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10/17/2020 12:44:00 PM

How does the Philly jazz community respond to the pandemic? Pianist Orrin Evans turns his front porch into a stage. A resident hosts concerts in her backyard. Chris’ Jazz Cafe opens its doors for the first time since the lockdown.

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Ghislaine Maxwell loses bid to keep her Jeffrey Epstein testimony secret

A U.S. appeals court on Monday dealt Ghislaine Maxwell a blow by refusing to block the release of a deposition she gave concerning her relationship with the late financier and registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

jeremyjcollins Austria I wanna do this. How much fun are these guys having? This is so nostalgic as in what I remember watching in B&W Miss you Dad. Fabulous! PlayWith_Machiz thanks

NPR Choice pageIt could be a Russian spy. I hoped they find out! See related 😉😍

NPR Choice pageIt's pretty easy these days to figure out who spreading horse shit and who's not. Just use your head.

NPR Choice pageMasks are great protection, even though the CDC itself says that most people who get the China-virus wear them. Oh, well, makes us feel 'safe'. Voted by mail in Michigan. Ballot was tracked the entire trip, text messages sent to my phone, including a final official email from the clerk reporting it has been received and will be counted on election day. No risk of death from Trumphole's Covid-19 mishandling. I’m bringing a chair and coffee and a book. I will also ask my socially distanced next in line to hold my spot if I have to pee

NPR Choice pageTake notes America this might be on the exam RT : Kyrgyzstan's president has resigned after 10 days of unrest sparked by disputed parliamentary elections. He's the third president to be overthrown in a popular uprising since the country gained independence in 1991. Good for them. Don’t fall into the trap we did where we can only choose between 2 people out of 2 parties decided by people who run those two parties.

NPR Choice pageWells Fargo Sucks How often is Wells Fargo going to pull this stuff and keep operating like nothing? Isn’t this like a monthly thing? WellsFargo doing something illegal and blaming low level associates?

NPR Choice pageHow about Hunter Biden’s emails? If you’re trustworthy, tell us about it. Are they legit? What are the facts? That’s what matters to , right? At least it did matter at some point. Be Prepared.