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It's illegal to wear a mask under a number of circumstances in D.C. So some are asking why 100 white nationalists were able to get away with wearing face masks during a recent demonstration in the city.

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So they don't lose their jobs or get their life ruined. Because they are persecuted. How about all the asians that run around with surgical masks. What's good for one group is good for all. SLKath If they are so proud to be White Nationalists, then why covered their faces. Only cowards and criminals cover their faces. CowardWhite

Bunch of cowards. SLKath Big brave men... OMG. That’s creepy as hell. Sounds about white... MissM4rple because cops love this shit. No, I think we’re all pretty clear on why. TRASHY White Supremacists! Try telling that to Steve Inskeep. He would probably support White Supremacists. I turn him off. Can’t trust him.

NO NO NO! As Gay people we prefer formal reveal parties after cosmetic surgery. Get your facts straight!

NPR Choice pageThe immigration courts aren’t independent tho Oh no, a letter? That'll scare Donald and his band of criminals. They hate letters. The Democratic Party’s concept of “resistance” to fascism begins and ends with strongly worded letters

Not just masks... But white masks. They also had police protection. 😣 Cowards !!! 😥 Lol Whiteness!!! 🤷🏽‍♀️ Imagine if it was Brown or Black people doing this as everyone would be up in arms! 😫 Of course Media would be all over it with their take too! I wish the article had spent some time talking about how its a nationwide trend for the police to not prosecute right wing hate groups, especially for mask wearing, while targeting anti-hate group protesters at the same gatherings.

😠 Just like Antifa, wouldn’t you say...NPR chick_in_kiev white privilege How many times does it have to be said? chick_in_kiev Cause Um..... never mind.... TheKolaNut Mayor and Police Chief of the District of Columbia… what say you? We’re waiting Good question

NPR Choice pageWho could have anticipated an outcome like this? 🤔

🤔🤔🤔 I'm wracking my brain for the white answer. Why are they wearing masks if they are so proud of themselves Like a number of laws. And like the Pirates Code, They be guidelines. Police choose not to enforce specific laws. The answer seem a little too obvious Exactly. Why? Antifa gets away with it every day of the week

Because people don't want to piss of white supremacists. Their feelers might get hurt. /S Interesting they tend to call themselves law abiding citizens only when they dont 🙄 ADD: 'With police protection' Meh. They’re white. Look at what’s in the oval. There should be no questions about why.

NPR Choice pageIn an interview set to air tonight, ABC News asks AG Barr if he's prepared for the potential consequences of openly criticizing the president. 'Of course,' Barr says, according to ABC, vowing that he 'won't be bullied or influenced by anybody.' This guy is doing damage control as the president cant keep his yap or tweet shut! And now Barr has to answer to house judiciary. LMFAO! I hope he gets his ass handed to him! it would be SweetJustice Yep. His is job is doing all the bad stuff on the sly. So trump giving everybody a heads up makes it impossible for him to do it surreptitiously, illlegally and unethically.

Trump supporters seem to be able to get away with anything So proud, they hide their face If they are so proud why where masks? I sure most people that know them know they are what they are or how they feel. They are a bunch of chicken 💩 racists. Because they’re white. And they’re Naz....I mean Nationalists

The same reason no one does anything about antifa. Pick your side, make excuses. Most of the white nationalists were Law Enforcement. Because they love the don the con! We are living in a double standard society! Hypocrites ANTIFA are wearing masks all over the US causing violence for the last three years and the first time NPR is concerned is this? Biased much? So yes, I’m asking why.

Sifill_LDF Let me take a guess. Because they're white. Because they're white supremacists. I think you answered your question. White nationalists were able to get away with it.

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Because there is a white nationalist sitting in the Oval Office. GOPBetrayedAmerica GOPTraitors AllRoadsLeadToPutin Fair question. Does this apply to muslims as well?... I get why you covered this, but there were so many demonstrations with more people that did not receive little or no MSM coverage.

Those a kerchiefs, obviously a new fashion statement for white men. Imagine supporting an ideology where you have to hide your identity, because it's so toxic to most people. WTF? Or are those really looooong turtlenecks? White privilege wins again Did you write a similar story after Charlottesville (yes, it is in Virginia)? I disagree with all of these wearing mask over their face, but, please, NPR, at least fain consistency and lack of bias. Supremists and 'Antifa' fascists are all a danger to US.

These people are pure and simple cowards. If you cannot show your face because you fear you will be shamed for what you are doing, maybe just don't do it. If you are proud enough to grab a military style weapon and march in public, be brave enough to show your face Cowards

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What's embarrassing is that America fought world war 2 to abolish terrorist of the world yet they actually have terrorist in their own backyard I’m looking at this picture and thinking, white baseball caps and white face coverings...what does that look like? Modern day KKK hoods. Disgusting. And, masks For this purpose are illegal in DC. Show your faces, racists!

