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Sen. Warren's gun control plan aims to reduce gun deaths by 80%. The plan calls for: • Banning assault weapons • Raising the age to buy a gun to 21 • Limiting how many guns someone can buy • Investing $100 million in annual gun violence research

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How about putting a ban on white devils? They’re 100% of the problem. And of course it’s chance of working....0%. Her policies will bankrupt America, destroy it’s culture and her voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard. That is all. Yup that sounds dumb as hell how about you put time and money into culy rot. Not the guns.

won’t do shit but waste money • Banning assault weapons: vague definition • Raising the age to buy a gun to 21: meh • Limiting how many guns someone can buy: unconstitutional • Investing $100 million in annual gun violence research: better spent on enforcing current gun laws. I wonder what she thinks an 'assault' weapon is. Automatic rifles are already illegal! Most of the recent shooters are over 21 also. Many of the school shooters took their weapons from family members.

Fists and feet beat out 'Rifles' (which includes shotguns, hunting rifles and ARs) for violent deaths in 2017. Just saying. Reason 903 on why she has no chance Don’t ban guns.... instead have an intensive training for those who want to buy gun, gun licenses should be renewed every two years and you can not buy guns unless you hold certain levels of licence which can only be achieved by going to 9 weeks of training.

No thanks. 2A defendthe2nd ShallNotBeInfringed

NPR Choice pageBecause, of course we did. it seems somewhat rich coming from Japan considering what they did to China, Korea, SE Asia in WWII. Idiotic in premise, Japan ought to know.

How many guns is really a factor-I have so many hands! I love all the naysayers and the instant no’s. Of course 80% is a high number to achieve, but the key point here is having a plan and at least trying to make things better. What is the freaking harm in trying? Even a 1% reduction is still a step in the right direction. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Every single one of those things doesn't prevent any gun deaths for one reason: PEOPLE ALREADY HAVE THE GUNS DNC DNCWarRoom ewarren SenWarren Your continued line of not wanting to take away guns rings hollow after reading this. It is precisely what you have in mind. You're fighting 20th Century technology. An AR-15 is the firearms equivalent of any other modern piece of equipment.

WoMAN with a PLAN! 👏👏👏 * Create a tax payer funded insurance fund that will pay for all medical and burial bills of all the victims. I bet people will complain more about guns then. IDOIT!!!! Hi NPR, my name’s Sean. What’s an assault weapon? Im all for gun regulations but lemme tell ya right now, limiting guns is a no go. Sorry but its true. Let this one go then you can pass this

NPR Choice pageFuck me, if that make you a legal expert, im in the wrong job How long before Democrats take out that female pimp he used? She's next to go down.

Do we need THAT much research though? I feel like we already have plenty of receipts. . . too many receipts. Add buy back or recall program and we might be getting somewhere $100 million dollars for research on gun violence. Here's an idea put a bunch of the asscracks in Chicago in prison and don't let them out or euthanize them like you would other animals! That wouldn't cost 100 mil!

This is just the beginning of their plan to do what Hitler did. 100 million a year in gun violence research is like those programs to study the sex life of toads etc. That merely launder our money for use in other secret programs we are unaware of that are never declared. It's a WONDERFUL plan - it you're a clueless politician like Warren. Can we now get serious about the issues that are driving this problem in America?

Sounds like a good plan STOP wasting tax $$$, The Democrats had plenty of time and did nothing Won't happen, stop this authoritarian nonsense 60+% of deaths from guns are suicides. How is she stopping those?

