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Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden says his long career in politics makes him best positioned to restore America's standing on the world stage. And, he said his health care plan is more realistic than policies proposed by other Democratic contenders.

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I wish Joe Biden’s health plan would cover a brain transplant. It’s probably silly to think he needs one: he seems so happily deluded and cravenly comfortable serving as a straw man for the uber rich. Alas. biden actually said at one time , he didn't like abortion , opposed several of the manufactured wars , we r now ...... why not give him a chance ; after the bushes/ obama / trump sh=t , war , debt , death

as much as I hate biden , hillary at least it is possible biden wouldn't be a complete war nut , obama , hillary invaded libya , acted like it was fun , their privelge at least biden is not talking about nuking n korea , which could mean , n korea nukes our as- - s 23 trillion debt , phony wars , 60 million abortions , world stage , f====g insane people

Joe Biden is clearly the best choice to solve all the problems Joe Biden has helped create for this country. Why do you say Biden is the frontrunner? I know no one that will vote for him. Most people want Yang or Bernie. And Bernie just topped polls in California! It’s time to get BOLD and dare and dream and allow a WINNING vision for all of us who have been forgotten more and more for SO frickin long-and Joe? He ain’t it

If we nominate Joe Biden, we deserve Trump. Really. Learned nothing from running Hillary? Can't read the signs that even middle of the road Republicans won't vote for Biden? Can't we do better than this? Others say his long tenure is a good reason not to support him! How is Biden a frontrunner?

NPR Choice pageJesus Christ. Back to back years was bad for the music industry RIP MAC, X, Juice and NIP And nothing of value was lost.

'Dont worry insurance companies, a vote for me is a vote for more of the same, you'll be able to deny coverage the same as youve been doing all decade, with the assurance that every citizen is required to be a customer of yours.. and if they cant afford you, bill the government!' But Biden's mentality coupled with his age isnt up to the task.

This article is butt sweat from top to bottom. Fact is Joe, America knows you are a very corrupt person, you were a corrupt politician and being corrupt has leaked into your next generation! Your lead has made a son follow in your corrupt legacy. You and your son’s corruption has been revealed! FOX40 POTUS

They behave like 5-year olds... Bernie. Of course NPR is beholden to its corporate donors, and pushes this crap. So disappointed in NPR. His health care plans are designed to calm the fears of his corporate donors. Whatevs. I want real change, real reform. He’s the same old same old. More realistic is code for centrist and Boomer friendly. Keep it

NPR Choice page

Joe isn't keeping up. Um no. Bernie2020 BigUs DropOutJoe Old Creepy Crazy White Wingman Uncle Joe Ok fatty Lol Biden being the Democratic front-runner. Time our government moves on from the institutional old white guys. Biden is more of the same stablishment that lead us to this crisis. 'Democratic Frontrunner'

NPR Choice pageThe annoying sound in Frozen || means my kids won’t be watching it again at home... omg that was annoying!😐 when your day is long and the night the night is yours alone when you're sure you've had enough off this life well hang on don't let yourself go 'cause everybody cries and everybody hurts sometimes and hollywood stars hurt too +Respect for her. It's important to not keep mental health a secret. The more we hide it, the more we suffer. I say 'we' because I also suffer from the same afflictions. I don't hide it, as it lessens it. It needs to be shared!

🤮🤮🤮🤮 Biden’s helped with the downtrodden of America the last 30yrs are so and now he wants to fix it? Hard pass on ole Joe. That guy is perverted and corrupt as they come, he makes Trump look like a choir boy. Hope he does not get far to be president. LaneZane1 When are the Dems going to start talking about the the trump kids

Long career.... Retire. PeteButtigieg 🇺🇸 2020 The right choice Joe Biden is not my first choice, as a matter of fact he's my last choice. He's just a watered down Republican. No. No to any of the B brothers. You chased out KamalaHarris now you guys are after ewarren You won’t be happy until a white make savior is left.

Let's return Pay to Play to the White house. :-/ This SOB really does believe he is above the law.

NPR Choice pageTrying to cash in on just 2 years later. So powerful. Unsure why.

Arent the Democrats running on a platform of impeachment? I feel that CNN and other news outlets should be discussing what these candidates are going to do while in office than instead of focusing on how they're going to get into the White House. Forgive my ignorance as well. This tweet brought to you by the Walton Family Foundation and Amazon

meh...a bunch of insurance guys want what Joe is selling. I'm not buying it. Bernie Sanders. Just say it, “Bernie Sanders”. NotMeUs Bernie2020 Not even close! This is what this man did with his lifetime in public service..... just another corporate politician dropoutjoe Time to go. You are standing in the way of progress and new ideas. Not the time for bei g polite above change. Dickhead pres has shown one thing. We need to get down to clear intelligent decisions with no BS.

I would say both things are horribly untrue I’m gonna pass on Hillary 2.0, he’s just as full of himself as she was...delusional Nah.

NPR Choice pageGoing in January! 'Done been through some things', is what makes us the individuals that we are. Kudos to her - for insisting on keeping her story intact. When we see the successes of others, we are often unaware of what life demanded that they overcome. Npr and tina Turner have a plave very close to my heart. Will NPR have a look at my catalogue it can be found on my profile pin.

Nah If this were merely an ad, how would sound differently? Nope. TooOld, TooOldWhiteMale for the change we need. This 30yr-Straight Ticket Dem Voter will stay home (impacting downticket Dems too) before I vote for an entitled, OldWhiteMale for president. 243 years is ENOUGH. Key backers should take note. I ain't the only one.

He's making the same basic case as Hillary Clinton. Biden is also out of touch.😜 No. What hasn’t he accomplished his goals throughout his 40 years in office then? And what will his dementia do for America?

NPR Choice pageCan't wait for the Tesla ATW unveil. I found even getting around urban areas in Europe to be terrible for people in wheelchairs. EmpowerWheels?

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