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11/26/2020 11:51:00 PM

The jailed activist who led the charge to allow women to drive in Saudi Arabia is due to stand trial in a special court that deals with national security crimes and terrorism cases.

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Because she’s a national threat. She needs to be held accordingly. Well, the whole human rights act didn't last long. guess we will see just how 'progressive' KSA has become Thats their culture, be tolerant of them In 2035, Cyprus will be a Muslim majority. Sweden in 2125. France in 2135. Greece in 2135. Belgium in 2140. Bulgaria in 2140. Italy in 2175. Luxembourg in 2175. U.K. in 2180. Slovenia in 2190. Switzerland in 2195. Ireland in 2200. Lithuania in 2215. This doesn’t include illegals.

firoozye Seems like something a nation that is on the UN Women's rights body would do! Women need to leave Saudi Arabia in masses. Let the idiots have fun together. LinaAlhathloul With respect, this isn’t 1920, a woman driver is not an “activist”, she’s just a driver like anyone else. I suppose we called the suffragettes “activists” back then, but don’t you think we need to hold ourselves to a higher standard in 2020?

They’re a customer of America, they buy arms to fight “terrorism” Sounds like democratic moves That's not true at all She is communicate with anti-state regimes Lots of islamaphobia in these comments. US needs to put intense pressure on The Saudis for these human rights abuses and the killing and coverup of the journalists.

'tear' Because of course women driving cars is a terrorist activity. There is a very good Frontline piece which documents her fight. I'm surprised she's still alive. They're probably going to make an example of her. Why are the men who rule Saudi Arabia so frightened of this woman? Once again the world is watching.

LinaAlhathloul Read this then tell me how you're rights are violated by wearing a fucking mask ... JoZPina SMH. This is what Trump's friends do to women who dare to speak truth to misogny. never could understand this bullshit.....give the women there fucking freedom I am a Saudi girl. I was demanding the right to drive, and I was not arrested and not my friends were arrested. What dose that mean ?! Her case is related to national security, not because she is an activist.

'The decision to transfer Hathloul's case came just three days after Saudi Arabia wrapped up a virtual G-20 summit, in which one event was dedicated to women's empowerment.' MBS is a sociopath. Religionruinseverything Stoperasingwomen OMG !! I can’t believe woman aren’t allowed to drive there. It’s pure nonsense. There is nothing in any religious text that caused that law to be.

She won’t be driving anymore. PattyArquette WOW .. how ass backwards is this country that women driving is equated with terrorism!😠 The War Against Women continues. This is appalling. I fear for Loujain. Men in this world; why do you not respect the women whom are the ones who give birth to males and females? Who do you think you are? Beware. Your Lord constantly watches over you.

Loujain Al-Hathloul: Saudi Arabia Transfers Activist's Trial To Terrorism Court Very scary WomensRightsAreHumanRights Making peace with Iran and ditching the Saudi’s would pay huge dividends for our Gulf interests. I just don’t understand why we play nice with the Saudi’s. I am a Saudi women here and she didn’t led the charge for women to drive here, don’t overthrow the real fighter who made driving here possible with your fake political hypothesis media.

Saudi Arabia is trash but the US is close with the current SCOTUS. Didn't trump provide cover for this murderous regime? Why YES he did.... PattyArquette Nasty country - makes sense that Jared and Pompeo get on so well over there. PattyArquette Poor girl. Saudi Arabia is going to royally f***ed when the oil runs dry. The regime is goner, when that happens.

Why don't we sanction Saudi Arabia? Venezuela doesn't do this to women! Sweden doesn't do this to women! HELL, IRAN DOESN'T DO THAT TO WOMEN! YET, THE STATE DEPT TALKS ABOUT IRANIAN VIOLATIONS!! StateDept [i.e. don't forget JamalKhashoggi]. PattyArquette This is suppose to be international news, but Diego Maradonna is bigger.

And who is behind it? Trump’s BFF, MbS, a murderous thug.. LoujainHungerStrike LoujainAlHathloul The world is watching SaudiArabiaGenocide SaudiArabiaCrimes Why does SaudiaArabia fear StrongWomen We must all watch & hold accountable bona fide terrorists in Saudi Support Journalists who report these crimes against humanity

My heart hurts so bad for these ladies VisitSaudiNow your 'prince' has a crown that seems contaminated to me let my people go women are not your slaves or playthings for too long males have been arrogantly abusing womenfolk and we don't like that They are still n the 12th century! When are they ever going to realize the world has moved on?

Islam: The religion of peace. Yeah. Right. I can’t believe we ally ourselves with such a murderous regime. Well, I can believe it actually, but it’s wrong. I want a leader and a government that stands against SA human rights violations. seriously..this is ridiculous. drive.. drive..if you're having to stop people from..driving..moving about freely to do mundane things...everyday things..there is something wrong with the very notion of what you are doing; yourself

F1 How unfortunate and disgusting. Praying for everyone incarcerated for non-violent offenses who can’t be with their families. Children are suffering. Praying our President & lawmakers stop placing non-violent offenders in prison from now on! Send them home! 2nd chances for all in 2021! End over sentencing! Mercy

Crazy how men consistently ruin the fucking world for a millennia I guess MBS regime isn't as open as he wants the world to think. Extraterritorial assassination of journalists, jailing of opposition, women driving car trialed as terrorists but hey, they accept Hollywood movies now! shameSA 🙏 Nothing so terrifying to the giant boys club than women who can get from A to B on their own. Men are weak.

F1 it totally makes sense to do a race in this country. That was a great call. Activists are beheaded in Saudi Arabia How backward Saudi Arabia is.. why is America even consider this our friend Americas greatest ally Poor her. holy moly