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President Trump has proposed an executive order mandating classical architecture for new federal buildings — and calling some modern federal buildings 'undistinguished,' 'uninspiring' and 'just plain ugly.'

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Sure he wasn't looking in the mirror? Wow! To another generation of unloved rich and gauche little Trump boys. No surprises. Now that he has been given complete control, in his eyes, he will succumb to every fantasy, passing or not. President Orange will not be in office to dictate anything anymore. It is our responsibility to get this monster out of office. Bernie2020

RacistsGonnaRacist The Resident of the White House wants the FBI building to be modern in design. Stupid its a government building I prefer it to stay that way. The Resident I bet wants A lot of glass and flash. With NEON LIGHTS saying FBI. BS Let's try holograms for his next drive-by! *sigh* Been to DC many times, and yes, some noble agencies have buildings that resemble concrete storm drain liners with windows. Hope they got a great deal on the lowest bid.

I thought that only communists dictated artistic decisions. He needs to look in the mirror first....tacky af. It’s only a matter of time before his picture will be in all federal buildings and we will need to bow to it as we pass.

NPR Choice pageWhy hide this info for 12 years? 💔

That’s what I look for when I’m in need of a federal building! Don’t change this or else I would get lost! Sounds like he was looking in the mirror LOL this is the only thing I agree on with Trump LOL. I'm gay so you would expect that from me. Is Trump trying to tell us a secret about himself? His sisters thought he was gay growing up because he liked to pick the drapes for his father's hotels.

Leslieeditor He said that about buildings!?! I’m thinking he must’ve been looking in a mirror.—'undistinguished,' 'uninspiring' and 'just plain ugly.' Well he for once isn't wrong.. can't believe I'm saying that. However, I bet he'll want to have golden TRUMP letters on the facade... Don’t forget the coal heat and lead pipes.

So why are so many of the Trump properties modern architecture turds? Who's the new Albert Speer? Albert Speer, Hitler’s architect. Nailed it You’ll never guess which lunatic German corporal who became Chancellor of Germany in the 1930s decided the exact same plan. Check out his personal architect, Albert Speer. This is something dictators do. He wants buildings, streets, schools & mountains named after him.

NPR Choice pageamerica needs either a civil war or a nonviolent separation. Better than a communist, but NPR would love that Threepers are in every single part of society. We are your neighbors and are only here to defend against tyranny and Socialism.

Because his taste in architecture is so... “The executive order would only mandate classical architecture for federal buildings in Washington, DC.” (Fascist. This mofo has to go.) We already know his taste. And of cause, spending money on how the buildings decoration/restoration is more important than spending money on our citizens who really need it.

So who is his contractor friend that’s gonna get paid? So if it costs extra, is the miser gonna pay for it? He’s right tho. Our federal buildings could definitely be more aesthetically pleasing Next... renaming them Trump buildings. 🤮 Ah, yes. The master architect who thinks that dripping his buildings in gold is tactful has spoken. Can Barr just buy him some Legos to keep quiet?

I always thought some of the high security buildings were intentionally “undistinguished” The Architecture Gestapos!

NPR Choice pageScum Look at that span of time..... GENERATIONS of girls. 🤦🏽‍♀️

This is literally another page right out of Hitler's playbook. Also, if he would disclose his business ties we would know whether or not he will directly benefit from this construction requirement. that building does look like a brick. Can we remove the orange menace from office citing the same criteria?

They are government buildings, not hotels Prince Charles would probably approve architecture I hear some of the much needed CDC's funding has been diverted to purchase large Golden 'T's for the front of every government building. Says the person who personifies all those qualities. That is the only thing I kind of agree with him.

Well, there is a difference between casinos and municipal buildings, and the President has a view of how each should look like, and their meaning. Hotels and Casinos are for pleasure, apartment buildings are not, nor are the offices of governed employees. Like Moscow looks. What about your 'just plain ugly, uninspiring' *wall*?

NPR Choice pageThe hard shill is ON for this sh!tty track. Wow. Billie Ellish is music for people who's career aspirations both begin and end at Hot Topic.

