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10/16/2020 11:39:00 AM

Republican Sen. Ben Sasse on Trump: 'The way he kisses dictators' butts, I mean, the way he ignores that the Uighurs are in literal concentration camps in Xinjiang right now. He hasn't lifted a finger on behalf of the Hong-Kongers.'

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Amy Coney Barrett live updates: Day 2 of Senate confirmation hearings

The high-stakes confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, continue Tuesday in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Sen Sasse, Comend you for your courage. Hope more republicans realize that Trump needs to b dumped!!! Now let’s c how true u r to your people - DO NOT VOTE FOR Amy’s confirmation. U know that what they’re doing is WRONG!!! Stand up if u really care about people!!! HE KISSES DICTATORS BUTTS THE WAY YOU KISSES HIS BUTTS LOOK WHO IS CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK

Actions talk louder than words, how does his last 4 years of complicity comport? I don't see Ben Sasse lacing up his boots and going to war. lmao. Meanwhile the moment Trump puts tariffs/sanctions on China he's still immediately a vollain trying to hurt US Farmers or what the fuck ever it is you make up at the moment. OrangeManBad

Why would he be critical of people that inspire him? He should think about running for public office or something. Give him gold medal right now Given that he give trump the nod on a regular basis and hasnt condemned forced hysterectomies performed by ice, wouldnt that mean that ben sasse sucks according to ben sasse

Go ahead Ben Sasse, put this lady on the Court and she will destroy our Health Care, and Biden must and will pack the Courts. You know what else Trump does bensasse? He quid pro quo’s other countries into interfering in our elections. Trump was impeached for that & you could have voted to remove him. But you didn’t.

While publicly Sasse kisses Trump’s butt As everyone is saying, you still supported him Sasse. You’re outlining your own complicity. With Trump down double digits 3 weeks to election, BenSasse decides to recycle his “Never-Trumper” costume for Halloween. Ballsy. Too late! millerfirst BenSasse SenSasse Please say these thoughts Outloud and on Camera. The American people need to know that Donald John Trump is an ignorant corrupt Monster. UNFIT. DERANGED. REPUBLICAN lisamurkowski MittRomney ThomTillis joniernst SenatorBurr joniernst CoryGardner

Finally, someone showing real leadership in the Republican party! They have all retreated into the corner since Trump cane into power. Speak up for once! Well, HK IS a Chinese city, not exactly something another foreign government can go much about. W/O GOP enablers, we wouldn't be talking about Trump right now. They're as culpable as he is. 217k dead, many more health-compromised. Winking at election interference. Tax cuts to the richest of the rich. Denying climate change. Silence on hate speech.

Yet he waited to secure his senatorial primary was a lock against a potential GOP challenger, before his lowt changed to real testosterone levels and his cojones re-inflated And what the heck has this guy ever done about human rights in communist China? A whole lot of nothing, that's what. How about sponsoring a bill to cancel our debt to China for the virus they mistakenly unleashed upon the world from their substandard biolab in Wuhan?

Don’t lose sight: COVID survivors don’t know the long term effects and it’s likely to be considered a pre-existing condition. Trump has not put out a real plan to address, just 4 yrs of promises. By 2021 over 8 MILLION people will have a lifetime of limited health care options. SenSasse did this because he wants to be the 2024 presidential nominee for the party formerly known as GOP currently known as insane Trump cult MAGA Covidiots He’s such a SasseHole PS vote VoteBidenHarris2020

Well BenSasse you’ve got one shot at giving Trump the 🖕🏻with your Supreme Court vote. Too bad BenSasse never backed up the talk with some walk. Look at his voting record! VoteBidenHarris VoteBlueDownBallot godsavetheseunitedstates Media refuses to report scandalous revelations of emails concerning Joe Biden’s cover-up of corruption in Ukraine, China & Russia by Hunter Biden & instead report jr high information on Sen. Sasse doesn’t like the President

You mean the way YOU ignore... Yewh because its okay with Sasse and the Koch Brothers to kiss Chinas ass. Shipping jobs overseas is their jam. NOW he wakes up? Where was he during impeachment? What are his votes on healthcare and the tax cuts? This is nauseating. It’s too late. You will carry the Trump stench for life.

Sasse is part of the swamp. Drain him out! He is not a hero. He is complicit as he just stood idly by. So I don't need to read about his sudden 'awakenes'. He knew all along and did nothing. I'd do Ben on his grandma's dining room table. Yummy! Oooh.... Sassssy But I'm sure he will still vote for the next supreme court justice. How pathetic is this politician coming out like this, way too late, just a political move for votes

Yet....if only Sasse could have done something to stop Trump's path of destruction through our democracy.... He voted to acquit, screw him. How bold. Ben Sasse just votes with Trump on everything. Sasse goes wherever the wind blows. And Sen. BenSasse does NOTHING to oppose trump. What a worthless excuse for a human being.