NPR Choice pageAnything about the cops actively abetting that particular white supremacist riot orrrrrrr Trump said 'There's some Very Bad People that Support him'!!!!! Guess who!!!!? Nice try to redirect the news cycle. The 4:00 AM conference call must have been emphatic! We still want to know how a guy in a high security NYC jail cell who 'attempted suicide' 2 weeks before died without mandatory guard check ins and no security footage. Do your job

The Second Amendment isn't about hunting or personal protection. It's about protecting ones self from a tyrannical government. When they come to take your guns, it's time to buy more. Also, I dare Warren to define 'Assault Weapon' What about limiting the amount of ammunition someone can buy? 🤔🔥 100 million in ANNUAL gun violence RESEARCH! WE KNOW THATSS A BUNCH OF LIES! THATS HOW DEMS FIND THEMSELVES! THATS YOUR TAX DOLLARS! STOP CORRUPT DEMOCRATS AND SOCIALIST! KAG TRUMP WALKAWAY VOTEDEMOUT

Please define “assault weapons” To those who keep bringing up the 1994 assault weapons ban, the is a very well founded legal theory that would not be constitutional in today's environment. AR-15's could now considered a common use rifle, and not so much in 1994. It's not as cut-and-dry as it was then.

Who cares what her plan is? Post about Yang’s plan YangGang Don’t forget to reduce the sale of the ammunition!!! Guns without Ammo are just trophies Un-Constitutional and none of those would have any effect other than create barriers for law abiding. Where is prosecuting and incarcerating violent felons?

And look closely she continues to ignore the mass killings that happen each day and night with illegal guns. Black communities should be upset the democrats are ignoring their problems

NPR Choice pageHold on to Peace

Just another female that will never get my vote. She needs to seek a job elsewhere. Common sense. Let’s get an assault rifle buy back policy going too Reduce gun deaths by 80%? Do your job stop reporting nonsense. The last item is ridiculous. This country has seen enough research, by killers. Stop spending $ hows that sound. You dont need research you need to read statistics. And reading doesn't cost $. $$$$$$ what a joke! Vote out these people who ask for $$$.

How to lose the general, 101. 👍 Name 1 thing positive guns provide? I’ll wait. Virtually guarantees a Trump landslide victory in 2020. It seems to me that the plan objective would be better served by dealing with handguns (~20x more deaths than rifles) and suicide (about 2/3 of gun deaths). I become concerned when that tactical directives do not match with the desired outcome. Think

How much should we say we'd invest annually? 75? No, has to be an even number. Ok, maybe 80? Hmm, people like 💯, let's go with that. Done! Arbitrary numbers are just as meaningless as the other *bullet* points here

NPR Choice pageNot even a smidgen of scandal. Yeah right. Chicago, Chicago! Ask about creepy joe biden son BO A lot of men involved with Ukraine like Rudy Giuliani huh ?

I have some snake oil, it fixes everything What if you paid the 100 million out to people to give up their assault rifles...🤐 Putting money into research is good. Changing age might be good in some cases (handguns), not all; it wouldn’t have stopped the last few mass shooters. Finally, here’s why the whole “assault weapons” thing is problematic and what we should do instead.

Lol 'assault weapons' As long as we’re at it, let’s raise the draft age to 21. ...and only allow guns for Cherokee. Think tank.. What percentage sells best? 100%.. No we need to be realistic.. Ok 50% No needs to be bolder Compromise 75% No that will look like we compromised.. 80..80% sounds like a believable number This is a joke and you report it like it has merit.

I'm all for no guns but wish that money would go into mental health research instead Senator warren. Let’s focus on mental health eh?! It’s called skirting around the real issue, by restricting the 2nd and increasing taxes.

NPR Choice pageCommunism is failing....again. Solidarity! Small eyes when they flight gets canceled

Chicago EVERYWHERE! Let's limit how many terms a politician can serve. And just why would those measures result in 80% reduction when there is no such reduction in states and cities that have those measures in place. Pure propaganda Don't cigarette companies have to invest in health programs, so why don't gun companies and the NRA invest in healthcare and safety.