At least he didn't call them 'fat' and 'horsefaced.' Who cares? Are they functioning properly? We don’t need to spend more money on looks: we need to spend money on substance! Let’s spend our money on our roads and bridges etc....that fool is has zero substance; Exhibit A that fake bake orange nightmare of a tan!

I really don't care, do you? Surprised his is not mandating they all be named after him. Where does the money for this come from? Exactly what we have in Trump's presidency... 'Uninspiring' and 'plain ugly' Make America Greek Again. Concrete facades are just plain ugly. I agree!! We are living in the dark ages.

NPR Choice pageWell, did he? 😢 Working in retail and restaurants through college killed any romantic fantasies of marriage and relationships early on.

Taking us backward in so many ways. The buildings are damn ugly Next he will want the ultra classy Trump logo on all government buildings 🤷‍♀️ Yes the 1960s buildings are ugly . But we should not be turning to “classical architecture “ . Look to the future ! We do not want the buildings looking like Trump clubs or tower .

How is this even a priority? Aren't government buildings SUPPOSED to be inconspicuous? This seems very Hitleresque Here is the one place I actually am in agreement. Kind of like Mussolini and the architecture he propagated in Rome. He should know what just plain ugly looks like 😂 More gold toilets!!!

NPR Choice pageExactly. This is why in the difícil of having children would you rather have children than be with someone who has children Dont embarrass me like that again Thank you ✅

😡 He wants Kremlin laundered rubles faux dictator style?🤔 Because in amerikkka, facades are important, not law or legislation or citizens or human health... or clean water or affordable housing... Hes ugly This creep is copying Hitlers playbook day by day He's going for that 'Caeser's Palace' look. Very chic.

DegenerateArt a phrase from the same time period of AmericaFirst, ring a bell? As if he knows “classical”. Have you seen the trash he builds snd puts his nane on? Who is he ,Louis XV ordering new buildings? Why should any architects listen to him? What does he know about architecture anyway? her certainly is an expert on ugly.

I think 'Howard Roark' would have something to say about that. Who is John Galt? The last time a president acted like Trump regarding architecture in the own country was under Stalin and Hitler. Yeah, but he says there's not enough money to give fed employees a miserly raise I'm not a fan of brutalist architecture either, but those kind of buildings have not been put up for a few decades

From the guy who brought you the trump Taj Mahal? He should not be establishing any architectural standards. Thank you, realDonaldTrump ! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black Not entirely against that. Too bad he didn't feel this way when building trump tower... And lemme guess, the only people who can build them HAPPEN TO BE trumps friends lol

Well that is sometimes true but he’s spent aall the money plus, plus, plus! Think of the jobs to be created in areas with dying industry... he’s just not qualified for anything beyond barking half baked orders and overspending- other people’s money! how about whatever costs us taxpayers the least? cc Trump Tower architects

And gold toilets in every one! Well, that doesn’t sound very conservative.... It applies only to brand new federal buildings in Washington DC. How many of those are likely to be built? Worthless order. Also if one is built it will be hella expensive. I hate to admit this, but I agree with him. They need modernization desperately. Plus, it would help with low morale caused in part by his administration. It’s a shallow and misguided gesture for sure, but it’s needed.

A man with no class or smarts is going to dictate architecture? That is what he worried about? Geez Louise!

I actually love this idea. We should take pride in government buildings. I lived in Detroit and the old buildings used for post office, train station, etc are awe inspiring. It would employ skilled workers and just be plain nice. Finally a good idea! What? Sounds like nazi / communist architecture 🤪 rhonda_harbison Someone please tell the Idiot in Chief to stop screwing with our money!

PrincessBravato Wasn't he fixing airports too? VoteBlueToSaveAmerica rhonda_harbison Just another money grab for trump and his pals. Just another grift. undistinguished, uninspiring and just plain ugly? everything is NOT always about you, realDonaldTrump. 'undistinguished', 'uninspiring' and 'just plain ugly' - sounds like tRump is describing himself.

