yes, & 2 were tan like him. That was the convo starter...

White parents.... I naturally had several conversations with my kids on these issues because they had questions. I think the problem is too many parents blow off these teaching opportunities rather than having the conversation easily and naturally, with real life references. Who did this survey Rip it up. FakeNews

Pretty sure you forgot the 'white' before parents. Everyone else is having these conversations. You forgot 'white' because they refuse to acknowledge anyone or anything outside of heterosexual whiteness. you should be able to report a tweet based on being recklessly racially ignorant Did they survey any Black people?

Have you corrected the title of your survey yet? Wipeopo Class + ethnicity conversations are important. The gender + identity conversations is much deeper because it’s a mental health conversation more than anything. We just explain that people can’t change their gender just like they can’t change their eye color. It is what it is.

Done_by_Forty Whaaaaa a new LifeKit episode that I missed!! You forgot the modifier white. I wonder who did this study and who participated in it? Or are we assuming white America is the default for the average parent? You left out the word WHITE before parents. 😒 White silence is complicity. If we want to change things we have to have these discussions all the time!

A new survey finds a majority of white parents rarely, if ever, discuss ethnicity, gender, class or other identity categories with their kids. Researchers say that's a problem — because kids are hardwired to notice differences early on, and they ask questions. Fixed I read the entire study & not just this article. In study it says parents of color are more likely to talk about these things. Call it like it is, White parents don't talk to their kids about 'isms. And I find it suspect that the report does not include demographic breakdown.

We spoke about personal responsibility , not falling for the victimhood narrative...your color or cultural essence is with you forever...nuffsaid I tell my kid to eat the rich almost daily. Ironic that your headline ignores the race of the parents... if anyone was confused about who NPR is, ITS WHITE PEOPLE WITH NONE OR BARELY ANY NONWHITE FRIENDS CUZ IF THEY DID HAVE NONWHITE FRIENDS THEY WOULD KNOW THIS HEADLINE ONLY APPLIES TO WHITE FAMILIES

Why don’t you fix it and just say whit people/parents. Because trust me in a minority house - we not only talk about it we fucking LIVE it!! Kind of surprised and simultaneously disappointed in this headline . You bring facts, stats, clarity and programming to support the underrepresented - how did this slide by?

A majority of white parents. So telling how you falsely generalize this view. I actually have had in depth conversations with my girls about these things. Not just because we have a blended family, but because I wanted them to treat people right and to stand up in the face of oppression for themselves and others.

Do better NPR White parents

I’m pretty sure there’s a specific demographic that this overwhelmingly applies to. ‘Cause the Filipino parents I know do this, and the Black parents I know do this, and the Indigenous parents I know do this, and... A new survey finds a majority of 'white' parents rarely, if ever, discuss ethnicity, gender, class or other identity categories with their kids. There, fixed it for you. African descended American parents are not afforded this luxury due to WhiteSupremacy. SoundsAboutWhite

Did the researchers go to black people's houses cos this shit is crazy 🤷 you get the talk as soon as you're aware of what black is and that's that When your POC, it’s a conversation you can’t avoid and if your POC w/$$ or was raised comfortably and have family w/$$ you have to also explain to your kids why non-POC are surprised... This is a conversation that everyone should have...

There is nothing to talk about we are all just people. Stop trying to make everybody think about their differences they don’t matter. We all have the same thing in common, we’re going to die. So treat people respectfully and stop finding division. MAGA KAG2020 love Trump 999 of the 1000 families asked were white of course.

U mean majority of wh/ parents? I’m Cree. My wh/ adoptive parents never talked abt things affecting me. In fact, I was punished 4 coming home & telling them I was bullied 4 being “Indian”. It was part of their “bio-child” lie. Thk Creator 4 N8V family down street 8 yrs old. So is this an admission that white privilege is pervasive?

*White Parents* I can guarantee you 99% of black parents have had to have “that talk” with their black child around 6,7, or 8. It’s the world WE live in that they have the privilege of being ignorant to. New survey finds a majority of NON-BLACK parents rarely, if ever, discuss ethnicity, gender, class or other identity categories with their kids. Researchers say that's a problem — because kids are hardwired to notice differences early on, and they ask questions. fixedyourtypo

Not so in a Latino household You must be talking about people with incredible privilege unwilling to acknowledge it. We talked to our son about these issues all the time; it's our responsibility as parents. And how many families in this survey had members that are poc? Understanding race dynamics is often an important part of learning how to be safe in public for young poc. If you mean that white parents don't discuss these things with their kids, specify that.

Did you only pole Caucasians? Because in minority groups, we talk about this as soon as are kids are old enough to go play with their friend outside in the neighborhood. What a privileged survey. As a white parents we educate them on race, sexuality, genders. it’s part of the conversation with our kids right from the start. We want them to understand the importance of support and that we use our privilege to stand beside those whom society deems less privileged.

