Derek Chauvin İs On Trial For George Floyd's Death: Live Coverage

Derek Chauvin İs On Trial For George Floyd's Death: Live Coverage

NOW: Trial resumes for ex-cop charged in Floyd's death

Witness testimony continues in the trial of former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin, who has been charged in the death of George Floyd. Follow here for the latest.

4/7/2021 5:24:00 PM

A use-of-force expert is resuming testimony in the trial of former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin as the prosecution focuses on police policy to cut at the heart of defense arguments

Witness testimony continues in the trial of former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin, who has been charged in the death of George Floyd. Follow here for the latest.

The Chauvin trial resumes this morning. Here's what happened yesterday in court.From CNN's Eric Levenson and Aaron CooperIt is day eight of testimony in the trial of former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin, who has been charged in the death of George Floyd.

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Four police officials took the stand in court yesterday during the prosecution's portion of the trial.If you're just reading in, here's what happenedin court yesterday:Minneapolis Police Lt. Johnny Mercil, a use-of-force instructor with the department's training unit, said Chauvin's kneeling on Floyd's neck is not a trained neck restraint tactic. While neck restraints may be allowed on suspects actively resisting, they are not to be done with the knee and they would not be authorized on a suspect who is handcuffed and under control, he said. Officers are taught to only use force that is proportional to the threat. He also testified that handcuffed suspects can have difficulty breathing on their stomachs. He said officers are trained to move suspects into a side recovery position —"the sooner the better."

However, Mercil said in cross-examination that Chauvin's position might be considered"using body weight to control," a tactic in which officers place a knee on a prone suspect's shoulder blades to handcuff them. He acknowledged that some screen grabs of police body-camera footage show Chauvin with his knee on Floyd's shoulders.

"However, I will add that we tell officers to stay away from the neck when possible, and if you're going to use body weight to pin, to put it on their shoulder and be mindful of position," he said.Minneapolis Police Sgt. Ker Yang, the crisis intervention training coordinator for the department's training unit, testified about the importance of recognizing when someone is in crisis and de-escalating the situation. Officers are trained in a critical decision-making model to address people in crisis that calls on them to continually assess and reassess what is needed in the situation, he said. Chauvin took a 40-hour course on crisis intervention training in 2016 in which actors portrayed people in crisis and officers had to de-escalate the situation, Yang testified.

In cross-examination, Yang said that the crisis intervention model can potentially apply to the suspect as well as nearby observers. The training advises officers to appear confident, stay calm, maintain space, speak slowly and softly and avoid staring or eye contact, he said.

Minneapolis Police Officer Nicole Mackenzie, a medical response coordinator and CPR instructor, testified that officers are required to render first aid and request emergency services when someone needs medical help. The department teaches officers to determine the level of responsiveness for a person needing help. If the person is unresponsive, then the officer is required to check their airway, breathing and circulation, and if the person has no pulse, the officer should start CPR immediately. She also said it's not accurate to say if someone can talk then they can breathe. In cross-examination, she said that a hostile crowd could make it difficult to focus on a patient.

Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Jody Stiger, a use-of-force expert, testified that the force used by Chauvin on Floyd was excessive."My opinion was that the force was excessive," he told the court. Stiger reviewed materials from the incident after Floyd's death and has conducted approximately 2,500 use-of-force reviews during his career.

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Seems like if Mr. Floyd was such a threat Derek Chauvin would want both of his hands free to use. Since he has his hand in his pocket while kneeling on Mr. Floyds neck, I don't see how he could claim Mr. Floyd was out of control! I am a fan of CNN but I am ABSOLUTELY opposed to the broadcast of the Derek Chauvin trial. It just feels inappropriate. Why give right-wing media more ammunition to attack with pet words and phrases: Libs, police-bashing, race riot baiting, money grubbing sensationalists, & more?

'...the prosecution focuses on police policy to cut at the heart of defense arguments' Defense arguments? What defense arguments? It would be helpful if you actually reported those. You'll find that most adults can handle the stress of a different opinion. Welcome to the world of Wealth, Power, Fame without any risk involved, contact me on whatsapp or call +19728073842 for more information on how to RULE YOUR WORLD of RICHES

Justice for Floyd 9 fuc&ing minutes on the human beings neck, the defense attorney can spit all the A Reasonable Doubt he wants, Floyd was killed by the hands of, ' the protect and serve' humans, under oath in America but America they killed Floyd, so fuc& a love for all mankind. If this defence lawyer says the word ‘reasonable’ one more time, I’M GONNA SCREAM!!

I heard Mr. Floyd state when the officers were trying to get him in the police car that he is claustrophobic. He said roll down the windows the officers said they would. Such coverage should be given over 100s killed including children in inner cities each year by thugs and gangs and cops killed in the line of duty enforcing the laws

How come whenever something happens to a black by a white it is automatically racism but it wasnt racism of an elderly Asian woman beaten in the street for no reason by a black man or an elderly white woman beaten on her way to work by a black man in Tampa. Its forgotten about. Why are you just covering the prosecution? For those that need to hear it, there’s two sides of a trial.

Kneeling should only be WHEN PRAYING. Kneel to pray, not to kill It’s so sad that Derek Chauvin is potentially going to prison for life because George Floyd had a heart attack caused by all the drugs he took. Seems like prosecution thinks NO ONE has ever seen an episode of COPS! IFS, MAYBES, WOULDASHOULDACOULDAS! A whole lot of nothin’ for a drug od!

I watched the video, it was not clear in the media what specifically preceded it, the evidence in its entirety (audio recording, video). Kneeling is a good thing, but it must not be exaggerated, given the character of a lawman, I must state that his dogs are not normal. The prosecuters expert witnesses have been great for the defence..the autopsy clears chauvin as it states huge doses of fentynal and methamphetamine in Floyd's system and not one bruise on his is horrific but the facts don't back it up

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I wonder if they would be going through all this if the situation were reversed and it was George Floyd that killed the officer in the same way What a Loud of crap the stuff they are going through with this trial 1/2 Admit it or not, that racist killer cop was getting sick pleasure from seeing and feeling that black man die from being tortured. Look at his face, it screams die, die, die!

Free Derek To those who claim George Floyd’s death was the result of an overdose, fine, let’s roll with it. Please show me where it says the first step in treating an overdosed individual is crushing his neck with your knee for nine fucking minutes. Throw Chauvin to the wolves. No sympathy for that psychopath.

Research and homework assignments made easy. We deal with a range of subjects: proposals projects onlineclasses Essays Essay essayhelp essaypay essaydue AssignmentHelp Paperpay noplagiarism Email How disappointed are all the liberals going to be when he’s not found guilty? Fentanyl wins again.

Unqualified immunity has always prevailed in the past regardless of how obvious the murder is. Justice will never be done until we Defund Disband and Rebuild from the community up.