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First-term, moderate House Democrats will find out in the coming year if their vote on impeaching President Trump will cost them their seats in the 2020 elections.

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All Democrats will find out, not just the moderates. All Republicans will find out if it was a mistake to block possible challengers to the sitting in primaries. I believe that was a mistake they've done before we are not traveling in times that we have before. In some ways a war OMG!! Stupid thinking!!

I have faith in the average American. They recognized a sham when Clinton was impeached and they see this for what it is as well. Nice Polite Republicans No doubt. Trump in a landslide. Polling intelligence is less capable than in 2016. Who among us answers the telephone? They have no idea. This fact was validated by the crushing victory of borisjohnson this week. dnc and democrats are going to be slaughtered.

lol Oh, after having honked the impeachment horn for so long, NPR puts on the sad face for its victims. Aren’t there any first, second or more terms House Republican who will find out if their vote to not impeach will cost them their seats? Or is one story you refuse to “both sides”? Impeach NPR is now the both sides news network no matter what the Republicans do. I used to trust that I would be getting a unbiased opinion with my news.

RepFletcher pay attention. Don’t tow the party line on this sham. What evidence all the hearsay can’t be used in a trial and the one who has direct knowledge said Trump said I want nothing, no quid pro quo. So what evidence to they have to review. Trump2020

NPR Choice pageJust release him to the public streets of Boston. Shit will get worked out. Has Moscow Mitch volunteered to take his place...? Follow through Liberals. The guy did it.

Who cares the cost. Right is RIGHT!!! And I hope that's how they all feel about their vote Or if it’ll cost republicans their seats. ModerateVoters Long time conservative Republicans are also going to find out the same thing about their vote. There's a reason Dems won those seats from Republicans in 2018. It was to be a check on the criminal in the oval office. Hopefully in 2020 we will regain the Senate and Presidency and return to decency and sanity.

Not always easy to do the right thing. .... Or secure them victory as the Blue Wave crests in 2020? Jeepers, is this what passes for objective journalism? I propose we get rid of re-elections. Then politicians will be more likely to do what needs to be done rather than worry about getting re-elected. Single terms. Get in, do your damn job, leave.

These votes are the tough ones that should not be based on polls or employment retention, but on the Constitution. The oath is to the constitution, not their job. Now do one about how Republicans should be worried about how betraying the American people, and their oath of office in service of a tyrant, will affect their re-election chances.

NPR Choice pagewhat were they hunting, broccoli? Screw white people, amiright? Native American bison hunters used animal skins to camouflage their presence. Anyone think of that? Don't over-think it.

🤔 The country wants an impeachment This is democracy at work. Odd statement If representatives found out what their constituents wanted and then did it instead of doing whatever they want and hoping people are happy about it, this wouldn’t be a problem. Doesn’t matter. Vote your conscience. If you’re good, you can find another job. VoteYourConscience

I admire our Democrats courage and leadership especially up against Putins evil. Just do the right thing ! And moderate House Republicans will find out in the coming year if their vote on not impeaching President Trump will cost them their seats in the 2020 elections. (why is it always only Dems these articles are written about?)

trump appreciates your phrasing and amplification of his threats. Do better NPR. If they’re worried that enforcing the laws of our country will make them lose their jobs and they refuse to enforce those laws, they aren’t doing their jobs and don’t deserve their jobs. Do Not call Wall St DNC Dems 'Moderate'. Geez!

NPR Choice pageTit for tat. Germany should have never expelled the German diplomats over suspicion... this tit for tat could escalate eunuchpresident

The question is: Will the Republicans survive it. Don't underestimate americans' intelligence. People know what's going on. Yes it will so mote it be First-time moderate House Democrats will find out in the coming year if they have moral integrity, putting honor over office. No Democrat, younger generation member nor patriot is going to vote against anyone that votes to impeach Trump!