In other words, America is still a majority white country. An redundant survey finds the obvious; a majority of (white) parents often avoid discussions about ethnicity, gender, class or other identity categories w/ their kids, to the detriment of everyone.* *amended from original article Ha. This description PROVES the point by ignoring the race of the parents surveyed. Most black & brown families discuss race & class w/their kids early. Those same kids grown up to deal w/a population of very confused white young adults who say, 'Well, I don't see color.' NPR

Did you just interview white people? Because I think you just interviewed white people.

NPR doing a New York Times-type flub today. I'm that 'Can't point out her island on a map' ethnicity. Can you show the actual research. Cuz black folk HAVE TO teach their kids about race. True who cares We talk about all of the above with our kids regularly. We think it’s so important This is exactly why I talked to mine early & often. Not just about race, but gender, & gay issues too. Did I stumble? Sure; I'm not black, or gay. Doesn't matter, the point was to talk through things and make sure they knew 'different' was not just ok, but good.

White parents don’t talk about race because they don’t see the need to. This was grotesquely smug. Kids aren’t born as bigots, someone has to teach them that Redo this headline. White parents*

Utter b/s. This refers to white parents (whose kids will not be shot and killed by white police) Bullshit! My parents treated me as their child. A person. It’s what I am. I “ found” out I was Black, in high school. We are all persons. This focus on race in America, strips us all of our personage. Race is man made. It is a flawed construct. Bravo 👏🏿 to my parents!

HA HA We teach our kids that every person has their own likes and opinions and is an individual in their own right. So long as people's beliefs do not hurt other people they should feel free to be who they are. As I did with my daughters. try stratifying the results by race and see if you still think this applies to just 'parents'

An example of a very terrible headline. If you read the article you’ll find out it’s about parents not knowing WHEN or HOW to address social identity differences. They usually start too late, age 10, with their children when kids notice differences as early as six months. goldietaylor I believe racism could be nipped in the butt if diversity is taught in 3rd or 4th grade, plus every school have a no bullying policy whether the bullies parents pay lots of money to the schools. This is private & public schools. 1st offence plus cyber suspension, 2nd expulsion.

fixed it for y’all A new survey finds a majority of YPIPO avoid at all costs, conversations about anybody NOT a YPIPO Researchers say that’s a problem that only YPIPO can address but typically they won’t! You mean white parents

I think your survey is BULLSHIT!! Just because WHITE people don't have these type of discussion with their children, doesn't mean other races don't. My parents talked to me and I talked to my kids. It's literally a conversation on survival. I don't know as my black people who have NEVER talked to their children about race, unless they're the parents of newborns.

We know you mean white patents cause you didn’t specify a race. Parents of Color, especially Black Parents, damn sure give their kids the race speech often and early Fixed it for you... A new survey finds a majority of *WHITE STRAIGHT* parents rarely, if ever, discuss ethnicity, gender, class or other identity categories with their kids.

Did they just interview white parents? npr please you know that this is a privilege only reserved for white heteronormative parenting couples. You know this!! 🙋🏻‍♀️Parents of mixed kids live in this conversation on an hourly basis. I wonder if the study is broken down by race Out of the six thousand parents what was the genetic makeup? In the community I grew up in, discussions about these things along with THE TALK about how the police and their policies in our community.

Expect better from you. TheResistance

' white parents' Idk about that survey because racist white dads talk about this all the time - just not in a way of understanding and valuing the different experiences of others, but in a “avoid these people, places and see these as warning signs” kind of way 🙃 Oh.. white parents. Fix headline: insert white parents

Maybe speak to parents that are immigrants or not white. My 4 and 10 year old Black daughters recite EACH morning affirmations of their beauty, intelligence, giftedness, and BLACK-ness. younggiftedandblack DailyBriefing You mean WHITE parents!! - No other people group has the privilege NOT to discuss it. DoBetter NPR

This must be a white survey Understanding your race and ethnicity is a survival skill for people of color. Well I WAS going to download the app and listen to some of your shows today... New plan.

Seems pertinent. goldietaylor This tweet is literally at odds with your story. What, you have a rule about just calling out white people, even when supported? Seriously, ? The smug tone of your headline is disappointing. Perhaps white parents don't discuss such issues; Black parents are not afforded such options. FACTS

Really NPR? Let me guess most likely they were all white. Black parents speak to their kids almost DAILY about this!!!! Correction White Parents. BIPOC are having these convos daily. WHITE parents, you mean!!!! 'why is this person shooting up a school' You misspelled 'White Parents' Let me correct your heading. “A majority of white patents.”

I love inadvertent white supremacy apologism from National Public Radio with my morning coffee. Non white people are litterally having these conversations daily. It's a matter of survival for us. This headline speaks to the privilege in which the writer resides. See this is where I have to give White people a break. If the media is too scared to be honest about it’s own article why should the everyday White person? I talked to my kids who attend mostly White Schools & have mostly White friends. Maybe I should talk to their friends

WE ALL DO! 😂 everyone upset at whites for not being fake woke in the suburbs *white parents Kids are listening to their parents phone calls, chat's with friends and conversations they have while watching television. They are observant as hell. This is not true. I raised my son to discuss this, and try to understand it. This is an outrageous statement.

