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In a new piece, Jemele Hill is making the case that top-tier black college athletes should take their talents to HBCUs — and that doing so would help bolster both the schools and communities around them.

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No. Chance. Self segregation. Started and promoted by a Black athlete but if it takes effect will be the fault of Whites when the schools are separate and not equal. But sure ...promote this idea. The identity politic DNC overlords will love you for it. A free college education is nothing. Tell that to all the graduates who are still paying off student loans. These athletes are lucky that someone is giving an education for free for something that will not benefit society long term.

Umm she went to Michigan State, right? I also support segregation Great idea LOL Racist My father’s “HBCU” alma mater is now 85% white! After his last reunion, when 92, he said he felt like James Meredith integrating the University of Mississippi! So to us vestiges Jamelle Hill’s idea is powerfully evocative. Still, that gene ain’t going back into that bottle!

She says after she went to Michigan State I don't like that question..... Yes until they start paying these athletes, coaches making millions off black players and the players get nothing why is no one outraged at this blatant explanation? can you get any more racist...

NPR Choice pageYeah, that will fix income inequality. Yes because they need more burdens So what you’re saying is she figured out a way for the rich kids to have less responsibilities, while looking altruistic. She sounds ready for politics!

This catches on, it'll lead to the athletes finally getting paid. Football factories start losing talent, there's only 1 way to get it back. The amount of outright, smug and unapologetic racism in the responses to this tweet is astonishing and disheartening. Self segregation lol Why in the world do HBCUs even exist? Why would anyone support racism in this manner? Why do my federal tax dollars support so many of the crumbling and failing institutions? If I started calling Duke an historically white university I’d be a racist. Why the double standard?

they should go wherever farrakhan and michelle obama say This will go down in history as stupid and racist. But bus the young children. OKAAAAYYYYY

NPR Choice pageJust because we are too deaf to understand them doen't mean animals don't, communicate This is the sign for 'safety, all clear' that squirrels look for. Squirrels around my house know it's safe to come out when they hear the crinkling of the peanut bag.

NPR Choice pageOmg, that’s so sad. 😪 The postal worker...then the dentist...then the comedian. Now the veterinarian?! When will the banker get his day in the sun? This is just awful. Why is this happening?

NPR Choice pageallsongs allsongs allsongs Beyonce

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NPR Choice pageFamous women bringing charges against a famous man...and the rest of us have to watch. Maybe this could be another Lee Marvin case and act as a springboard to new behaviors in the workplace.

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