It’s disturbing that this is a risk. After all that Cpt. Bone Spurs has done and the way he has acted, I will vote anyone out that supports him! Impeach now! The leftist policies backfired against the Labour Party in Britain. A mandate decision by the people rejecting the communist and anti Semitic left of Britain. The US and Britain follow similar trends. Most Americans are not “woke” Twitter. “Woke” is just a very vocal minority

Stop thinking about your OWN personal futures and think about AMERICA'S IMMEDIATE THREAT!! If standing up to corruption costs your job in congress, there is nothing worth standing for any longer. Purple district fresh dems: I think they ought to make serious outreach to their constituents as to why impeach is legally and morally imperative — and then do the right thing. If the right thing doesn’t work, the country is lost anyway

Can anyone here state which unlawful act(s) he is being charged with? Can anyone cite commanding language used from the July 25th transcript?

NPR Choice pageCc: jjkeebs 🐶🗳 Stop public funded presstitution CABPassed The dogs seem concerned...

No wait needed. They are done! Standing firm to defend our democracy is more important than reelection. THE CRIMES OF THE POTUS SHOULDN'T AFFECT THIS AT ALL. TRUMP'S BULLYING AND UNCHECKED CRIMES CONTINUE.👎🤔 I hope they will honor their oath of office and not sell out the country and its people. Many before them have done the right thing in difficult times.

Probably a few, not all but some. If it does, then those who voted then out have no love or respect for the Constitution and country. It shouldn’t even be a question. That it is, I now know how Hitler came to power and slaughtered 6 million people. Impeach the criminal enterprise of Putin/Trump They'll be fine.

Congress voted for impeachment inquiry by majority vote. Why would 1st term moderate House Dems fear losing their seats in 2020 b/c they voted same? A moderate Dem voter smart enough to distinguish his/herself w/n/b that punitive over most serious indiscretions of a president. They damn well should lose their seats if their concern is more about losing them instead of what is best for our nation.

NPR Choice pageLol. What? Make identity a thing in music? This is hysterical . Women and ethnic groups have not been represented properly in music. What a damn joke . So does this mean Donald Fagan won't be up for album of the year? Still pissed that y’all stiffed Chris Gaines back in 99.

Cause they realize it's all bullshit. If defending the Constitution from a criminal makes you lose your seat, this country is doomed. George Soros is probably lining up jobs for the ones who vote for impeachment and are tossed out next fall. won't. Oust them all! They are all OBSTRUCTIONISTS and must go! Clearly they do not have the personal self thinking required to make independent decisions and have followed the DNC FLOCK in its corruption. America doesn’t need followers in Congress, We The People need leaders. FOX40 POTUS

Duh, what a needless and worthless story. That idea could be applied to any aspect of the world. This vote for/against impeachment should not be determined by your mindset of “will it get me re-elected!” It is “do I know the difference between right and wrong, upholding the Constitution and the Oath I took.”

I hope to see a headline that questions whether Republican Senators can survive turning the impeachment process into a joke, making a mockery of the Constitution. Look, stop hyping this. Instead, maybe ask if Rs who won't even listen to the evidence will have a job.

NPR Choice pageYet, it's stories like Mohammad Taslims that get erased whenever all Muslims are stereotyped as terrorists. We ignore the persecution of Muslims in much of the world. Instead of Trump using his bully pulpit to decry white nationalist rhetoric and hate, he encourages it. Anti-American Omar ….

L O L It will ! I’m sure corporate media like npr which is propaganda vehicle for the powerful will come up with some deceptive narrative that will tarnish trump unfairly to scare people into voting for the corruption that’s been plaguing Washington DC for decades before trump arrived. Republicans should be more worried for not standing up for our country’s rule of law and constitution!

Worry less about getting re-elected and more about why you were put there in the first place, to do the right thing. The House will be taken back by the Republicans.....President Trump will get 4 more years. He will get a lot more done in his second term. Leave in 2024 with the United States in a lot better shape than when he first took office. Don Jr will be President 2024-2032

So the risk is support Trump the right thing. It will. LandSlide2020 No it will not!!!! They are hero’s. Anyone who votes against impeachment is not for America and is against the constitution of the United States of America! It will be the other way around. There are a lot of Republicans there who are putting their seats at risk, in both chambers, to protect one man who is clearly guilty.

