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'Give me your tired and your poor who can stand on their own two feet.' That's what the U.S.'s immigration chief told NPR, twisting the words on the Statue of Liberty, to defend a new rule that would penalize immigrants who rely on government benefits.

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What about the Trump Foundation empire that asked citizens to finance their pockets? ; should we deport them? It's only right if you come to America you should come here to work not to suck up America's resources my grandparents came here they got jobs one go to job on the railroad 1 * to the farm how hard is that you come to America you assimilate and you blend inget a job

The same Republican Party approved a bailout of billions of dollars (tax paid money) to rescue the banks and other financial institutions ... Hypocrisy Hey NPR instead of worrying about people outside of the US and the making white people feel guilty about being white why don’t you report on this? Deplorables

You dummies do know the country is bankrupt? You’re all probably the ones who also took out bad mortgages back in the early 2000. When can’t afford any of this. Think it’s bad now wait until you put more like AOC and those fools in charge. The US will be in foreclosure. NPR twists the context of words again. There should be prison sentences for journalists who change the context of facts with their opinions and interpretations without conclusive evidence. The Industrial News Complex.

NPR Choice pageaah, like the fabled sky scorpion ultimately isn't the 'economic cost' of NOT protecting them sorta the losing option? Trump is pure garbage. I hope a bald eagle eats him up and spits him out.

Hi. My ancestor is the woman who wrote that poem. It’s something I’m very proud of. This is absolutely NOT what she meant. Fire him immediately. KenCuccinelli History shows immigrants & asylum seekers & their first generation children contribute more to the fiscal, social, & participatory needs of the government than most anyone their age. YOU give ME companies that pay a 20% tax ON ALL MONEY EARNED, & can't bankrupt.

Indentured servants, felons, orphans did the labor in the British colonies, & slaves until a civil war & Congress ended slavery. Most them did not have money or bootstraps, & chain migration had a sinister definition. NPR - He is not the “immigration chief.” He is the acting director of USCIS, one of the far too many post 9/11 immigration focused agencies within DHS. DHS became the former INS reincarnated.

good. we don’t need any freeloaders here. i come from immigrants who worked hard and never took a dime of government assistance Wikipedia on Cuccinelli: “Cuccinelli was born in Edison, New Jersey, the son of Maribeth (née Reilly) and Kenneth Thomas Cuccinelli.His father is of Italian descent and his mother is of Irish ancestry.” I guess his grandparents were rich Italians and Irish.

How about demanding that corporations stand on their own two feet without government handouts? Lots of corporations get government benefits and subsidies so...... look. i believe in legal immigration. but our fore fathers made this country so that prople could live the American dream. you don’t need to be born here to experience it and this administration needs to go.

First they screw it up. Then they double down and screw it up some more. Oh, wait—now they mock Lady Liberty.

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And Lady Liberty wept. He’s right no one has a right to come here and become a citizen. It is a privilege. We should return those sheets full of smallpox to these pilgrims. I thought we got rid of these xenophobic’s when Berlin fell in 45?! The country had no such social safety net for most of its history. Now that the taxpayer is footing the bill, it becomes a target of the lazy foreign invaders. Nobody on the dole should be on a path to permanent residence or citizenship.

This is an idiotic take/argument. The promise of the poem (and thus of our nation) is that the chance at America’s freedom and opportunity will allow one to lift oneself up, its not a promise of unlimited government cheese. But who exactly makes up the majority of welfare recipients? NotImmigrants I thought this was a joke at first... but it’s not.

Yeah. We can't afford to prop up immigrants. Cause ae are going broke propping up red states, farmers and corporations. 'murika!! Media pleas help us by calling these things for the racists policies that they are. The intent here is clear they are not even hiding it, but these are also the small steps that are already leading us to fascism.

NPR Choice pageOne of the main issues that weigh on my mind is climate change snd how we contribute to it with overconsumption of meat. This photo tells me she will do little to alleviate that concern. I hope she realizes that we need to take this seriously. 🤣 Only in her mind..