Have you factored in that most people lie? A new survey finds that white parents teach their children to ignore ethnicity, gender, and class.

Hmmm... okay, I fixed it y’all. race class kids White parents... many parents of color or LGBT kids talk about these things. I think ya’ll asked the wrong people (2) reasons why this is acceptable behavior: 1) It's not consequential for them to do so. 2) It doesn't affect them or their offspring economically, academically, or physically. Hmm...I wonder who could get away with doing this? 🤔

I talk about it all the time with my kids and I’m white. Have to otherwise they grow up in such a bubble. That would be white families..not Jewish,Hispanic,Asian,or any other ethnicity That's dumb. I've made it my life's mission to make sure my son is respectful of other races, religions, cultures, and genders. How could I do that if we didn't constantly discuss it?

Clearly, no one bothered to include black people in this survey. Do better or else that monthly donation will be going towards my extra strawberry margarita fund. White mom of 4 here and we always discussed race and culture and our white privileged openly. My friends are multiracial, gay, straight, bi, it never matter in my home other than to discuss how people are people and love is love. We judge by character around here.

JFC is your entire staff white ........ who the fuck did they survey Definitely not any minorities Well. When I was 6 years old, I faced racism in the schoolyard by my classmates. Care to share where that could’ve came from? A majority of which parents? Yes, a huge majority of parents in the US is white.

White people in this thread talking about how they do talk to their kids about race are missing the point. The point is the survey data shows white parents rarely talk to their kids about race but for some reason NPR decided to tweet like it's the same for everyone. WHITE PARENTS DONT. NOT ALL PARENTS. CORRECT YOUR SHIT.

*WHITE* parents Huh? Who did you contact for this survey?

WHITE parents. WTF NPR?!?! 🤦‍♂️ NPR is an intellectual and social wasteland. Did you poll minorities? Survey says... Is game show language for 'we didn't really ask everybody' or we couldn't get them to reply or we're not going to say who we asked but ... DoBetter Every. Damn. Day. We better. You missed this: 'The overall parent sample masks some very important group differences. ...Parents of color are more likely ... to say that their child’s race/ethnicity shapes their child’s identity.

White parents. Specifically those that isolate themselves like these issues will disappear if they ignore them. So they may not be having the direct conversations Black and other ethnic minority parents have w their kids, but actions speak louder than words. 🤷🏾‍♀️ “A new survey finds out the majority of WHITE parents...” There. Fixed that for you

Wow, I'm a huge fan of NPR. Listen everyday and I'm so disappointed to see them white wash this survey/study like this. The author totally ignored data, in EVERY racial group EXCEPT white people, identity/ race is discussed. C'mon NPR, don't be fox news These categories were discussed daily in my household when I was growing up. Current events were a daily discussion.

The headline doesn't include the point in the article that parents who's children hear negative comments about their own identity are much more likely to talk about it. And that we all need to have positive conversations about difference - not just those who experience harm. Which parents we talking about?

This is right fucked. If you're racialized IT GETS DISCUSSED Trash npr just trash They don’t discuss gender?!?! C’mon now. Even white parents do that! Survey says, 'the White people surveyed either lied or are a small few & don't represent the whole'. White kids hear & see their family & friends talking about it even if they aren't talking to them. Don't be so obtuse!

And this is why most non-black people are Complete idiots on this subject and all seem to adopt. A white supremacist narrative on all these subjects. Miseducatuon & ignorance are slowly unraveling the United States. Oh, you mean most white parents, I get it.

You mean white parents? NPR also whiffs it in the headlines department A majority of parents? Based on the methodology section used in this study (see screen shot example) that's not entirely true. There is truly nothing stopping you from clarifying you mean WHITE parents. Not a single thing. Black parents are forced to have these conversations at an early age. Don’t generalize your study of White cis parents.

And when differences aren’t discussed, we rush to make “the other” less than us. Huh...your parents didn’t talk to you about it lol More emphasis should have been placed on this line: “According to Sesame's survey results, 40% of black parents say their children have heard a negative comment about their race, and they are twice as likely as white parents to talk about race with their kids”

Ever parent who is a person of colour has these conversations. Ya survey is cracked.

You mean WHITE parents. My kids are biracial. We talk about it all the time. The hate being taught is the problem. You are not born to hate. A majority of white parents. This headline is infuriating Majority of White parents*. There u go. *white parents*.... this is a black household topic all the time What? Which parents?

The study looks good and interesting. The headline and lede and parts of the article reek of bias. I expect better from NPR. *white parents “The majority in America” = white.

They must have just asked white parents. Who the hell did they survey? Constant subject of discussion in our household. The internet and y’all that use it just keep doing dumb shit! White parents do not discuss this! They barely wanna discuss it when they fuck on black men & have mixed children... Katie you need to tell lil Jaden about his complexion and him being black too!