Remember moderate Democrats who turned away from Obama because they were worried their constituents would turn on them? Cautionary tale. Do the right thing and your constituents will support you.

🤔 The left have never accepted the “will of the people” so I think they’ll feel just fine. They’ll lie and claim to be moderate, when that’s just a euphemism for being moral chameleons willing to “evolve” on any issue that brings them more votes. It should be costing moderate republicans their seats for Christ’s sake.

Do the right thing. This should not be about polls or politics. This is about holding an unfit POTUS to account. It's not about who loses a seat. It's about who protects our democracy. Democrats who are voting for the constitution are patriots, and will always be patriots even if unseated. Republicans who stay in Congress will still be cowards. Everyday.

Pretty sure they were elected to a first term for this very reason. Not sure why it would cost them their seats in 2020. Most voters think Trump is a criminal. They must vote to uphold fair elections and thus, uphold our democracy by voting for impeachment Oh for crying out loud, there is considerable, credible evidence that impeachable offenses occurred. Do they really want to go down in history as standing by and doing nothing? Even if he is not removed, at least voters will know that they tried. There is nothing moderate here.

Hey NPR, Those with a conscience have no choice but to impeach an openly corrupt President who thinks nothing of usurping our right to a fair election. Sometimes doing the right thing and living up to one’s promises is more important than staying in power. In process of switching my party from R to D. Moderate D's will always have my vote.

Gdad1 Thought this was tweeted by thehill it’s so bad. And they defended the Constitution. History will remember them well. TMan 2020 The Founders risked THEIR LIVES, THEIR HONOR, and THEIR FORTUNES, sooo...whatever. Bye Felecias. ImpeachmentVulnerableGOPSenators That's what they were put there to do And yet the highest cost comes if they don’t; their moral standing and possibly the integrity of their country.

Seems like an odd headline - esp given that the Repubs are deliberately choosing to disobey their oath. NPR has turned into a parrot for the Repubs it seems. It will cost one freshman his seat: CongressmanJVD , when he votes against impeachment. When someone says he sees nothing Trump has done that is impeachable, those are the ramblings of an idiot. Got to go back to his dentist practice. We need people with backbones now.

It won't. They won due to dissatisfaction with the GOP candidates sucking up to Trump, so . . .

Indeed NPR reinforcing the WH messaging. To honor our oath to the Constitution and to We The People, or to behave like the Cowards in the GOP? Oh, what to do, what to do.... Who's the blonde? Dayum. GOP will find out if their votes cost US our democracy. Or republicans will find out if their unwavering support of trump will cost them their seats

MAGA2020Landslide Country before political party!!! Republicans have not learned that lesson yet. Waiting for same story about Republicans in swing districts. Oops, they are all retiring. Wonder why? It will.. im not a registered democrat for nothing

Many of these mod dems were elected in these districts BECAUSE they promised oversight. This article is fear based. Do better. Let me go ahead and tell you. IT WILL. This Democrat ad campaign is not why the American people elected you. You broke your promise to fix health care. You proved your party is more important than you constituents.

Is this about protecting their seats or doing what is right and what they swore an oath to do when they were elected? This is why we need more “Parties” the moderate Dems are republicans. The Republicans are white Nationalists. The progressives are Socialist-Democrats. We can only hope so How about Republicans mindlessly voting for acquittal?

What is “moderate” about supporting treason? Yes, because the Dem party is being overrun by extreme left socialist zealots who run on identity pandering. Y'all should listen to Obama on this. Odd how 5 yrs ago, Obama was a Dem fave. He tells them to settle down, now he's branded as weak & not liberal enough.

This shouldn’t be about votes or retaining seats in Congress. It’s about doing the right thing. Upholding your sworn oath to protect the constitution. These Democrats aren't 'moderate,' they're communists!

Easy choice: where is their loyalty, with the people of their district or with the Democrat Party leadership?

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