UnAmerican. Another sub-moronic sentiment from this administration that will be mocked historically. Just don’t give immigrants welfare. Why is this a debate? ...and the racism continues! Disgusting. realDonaldTrump WhiteHouse if people can stand on their own two feet economically and physically, they are probably not tired and poor. This is a declaration of abandonment of those unable to stand on their own two feet. It’s unAmerican, cheap weakness.

If standing on your two feet means decimating indigenous populations, profiteering off labor of slaves, and exploiting cheap immigrant labor. Yeah, that interview was shocking Listened to this segment on my way to work this morning. I had a driveway(parking deck) moment, because I just couldn't believe what he was saying. This administration is not in favor of any kind of immigration legal or otherwise, unless they're from western Europe.

Bad NPR But that doesn't make any sense

NPR Choice pageShe calls it CONFISCATION Who expects those who burn or stomp on the American flag, who kneel for the American National Anthem, who can't even support the defense of our border to support the American Bill of Rights? Democrats hate every aspect of American individual freedom and liberty. If only she cared as much about deaths related to Medical errors? Waging battles in the Supreme Court isn’t exactly a great idea. I’m not surprised, but shock the Dems just jumping on anything. 😐

Let's be clear - F Cuccinelli, Trump and horse these Assclowns rode in on. We, Americans, will NOT stand for editing on our most treasured and recognizable National monument. Let these P'sOS rewrite someone else's history, NOT OURS. USCISCuccinelli This is disgraceful. You are betraying what America stands for.

I would like to do some editing like putting government on same healthcare & 401k pay for themselves. Can't compare 1800s immigration to today there was no assistance the, no Federal taxes or social security. Working for over 45 years, tight budget paying bills, no pension. I'd say that the people in the chicken plant in Mississippi were standing on their own two feet...for 12 hours at a time. On the night shift. With a half hour break.

It’s a poem about the Statue NOT the purpose of the statue. Cuccinelli would be nothing without Trump. And when Trump goes, he will return to the Land of Nothing. Why is this happening? Where does it stop? We are all here because of immigration. Good lord help us Pick one Does that apply to FLOTUS and her parents as well? It's not like she's doing any real job, to be honest, and has anyone checked what her parents' jobs are?

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Can it get any worse. How low do these republicans go to kiss up to trump’s ass. Someone needs to teach this man our history because he has made a fool of himself to the entire world today. Agreed, they walked for 3,000 miles to get here and now they are tired? Were they given help in their countries for being poor?

Ugh! “Give me your tired and poor, except not those that are tired and poor.” Didn’t know that income determined my value as a person or as a citizen...the US also have poor and working-poor citizens. Do they suddenly lose their value as citizens because of their income/net worth? If this isn’t a slap in the face I don’t know what is.

In my dream USA we have an independent congress that passes crucial bipartisan immigration reform laws that mitigate the pain while being aware of the benefits. Oh wait, that in my Fantasy Senate League. This is just sickening. Why should the American public support illegals? What is putrid is rhat that you won't expect that from someone whose last name is Cuccinelli.

NPR Choice pageBecause, of course we did. it seems somewhat rich coming from Japan considering what they did to China, Korea, SE Asia in WWII. Idiotic in premise, Japan ought to know.

I put this together yesterday. Little did I know how close to the terrible truth it would turn out to be. Tired, dead old nothing saying rich people use to scam the American people......there are no rewrites on our Liberty! “Who can stand on their own two feet” Like the 600 in Mississippi who were arrested during a raid at their place of work?

Seriously? His name is Cuccinelli. That doesn’t sound Native American. He’s lucky America didn’t have leaders like him when his ancestors emigrated here. I’ve been saying it. It’s always been about money and the legitimate exploitation of benefits. I would have respected the administration more had they led with that instead of the whole charade about gangs, drugs, rapists and crime to work the people.

