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Author Amitav Ghosh believes old legends can have a lot to teach us about how to think about climate change and its cataclysmic effects. 'That is the world that we are in,' he says. 'The world of fact is outrunning the world of fiction.'

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NPR Choice pageit isn't both are decisive moments in a human's life one was, encouraged in childhood one is not It's like using your car properly, or using your car to run someone over. The object is the same. The usage is what is good or evil. Stripping is evil. I don't judge them.

NPR Choice pagewaitwait You’re missing an “a”. waitwait Good job.👍👍 waitwait please correct her name in the tweet, it’s “TinA” (not how you spelled it)

NPR Choice pageThanks for sharing Admiration 2016 , 12 russians took over 330 million americans , me so proud

NPR Choice pageOur at the pump prices will rise then LawOfSupplyAndDemand More reason to gain 100% oil independent! For the first time in decades the USA are EXPORTING OIL! Never be dependent on Russia!! Saudi now see the enemy is NOT Israel or the USA but it's IRAN and Russia who are their enemy! Pompeo says the Houthis is are lying and Iran responsible. Now, why would somebody falsely say 'we did it' Saudis want Iran to be 'it'. This will only multiply support for Iran.

NPR Choice pageshame Can anyone tell me why Southern Whites honor a man who (1) was a traitor to his country, (2) tried to kill as many US soldiers as he could, and (3) was a loser? I thought conservatives were against participation trophies for loses.

NPR Choice pageWe are entering a time when you have to invent things or innovate, sitting on crude that your father gave you is no longer enough !!!!!! And he had JamalKhashoggi murdered. IF WE REACH 40,000 FOLLOWERS IN THE NEXT 24 HOURS I’LL GIVE EVERYONE WHO RETWEETS THIS TWEET $250. TwitterPhilanthropy

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