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Ebola has already killed more than 1,300 people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the current outbreak, which was declared in August.

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So why are your bosses the confederate democrat slavery party DNC HouseDemocrats bring it here? It’s not enough w the bubonic plague in L.A. oops I understand part of the green deal get rid of the deplorables the gulag would be 2 expensive I've read it's now up to 2,000!

NPR Choice page“What Happened”. laughter doesn’t cure my allergies Can’t wait for the suggestions. Needing laughter in my life

NPR Choice pageWell, yes, the Republicans are big on protecting big corporations. Not so much with protecting regular citizens. So... you looked at copyright as a possible incentive to creativity and productivity. What about the benefits of Creative Commons and the public domain? This is a perfect example of what the drug companies do, except they add a meaningless ingredient then the FDA allows them to extend for another 17yrs. You can't stop the drug companies without stopping Disney

NPR Choice pageWait, she improperly spent 100k and only has to pay back 15k? Sign me up for that deal! Translation: Prime Minister’s wife thrown under bus. Another grifter

NPR Choice pageDid he get a Churchill hat from the Queen, too? Please don’t forget I am also fat and have funny hairstyle. It's cold comfort to know that their madman (who can be quite rational) is smarter than our madman. We'd be better off with the sort of mad bastard who knew how to play chess, not checkers.

NPR Choice pageNow time for them to introduce legislation that allows victims of drunk drivers to sue the automobile industry. That won't fly unless you apply it to every industry I want legislation that allows the American people to sue House and Senate Democrats when they introduce stupid bills.

NPR Choice page

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