If you are native or black or brown, that has to be discussed as it is something that directly affects your life in the United States. Shit, black folks have to explain to their kids why they might get killed going to school because of the color of their skin. My dad taught me tolerance and respect for all. My mom was oblivious to everything going on around us. I am thankful for what my dad taught me before he died and I pass it on to my son and all around me. But I can relate to someone having 2 parents who are oblivious.

Wow , just wow. Black parents HAVE NO CHOICE but to discuss those things with their kids. Who the hell did they survey? I dont believe it. Us, immigrants, have these kind of discussions all the time. In the NY area you can ask any Italian or Irish and they are all about “ethnicity” or race. And class? Wow if us hispanics discuss class. Gender? I think it depends on one’s cultural background.

You mean white parents? Hardwired to notice differences So misleading. Racism is a learned behavior and since race isn’t supported as a biological concept then it is learned

A pathetic, self-imposed cultural blindness. And it is one of the reasons I force the issues into public discussions as much as possible. It is critical that we don't fear who we are. Straight white parents. I’ve never sugarcoated the differences between “us “ and everyone else. A survey of white people used to define all people might be why.

W-H-I-T-E parents. They only ones polled whose response matter though, right? You forgot 'white' in that headline You're talking about white parents, right? Brainyack524 Majority of WHITE parents. You should change this headline immediately. Lol But I specifically did this because I knew my kids were able to learn about differences and also see people discriminate because of them...also why leave POC out of this? They have these discussions all the time!

Bullshit White families maybe. We were taught at an early age about the disadvantages we would face because of our brown skin & to work harder to advance in life. We were also taught to be proud of who we are & to pity racist ignorant people. They miss out on so much America has to offer. My parents didn’t do it with me, but I’m doing it with my kids. My eight year old knows way more about these than I ever did as a kid/young adult.

A certain ethnic group is getting increasingly worried about young white kids asking certain questions. Sample pool is 99% white, heterosexuals from the suburbs. Black people were involved in that survey. Got it. Inaccurate and incomplete narratives of human history, contributions, social development, atrocities and resistance at school plus parents who do not offer clarity at home = more intellectually handicapped people walking around not helping much. 🤷🏾‍♀️

, fix this headline to specify WHITE parents. I’d like to know more about which parents. I, too, assume it’s “rich white parents,” but can fairly say that we discuss race, ethnicity and class in our household. Culturally relevant literature has been one of the best ways- faith ringgold, Vera Williams ...

I have taught my kid her whole life. All parents should start early. It gives kids the tools they need to support each other.

Huh, me and my kids talk about it often. Parents aren't God. Open your ears and eyes. Listen to different opinions on the subject, make your own observations. Use your naturally and freely Reason to compare and judge. Parents are not God. Excuse me? You can say white. We know you mean white. With the way things are, how can parents not to their kids about race, gender, class? Must be white privileged.

I appreciate the intent of this article, we are in a world of living among those who are different from us. But my kids teach me about differences, I come from a diff’t era. Sometimes I say “dress more like a girl” and I get deserved backlash. We talk abt race daily too. I’m wht Curious as to how many “researchers” have kids of their own.

My son & I talked about race when he was 8 or 9, when my brother married a woc. Some of the family were upset abt this & Joe didn't understand why. We talked about prejudice & racism. What I couldn't tell him was what it was like to be black. I'm sure some of his friends did. “Survey” A majority of *white parents...


Nope. Non white parents have no choice but to talk to their kids about race, how they’re perceived and how to get through the day. And yes, we’re tired White, straight, cis parents, you mean. JFC. 'According to Sesame's survey results, 40% of black parents say their children have heard a negative comment about their race, and they are twice as likely as white parents to talk about race with their kids.'

Well, this white boy talks about race all the time: with family, friends, and my students. Truth and openness is more energizing than any cup of coffee I’ve had. Who took this poll? They must have not surveyed a black parents because they talk about it beginning in Pre-K and they don't stop. They carry it on with the grandkids!

Whoever Wrote This Has Never Been In A Black HouseHold.....This Is LiteWork 😐 This has gotta be white parents bc I’m pretty sure everyone else discusses it. Goddamnit. How can you write this headline when it’s obvious from the data that it is WHITE parents who don’t, as opposed to most other parents? Come ON.

You mean white parents and it’s utterly embarrassing that they’re not having these conversations with their kids. It’s necessary to raise decent humans. Any parents of color included in this “survey” do better with surveys. Include people of color. ...white patents ? maybe survey participants lied? seems crazy on its face.

I knew y’all had privilege but this is over the top. We don’t have a choice but to talk about this and from early on. It is literally life or death. How dare you publish this survey with such ignorance. Majority of white parents. Fixed it. Well, who was surveyed? This is such an NPR take. 🤦🏻‍♀️

themeowsterz mira!! What in the white world is this? Did this study include ANY black households‽ Don’t know who you are talking about. I had many many conversations with my son The methodology in this survey is ridiculous. Imagine. The group of people not talking to their kids about race are doing the most damage because...they don’t talk to their kids about race. Good god. 😔

Never discussed by my white parents. I discussed it quite often with my children White parents. My oldest was on my back in a baby carrier as I set tables at a soup kitchen volunteering. She’s 21 now, very aware of her privilege & teaching me daily. Issues of social justice have always been discussed & acted upon in our family. Hard to comprehend how other parents do not.