Republicans Immigration policy brought to you by Cuccinelli. KenCuccinelli ImmigrationPolicy

Cucci Cuuci is a prick. He SAID capacity for being shocked decreases daily in proportion to my anger and sorrow. The New Colossus is the name of the poem & it says nothing about equality-some folks have Roosevelt speeches mixed into 'The New Colossus' Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame, With conquering limbs astride from land to land; .

God help us. Why would you have this man on your show? (Or anyone from this lawless administration.) Like so many of them, he doesn’t even officially have the job. TRUMP/Eugenics MasterRACISM Good Lord Why didn't your interviewer point out that what he said is NOT what is inscribed on the Statue of Liberty?

This is NOT a temporary situation! People are going to keep coming to America! Thousands will continue to arrive. Treat them all as criminals?.We need a permanent solution to asylum & immigration. Not a punitive one. Restrictive for antisocial behavior? Fine. For being poor. No.

That poem was part of a fundraising effort to pay for the statue because the French couldn't pay for their 'gift'. The immigrants of the 19th/early 20th Centuries came to settle the west and fill factories. Entirely practical. I thought NPR hated white, racist poets. Okay, Ken. I mean comrade Squealer.

UNREAL...WE ARE UNDER A FASCIST COUP..WAKE UP AMERICA Yes, that’s right stand on your two feet. Which was required even when coming through Ellis Island. That is why they went through screening and quarantine. I seriously feel like this whole admin has zero understanding of what the United States of America is & what it represents. Maybe when they all go to prison, they can have some real history &civics lessons. This is not a business. This is a country for the people & by the people.

shanselman Give me your tired and your poor who aren't tired and poor and have enough cash to pay for tax breaks for the 1% My parents were alcoholics. Dad was in & out of jail. We received welfare & food stamps my whole childhood. My brothers and I ate dog food at night. I served in the military, earned 2 college degrees and started a successful biz. Welfare kept me alive. TheKidsMatter

Thank you and keep up the fine work, Mr. Cuccinelli. The words on the Statue of Liberty are a bit of poetry. They are not American immigration. See below for American immigration law: So I guess farmers, factories, and hospitality industries are ready to pay living wages.

You need to delete that statement from The Liberty Statue.... it seems is just a lie in current trumpland! Less legal citizens with health coverage = more illegal citizens utilizing emergency departments. Dumb idea. Sometimes (more often than not these days), I want to unzip this life and go. Let’s apply this to the 1 percent who keep clawing and grasping for tax incentives and breaks.

The American ethos on the statueofliberty is now a contradiction 'Give me your poor, your tired...but only if you're self-sufficient'. To be clear, when Trump's aid says 'American Tradition' he means white, straight, colonial. Ideas like diversity & inclusion are scary to them It’s not a new rule. It’s actually 140 years old. It has been revisited so it can be enforced. When 65% of non-citizen households are on welfare vs 35% of citizens something needs to be done.

So many of us would not be here today if our grandparents were turned away because they did not have money. They worked hard once they got here and their families thank them. Well damn. If they're not standing on their own feet, whose feet are they? Asking for a friend. Jeez who in their right mind would want to come to this country on a green card at the moment..... its so broken

KathyA11 Let's start with the welfare queens the GOP prop up to line their own pockets...

shanselman Cucinelli is a racist. He hate people of different ethnicity and woman's of any ethnicity including whites Was amazed the interviewer didn’t push back on this —both Trump’s and Stephen Miller’s own relatives took advantage of free and open immigration and relied on public support when they got here, now this administration wants to pull up the ladder behind them. Shameful.