Responsible gun owners aren’t the ones committing mass shooting, or mass murders. The mentally unstable, and mentally violent people are the ones everyone should be looking at. The left went to blame guns rather than the persons who commit the crimes. You think criminals will follow the law? Last I checked criminals are called criminals because they don’t follow laws. I’m okay with banning automatic weapons. Don’t tell me I can’t take my kid hunting, or buy him a gun after taking a gun safety course and learning how to use one

State-sponsored broadcaster continues with their Antigun propaganda and forwarding their Democrat party allies' talking points. Assault weapons were basically banned in 1934 Can they have a test run in Chicago? I doubt criminal buy guns from gun stores. I guess that means she's will raise the age for military enlistment to 21?

Now that’s funny. In a serious article on gun control, do you really think using a word like 'aim' is clever? Save it for when you write for The Onion. What about Bow and Arrows? None of this will get done. Warren2020 Limiting how many guns? You my dear can go back to your teepee Investing 100 million for gun violence research is asinine. We already know what the issues are!

What is meant by ' number of guns someone could buy' is that per day? Week? Month? Year? Or how many they can own period ? Just wondering. Can anyone recall any mass shooting or school shooting in the USA where a good guy civilian with a gun stopped the bad guy with a gun ? I'm asking because I cant think of any.

I love her!

A very good start in reducing gun violence. No How about fast tracking punishment of offenders who use guns in murders? No expedited punishment of law breakers? More laws are attacking the problem from the wrong direction. Leftist call it sensible gun control, then want to spend $100 million for 'gun violence research.' Just more buying votes in academia where indoctrination starts. When will Dems propose limiting sizes of non-politicians houses, cars, etc. to save world from 'climate change'?

👍🏽🙌🏽 Absolutely not. That’s some pricey ‘research’ but hey it’s Washington 100MILLIONDOLLARS Love this plan Senator Warren should also consider a steep tax on ammunition. taxthebullets I think guns should be licensed too. Buyers should be required to get training and pay license fees and have insurance for each gun. I have to learn how to drive a car and I have to have a license for that. These licenses should have similar renewal periods.

This plan will do squat to eliminate murders. Investing $200 million into research as to how frauds like fake Indian warren. Legs in the air harris. And Omar can con people into thinking they have their best interest She’s a fake At least someone is starting the conversation and taking action. I don't know about you all, but I'm tired of seeing all these white people dying in mass shootings.

I love the gun violence research piece. Ok first why do we need to spend 100 million dollars to know that guns kill people. Second if you're going to raise the age to purchase a gun to 21 then you better raise the enlistment age to 21. Kids can't drink, can't purchase nicotine but can die for our country 🤔

I would like to be on the government run 100 million dollar research team please. This plan would get no where near the 80% predicted. Anyone familiar with the percentage of gun related deaths and their cause knows this. I want to know why she thinks investing 100 million dollars in research will help. Does she think it will change the result to fit her narrative? Because the research now shows that gun violence is one of our less important annual issues.

Age to buy should be 25 & semi automatic handgun‘s also need to be ban. Investing $100 million in gun violence research? Since when were guns violent? Meanwhile, deaths from people using knives and bombs go on the rise.

She has a plan and it is a good one ! ElizabethWarren2020 Like everything democrats do: FAIL Her plan means that only the 1% will be able to afford guns. Great plan. Will she sell guns to the natives? This further illustrates that SenWarren is a fool and has no substantive plan. Death by 'assault weapon' is statistically insignificant - on par with being struck by lightning. & MSM fuel the false narrative of 'gun violence'

None of this works in California. Give her 1B and she can tax the wealthy for it In other words, she plans on losing the entire rural Midwest in the election. Nice plan, Senator Warren. also need to open an investigation into the NRA louisemosrie Liability insurance would be helpful.

Please define what an assault weapon is. Agree that gun violence is a public health issue and needs to be researched and treated as such. Since there is no such thing as an assault weapon, I find it challenging to take any of the rest of this seriously. What are assault weapons? She needs to do some research on the Excise Tax.