Good question. What's the answer? All the President's Men JoseGrinanFOX26 Maybe because they allow Antifa to run around for years without any repercussion Sifill_LDF Wow just like Antifa - yet you have no problem with them? They BOTH need to stop! The KKKs new work uniform. Some? The answer is in your headline.

Kops and klan go hand in hand.

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Ask her. She’s the mayor. I’d rather know why ANTIFA is allowed to run roughshod over the citizens & law enforcement in the communities they torment. Duh, because they are WHITE! 😂 Neka98993949 Reformed KKK well the answer is in the question .. Hint: W_ _ _ _ N_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Why do white nationalists get to do any type of demonstration...

The cops didn’t want their friends to be doxed & embarrassed White privilege, duh. Black men who did that got the tear gas and dogs. In the last week alone: A 15 y/o Trump supporter was attacked A Republican voter registration booth was ran over A California GOP HQ was vandalized A 50 y/o man was punched after just being mistaken for a Trump supporter And the media has been silent. I wonder why?

Where has Nakedly Progressive Radio™ been these last few years while ANTIFA has wreaked their masked destruction around the nation? You don't even bother to try and disguise your obvious bias. You don't report news; you propagandize.

2B_Painfree Only cowards hide and coverup like SenateGOP and ReTHUGlicans in general. With all due respect this is a cynical and stupid question ... NPazderski Besides being cowards they are favored by the president. One nation (one law) right? If a thousand black males came to DC armed with face masks and camo to march for Obama would the press/police act different? Of course ... White Knights of the GOP are evetywhere

Because some of those who work forces are the same that burn crosses. 2B_Painfree Gee NPR you worded that almost like FOXNews “some” ask, “some” say! Nice work. bit surprising to see a mainstream media source talk about the police like this, but surely there's more than 100 of them The senate goes for a jog together..

Why do they have to wear a mask Why are they hiding? Unfortunately it is basic and obvious... they are white and the police, justice and political structures have in place protections for white abusive behaviour... Fearful and full of loathing for everything they cannot understand. Pathetic little men.

Cult members are members of the king's court so they are 'very fine people'. Apparenly some Capital police are also members of the king's court. JoeHeim The white privlidge of police protection (and involvement). Sifill_LDF Why are they permitted to have their flags on poles? Poles/posts/sticks have been banned at every demonstration I’ve ever been to in DC.

Sifill_LDF Cops have more in common and more sympathy for fascists and their hateful ideology than they do their counter-protestors. Really quite simple. Silly you. The clue is right there in front of you. They were white! Sifill_LDF The answer is white in front of you. Klu klux Klan all over again. Where is the outrage when antifa thugs run over Portland, attacking elderly and damaging property?

OMG, Antifa wears face masks all the time and nobody does anything. Portland Police doesn’t even do anything if they hit anybody. If you report, report unbiased please. This headline is just creating hatred. Here’s a real story about hundred, of violent, masked protesters. It doesn’t fit the “white nationalist” narrative but it’s a real story.

Sifill_LDF Because the cops are probably part of them as well 🤷🏽‍♂️ Antifa? Strange how masking never comes up at NPR when antifa is doing it. Some of those who burn crosses are the same that work forces The rules don't apply to Trump supporters. Why didn’t the DC police confront them and stop them...Maybe because the Trump told the DC police to leave them alone...

veronica_helm I am reminded of Putin's minions once again. Remember Putin's 'little green men' who invaded Crimea in 2014? they wore no insignias to indicate they were Russian soldiers so no one could accuse Russia of invading. And face masks. Because their orange ass-hat, cult leader is there Because their are white supremacists sympathizers on the police forces around the countries. Look at the glee to which they bash minorities head in.

So that no one can see that they are actually Democrats putting on a show in disguise. I mean, let’s be honest, Democrats get away with everything. You know why, don't play stupid. Nothing is illegal for White Trump supporters. The entire Government is corrupted to support the dictator. ANTIFA Are they really wondering or...

They’re just scared of the changing demographics of this country so...they protest? But Who exactly are they protesting? Evolution? Cause that’s EXACTLY why this country’s changing. We’re growing! Who’s scared of growth? March all you want. Change IS coming. Yeah why Cowards. How does 'antifa' get away with beating people? Go away.

Racism is still alive today. While I understand free speech, we cannot let groups like this exist and publicly spread their hate. racism FreeSpeech endhate

That’s why. Oh oh, I know the answer to’s because their leader in the White House let them. Besides the obvious answer, it's possible they're involved in law enforcement & don't want it known. White privilege Most of those are feds. senatemajldr ChuckGrassley SenJohnThune ALLOW ILLEGAL activity in DC; are Republicans also hoping for terrorist attack too? FBIWFO

Now do Antifa. BC Billy Barr is our AG and their personal defense lawyer. They just didn’t want to get sunburned. That Scandinavian skin is really sensitive don’t ya know. Because they are being modest

This photo reminds me of all the tax evaders that use DC to skirt what every other state has to comply with,except the masked men are called Politicians. It time DC be changed from this district thing and be called the 51st State of Columbia and start taxing like all the rest.🛑. vegix Lets get 200 men of color walking down the street with black masks on and see if the same rules apply

Anonymity for me but not for thee? Seems like they're trying to make racists a protected class. That's messed up. So proud of their “heritage” they have to hide their faces. Who would take these people seriously? They scurry like cockroaches when the light hits them. Yeah right, wait until the Wuhan Virus shows up in DC and watch America ignore that law

Keep it up NPR. Trump supporters get a pass on these things Khaki and white killing me in the irony! Is this about what the khaki attention has been? asks a question so blatantly obvious, POC's across the nation all roll their eyes in unison... Because half the marchers were cops?