NewStatueOfLibertyPoem The tired and poor? Not a fan. WTAF people JohnCornyn TXRandy14 tedcruz shocking that this snake slid through with your help. How’s that working for you now Ted? unnaturalized Where are the publicrestroom in nyc ? immigrants need restrooms jus like the civilians do, who hve no public restrooms thus why shit problematic with ppl opinion who have moneybc they shit whereva .. cantshitforfree in usa

That’s what this administration does: the twisting of the law, morality, ethics, and everything else. A shameful government.😡👎🏻 Shameful “leader” 🗑 Not a new rule or thought:

Mr. Cuccinelli does not speak for me. This is not what the United States of America stands for. “Cooch” is a racist and white supremacist. How were Chinese immigrants treated after they built the railroads? Attacked, abused, discriminated and eventually deported by whites. Generally, if you're tired and poor it's hard to stand on two feet. You need a hand. That's the whole idea behind America.

This clip was utterly disgusting. I nearly puked my ☕️ in the car. As a person of mixed white/Native ancestry this guys re-writing of who should become a citizen offends me. nooneisillegalonstolenland umairh Hell, it's the employers who exploit the poor that those programs benefit. Our tax dollars subsidize those employers. Once those programs are cut, how are those employers ging to make it?

That is on the Statue of Liberty not our constitution. TO: National Parks Department RE: Lincoln Memorial Per our earlier discussion, suggest replacing said crossed-out phrase with 'lowered their capital gains taxes.' Please get on this ASAP. Ken Cuccinelli, acting head of something-something WomenSaveUSA

Why the hell would we want to keep adding to our welfare rolls? The goal should be to keep it to a minimum. Otherwise it just isn't sustainable, especially with the left's stance that the whole world is welcome to come here no questions asked. So, a racist is in charge of immigration now? And realDonaldTrump doesn’t want you to call him a RacistTrump

Exactly! This nation is slowly falling apart even more then it already was CleverTitleTK can you get the info on this guys family? He seems to be rewriting history. Give us a government that works for Americans and not foreign interests. The soln to illegal immigration is comprehensive reform that removes the bureaucracy and unreasonable barriers to legal immigration. This is CONGRESS'S responsibility and thus a failure of both parties...but they'd rather use it as a manipulative cudgel than take real action.

Deport that fascist Nazi scum along with his boss. “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness if your family has lived here for 3 generations” “With liberty and justice for all white people” “In Christian God We Trust” Didn’t Orwell write a book where this happened? Great to see Conservative farmers bleeding us dry to NOT sell their crops, but when immigrants like our founding fathers need help they close the door in their faces. WHAT A PRIVILEGE TO STAND ON US SOIL AND HATE AMERICA! hypocrite WhiteSupremacistTerrorism

FAKENEWS That's shameful

In a country where the appetite for social programs is pushing the country under water, bringing more aboard who can't help bail water doesn't make sense. There was a time when it made sense. Do you want the programs or the immigrants? Does this mean we should deport American farmers, the owners/shareholders of every corporation who have full-time employees who qualify for welfare, and most of the state of Kentucky because they're the USA's biggest welfare recipients?

WomenSaveUSA Eugenics MasterRace (link: Trump does welcome useless people in with open arms. Fun! Let’s do more classics! “Thou shalt not kill, unless in war or when it’s convenient, and also allowing people to die due to lack of healthcare is fine. Plus, if they’re brown you don’t have to let them in your country even if they might die otherwise.”

This not the America my relatives fought to protect & put an end to in WWII. This is an INSULT to us all. resist VoteBlue2020 ImpeachTrump MoscowMitch EllisIsland StatueEllisNPS Laws like this were on the books in the early 1800s.. Nothing new that immigration Chief is really messing up his job big time. maybe give it to someone who will do better and not mess up? just a suggestion.

Four legs good, two legs better. My parents came this country reliant on public benefits for me and my family LONG before we became citizens. Today at 28, I have two masters degrees, spent 4.5 years in public service, and paid taxes on every paycheck I've made. realDonaldTrump , do you want me here or not?

He didn't twist the words of the 'Statue of Liberty.' The statue was a gift in celebration of liberty, not immigration. The latter is a narrative foisted on the American People later. He did corrupt the words to Emma Lazarus' poem, Colossus - which admittedly is gauche. Like the Founding Fathers who would have been destitute had they not brought over boat-loads of slave labor?