I'll never forget when my baby was 4 she saw Lisa Lesley on tv and asked why that man was dressed like a lady 🤣 Sometimes these conversations are forced upon us when we're not ready as parents. But being black, these are our bedtime stories. Sad. A majority of white households. Certainly not Hispanic or Black.

Let me guess, you didn’t survey enough minorities? In our Latino household, that was a regular topic around the dinner table. Which parents? ‘Cuz we parents of color have to talk about it pretty much 24/7, if we want our kids to survive AmeriKKKan society. I honestly don't understand why white parents refuse to talk about these things. If you don't teach your kids about these things, they'll learn elsewhere, probably inaccurately. Isn't this the most important goal of parenthood? Raising good, intelligent, and tolerant kids?

My son is due next February and this will not be the case in my household. No one asked usual. Survey of who? Who participated this study? I’m white. I talk about these things with my kids all the time. So if it gives you any hope, some white people do address other identity categories with their kids.

The 'majority' probably don't. And I'd like to add that whites outnumber blacks in America by roughly 6:1. My parents didn't and it took me years of life experience to reconcile the ignorance I came from. You better believe I talk to my kids about this all the damn time.

Did they not include demographic items as a part of this survey? You didn’t ask any black people smh .npr Did you talk to any people of color? All of us have these conversations with our kids, constantly. Now do a survey with black parents. I believe this to true. I just finished lesson 100000000 tonight about 'but your Black'!

I've been talked to about race since I could talk. Nope famousandyhall Majority of white patents. You forgot that word.

Who the hell did you survey for this? NoOneWithMelanin Clearly no Black parents participated in the research. For us it’s more than about differences, it’s about our children’s survival. MJB_SF Lesbian parents discuss these issues early and often. MJB_SF What the heck do these parents discuss with their Kids?

Who are they surveying? White supremacists drill white supremacy into their children's heads from the time they're born. I know my parents taught us 7 kids that all people regardless of color are the same & don't listen to bigots who hate others because they're a different color Might want to broaden your demographics.

Define “parents” This applies to what color skin? Cause latinos do this all the time. I bet this reflects white households. 🤔

I grew up in Wonder Bread land. Actually, I think maybe we were whiter. When I moved to Ft Greene Brooklyn it was Spike Lee's 'Do the Right Thing'. And I'm so glad I got to experience that. And it really enhanced my enjoyment of life. White folks for sure Sorry but we talked about this in our household. Did y'all interview people if color for this cause it smells like MAYO!!!

Only white parents. I assure you Black parents and POC do. Uhh, I think your data is flawed. I call bullshit. I don't know who did this pole, but a whole race of people apparently was not consulted as a matter fact people of color may not have been consulted, black people have always talk about this subject

I lived in a neighborhood with people from 5+ countries and we all did each other favors and brought food to help each other out, a lot of this is unintentional social segregation. Whites only survey for sure Y’all interviewed a bunch of white people.

As a white kid growing up, we rarely discussed it. Now as a parent of mixed children (Hispanic) and husband to a Latina, we discuss it frequently. By 'majority,' you mean white parents? No one asked me I disagree White parents, to be more accurate Some of us can’t afford not to have these discussions...whose reality is reflected in this survey?

You mean white people. Black folks have to have these conversations with their sons and daughters. tryna understand how this headline got approved If your kid is the “other” yea you talk about it early. You’re right kids notice their differences early and they ask and we have to address it. White parents.

I talk about all of that with my boys. Ah white parents!!!!! Which parents?!? Black parents do this EARLY and constantly with their kids Fact: NPR didnt Survey Black or Indigenous Peoples I'm black and not ever having these conversations with my parents definitely had a negative affect on me Bruh even as a kid my dad taught me that the white police wouldn’t hesitate to beat my ass if I looked at them sideways. And that’s cause my dads a vet and they still give him a hard time at a traffic stop

For anyone already having these convos or looking to start them, check out kirabanks raisingequity '...because kids are hardwired to notice differences early on, and they ask questions.' Which is why your narrative is a lie. That was low ...which parents don't talk about race?

Black parents HAVE to talk to their kids about race and gender. America requires we do it seriously and regularly. Majority of white parents White straight cis parents Multi racial family here - we talk about it all. the. time. I think this is why we have so many snowflakes Black folk have that talk everytime we turn on the television.

I might be white but race has always been a part of my conversation with the world around me. Safe to assume no parents of color in the US were surveyed. I really think we Black Am. think some things do apply to them. Truth is we really don't speak about the positives. Parents often stay in protective teaching mode which further perpetuates racism instead of reversing it. Sometimes we need to show kids positives.