Ugly is as ugly does. Classic, does that mean a comb over and a spray tan? Ah, the important work of the Presidency.

1 way to funnel money to your contractor 'friends'. Heil! So he wants more pink marble and brass fixtures? The worst concrete 1970s federal building looks better than Trump Tower. Make America Beautiful Again They just need to be functional government buildings. Would 'inspirational' designs cost unnecessary tax dollars? We need to pay down some of the $3 Trillion debt we've incurred during the past 3 years..

Soviet style ? True. Very ugly & depressing looking shit that doesn't age well at all. They all look like prisons, etc. Cold. Brutal places of no hope. Something fit for a king maybe. Agree that they're ugly. But there are homeless, hungry and those who can't afford healthcare and life saving medicines. Shouldn't they be priority? Don't you dare spend our tax $ on decorating the outside of buildings as long as our people are in need.

Just another way to fill his and his minion’s pockets I agree with Trump on the ugly buildings- there are a lot of them. PrincessBravato Hitler did the same exact thing! Just like a puppy. Gotta pee on e everything. Who is going to pay for that? trump has no taste, prefers gold everything furnishings, so what does he know from ugly?

There should be no new federal buildings. I think he's referring to trump tower!! Capt. Bone spurs While I like classical buildings over some modern architecture, I think this is not a subject for a US president. But, it’s rather a discussion to have with his wife or friends- a casual communication. But then again, he doesn’t have friends and his wife doesn’t speak to him.

This Federal Reserve building is nice. In fact it could act as a pedestal for a giant gold Donald “The Plug” Trump Statue.

Priorities. While children sit in cages and democracy is robbed from us all let's make sure the buildings are distinguished Donald NERO Trump is burning down our democracy and this is the sheit you chose to write about? WTF, NPR? Ah, next stop: degenerate art. If this man wins again in November, I’m moving planet.

Kind of agree with the man, I’m not an American but I respect and appreciate AmericanArchitecture and governmentbuildings always had a higher standard of design that screamed AmericanHeritage... all he is trying to do is preserve some Americanculture and Heritage If he can do it at the same, my tax dollars, price, fine. If not, shut the fck up.

Is this governing? They are sturdy and functional, unlike Trump’s border fence. This is weird. Why should all of America suffer his taste in architecture Is he emperor or something? When you have no taste everything is coated in gold and ornate.

realDonaldTrump butt out! He’s putting Albert Speer in charge.... Hitler thought erroneously that he was a great architect too. He had a whole vision for Berlin...Albert Speer, his Architect, started to remake Berlin into a German Capital to impress the world after winning WWII. Stop this nonsense, now.

Now he’s the king of architecture...the guy with the stunningly buildings with his name on them. Well, that is just another waste of money. Meanwhile the homeless... One would think that the President of the United States would have more important things to think about. The newer fed buildings are actually veru nice. Its the ones that were built in the 80's and 90's that look like garbage.

Posts from NPR are always anti-Trump. Do they bother to write new ones, or simply rotate their stock of standard diatribes?

Crazy ass Hooray classical architecture! No More taxpayers money to yourself or fold.. Dictating Architectural style? Ridiculous. We should be progressing not trying to replicate the past. Are liberals seriously mad at Trump for trying to make beautiful buildings? This is actually good news for them since it will open potential opportunities for creative people ... which nowadays tend to be liberal (sadly).

It would be nice if he could see the roads. Whatever happened to the bridge in Louisiana he promised? Oh yeah. I propose an un-executive order...ImpeachTrumpAgain. The 'King' wants his castles. Don't waste our tax dollars. Enough of the Orange Menace He has to just get his stamp on everything, doesn’t he

Just about all modern architecture is ugly. Looks like a portable hard drive or something. I don’t like trump but this is not totally false. Second time I have ever agreed with DJT. Like a stopped clock correct time Twice a day.

