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'Watergate salad' was once a hit, with recipes printed all over the country. It's a combination of pistachio pudding mix, canned pineapple, whipped cream and chopped nuts. But today, it has largely disappeared.

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Its a combination Nixon pudding, consisting of mixed nuts among which are Halderman Erlichman, Mitchell, Dean , Colson Strachan,Mardian ,with a Parkinson topping, among other secret ingredients. Yummy. It disappeared because : They mostly Daid ! It's a staple in my family's gatherings so... We used to buy this in the deli section in the grocery store. It was called Pistachio Delight and I loved it!

Time to create TrumpSalad! What would you put in it I hated this stuff. My folks served it at every fancy holiday family meal for all my childhood. If I ever have to see it again I might go postal. Still a presence in the South with people over 60! Heaven help us. It disappeared because it’s REVOLTING Love it!

My family makes exactly this recipe for every special occasion. It’s not gone from Texas. I remember this stuff from church potlucks. It's actually pretty good! I would eat that 🤷🏽‍♀️

NPR Choice pageShocked I tell you. Shocked. This is on the failed Obama admin and their total neglect of the subject matter . glad i live in nyc

That's a waldorf salad isn't it? My mom made it in a bundt pan with a maraschino cherry in every bump. Did I misread the date though? When was it officially named Watergate Salad? Also, I never have a Thanksgiving dinner without several jello sides. It’s what America wants! WHERE'S THE I.C.E SALAD OMG, I read this whole article. The Watergate Salad headline was too tempting. 😜

I'm astonished by the responses. My family calls it 'green fluff.' 10/10 would recommend, I usually request it for my birthday. Grew up having this on holidays...but usually without the nuts and marshmallows. “But today, it has largely disappeared.” Gee, I wonder why. Like the GOP - Looks unappealing, double sugar coated, lacking substance and unfulfilling.

The version I grew up with could be found on the Shoney’s buffet on Kids Eat Free Wednesdays and was surely created by the devil himself.

NPR Choice pageStill looking to hear from your producers. She, most certainly, did!! Mother Maybelle was musical pioneer & innovator

Disappeared mainly because it appears from the recipe to be cholesterol in a cup. thank god. That shit was gross Has not disappeared in Butte, Montana. We buy it at Safeway grocery store. These are wonderful stores. The stores are clean, well organized and stocked with great food and products. Best of all the employees are friendly and customer service is great.

So let's bring it back. Who wants to open a Restaurant with me to serve this DC delicacy This has been around long before Watergate was built. This has an actual name?! In my family (where we still make it) we’ve always just called it Green Goop. It has disappeared because it’s a yucky dessert. This is so good :) We make it without nuts, and add coconut. I made it at Xmas one year and everyone loved it. It’s become a permanent fixture on the Xmas menu d/t popular demand.

Yes because like most things from the golden age of America, it’s shit! Can't wait to tell my grandma how good her Watergate salad is on Christmas and see the look on her face. We just call it 'the green stuff'

NPR Choice pageDora was just Globalist propaganda to get whites to accept being marginalized by an immigrant flood. I'm glad American's are waking up to this manipulation. Latinx? That's not even a word. I'm pretty sure that title still goes to sesamestreet

We have this at most holidays but we don’t call it Watergate salad. ... good. I also recall that during the Watergate Hearings there was some kind of Farm labor or boycott issue going on. The issue made a real shortage of lettuce and it was quite difficult to get a real salad in a restaraunt. Had to settle mostly for cot cheese 😢

My mom made this in the 1970s. It was a go-to staple for her to bring to family parties—in a Tupperware container. See what happened over time people changed the name or just did not pass down the history of the behind the name of the salad.I say this all the time. If we do not educate each generation properly about our history we are doomed to repeat the worst part of our mistakes of history

God, that’s almost as bad as Nixon Let’s bring it back!!! It's still amazing and a staple at every family holiday and church potluck, in many homes. Though its origins have been long forgotten and its known more commonly as 'fluff'. The watergate salad brings back many happy memories. ❤ Not in Montana truck stops I can assure you. Then again, that’s the only place I’ve ever seen it. Too sweet.

Our family always made it with fruit cocktail instead of just pineapple. Pretty sure it still shows up at most funeral luncheons and family reunions

NPR Choice pageGood. Which is better in your opinion... Hard right or hard left? Serious question. Koch brothers' money and the Religious Right.

The people commenting that it's not dead My mom makes it every holiday. She also makes an orange one with cottage cheese. Don’t knock it unless you’ve tried it. It’s mysteriously delicious! My aunt made it and claimed it was called Watergate salad because it was 'chock full of nuts!' Prolly bc it’s nasty

Apparently this reporter has never been in a deli I bring it to Thanksgiving. AmandaMPalazzo We used to make something similar for holidays. Green jello, mayo, pineapple, walnuts, probably something else. We called it 'Green Gook.' Never heard of, nor had, but looks delish!

NPR Choice pageNo surprise. Dow is essentially flat since late 2017. TrumpRecession Trump’s running the country, like he ran his businesses, right into the ground! kjboy27 No more propping up the Stock Markets... The Dow is doomed, and trump's ridiculous tariffs has kicked it over the cliff into the abyss.