You mean white parents. They don't because it makes them uncomfortable. Minority patents do this all the time. Simply out of survival. ONLY WHITE PARENTS HAVE THIS LUXURY What’s the demographic breakdown of those approached in this research study? Oh this was DEFINITELY discussed long before I got called nigger in the 2nd grade by another student

Sounds about white This sounds about white We never had those discussions, but then, I’m old. I wonder about now? A new survey finds a majority of white parents..... Caucasian parents. Who wrote this headline? You left out the word white before parents. Must be an oversight🤔

White, cis, hetero parents are a majority, thus the survey results. A better interpretation of the survey would be about power and safety and ethics. Do better NPR - what color are the parents you speak of? Who the hell wrote, edited and approved this? Is NPR that out of touch? People, and hurt people and care only for themselves. I cannot tell you how broken hearted I was to have to tell this precious being about real evil. HOWEVER, I also explained that he can help change things, we can. He said he loved 'everybody' and that's who is still, now, at 15

People because of the color in their skin. He kept asking ' but why Mama, why?!' He was so horrified. Then at age six, I explained that there was slavery, he didn't understand, and I had no explanation for a kind, innocent heart so void of hatred, other than some people use I talked about privilege too, why other parents may not have homes, and food, and that's why we give. When my son was 3 I had to tell him what ' real criminals' meant when he heard that in a PE song I played. I explained that there actually are people in the world who do not like

Ummm.... How many black families were in this poll? We talk about it very early and very often! As usual, entitlement causes omission of a relevant fact. You must mean white parents. Written by a white bro 👉🏻CoryTurner

If you’ve ever wondered what white privilege looks like, just read this headline and know it’s from NPR. Jesus. We discuss all these things. Add that to your 'survey'. Some of us don’t have the choice to NOT talk about it. But for white parents who want to change, who want to learn how to talk about these topics with their kids, I and other educators are here to help.

I am fairly certain your headline was intended to read, A Majority of Caucasian American Privileged Parents... oh cause white is the majority These topics were never discussed in my childhood home. I figured out my family was racist very early on and have been the outcast ever since. I enrolled my daughter in a predominately black preschool as a way of opening up those conversations at a young age.

Teacher I worked with asked if cousin could preview her book with our students. The tchr hadn't seen book. Before meeting our Black and Hispanic students the author and I discussed book whose premise was white dogs teaching black dogs. The book was NOT previewed at the school. TheLargerIssue Hello. Ignoring illogical bullies, bravely, this American speaks about experiencing HATEFUL PROBLACK influence during his childhood upbringing. 'I Used to Hate White People | My WalkAway Story' by It's Kyou - 412,325 views Peace.

I'm split. I didn't even *know* my ethnicity until I was 16 and took a DNA test. I knew what all those terms were, though. The kicker is...

You mean WHITE parents WHITE PARENTS Did you survey anyone not White? Uh, guys, ‘The Talk’ is a requirement in almost every black and brown household. I think you may have missed something in the headline... Parents who have the privilege to live in a bell jar of ignorance to others experiences. Wow, there are a lot of racist tweets here.

Yeah, because they would like to spend a few minutes on things that matter; like reading, math and, dare I say it SCIENCE, that Cleary proves boys are boys and girls are girls! It’s sad but yet much needed in the black homes. As a black woman we have to be taught the differences of appearances and what makes us inferior to another woman that doe t look like us. In the black home this conversation is a must because we are discriminated at an early age. mean WHITE parents. C’mon do better! Sex.

Do better , much, much better. I guess they've never heard of 'The Talk' You obviously didn’t survey and people of color, right? Black parents have to discuss this shit with our children in order to survive! So much for this worthless survey... When only interview people who look like you. Imagine having this luxury.

Nope not true White parents* DrJasonJohnson exactly. I do.

JFC, this is beyond clueless. Do you have no POC on your editorial staff? Literally had the conversation (for the 10th time) with my 6-yr old last night while we discussed Rosa Parks after she read a book about her to me. Who are these extra special parents? The majority being....? quick question , have you bothered to hire non-white methodologist/communication peeps, no one's perfect but they may help you avoid this type of blunder in the future

Black & brown parents don’t have the luxury. I’m sure no one asked them. My kids are under 6 yo and one way I teach race is watching Princess and the Frog and explaining why Tiana is forced to live differently than her best friend Charlotte. How nice for that majority Which parents. What parents? Yall irresponsible with this.

WHICH parents? I’m glad the majority of tweets reflect what we all know: this survey is about White parents. NPR should clarify for the AllLivesMatter folks who will include everyone. You're say race should be taught. Children answer our differences in childlike common sense ways. My son referred to people as day brown, night brown and dark dark brown. He never asked me why we were different shades. White traumatized him as people are not the color white.

White Parents you dropped the ball on your blanket statement Please emphasize WHITE parents. Parents of every other color most definitely talk to their kids about whiteness. It's a matter of survival. We talk about it often but we are not a white family. Add sexuality to that. Heteronormality can be a form of micro-agression to young LGBTQ kids...

*White* parents

White people dont talk about this. POC have no choice but to talk about this.🙄 Pretty sure this headline should say 'white parents,' because parents who are not white are forced to address race and ethnicity from infancy. And those of us who grew up poor and working class know that our parents were addressing that from the time we were small as well.