What!! Kisses butts, isn't this offensives to someone. Hong-Kongers, where's the outrage? Too little, too late. LOL!!! These principled Republicans giving lip service to integrity, but toadying when it counts every time. He should have been as forthcoming with his impeachment vote. Actions not talk. But he still backs him when he plans to confirm Barrett. Fake outrage.

Do something coward BenSasse Sasse is a a low life traitor to the Republican party and the American people. Hey, BenSasse maybe you shouldn’t have voted to acquit him. This is your fault. I couldn't find Curly Joe Hope more GOP speak out-it’s time More lies. Go DT! MaraLiasson Why are you upset we aren’t at literal war with China right now? Should we send troops? Is this a good time to start a war? The media hates peace... why? 🤔

He’s just about to vote for Trump’s SCOTUS disaster, so BenSasse is no better than Trump. Empty words that mean nothing. These words don't mean anything! Sen. Sasse there were plenty of opportunities where you could have stop this doing the right thing like voting for the impeachment. What did you don then? Please, we needed action, no words of contrition!

Says the guy who hasn’t lifted a finger for democracy. Wait Trump has lifted a finger for Hong-Kongers doesnt he have HawleyMO constantly tweeting the NBA about Hong Kong to deflect from Black Lives Matter issues? MaraLiasson Both parties have been pushing for less involvement in global politics. People who complain about not ‘speaking up’ about these things never want to acknowledge that in the end speech isn’t going to cut it. China is not impressed.

KristiTalmadge SenSasse The UighurGenocide Uighurmuslims have been in camps since BarackObama was in office, China antiterrorist policy targeted Uighurs initiated 2014, with conflicts from 2009 to 2016, what did JoeBiden do about it then? This is an ongoing spiral Under Obama, Russia annexed Crimea, China expanded into Asia, Iranians received150 bill., money fueling terrorist groups around the world beheading & murdering every week, Under Trump these groups are seriously stiffled and diminished, NK, Rus, CCP are currently not threatening.

MaraLiasson At this point Sasse has nothing to lose. Trump is a dumpster fire and the majority of republicans know it. He should own his words on any cable news show. It might inspire more senators to finally grow a spine. MaraLiasson This is who the republicans are, say anything like RepTomReed taking credit for getting medical supplies to NY during the early months of the pandemic or RepJacobs taking credit for job creation during the pandemic. GOP realDonaldTrump lie! TrumpVirusDeathToll215K

And it took you how many years to figure this out? This senator, SenSasse who wrote about the 'Vanishing American Adult,' could have actually done something about Trump, but sold the American people out to stay in lock step with McConnell and their financial evil overloads. I hope he enjoys reaping what he has sown. RIPGOP

SenSasse and the rest of this SenateGOP are cowards Our freedom caucus rep is already trying to jump onto the 'I was always a conservative' life raft. They seem to think voting with Trump 96% of the time is undone by a couple 'naughty, naughty' comments. They'll still vote for him. You had a chance in January to do something about it. You didn't. Who f** cares what you think today?

You had your chance to remove this incompetent, criminal. And, you chose not too. You did not uphold your oath, and succumbed to toe the party line even when the basis was criminality. You are complicit and culpable for US policy. Shame. Finally someone who has the stones to criticize trump, and it’s all true. The governor of Iowa needs to be impeached. Coronavirus is the worst it’s been in Iowa, and she lets trump have a rally in the biggest city in Iowa. That is the height of idiocy.

What grown man says “kisses butts”? What a wank Big whoop. This guy has done nothing but roll over for Trump. MaraLiasson Where was he in January ?😒 This better be the trajectory the right goes after this horrid experiment. Tommcc642 It's a little late for Ben to be trying to distance himself from trump now. For the last 3+ years he has voted with the GOP and enabled trump.

The expectation that someone with symptoms of untreated mental illness, per 38 Psychiatrists, who cheated to dodge the Draft & to get into college & who mismanaged multiple companies, per his employees, is going to be able to govern at all is unrealistic. He duped his followers. He should put his money where his mouth is. When he had a chance to do something he didn't. He voted to aquit DJT during his impeachment trial. At the end of the day, he's still party over country.

Where has his backbone been for the last 4 years. He's a spineless hypocrite! JUST LIKE THE REST OF THE GOP! At least one GOP senator is awake. Good to know. America FIRST Sasse. These GOP senators & reps do not get to walk out from under this. “I was secretly against him all along,” doesn’t cut it. Remember their names in 22 & 24. Send them packing. Replace them with decent republicans, with independents or with DEMs. Doesn’t matter. They need to go.

Where does the infection lie? POV How did the Senator vote on the Articles of Impeachment? To summarize, as maddow would say pay attention to what they do not what they say. How did Sasse vote on impeachment? Total coward trying to save himself during a Blue Tsunami! VoteBiden VoteThemAllOut VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare VoteBlueToSaveAmerica

Although he’s right, it’s a little late. He hates him so much he voted with him more than 2/3 of the time. ETTD Like rats from a sinking ship. Defund National Propaganda Radio If Trump loses they'll all jump out like rats in a burning ship. Hes a china hawk and stated himself china want biden and russia wants trump. Yet he brings up the death camps and does exactly what china wants...what?