Give me a break... Have you ever watched Antifa? They usually wear black masks, terrorize city officials, intimidated police, deface/vandalize businesses & threaten the population. Can't act like racists mobilizing isn't a problem unless the government that runs things ARE the racists. Same KKK but a different mask

Because they are cowards and embarrassed by what they are marching for! They white Because we live in a fascist state now where racist Nazis have carte blanche to do whatever they want. White Supremacsts = American ISIS Equivalents American WhiteSupremacist isis militias resist fbr Because the police are on their side.

Due to the white nationalist in the WH!

The answer is in one word of the question To hide the fact that they were probably feds. Yes, we ARE wondering about that. Why are we locking defenseless children in cages and letting masked men violate laws and intimidate neighborhoods? Coronavirus... Because they are TrUmpP suPoRterS🤪 Their relatives and friends are the majority of the police force watching over them?

to match the antifa collection Raise your hand if you know why. This land is their land, they make the rules and, they will kill anyone who, tries to defy them, from the Trump border, to the New York Islands, this land ain’t free for you and me! It's honestly depressing that white nationalists are making a comeback, but... if you ACTUALLY read the law... you would know it has nothing to do with race. Keep misinforming the masses, NPR.

If you are a member of a group, be proud and show your face. It seems you know what you are doing is wrong when you hide. Because they can. And they did. Raise your hand if you know why they got away with it? 🤚🏻 They also had a proud police escort,, none of this is mistake 'Some are asking' . . . NPR really grasping for the tiniest pretext to talk about something that's not even a story.

ehoelker2 Perhaps they were practising for the war on Novid-19. Who knows? The law seems impotent there these days. The rule is for scary black and brown ppl silly Cowards show your faces Cuz they're all feds duh Maybe it's the same reason David Gregory was able to commit a felony on national TV by possessing a 30 rd magazine and the local prosecutor refused to charge him.

🤔 Fair. Now do Antifa? I'd wait but I'll de dead before NPR ever discusses this. Now let’s see what happens if black lives matter holds a march and wears masks The answer is in the question. It's illegal to wear a mask... while committing a crime. Does NPR think exercising their 1A rights is a crime? Remember: the 1A even protects speech we find offensive.

Wish I could sit down with one of these people and just 21 questions trivia. First being... what are white nationalists so proud of? What about their ancestry makes them unique? 🤔 traditional dishes? 🤔 To disguise themselves since they are Soros paid actors just like antifa Yes. We were told during the women’s march, of all events, we couldn’t wear masks.

How is hate still protected by the first amendment? TimeForRevolution FeedTheFire FeelTheBern NotMeUs Because the President of the United States is a white nationalist (I'm just saying what everyone else is thinking already).

Because they’re “white” NPR. Because otherwise they’d be doxxed and made permanently unhirable. Next time they need to be followed home. Clue: look at the racist squatting in the white house. This question is rhetorical right Uhh, because they are white. Weird how NPR doesn't ask these questions when it's muslims with niqab.

Easy, because ANTIFA wouldn't be able to wear their black masks if they did something about it. Contrary to popular belief, Trump doesn't rule D.C.'s municipal enforcement ya 'intellectual' sheep, it's congress or local govt: Remembering all the previous instance, NPR asked that question, in fact, I recall them defending such practice because muh police VioLEncE

Because you cant have whitehouse employees marching with white supremacists, unless you let them wear masks Answered your own question They was white And they say it's not privilege

Because all cops are bastards, and many (certainly not all) embrace white nationalist beliefs in various forms. wimps! Hiding behind the masks! Chichens 🐓🐓🐓 I'll give you a hint, it's the first word of white nationalists... White nationalism is the number 1 threat to domestic terrorism according to CIA and FBI. This Islamaphobia is just bs, the real enemy is here at home.

presidentpussyassbitch How about not worry about people wearing masks and have a policy and standard of immediately arresting anyone with violent actions and severe penalties. So at same time white nationalist bare marching with machine guns they are telling black men to put on 👗 and be LGBTQ or we are homophobic

Cops protecting their own. Who runs D.C.? Here's a guess. It's not the Republicans Scared of Corona virus ?

Because White Nationalists. antifa hopefuls, I guess. I think we all know why. It’s because they’re white jobsecurity lol

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