There are US citizens who are “poor”, working one or more jobs, and still qualify for some type of government assistance. What should we do, deport them the country of their immigrant forbears? Trumps immigration plan is a white supremacist dream. My parents came sponsored to this country, reliant on public benefits for me and my siblings LONG before we became citizens. Today at 28, I have two masters degrees, spent 4.5 years in public service, and paid taxes on every paycheck I've made. Trump, do you want me here or not?

SCUMMMMMMBAGS!!! Being “poor” does not imply that a person lacks character, does not want to work, or has no hope for a better life for self and family. Poor people work too, have to pay taxes if owed, and contribute to the economy. Since we are wasting millions on NPR Don't you want taxpayer money to translate the sonnet into Spanish? statueofliberty

I was listening on the way in. Oh, how wrong and hateful this guy is. Out with the mooch! In with the Cooch! This guy does not know what it is like to be less fortunate, he revealed to the world that he is un-apologetically privileged and that he's not willing to share. These people should be barred from politics

Just give it back to France. We can’t have nice things Ken Cuccinelli—yet another grossly unAmerican conservative. I heard the interview and you're intentionally misrepresenting what he said. Et Tu NPR? With a last name like Cuccinelli, does this guy actually think he and his family were from the US and have more of a right to live here than any other immigrant? Unbelievable

That's not what this veteran served to protect. These piles of feces are nothing but greedy. November 2020 cannot come fast enough. AnyoneButTrump SoSaysThisVeteran This is by far the most anti-non-European statement ever. It implies that people with money produce better offspring which is not true. It also implies immigrants come here to be on welfare which is also not true. It lays the ground for deporting poor immigrants.

Everyone is getting lazy. We are raising a generation of people who don't want to work. Taking in illegal immigrants who only come for the government handouts. Canada won't let you come unless you can take care of yourself if you don't have resources to provide for yourself. So you want Medicare for all and all immigrants who can’t provide for themselves? The entire idea of that saying is that free people can and want to provide for themselves in a free society. I’d rather more legal immigration and less social government programs.

So if you're white, were born in the U.S., can't stand on your own two feet and rely on government benefits, carry on, you're fine.

kyblueblood There U are...... Is it a 'new rule'? NO. Facts matter. The rule has been in place through previous administrations. This administration is simply enforcing the rule more strictly. But don't trust unless you want the DNC propaganda spin. Hey immigration 'chief', try walking in a migrant's shoes or bare feet across Mexico or any path a refugee walks with their children before you render judgement about how capable they are of standing on their own two feet. I'm guessing your feet wouldn't carry you nearly as far.

HabitualLiarTrumpAdministration Is Nothing But A Repeated CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATION. The Constitution Calls This Action Discrimination. 💩💩💩 A lie is not the truth, a wrong is not right, evil is not good, are these the new republicans. Next up: rewrites of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bible (especially the New Testament)

Acting not vetted. No experience. Unqualified. 'The rule denies green cards and visas to immigrants if they use — or are deemed likely to need — federal, state and local government benefits' 'deemed likely to need' is a pretty important detail. It opens the door for some pretty serious racial discrimination.

It's not a new rule. What a wicked individual. This is someone who has confused wealth with virtue. None of my ancestors who came to America had any wealth, and this man would've gleefully denied them entry.

America is just being it's self, they already rewrote why the Statue of Liberty was built... AmeriKKKa.. apparently RIP the American Dream Liberals complain about spending billions of dollars except when they expect us to pay billions for non-citizens. Crazy how that works. Is anyone surprised by this? This sort of bullshit has been part of the GOP mantra for a while.

NPR is misrepresenting the people this long standing but unenforced rule. The people this will affect are not immigrants. They are people here on conditional visas. It is not unreasonable to question giving taxpayer funded free food, housing and healthcare to non citizens. Wow. It's not only racist but classest as well.