Has he seen the shit he built in NYC? All new buildings must be shorter than Trump Towers. 🇺🇸 donisdumb Idiotic. I really wish the Democratic party would come up with someone middle ground. Because this extreme leftist position will cause me to vote for him again. He’s not wrong Don't we have infrastructure issues to deal with? And who is Drumpf to tell us what our public buildings should look like?

'undistinguished,' 'uninspiring' and 'just plain ugly.' - Not surprisingly, that is also how I describe Trump's administration. Mr. Gaudy & cheap gilt on everything! No class Trump’s. 'undistinguished,' 'uninspiring' and 'just plain ugly.' It sound like he’s talking about himself.

realDonaldTrump are you talking about trump buildings because those are definitely the adjectives I would use to describe a trump property. Along with tacky, grotesque, cheap looking..etc etc Says man with horrendous taste Meanwhile back at band camp, our infrastructure is crumbling. But kudos to buildings not looking undistinguished, uninspiring, and just plain ugly. Could you do something meaningful for your country?

Well by golly someone should call Frank Lloyd Wright! I didn't care for Boston's City Hall until I read the Barking Circus Clown's executive order. Its growing on me as I write. I find Trump undistinguished, uninspiring and just plain ugly so I think he needs replacing 🤔 Funny , you almost think he was projecting himself with the choice of words. 🤔

Romanian dictator Ceausescu was the same. Just sayin' Like Trump Towers? Perhaps he has something a little more like this in mind?

Executive order for what? I'm on board Money better spent on infrastructure for the people, not the corporate government Because that's where we need extra money to go! It's not like children are going hungry in this country....or the homeless population increases yearly....etc. So ridiculous! Add to the list of things no American asked for.

I guess it’s time to go wake up old Albert Speer. As if we would listen to 'Mr. Tacky.' So much for protecting Social Security Sounds like someone describing Trump! He wants all these buildings to look like his gold and gawdy penthouse? Kinda like a brothel.

Just another example of how much he is, and has always been, a modernday King Herod. Vanity building projects! More importantly will the toilets use 20 gallons of water per flush ? I need to use as much water as possible at all times Oh, hey--how about something like this? Funny, those 3 terms perfectly describe Trump himself. Does projection work on buildings too?

Like trump towers? 'undistinguished,' 'uninspiring' and 'just plain ugly.' It's funny how many people hate architecture now.😂😂😂 ryanmoore001 I'm Donald Trump, and I approve of this tweet. Tackling the truly important issues America is facing He’s got a point And who could decorate the buildings- gold plate toilets . 🤢Greatest artistic President ever😱🤣😂

Well, since he doesn't have anything else to do.🙄 Architecture is an expression of the time, the site, the purpose and the people. One size/type does not fit all. Of course, he has nothing better to do but obstruct justice, tweet, lie, steal, do rallies, and now critique gov't buildings. He proves daily that he's the worst, ever.

🤔 Which one of his family is the 'expert' on classical architecture whose company he plans to enlist? Or is it just a wealthy backer of his whose specializes in classical architecture? Are we living in the Fountainhead? With gold pillars I assume? And brocade drapes? And mounted animal heads in every conference room?

And where are we gonna get the $$ for this? We gonna take more $$ from the military? Oh I thought he was talking about himself in that last part. Again with the projection! I find Trump 'undistinguished,' 'uninspiring' and 'just plain ugly.” Can we get rid of him?

Perhaps Trump prefer something like this? A model of Adolf Hitler's plan for Germania (Berlin) formulated under the direction of Albert Speer, looking north toward the Volkshalle at the top of the frame Yeah, let’s rebuild existing bldgs ... like his fence company he’ll be able to collect even more tax dollars w a bldg-redo company. As military pay millions to stay in his property’s...sweet. And, fuck our infrastructure just so ra45 gets to be a real billionaire.