Too little, too late, Ben. You will still vote to confirm ACB so what does this even matter? And yet he like everyone else in the GOP kowtows to Trump. Hey, maybe don’t vote for the judge that is being placed on the Supreme Court to overturn legitimate election results. By the way. Who is trying to protect this guy? Why? Look at his votes. If he pledges to Biden, I will believe he is not lying.

I am sorry. Sasse kisses a dictator's butt. His name is Trump. Trump is the worst kind. Sasse participates and tells Dictator Lies. What about taking kids from their mothers and fathers! Not a peep. Liar!! See Chaplin's point.. .BenSasse is a hypocrite. He speaks up now about Trump as autocrat lover but has no problem destroying norms so he can fast track an ultra conservative Supreme Court Justice

What’s he supposed to do? Invade China? Start a war? At least Flake jumped ship... Sasse has no integrity left. Umm, no, because he has his own concentration camps. Why should he care about someone else's. I swear irony and facts are completely lost on these people. 94% support from GOP in primaries. Who cares about a rogue senator. Trump Trump2020Landslide

Yeah, BenSasse, but you still vote for his Supreme Court nominees. You are a man of little integrity and courage. Thanks - wish there were more like you. Oh, so now there is mutiny? Laughable and unbelievable. The majority of the Republican party has been complicit for four years, and that shall forever be a stain on their political futures.

Voted with Trump 86 pct of time Sasse and Romney both want to be minority leader after the democrats retake the Senate in November This means absolutely nothing to me until his own behavior reflects that these words mean something to him. “And all that’s why I’m voting for him” he concluded DefundNPR where is story on Hunter Biden NPR is trash.

Ahhhhh-Little too late senator❗️👎🏽👎🏽 Profiles in Courage. It's tiring to see Senators like BenSasse act 'concerned' about presidential behavior yet consistently toe the party line because they are terrified of Trump, McConnell, and MAGA voters. Somehow this makes Sasse seem more contemptible. Too little, too late.

🔶I hope Sen. Sasse's constituents really appreciate his honesty. Some don't saying he's too hard on Trump. I think he should have been harder on Trump. But I appreciate him trying for honesty in their party, that other's didn't try to do. The rats are starting to flee the sinking ship This guy? Seriously, this guy can F all the way O. He knows he's complicit and ready to jump ship (as so many others have pointed out). Let him sink. Let's make no excuses.

Latest GTFO Breaking News: BenSasse sees that Dear Leader Is losing, grows the smallest of spines This is all well and good. But Mr. Sasse, its been 4 years of this. What changed? Sasse mock bravely taking a stand so he can position himself for 2024. The GOP has had all sorts of opportunities the past four years, but nobody had until they were certain that Trump has no chance of winning the election.

And Sen. Sasse hasn’t lifted a finger to rein in Trump’s worst behavior, either. Maybe get him to say all this on the record before giving him credit. Vote him out. He sees a sinking ship and is trying to find a lifeboat. No. Leave him in the water like Rose did to Jack. No word on Twitter blocking the NY Post? Why? Because the Post has uncovered emails between Hunter Biden & the Ukrainian Govt asking the latter to sack the Ukrainian prosecuter who was looking into the shady deals between Hunter & the Ukrainian energy company. And Joe intervened

And yet... And yet... you still jack step into line when he whistles. I'm not impressed. thanks

NPR Choice pageIt could be a Russian spy. I hoped they find out! See related 😉😍

NPR Choice pageIt's pretty easy these days to figure out who spreading horse shit and who's not. Just use your head.

NPR Choice pageMasks are great protection, even though the CDC itself says that most people who get the China-virus wear them. Oh, well, makes us feel 'safe'. Voted by mail in Michigan. Ballot was tracked the entire trip, text messages sent to my phone, including a final official email from the clerk reporting it has been received and will be counted on election day. No risk of death from Trumphole's Covid-19 mishandling. I’m bringing a chair and coffee and a book. I will also ask my socially distanced next in line to hold my spot if I have to pee

NPR Choice pageTake notes America this might be on the exam RT : Kyrgyzstan's president has resigned after 10 days of unrest sparked by disputed parliamentary elections. He's the third president to be overthrown in a popular uprising since the country gained independence in 1991. Good for them. Don’t fall into the trap we did where we can only choose between 2 people out of 2 parties decided by people who run those two parties.

NPR Choice pageWells Fargo Sucks How often is Wells Fargo going to pull this stuff and keep operating like nothing? Isn’t this like a monthly thing? WellsFargo doing something illegal and blaming low level associates?

NPR Choice pageHow about Hunter Biden’s emails? If you’re trustworthy, tell us about it. Are they legit? What are the facts? That’s what matters to , right? At least it did matter at some point. Be Prepared.