I don't know why your headline can't reflect the fact that the only parents who have a CHOICE on this are white parents. So if you're saying that W parents (barely the majority of parents, I'm guessing) don't have that convo w their kids, it would be less confusing &more accurate Kids mirror their parents. Kids only notice difference if the parent points it out. Parents greatly influence their young children. As the children grow, they are exposed to other influences. Even then, kids will always be guided by their parents lead.

Parents of color speak about race to their children. Why is this not your headline? SesameWorkshop White parents You mean yt. You mean a majority of White parents I’ve been talking about these things with my daughter for ten years. Since she was ten. Most parents of color have to talk about more than that. Where are these researchers polling? Mostly Red states? parents do all the time. Who did you survey?

I heard it and we speak on often, least in my family. I when we use it to check each other when out in public, remember where we at and who’s watching is usually said at some point. woah, i'm lucky, just didn't realise by how much i guess. A totally non-issue in our house, our circle are from all over with varied jobs & 'tween my wife & I, our kids are a mix of Chinese, Irish, Maori, Scottish, Thai, Vietnamese...& possibly more?

Nor wrote this ish😲 well. That's that White* What were the demographics of this survey? My parents are black Gen Xers and they always made sure to discuss race with me, even when we lived in Europe and Asia You must mean white parents * You forgot the word white before the word parents in that headline My 10yo is hyper aware. I refuse to raise him to be willing to participate in the collective white fantasy that the police are good & that the military keeps us safe. Lots of constructive conversations about who 'us' is in the context of him looking like an Aryan poster child

Only nonprogressive (centrist) people—those w/ or invested in upholding & maintaining unwarrantedprivilege—don’t have these conversations. I don’t believe in the concept of race as you mainstreamers do, but racism is REAL and an ever-present danger, so we have no choice. Disingenuous.

This survey clearly didn't include many or any ethnic parents i want to know how they’re operationalising literally every measure but also methodology and the demographics of these researchers because... *white parents Parents should discuss these topics. As the mixed child of a white mother and black father, I was never taught about either culture -- or prepared for ignorant people. It was confusing, painful and lonely, and if an open dialogue can prevent that for kids, why not have one?

Yea, that study is blaitant bullshit. I find it hard fo believe. They expect schools to do that Yeah.... that’s just white folk .... the rest of us have no other option Now y'all know this is about non black parents. Probably white and Asian parents. Sorry to play Devil's advocate, but some parents don't talk about it because they know deep down that what they were taught as kids was total bullshit the moment they themselves started having kids.

a perfect chance to implement akidsbookabout into family discussions and make 'hard' topics not hard anymore! White parents, easily Correction: A majority of white parents We're black families and families of persons of color surveyed? You mean 'white parents'. For minorities, it's a necessity. Black parents especially talk to thier kids about how they are perceived by others and how to appear non threatening. Don't even get me started about handling law enforcement's a damn shame.

This is a terrible headline. It should read a majority of white parents don't.... because people of color have those conversations all the time. When my nieces and nephews turn 13, I'll send them links to Colin Flaherty videos. Safety is what I care about. I've already sent the oldest one a few links, he knows. That's all I'll say about that.

I don’t agree with this study. It is an over generalization and certainly not representative of attitudes in more diverse parts of the country. The majority of white parents. Do better, NPR. 'Privileged groups talk less about other ethnicities than those without privileges.' Themoreyouknow Does the person in control of this account have experience in journalism or at least a finished study subject in line with their job? Sure as ____ doesn't look like it.

White parents, right?! Can I get a break down of this survey, I’m willing to bet it...u know what, nevermind. Talk to your children✌🏽 Do better...'White' parents. Dear better This not it, bruh This is so strange to me. How do you not discuss these items with your kids (and the multitude of sub-topics within each topic) and feel you are preparing your kid to face other people in the world?

Wow NPR! What planet are you on. We discussed racism every day. Shame on you. White parents. The majority of U.S. parents are white The framing of the example question says a LOT. 'Why is this person darker than me?' is a VERY different question from 'Why is this person LIGHTER than me' or 'Why is this person different from me.' Don't generalize to all races a problem that is endemic to whiteness.

deray I think the point is, parent don't discuss things that don't affect their kids. White parents don't discuss race. Cis-straight folks don't discuss gender/sexuality. Wealthy parents don't discuss poverty. And etc. Obviously there are exceptions, but in general, this holds truth. *White* parents. B/c to them *white* is default. Binary gendering is default. WASP male supremacy is default. & of course kids notice. & if these white kids' questions aren't answered, they do what their parents do. Which is damned dangerous/fatal to those who aren't the default.

This must be White parents. Because Black parents have no choice. What a privilege it is to ignore these conversations. A majority of what kind of parents? Must be nice to have that luxury! 🙄 A new survey finds a majority of WHITE parents … Y’all the only ones that can avoid it but the main ones that need to talk about it!