Why not apply this to corporations& see how it goes: no more tax breaks, subsidies, federal/ local government-funded structural improvements, variances in building codes or soft government contracts and see how they fare... ...and MAYBE even have them actually pay their taxes?

Bad If we are going to be fair that was before the welfare state and immigrants that came over in the early 1900 did stand on thier own withouy a saftey net provided at gun point by way of tax paying dollars No one needs to come here who can’t support themselves. Nothing unreasonable about that. Was listening this morning. He said that it's a privlage to become a citizen if you are an outsider but if you are born here you are automatically privileged. Hmm, then why do they want to do away with safety nets for the already privileged?

'Give me your tired and your poor— wait no. Not like that.' My fam are U.S. immigrants (not from 'Norway'). No money, no clothes, no English, and only someone's couch to sleep on initially. Now they are both college grads who had great careers and they've been retired for 15 years because $$. People like them work so hard to make it here.

If they're tired and poor, maybe they can't stand on their own two feet. Many immigrants from all over Europe were not exactly self-sufficient when they landed in America. I mean, that's why they went there. Questions regarding immigration & when does immigration become over immigration & when does over immigration hinder a nation. Questions needing to be answered regardless any level ignorance, immigrant aliens or those yet affected by homelessness think in order to sleep at night.

The words on the Statue of Liberty are a poem not policy. Moreover, they refer to immigrants as “wretched refuse”. What has happened to NPR?

Absolute psychos. GOP White nationalists are getting more extreme every day. Cant wait for the gestapo squads to just start rounding up citizens they don't like. people need to wake up. 'No one has a right to become an American who isn't born here as an American,' Ken Cuccinelli, acting director of USCIS, told NPR. Then he clarified. 'It is a privilege to become an American not a right for anybody who is not already an American citizen.'

WWJD Up to 1913 the USA had an open border policy. However, the USA had no safety net. Clearly you can't have both and it is sad that some people need to be explained why. I already did this a decade ago. Apparently it only counts if it's someone famous. BlowingThoughtBubbles BuyMyBook ShamelessPlug

😂 NatalieNicole Republicans are not conservative they are evil and cruel kyblueblood The poetry of the bigoted. If this is the new rule, Donny needs to go. He hasn’t actually EARNED a dollar in his life.

Sure seems to make sense to me,why bring people here just to support them. We already have enough dead beats that don't work. OMG! What a bastardization of America. Is this who we are now? I want out!!!!! I didn't sign up for Nazism. realdonaldtrump potus gop ruined America. FakePresident LockHimUp

'What does the wall say again?' 'Four is good but two is better' 'Is that what it was?' Hey Kenny baby you best stick to fascism, being toady to Mad King Donald & leave poetry to Emma G. Author of Statue Liberty inscription. I still remember your repressive tactics in Virginia. Ps-have u even read USCONSTITUTION ? Don’t answer,my nerves=frayed.🔍💰⚖️

He is talking about my great grandparents who escaped pogroms in Minsk, Russia and came to this country and whose eyes filled with tears as they saw theStatue of Liberty welcoming them. Cucinelli's people from Italy as well!If he has a soul he will RESIGN TODAY! What if they don't have feet or the ability to stand on them l, but are contributing members? Are you able-ist?

KenCuccinelli/USCISCuccinelli, what if an 'immigrant' wants to come into the country and can 'stand on their own two feet' cuz they're secretly funded by a terrorist organization or a foreign power, can that 'immigrant' come in? This Administration is attempting to rewrite the entire foundation of a very dangerous & destructive way.

Four legs good, two legs BETTER!

