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A new report has found that 33 cities around the world — with a combined population of more than 250 million — are currently experiencing extremely high water stress.

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Guess all those experts that warned us this would happen, were right...hmmm Er, ah, limit reproduction? Africa is the source of humans, yet that continent is the least developed, modernized or progressive. Hard pass, if they can't help themselves, what makes you think they will use what the evil west gives them?

Stop breeding. Or prove you have the ability to run your own country. Stop complaining about the west, then turning to the west to solve your problems. If you want help, make a tradeoff, and be prepared to sell your countries assets off at a discount. Nothing is free. I believe water wars will be a consistent theme of this century. Many countries sources of fresh water originate in other countries that tend to dam up the source river before they reach their neighbor. Examples include Kashmir region, Turkey and Ethiopia amongst others.

and? Yeah and you(NPR) just put a hit piece out on one of the best most compassionate canidates for president. How can you claim to care about the environment in one breath and then thrown the most progressive candidate under the bus.Sickening. Thanks —I didn’t know that- Bob_Mayer It’s happening. this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius ... the age of Aquarius

Sadly this is going to be commonplace on a large scale, and probably the cause of future wars.

NPR Choice pageOnly Israel is allowed to have an ethnostate. Americans want to preserve their culture, not have it destroyed just so the elites can import cheap labor to boost their profits. ThisIsAmerica

Flint Michigan included? Caused by democrat mayors and democrat presidents.

NPR Choice pageIt must be terribly frustrating to feel adequate to the task all the time. That's why so many non-Blacks are so violently angry. Listen carefully to the woman speaking to you. Hear her speak to your soul as she feeds you strength. Shout out to all daughters, sisters and mothers. I love and honor you all. The Pinkney family is amazingly talented!

NPR Choice pageThey’re delicious Why? Me kill unarmed animal. Me tough. What? No. Me no eat it. Me just missing something inside due to early childhood hurt.

NPR Choice pageI would like to be Michelle's new agent. I think I could do MUCH better than her last. Terrible. Less than $1,000? State sponsored broadcaster still pushing the wage gap myth

NPR Choice pageWay to go Oregon. I will ever get the idiots who want our government to be in charge of more and more of our lives. Well, this is what you get when you vote for Progressives to take care of you. what happened to their drinking water? waterislife water is our spirit, it is our life, who killed their spirit? Did you said the reservation is in Africa or the Amazon forest, may be the Sahara desert?

NPR Choice pageI swore to myself after losing my first VCR that I would never make the same mistake again - it was foolish to take the full 1963 bill's season 14 cassette's with us to Paris - I still rue whatever street those tape's ended up in the gutter of It's always nice to replay those videos of all your dead relatives when they were alive and happy. Everyone in a massive trauma does not just 'go back to happy' in an instant or sometimes ever.

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