Uninspired and uninspiring architecture vaguely reminiscent of the style in pre-WWII Germany. It's way more than ugly. I think he was describing himself. Despise trump...but architecture is the US is pretty lame. Not completely against this. They are but kind of funny coming from Capt Bonespurs as he is not known for good taste

This is just another part of the Putin playbook to authoritarianism. Their plan has not slowed just because certain events have been exposed. By the time we get a full picture, the damage is too severe. He's right. best shit out of his mouth in 3 years They are very bland but renovating would be a waste of money. Its not a necessity. Save it for FEMA and unexpected disasters!

Like he would know, give me a break!!! Dictating an architectural style is pretty blatantly, well, dictatorial. Let them eat cake We have money for new federal buildings? If he's the arbiter of distinguished, inspiring and beautiful, then Jeffrey Dahmer is the arbiter of fine dining and Charles Manson is the arbiter of sanctity of life and O.J. is the arbiter of justice and Casey Anthony is the arbiter of good parenting. How'm I doing?

Shocked he didn’t mandate gold and black. Like....Trump Tower on 5th Ave in NYC...done in “early Gaudy”....seriously? Has he even seen any of his buildings? Sounds as though they match his soul... selfawarenesssunday From this day on, the official language of San Marcos will be Swedish. Silence! In addition to that, all citizens will be required to change their underwear every half-hour. Underwear will be worn on the outside so we can check.

While I’m no fan of brutalism, I am a fan of progress in architecture. In this regard, I do not give one f*ck what the founders thought. ...says the man who believes that gold gilded toilets represent good taste and class. Let's not take architecture/design advice from Trump, eh? Does he think Trump Tower is architectural genius? It looks as ugly as the owner.

😒 i'm not even Also the top floors are now being turned into penthouses. Good. Contemporary architecture is fucking ugly. Bring back the Federalist style. While were at it, how about we just stop robbing Americans to build new government buildings and just abolish the whole thing. Hitler had the same idea.

Why does it matter what the building design is? ok snowflakes, if everything is fascism then nothing is fascism. fashion and design are about the two most trivial things i can think of, it's stupid for Trump to be involved in it and it's equally stupid for you people to be outraged over it. get over yourselves

I love Brutalist architecture - it is lovely and beautiful in its own subtle way. Not surprised that he is unable to appreciate it though... Another world leader was obsessed with nitpicking the architecture of government buildings for propaganda purposes Unlike your beautiful gold shit. Seems the govt is getting bigger with the cons yet again.

This actually seems like a parody article from “The Onion”. The insane truth is...knowing Trump, it’s equally not far-fetched. In other words just like Donald Trump. Just plain ugly. Such a Brutal attack on the Brutalist soulless sould crushing architectural traditon of the post modernism and post prosperty era, ^^Trigger warning^^ for all bureacrats and cubicle lovers.

This is a guy who literally tossed museum quality art deco furniture into dumpsters before a construction worker told him that he could sell them because they were worth money

Shit Stain is at it again. Without a doubt, this is his least offensive policy decision Wow. Since he was acquitted Trump does think he's king. Can dungeons and public executions be far behind? He’s right. I guess this is what he wants: Dear Leader wants classical architecture for federal buildings so, there WILL BE classical architecture for federal buildings!

He is not wrong. This is literally fascism Something with flair like a modern Third Reich theme what a great use of money

intentionally or not this is a policy of white supremacy (also “classical” greco roman style architecture is ugly and unoriginal) They are unsightly! mr trump has a wonderful sense of beauty and architecture Sounds like they look like him? See guys. I don’t disagree with everything Trump says. Just the dumb stuff.

Welcome to trumplandia. We all know what an arbitrator of taste he is. Fake gold crap everywhere. Looking for something like this? This sounds familiar. Nothing classier than gold toilets. Of course because spending money on how the buildings look is more important than spending money on the people in this country who really need it.

Like they made a 10 year old president. Because Trump is an arbiter of good taste... Ugh. I'm sure libs will not be happy, they'd rather walk into something that looks like a WWII bunker. Disappear from planet earth 45th Because the Trumps have impeccable taste. 🙄 Where is Albert Speer when you need him?

'Just plain ugly'? Was he looking in a mirror ? Sounds good.

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