It is not a new rule, it just hasn’t been enforced. It has been the law for a long, long time. There will never be a more obvious sign we have completely abandoned everything we claim to stand for. Let's flip the switch like Mortimer & Randolph Duke in Coming to America & make him tired & poor & watch him squeal like a starving kitten. POS speaks while drapped in comfort his entire life 24-7. He wouldn't survive 1 night n the South Bronx in the 80s. Privileged pricks

unfortunately, in Cuccinelli, Stephen Miller has an ultra smart partner. These evil men are cut from the same cloth. I would think ken's ancestors were Mussolini supporters. Miller's Nazis. extermination is their end goal. Need merit based system like other countries To be clear, there were no government benefits when those words were written on the statue of liberty. People literally had to come here and work to survive or die, there was no other option. Therefore, this article title is a mischaracterization if the situation. FakeNews

Scum They won’t take the plaque off the Statue of Liberty, they’ll just add the word “don’t” in front of “give me”. Doesn't this policy violate the 14th amendment to the Constitution?

Or an immigrant that clearly misrepresented any “extraordinary abilities” and is granted the Einstein Visa ...etch that on lady liberty too I saw this and thought it was a bad joke, instead, it's Cuccinelli who is (still) the bad joke. Maybe Ken C should check with France if they'd be OK with the re-write on their gift?

Deplorable. Every day they erode the foundation of our country. Garbage human being, and truly anti American. No. He said they have to bring money too. What an out of touch, mean-spirited jerk. I listened to the interview twice. I’m appalled. Give your tired and your poor who are neither tired nor poor. Question; if you’re in this country illegally, how do you qualify for government benefits?

'...your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” I much prefer this ending than yours. For this is the very reason the masses are at our borders. What about our tired and our poor, born here, who can stand on THEIR own two feet? Are you going after them? Same corrupt former AG who twisted a Medicaid law to abuse his office, ignore 2 Albemarle judges, and waste my tax money, to harass UVA climatologist, Michael Mann. Just another unfit, unqualified bully foisted on us by Trump.

Everyday the current administration sinks further & further into the abyss. 🗽 His grandparents must be SO proud. Unfortunately this is not the Onion. Rising to a new level of stupid. “Your porn models looking for a sugar daddy” We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, unless of course they’re poor

There was not safety net back then that is a fact, and we had open order up to 1913. Fuck...and I cannot stress this enough...him!

'Cuccinelli'..Family no doubt came over on the Mayflower.. Sorry, folks - country's closed. ImmigrationReform RefugeesWelcome Redefining the values, . . . or destroying a Super Power? He failed to get elected governor of Virginia in a humiliating defeat. So Trump took another failed white supremacist and elevated him to national office. Shame.

I am a full-time single dad of a teenager and was denied basic benefits. The system is already broken. Too bad we can’t retro that opinion and send trumps family back to where they came from. The the words of the poem on the Statue of Liberty are not law. We only put up the Statue of Liberty when we needed warm bodies to fill the factories and for the most part they were white. Those words were always BS

Rendering the phrase utterly nonsensical. Tired and poor means in need of assistance. I thought more honesty from you NPR. I see you are going left. This policy is in fact what all Americans should be held to. How many can you help if your bankrupt by frauds and people who use the government for permanent aid? Has to be done.

Ahah ahaha haaa - Fredo Such a dystopian statement deserves a dystopian quote. People that work full time+ still qualify for food stamps if their wages are low 😡 'And while we're at it, we're going to start using this in the White House.' Where's the far-right's outrage at this? Thank you for reporting this.

Are Republicans extending this philosophy between states? If so, then we should penalize poorer (primarily Red) states for relying on government subsidies funded by richer (primarily Blue) states. Not the spirit of this country I have ever known. Shameful. That was right next to the graffiti 'Big Brother was here!' ... This Admin is taking '1984' literally. “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.” ― George Orwell

Jesus. This isn't America anymore. Is there even one damn Republican who cares about this nation anymore? Seriously. Don't invite him on your programs anymore. Unsurprising to anyone who lived in Virginia during his reign as AG. Ugh. Omg. These people are un-American Soon Trumpets are gonna modify the Constitution...

Doesn't just make you mad when these assholes who obviously don't have Anglo-Saxon last names talk about limiting immigration? This is the antithesis of what the USA stands for

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