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11/30/2020 7:39:00 AM

Canada has blocked the distribution of certain medications outside the country in response to a U.S. plan to import drugs from Canada. President Trump promised it would lower costs and be a 'game changer' for seniors.

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Romney calls Capitol riot 'an insurrection incited by the President'

Congress will resume the joint session tonight to certify President-elect Joe Biden's win after Pro-Trump rioters stormed the US Capitol earlier today. Follow here for the latest.

Nav2115 Why the hell did it take tRump 4 years to do this? F tRump! Yeah he promised a lot of things What happened to American manufacturing? Was this action taken because of the 'strained' relationship between Trudeau and our king? Or could it be that our king was trying to flex his muscles unilaterally, & trying a PR stunt to create a shallow/imaginary win at Canada's expense?

Trump wants isolation. He gets isolation. Better bring them from russia, as they are good and cheap. Everyone will be able to afford them. When this scam has passed, we should not forget what these wimps to the North have done. I have this great plan to build a wall...Mexico will pay for it! -Mexico: Nope I have this great plan for lower drug costs...Canada will pay for it! -Canada: Nope

Even Trump knows that Canada does healthcare better than the USA. In other words, the president of the USA wants us to use another country’s system because it’s better instead of doing the WORK necessary to fix our broken one. This is what he does—any way to use others to solve problems because actually doing his job is beyond him.

Trump is not Canadas leader! He cant do crap to them or force them to do his will. Trump is a joke to whole world Can't wait until we hold our Coronavirus vaccine from the 51st state. A reasonable response to what was an ill-conceived plan to begin with. The U.S. will suck Canada dry of its medications - if they allow it.

I investigated years ago we made Omeprazole here in this country and it was expensive when it first hit here $120:00, but we sent it to Canada and they only had to pay $30 that's backwards considering we made it here but we're charging the American people more for it! Hmm. Lol ok but what if... america made their own prescription drugs and cut out the American middleman raising prices to customers? just an idea 🙄

Lol pile that up onto trump's fail mountain Instead of negotiating with lawmakers and the drug companies, trump signs an order that backfired. In other words, the president of the US wants is to use another country’s system because it’s better instead of doing the WORK necessary to fix our broken one. This is way he does—any way to use others to solve problems because actually doing his job is beyond him.

Trump has ways been bad for business. Go figure, adults don't like conmen who never deliver. Only fools and racists do. It was just more of chumps smoke and mirror stuff. Makes a big deal out of nothing to draw your attention from the bullshit behind the scenes. No they doing that to spite Trump They know he’s gone in few months and gone say later I stood up to him it’s so brave so obvious 😂

Trump screwed seniors again. Just like Trump to push something like this through WITHOUT EVEN TALKING TO CANADA ABOUT IT AND COMING TO AN AGREEMENT FIRST. How stupid can he be? This is seriously crap I'd expect a 14 year old in charge not to mess up this badly. When Trump said America first everyone said that’s protectionism Trump is racist When Canada blocks certain medication Everyone said good for Canada Sucks to be you guys 😙😙😙

I can’t give you the cure for corona, but here’s the cure for cancer. I posted it on YouTube This is the same thing Trump did with PPE. He didn’t want it exported to ensure there was enough for the US Buy bulk & sell em back to us premium. 🤔 Good for them. It's not their fault America's healthcare model is jacked up, and instead of trying to fix it, tRump does an end run around & using an ally's resources.

It was just another Trump idea full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. America needs to better regulate pharmaceutical companies so they don’t put profits above America’s health. Obscurenyc Canada has negotiated better prices with Big Pharma. Why are we bothering them? Instead, why don't we go after own corrupt government for taking campaign bribes and siding with Big Pharma against their own constituents? WAKE UP AMERICA, YOU'RE BEING HAD!

I say let the U.S be a Via way for illegals who come in from the world thru Mexico. Provide them with a straight unhindered path to Canada. inezsneks Don’t blame them at all. Also Trumps promise — as usual — was a lie. “In any case, the Canadian government thinks the new U.S. rule wouldn't do much to reduce drug prices in the U.S., since the Canadian market is small and represents only 2% of global pharmaceutical sales.”

Dang! It's a good thing we got the egg carton while we still could. This is stupid. Why on earth would we import drugs from another country to save money? If Canada can buy drug 'x' at one price we should demand the same deal, or bar that company from our market. We have market power, and are fools if we don't use it.

Gee, thanks Canada. theodoricofyork Lord knows he would do the same. Title is a little misleading. They’ll only block whatever would leave their country’s needs short. Oh no! They're going to build a wall now. This is a fine kettle of fish! Canada first. Seems fair. how are drugs priced in canada? through canadian taxpayer funding? then why should they subsidize u.s. drug consumption? it's not the canadians (or mexicans for that matter) fault if u.s. health insurance companies and medicare make 'criminally' lousy negotiations with pharma.

What happened to American manufacturing? This is a problem you should be solving on your own. --- signed, Canada. Trump outsourcing again. Interesting part of this article is how often Canada experiences drug shortages. Wow. Maybe... just maybe... we should adopt a health care system like Canada's Good. The greatest country that God has ever created can buy their own f’ing drugs. Leave us alone.

Trump dickin everyone around. So much for making and buying our own goods, He is always so supportive of America, as long as it benefits him. Yes Canada should be 1st in Canada, as we should be 1st IN AMERICA. We shouldn’t have to import our medication from any other countries. It seems like we would have learned this lesson. Not only for public health, but for national security, we shouldn’t depend on a foreign country for anything our citizens can’t live without.

Good. It’s not Canada’s fault that America hasn’t figured out how to negotiate better drug pricing. so snow Mexico is price gouging? Republicans: We can't be bothered to drag our healthcare system out of the Dark Ages, so let's just pilfer someone else's! Canada: Fuck off, hosers. I thought Trump was abt America first....why wouldn’t he bring the manufacturing of these drugs into the USA? Left side of mouth, right side of mouth.

'In short supply'. To prevent shortages. I don't understand why this is controversial. It's perfectly normal for the Canadian government to intervene if necessary. There's 10 times more people in the US than Canada. Maybe manufacture your own drugs! Canada can’t compete so it’s trumps fault for lowering prices? Defund

Way to stand up for yourselves, Canada, and I’m an American. We can’t have universal healthcare, so the plan is to fleece the countries that do? Did he get this idea from Chappelle’s Show? I would feel good if I were Canadian right now. Must feel good to watch your government stand to a bully like the US

'President Trump, how will you lower prescription drug costs for Americans?' Trump: By killing Canadians. This embargo will lift when/if Biden takes office. Good ❤️🇨🇦 WOW! does anyone remember Bernie Sanders insisting on letting people get drugs from Canada? I do. You mean trying to rob Peter to pay Paul isn’t working? Shocking!

America's attitude: Just steal the resources of another country You left out this part “President-elect Joe Biden has previously spoken of potentially importing drugs to bring down costs.“ Trump just thinks everyone will just do whatever he says. This wasn’t a legit plan. He doesn’t have the brain to create a legit plan.

The 'game changer' for seniors from tRump is letting the coronavirus run free through our elderly population. Thanks tRump for your incompetence. realDonaldTrump Canada First!! Good for us!