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11/28/2020 4:57:00 PM

Despite the pandemic, masked shoppers still showed up at big retailers on Black Friday. But online sales are expected to skyrocket as shoppers stay indoors this holiday season.

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Obama delivers a message of unity, saying Americans 'have more in common than what separates us'

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be sworn in today on the steps of the Capitol as President and Vice President of the United States. Follow here for the latest inauguration coverage.

and the governor of New York traveled in secret for the holidays to Buffalo to see a family he doesn't live with We have so much “stuff.” It would be a great time to pay down debt, increase savings, help others, and be grateful for abundance. Stay safe folks, your well being is the greatest gift. Insanity.

😣 a lot of money spent in the shops while there are thousands of people without food, just watch the long lines in Texas Yet they close small businesses and say who can and can’t be in your own home .... wake up people You do realize Trump altered the globalist plan with his warp speed vaccine program... doesn’t matter if you agree with vaccines or not, Trump stopped their 4 year planned lockdown

It's a Black Friday more ways than one. Local governments and retail stores let this go on. Door busters in a pandemic. An evil greed. Shame on everyone involved I hope they aren’t giving Covid for Christmas No we are not. We are going to celebrate Biden's loss. Then we grab our 🍿,🍾 and wait for those Treason charges to kick in. 😉🖕🏽🤣

GovTimWalz why didn't you cancel BlackFriday Shopping online is easier for most things that a person doesn't need in an instant But thanksgiving dinner will literally kill grandma. They’re wearing masks! Doing what they’ve been told to do. Geez. BuyNowPayLater services are booming as a result of online shopping however they are unregulated and do not disclose the risks of installment payments like they should to the consumer. Moreover, they market to people with less money to spend.

this is terrible news RegulateBNPL now!!!