Ah, finally, some good news It sounds gross While I was in Scotland recently I saw things like Coronation Chicken and sweet corn on sandwiches and I thought, my God, maybe a no deal Brexit will happen I remember this as a child. It can stay in the past. Moscowmitch should be a recipe for a cocktail that will help us forget the Trump thing ever happened. Definitely some 151 in it.

profevanbennett Oh man is that what it was called? I remember eating this as a kid and only liking the bites of pineapple and whipped cream. don’t forget the hidden bug You mean Hawaiian salad? We call this Pistachio Fluff. We put marshmallows and maraschino cherries in it too. It gets made fairly regularly for family gatherings and is a favorite of mine and my kids

NPR Choice pageThey'll be doing this for the rest of the year. Last year they were doing it for the vote. She looks like John Belushi

I actually agree with the commenters. Ive had this shit nigh every thanksgiving for aeons in the mw Not in Utah. jellocapital Oh gosh I sure do wish this would come back, said no one ever Oh man! I remember tables of this stuff at church gatherings. I was never a fan, but the flies were 🤢 Well, history does repeat

my family made Watergate cake This is basically an American version of what the British call clotted cream, no? Real news going on on the world and we get this fluff piece. Totally one of the weirdest desserts of my 70s childhood. But I’d eat it today if it were put in front of me. Not in my house! We love it!

Good, yuck! My grandmother made a version of this recipe. She called it her pink salad. Made with maraschino cherries. The juice changed the whipped cream pink. good. let it die like all the other canned betty crocker desserts There was also a Watergate cake. Similar ingredients but in layer cake form. Green pistachio cake with icing.

Um, duh. Yuk. Dessert version of green bean casserole It's still a staple in the South..... It has largely disappeared.......for good reason!! 🤮 I love it Recipes seem to be getting stolen mysteriously

So good!! Chop nuts! Best ingredientsl About 20-25 years ago, when we bought it at the market (Ralphs?) it was called Pistachio Delight. ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ “But today, it has largely disappeared.” This writer obviously hasn’t attended a southern church potluck, post-funeral gathering, or family reunion. Search “Watergate salad” on Pinterest and get back to us.

No it hasn't.. I'm always making it at my house.. in the spring time the local grocery store sells it in the deli.. it's a big hit still in Michigan I love Watergate Salad. I make that every Christmas It's delicious !! Both the great grandma & grandma made that concoction regularly. The only difference is they tossed in a handful of marshmallows. Never knew it was called Watergate salad.

Ooooh!! I've had this before. But I didn't know that's what it's called. It's actually really delicious!!

My mom makes it for every holiday. there’s a whole book of similar recipes. It was the 1970s without a JELLO salad at every holiday! Sounds gross. This sounds disgusting My wife serves it every Thanksgiving. And she’s in her 30’s. People don't know what they are missing.. damngood My mom used to make us eat it. We called it green stuff.

Always seen at pot lucks in the 70’s and 80’s I remember eating that as a kid, not knowing it had a certain name A version of this is still available at the deli counter of a grocery store in Vermont. I did not buy it, but the deli clerk said it's very tasty. 😲

My aunt makes this at thanksgiving My mom makes it with cherry pudding mix and we call it Pink Salad. My brother loves it. Bull crap my Mom still makes it EVERY Thanksgiving and Xmas. Got to have it. Delicious! I prefer the Iran-Contra soup. I have my wife make it as I grew up with it, she loves doing it bringing back the nostalgia.

I recently found this recipe in an old cookbook I found. I going to make it for my family reunion just to hear about politics during its reign. Because it’s a nasty abomination passing as “food” I'd lick G. Gordon Liddy's mustache for this. (Did I say that out loud?)

My friends mom used to make the best ambrosia salad with walnuts, jello, pineapple, sour cream, whipped cream, coconut, mini marshmallows and cherries. That tastes like my childhood summers. This is the dish Aunt Sally brings to the church luncheon, hoping no one will notice she was just clearing out her pantry.

I am not surprised It was alive and well in coastal NC a couple years ago when I was there. I've seen this in southern cookbooks from the sixties. I never made it nor ever tasted it. Sounds awful to be honest. I'm such a fan of the honest, honorable, courageous & trusted Richard Nixon Administration! Nixon was like a Free paid vacation to Disneyland with French Dom champagne 🍾 for America! All of us under the honest Nixon administration that resigned on time!

This is one of my favorites, and I didn't even learn this was what it was called until I was this many years old. My mom makes this almost every holiday! Maybe it's a Midwestern thing? It went the way of Jello molds. 🦕

cc dick_nixon 'Epstein Russian Salad' coming soon. no Well, looking at the recipe, I think it is kinda a good thing that it is nowhere to be found!!!!!!😬 Try church potlucks. Too bad some of the same aged politicians aren't disappearing also. My grandmother and now my mother make it every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas

I make this every Thanksgiving and it’s a beloved tradition from my childhood. pommeporte you might like! We serve it at every Thanksgiving.

Still very much a thing™️ in Iowa It's still on our table at Thanksgiving and Christmas, every year! ❤🦃🎅 it’s disappeared because it’s gross af that sounds disgusting My grandma used to make it for potlucks and I loved it 😁 Because it’s gross? 🤢 This actually sounds and look really good. I would definitely try this.

I still make it on holidays

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