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Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., has proposed a bill to ban elements of social media he views as addictive. 'Their business model is increasingly exploitative in nature and I think that these are companies that are trying to evade accountability,' he told NPR.

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Gameification is real and unethical gameification is a real problem. Businesses should be able to make payroll deductions from employees for lost productivity due to their use of social media on company’s time I think THAT will bring them in for an emergency session! State control of the media. Textbook steps to fascism. Tell us again how they're the party of freedom, small government, and constitutional rights.

Cause he doesn’t like what he reads about himself. 😂😂 Like the opioid companies? Like the oil companies? Like the insurance industry? Dumb “wE ArE tHe paRtY oF sMaLl gOveRmeNt.” This is really stupid. ecatmeow Probably based on updated DSM-V definitions.pretty much everything addictive,substance disorder.everyone will be on suboxone bcuz theyre social media addicts.see the profiteers in this? Just like rx or illicit street drugs.less thn .02% chance to addict? No matter in science🧐

More nasty control freaks in Missouri. Motto more like I’ll Show You!

NPR Choice pageannkpowers Talk to her about how her Hillary song was maybe the worst song of the decade. annkpowers This is the content I crave annkpowers You mean the woman KurtCobain and I gave the stage name KathleenHanna...and I was RiotGrrrl...AnarchyA...and created the song SmellsLikeTeenSpirit Cheerleader Nirvana

janet_yackle As usual, NPR has the story. Bear in mind this this is who the GOP is grooming for an eventual White House run. I don't need your government oversight. Just like the DMCA, FCC and now this proposed bill Republicans are trying to shut down our 1st amendment. When are we ever going to be allowed free speech? When GOP ?

What a shock another Politician calling for censorship. This guy's a fascist. It's getting clearer every day. Hahahahahahahahahah go for it. And good luck. He's right, of course. Sounds a lot like Big Government. Isn’t this like introducing a bill to tell shoppers (on or offline) every 30 minutes how much money they have spent shopping and how long they have been shopping? “Hey, you’ve been shopping for too long, to home”.

NPR Choice pageI guess the buck stops there. He’s so concerned. Said no one ever. personal attorney for the grifter should be in a cell under chambers

They are drinking the kool aid and then walking the plank. It is crazy. Unlike the gun companies... “Big government is bad except when we are the government,” new Republican motto. Subjective I kmow lots of news junkies. I k NH ow lots of junkies. Should we ban them, too? Both certainly qualifies as 'exploitative.' 😂

If the daily dumpster fire would just stop, social media wouldn’t be so damn addictive! is this the same wackjob that wants to limit every persons internet time to 30 min a day Is there irony that I’m reading this on social media? The modern Repub Party has now exceeded the Know Nothing is now officially the Idiot Party

NPR Choice pageLEGAL OR ILLEGAL MATTERS Hi to the good folks at NPR, have you all seen the Shade45 freestyle w LazDetroit on LordSear show?! Sounds like solicitation

Real motive... What's his position on the manufacturing and overprescribing of pain medications? Repubs and Dems are just itching to limit free speech... Better to ban Josh Hawley than social media 🤣 Someone needs to tell the senator there are more important things to worry about Josh Hawley is mostly awful and that’s an understatement...but as a parent I would have to agree with him here.

How about take up a cause that isn’t solving 1st world issues. Why not just send tots and pears? 15thAugustBlackDay So we've decided that businesses shouldn't be left alone to their own machinations and people don't always know what's best for them and thus require government intervention.

NPR Choice pageSounds like the “progressive liberal” controlled American educational system. I think you mean 'where'. Not being able to edit tweets is annoying. Delete and repost '... small island WHERE objects...'

Small government Republican, right? GOP party of less government except when they don't like it. But cigarettes are okay... Social media but not ciggarettes and oreos. Hm. holy crap, there's a Republican in Congress that hasn't been bought by these people yet Then punish Donald Trump for his HATE SPEECH!!!!

How about free market?

NPR Choice pageI have a start up idea where I will buy NPR and make them only review 80s toothpaste commercials. It'll be the next Uber.

NPR Choice pageI hope she can replicate her previous success The best there is and the best that ever was.

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