Where are you pulling this data from? My great grandparents, my grandparents, AND my parents spoke of you this on a daily basis 'a majority of WHITE parents' There. FTFY. And your error there? That's a perfect example of structural white supremacy, its insidiousness, and its dangers. I grew up in a black household, we talked about it all the time as a matter of survival.

survey would love to see the demographics of this survey! blackparenting101 black parent to child : You’re black - no running, shouting, or walking in stores (unless you’re with one of us) headlinefix Dear white son- noticing race is racist, not noticing race is racist. Go play.

White people problem this is a LIE.... Bad ‘methodology’ - Black parents discuss these issues at every level, all the time, at early ages. I am smart I am blessed I can do anything Ayaan at 2 years old Yeah, qualify this. Race comes up darn-near daily in our household, as does class, gender (inc. gender identity), and sometimes, sexuality (they haven't gone through puberty yet). I'm raising two girls of color. We are a working class family. We talk about it!

During my childhood, I was raised in a neighborhood that was 98% Black, later moving to one which was approximately 70% White. So these conversations came up frequently. How was this research compiled? How much time was spent with Indigenous peoples? Did you survey only white parents? Just had this conversation. I asked some white friends, how do you talk to your son about race? They were thoughtful about the answer, and admitted that they could do better. Bonus tip: make sure your white kids get a perspective directly from your friends of other ethnicities.

Some of us don’t get a choice. We are obliged to have all of these discussions very early and quite often. Only white parents . Black parents don’t have the luxury to raise our children to walk into the world unarmed with facts about the hate that exists simply because God made them brown. Tell researchers to do better to widen their research participant pools for the truth.

deray ' 40% of black parents say their children have heard a negative comment about their race, and they are twice as likely as white parents to talk about race with their kids' - white parents,do better. Diversify your social circle and talk more openly about race cause....smh

deray black and latino parents HAVE to discuss these things... yall definitely mean white people rarely have these discussions!!!! deray It also means as adults we can’t talk about these things. Failure to have basic understanding of how racial dynamics plays out in our communities is really hurting us and I don’t know how to get to a point where we have capacity to talk about it and address it.

There’s no breakdown of respondent strata in this study. Bet money this was a majority of white parents being surveyed. Which 'researchers' are those? That is *not* why what parents are not doing is problematic! Yeah no. Not going to. Im going to teach them relevant, useful stuff. Personal responsibility, work ethic, charity, athleticism & most importantly, listening skills. If i do my job they aren't going to care about melanin levels, whats between legs, or how much $$$ you make.

PeterTPiazza they should also talk about poverty - kids notice -let me know if you want to talk about some research on this.. Majority of White parents don't. cindygallop Some 20-25 percent of US people are disabled, can journalists, political candidates and others stop excluding disability, it’s statistically the biggest factor in poverty and class, especially crossed intersectionally

WHITE PARENTS White parents discuss their racism through their habits and behaviors which is hiw we get little racists in training whi grow up to be a Dylan Roof, Amber Guyger, and Jason Van Dyke. Black people have no choice. We have to educate our children at a young age for their survival. So instill in kids the cancer known as identity politics so the left can indoctrinate them easier when they get older? How about teach them to be a good person regardless of race or gender. Way to throw in class too. The USSR would approve.

We did. We also talked about current events and history. Their favorite class in HS was African AmericanHistory. My 24 year old son, who is autistic, is majoring in Political Science with an eye on research and policy to assist the marginalized in our society. He’s my hero! Parents do not talk about other important issues their children encounter in school either like children with Autism, ADHD, and learning disabilities.

You could have just said white... conversations about race are necessary for survival for most POC Sometimes this is a good thing. I think I have the views I have now because I was not influenced by my parents ... who are of a ‘different era’ Interesting. I have discussed race, ethnicity, and class w both my parents from an extremely early age up to the present. Gender not so much though.

2/ find what your good at doing , what and who makes you happy. Take care of yourself and your family. And above all share your beliefs and listen to others. Respect! 1/ If parents drilled their children on these 👆🏻 points , teaching the “differences” this would put a predetermining opinion in the minds of the kids. Parents are teaching the points of how to be good. Polite , but not a push over. Try everything and...

White parents don't have this convo with their kids. Black parents have to! I got it in 1st grade & every day, month, & year after. 1st talk with my kid was in 1st grade as well. People are not “identity categories”. I feel that’s a slippery slope to justifying stereotypes based on those “categories” Put down the tech at dinner and actually talk to your kids. It's amazing the thigs they will bring up. Plenty of opportunity folks, use it.

Their parents are probably not the best source, I mean… Thankfully my kids have had friends that have required we bring up these topics. Except we could do a better job talking about class. Show them the FBI crime stats broken down by race. Then show them the IQ distributions by race that Leftist pretend doesn't exist.

NPRs 'researchers' have noticed a non existent problem faced by kids. This is why reading books to your kids from other places and times is essential. It’s often the bridge to a conversation that wouldn’t have come up organically Which kinds of parents? I can think of some groups who must and do frequently have such conversations.


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