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11/26/2020 2:44:00 PM

A federal court in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday tossed out a lawsuit filed against President Trump's efforts to exclude undocumented immigrants from a key set of census numbers.

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Biden says he'll fire White House staff if they don't treat each other with respect

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be sworn in today on the steps of the Capitol as President and Vice President of the United States. Follow here for the latest inauguration coverage.

Can someone explain why any political power should be apportioned based on people who shouldn't be here in the first place? I'm not even going to say they should leave - but they sure as hell have no business obtaining representation in the US. Seems to make sense right? We don't count illegals in the Census. Duh

Every person! Trump doesn't believe those of us who are undocumented are persons Sadly, we have to have term limits for federal judges now. Lord Lord Lord!! If trump wants to 'weed out' immigrants, why doesn't he use the systems he relies on? TermLimitsforFederalJudges There’s always the Supreme ...oh, ya, forget it.

So much for separation of church and state and so much for separation of powers as the effect of Trump's right wing appointees will be felt for years to come. My Constitutional right to religion does not permit me to engage in behavior likely to harm my fellow citizens. We want to know how many American citizens are here

This needs to be dealt with. That's ok, he'll have 4 more years. When they cheat, they don't win. Watering down census data, is not a good way to plan for the future, it is the dumb persons guide to only read the good news As they say; “Elections have consequences!” The key goal of 45 & Moscow Mitch were Federal Judge Appointments which means decades of bad rulings!🤷🏽‍♀️

That federal court is in violation of the law. puxxled So, Biden will get to weigh in on this blatant attempt by Trump to help Republicans. The damage that Trump and McConnell have done to the US will last for a generation! Illegal aliens should have no say in a damn thing. President Trump continues to represent 75 million real voters in spite of the so-called National Public Radio.

Everything trump touches turns to feces. It is a plague upon the USA to have such a criminal in the White House. We just might in January be watching the first President to actually be forced to leave in HANDCUFFS arrested for trespassing and Leaving in the back of a POLICE CAR instead of the President’s Helicopter...! However, Joe can’t pardon him without pardoning him for all his crimes!

Makes sense How do you count people who are here illegally and undocumented? They're undocumented. We know they just guess how many illegals there in the country so do they just make up another number to get tax dollars? Federal Court Rejects Challenge To Trump's Push To Alter A Key Census Count America, … We Arrived at “THE RED SEA” and ,… the Pharaoh Soldiers of DEEP STATE, THE SWAMP, THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA, & THE GLOBALISTS are “PUSHING US”, Thinking that “They’ve Got Him” & “They’ve Got Us” … Yet, God is With US & His Plan Will PREVAIL …

America, … Keep In Mind that GOD Doesn’t Abandon His Children… While the “Pharaoh Soldiers” of DEEP STATE, THE SWAMP, THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA, & THE GLOBALISTS are Trying To Convince US That There Is Not One Chance Anymore, GOD HAS A DIFFERENT PLAN… THE ONLY WAY That THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA, THE GLOBALISTS, THE DEEP STATE & THE SWAMP Will be Able to STEAL Our Presidential Election’s LEGAL RESULTS, is IF WE BLEIVE THEIR REPORTED LIES. DO NOT “FALL FOR IT” - DO NOT BELIEVE IT – PRESIDENT TRUMP WON

THE DEMOCRATS, THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA, THE GLOBALISTS, THE DEEP STATE & THE SWAMP SLOWLY REALIZE that “THE RUG of the FAKE Claimed Victory” IS SLIPPING UNDER THEIR FEET and thus, … Employ All Kind Of Violence to Intimidate & Hold On To Their Propaganda … It Will BACKFIRE … I Would NOT Stand 5 Feet behind the lawyers handling MY FILE the Closing of my House. Why would I Agree to Stand 10 Feet Behind Those Counting the Votes 4 The Presidential Election of My Country? STOP THE STEAL & COUNT ALL THE LEGAL VOTES, WHILE DISCOUNTING THE ILEGAL VOTES…

They Know that they Can't Go After The Family, if they Don't Preclude (First) Families from Active Participation IN A CHURCH ... Once the 'Church Gatherings' become History, What Stops The from Coming After YOU (if you are 'A Liability') while everybody is UNDER STATE LOCK-DOWN? ♥️ So what. Hes still not a racist

Democrat Mayor Hancock got caught flouting his own “coronavirus pandemic guidance,” after his office confirmed that he flew to visit family for Thanksgiving, just 30 minutes after issuing a warning on Twitter urging people to 'avoid travel' for the holiday BREAKING NEWS: Full video: Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani Participate in Hearing on Voter Fraud in Pennsylvania ... via YouTube

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