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Set on a post-apocalyptic earth, 'Dead Astronauts' follows a trio of only vaguely human astronauts through a shifting, allegorical story that jumps back and forth across time, says our reviewer.

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*sigh* Another one for the book list Isn’t that covered in a book The Sparrow (1996) the first novel by author Mary Doria Russell 1 6 7 So, January 2021?

NPR Choice pageIt is not a glitch if it's by design ForTheMoneyNotForYou I helped an older acquaintance with signing up. Trying to decipher what’s what is next to impossible. It took me hours just to figure it out. I bet many just give up because it so confusing. I’ll stay on my private plan, thank you...

NPR Choice pageI think he handled it really well. You go JoeBiden GET OFF MY LAWN GODDAMIT NOW LETS DO PUSH-UPS!!! He also challenged a dude to pushups and called him 'fat'

NPR Choice pageYou mean when a President actually committed a crime? The senate is NOT going to remove Trump and this whole thing is a waste of money, an abuse of Congressional power and a diversion to crimes the Left committed during 16 election while they try to influence the 20 election Still crying for the past three years. At least bill actually was convicted of crimes

NPR Choice pageI feel like the Democratic Party is rearranging deck chairs on the titanic. Is this REALLY the hill you want to die on? On either side? How is “should billionaire’s children get to go to State for free” even a legitimate question Pete is just protecting the people who pay for his campaign. You can’t take his arguments without seeing his motivation. The dude seemed like a plant even before he was accused of it. Pete wants to offer free public secondary education for kids whose parents earn under $150k. Some parents earn more than that but don't want to pay tuition outright or co-sign loans. Why ignore kids in that situation if you're goal is to help those unable to afford college?

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NPR Choice pageThanks Obama! sickening America is diminishing.

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