The video games! Don't forget the VIDEO GAMES!!! Perfect.. Lets make it happen.. Uni. background checks, no guns for repeat DV offenders (similar way to DWI), restrictions on big pharma, invest in massive employment initiatives, universal health care, mandatory vacation for all, expand mental health programs and child care. Guns are vehicle, not the issue.

She can aim all she wants. I doubt that this would hit her target as this is a people problem, not a gun problem. This is why Warren will not be the nominee. This is a position that will lose the middle of this country. Wow!!! 80%. That sounds so impressive. Too bad it’s a lie. I’m still waiting for her plan to remove illegal guns from hands of criminals instead of innocent citizens.

Under Sen. Warren’s plan, the government would give you a gun at 18 to protect them but wouldn’t allow you to own a gun until your 21 to protect yourself. Yes prohibition works oh so well. That is how we stopped all the illegal drug use in this country. Elizabeth is LYING to the American people her with her pie in the sky campaign. Hmm I remember her LYING about something else not long ago that she BENEFITED from for her own personal gain. Hmm 🤔

Like all of it except the last one. Unless what that means is mental health care Considering most gun deaths are suicides from pistols, her plan is fucking dumb. We already had an AWB and it had no material affect on gun violence. She IS a professor of the law...right How to lose a Presidential Election 101

ewarren things to add: Annual renewal of gun registrations. Require documentation of private sales and new owner registration. Longer waiting periods. Improved background checks. Oh, and tax the shit out of guns and ammo and offer rebates to those with hunting licenses. I love her! Warren2020 “She also wants to raise taxes for gun manufacturers (from 10% to 30% on guns and from 11% to 50% on ammunition).” This is how we need to approach this. Too many guns are manufactured & dumped into the public each year. Don’t just tax them, set limits on of guns manufactured

overreach & wrong priorities-Mental Health!! honestly is it that difficult to understand? SenWarren realDonaldTrump don't play politics get something done DEMs-what did you do during Obama Admin-very little-what an embarrassment-you can't find your way out of the bathroom VP SHALL👏🏼 NOT 👏🏼 INFRINGE 👏🏼 Read the constitution, ewarren . Gun rights are not comparable to drinking alcohol. If you can vote, you have the absolute right to own a gun. 2AShallNotBeInfringed

Well since most gun violence is from suicides and it only takes one gun, good luck with that I wonder what friend of hers will get the $100 million a year? She’s not gonna win so doesn’t really matter what she comes up with. The vast majority of gun murders are from stolen handguns, so this plan does nothing

What is an assault weapon? elizabeth warren is a “capitalist to her bones” and will never be president Gunviolence and gundeath are enemies of the people. Be disarmed, let the goodful state rain blessings upon you. Doubleplusgood! The only way this nut will make it to the White House is that she signs up for the daily tour.

Wasted effort. Won't work. And did you know gun control is what helped set off the American revolution No way to know if any of these projections are accurate but making guns more difficult to obtain is a good thing Nope you lost me at limiting how much someone could buy Wait- you can buy a gun at 18? In other words, eliminating the 2A

None of those affect criminals. I said it on the last lost and I will say it again. It won't work and it is also barking up the wrong tree. 2,720,000 people die a year in the US. Less than 40k are from guns. Guns are involved in 1.48% of annual deaths. Of those 40k, 65% are suicide. We do not even have 1/2

I dont agree with the age 21 thing. Mainly because any age restriction above 18 is something I found to be a barrier for me being independant when I was that age. That’s all unconstitutional. Not that Democrats care

Criminals be like: 'Yeah, that sounds good, white lady. Lolz. You do that' This is the third time bias NPR has posted this shit. 😒👎 How did she come up with the 80% drop? Seems like a combination of wishful thinking and fuzzy math to me. Great plan but put the funding into mental health research and mandatory background checks no matter where a weapon is purchased.

😍😍😍 Draconian

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