Notorious anti-mask QAnon supporter dies of Covid

Veronica Wolski, a woman who became well-known online for her anti-mask beliefs, has died of Covid. Her story underscores the continuing challenge health care professionals and public health experts face fighting misinformation.

9/15/2021 2:32:00 PM

Veronica Wolski, a woman who became well-known online for her anti-mask beliefs, has died of Covid. Her story underscores the continuing challenge health care professionals and public health experts face fighting misinformation.

Veronica Wolski, a woman who became well-known online for her anti-mask beliefs, has died of Covid. Her story underscores the continuing challenge health care professionals and public health experts face fighting misinformation about the coronavirus. Dr. Kavita Patel joins to discuss.

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So stupidly pointless, like self-immolation out of spite. God does not condone liars. She was shopping at dumbasses r us One more dangerous sociopath down. Don't be like Veronica Inevitable end live by the sword, die by the sword! Damm.....! 2021 These QANON folks are dropping like flies. Get vaccinated already. Geezus!

NO LOSS. SHE would always have been a thorn in society and prior to her being dead PROBABLY WAS. 😢. Totally unnecessary Mask and get vaccinated. This story is being repeated mainly in the red states multiple times every day! Authentic Christians must stand up to this foolishness or else more will die unnecessarily 😢😢😢

Covid-19: NI records eight Covid-linked deaths, 1,199 casesThe total number of deaths linked to coronavirus in NI since the start of the pandemic is 2,461.

I’m out of sympathy; I have been for months. These people have been playing in traffic trying to convince us they are immune to physics. They are lead weights in the gene pool, dragging the rest of us down and drowning us. Bye bye Her body, her choice. Hopefully she didn’t kill anyone else. Michal I had a neighbor that wore a mask EVERYWHERE see went + was fully vaccinated. She died of Covid. So now what?

Like Tony the Tiger would say GRRRREAT So be it I know sheeple who sheltered in place, wore masks all day long, got vaccinated with a non fully FDA approved experimental vaccine and they died too! MASKS DON'T WORK VACCINES DONT WORK WAKE UP!

Another radio host who urged listeners to boycott COVID-19 vaccines dies from COVID-19Bob Enyart is at least the fifth anti-vaccine talk show host to die from complications due to COVID-19 in recent weeks. F around and find out He died doing what he loved. I would not make him get this one, but it mighta helped. Not my choice. May he Rest In Peace. Now, let’s stop reporting on these cases with the tone and suggestion that they deserved to die.

Not sure why you glorify in people dying. A mask has nothing to do with a person dying, Sad. Hope others learned a valuable lesson. Justice prevails in the fight against ignorance hey covid 👍 Sad but perfect Sad but her misinformation contributes daily to others getting sick and dying. She was a bully. Now the world has one less bully.

She chose her destiny. Good riddence!

Administration to start clemency process for some federal inmates on home confinement due to Covid conditionsThe Biden administration is beginning the clemency process for certain inmates released to home confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic, the White House has announced Making room for trump and his family.

Welp LeaBlackMiami Womp womp She fukd around and found out. It's so hard to find sympathy for these people anymore. Not this long after vaccines. Not this long after seeing it spread like wildfire in unvaxxed conservative states. I just have no care left Gud Good 😂😂😂😂😂Bye No, it shows the lethal cost of avoiding psychology. Behavioral health = psychology & medicine integration.

Well 🤔🤔 johnharveyphoto 91 and sunny tomorrow. 👍 She chose to be who she was. There's no reason to feel sorry or to shame. I hope she didn't infect other people.

Fauci says he 'would support' mandating COVID-19 vaccine for air travelThe nation's top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, says he would support mandating the COVID-19 vaccine for air travel. He supports gain of function research too. What does that tell you? Good.

And millions of others against masks are still alive and well She was 64 but looked 84. I’m assuming she was a smoker. Delta loves infecting smoker, their lungs are already black as death. Oooo VeronicaWolski ... Bye Bye Bye! Bye Felicia! Trying to prove a point, wouldn’t allow something that may or may not have worked to save her but because of the political state that’s being made. They didn’t give that medicine to her. Same is happening in my area as well. Letting people suffer all because of politics.

Oh well I can't even pretend to mourn here. Over 90% of those who died of Covid wore masks.

California Governor Gavin Newsom Once Said Covid Began in Nail SalonsAnd he's not even the worst guy running in the recall election.

Rest in peace. Funny how the majority around the world knows that the media is a joke and lies all the time, the very same people still take advice from these propaganda smear merchants 🤦🏾‍♂️ This is Robert. He was a healthy 19 year old, until he took the covid vaccine. Now he is in critical condition, rapidly losing oxygen. VaccineSideEffects Unvaccinated VaccinePassports COVIDIOTS COVID19

Thoughts and prayers Why, oh why, does this keep happening?!?!?!? 🤔 Karma But but but she did her OWN research! … and ended up the ultimate self own sad RIP regret The REAL question is how many people have caught Covid and survived that were NOT vaccinated….. Hmmm… seems to me the media is desperately seeking attention.

She listened to Cruz and Carlson apparently

Doctors Divided About Need for COVID-19 Boosters: PollDoctors and nurses in the U.S. are divided about whether COVID-19 vaccine boosters are needed and how we should prioritize the supply of vaccines, according to a Medscape/WebMD poll.

Sorry to speak ill of the dead, but 'Another on bites the dust....' What I can't understand is,why not just live as well and as much and long as you can. And use something call... common sense. Another one bites the dust. Good. Well not misinformation. Stupidity actually. Well at least she has a world wide obituary! Hence your announcements every single time someone passes away! Smh shaming gone to a whole new level msnbc smh

My sympathies for her family and friends. Why she had to prove that stupidity is an incurable disease is beyond me. this is terrible news

Good Ope Thoughts and ... nope, not even thoughts at this point. A fly that heed no advice, accompanied a dead body to the grave. No pity How many of those dummies have to die before people put it together? Karma Anyone learn anything? Good. Killed by hoax

I would like to know what her followers think now. Now if Marge would meet with the same fate! Funny reports are mask dont work Poetic justice perhaps? Or just sad that she ignored the obvious signs. Our condolences to her family. Why don't they post the stories of people that have had both shots and have died. Or the 6 teenage kids that have had both shots and are in the hospital .

Shoulda eaten the good horse paste. We are at war with the pandemic We are at war with disinformation We are at war with foreign powers who use disinformation to worsen the pandemic Do your part! GetVaccinated GetVaxxed The former insurrectionist president normalized stupidity, and boy does it ever show during a pandemic.

Congrat Veronica. Good idea!!!

IrlagainstFash I blame the capitalist politician like Trump, Bolsonaro or whatever his name is, who politicised the pandemic and misled many to their grave. Totally unavoidable death. Really sad. My view is if they feel their 'Bullitt Proof' and no mask or vaccine - let them die and not clutter up our hospitals

thereidout Another non mask person joins the unfortunate death count…seems the non vaccers are getting the virus in droves. YOU MEAN DIED OF THE TRUMPVIRUS IrlagainstFash fucked around and found out, cheh courageousgirl2 This woman & her ridiculous child-sized Zorro mask. What medical exemption is there for not wearing a mask? The virus doesn't care if she has an exemption or not.

I am going to be rude and say she deserves it She wanted to think she was 'right' to the very END & SO SHE DID - - TO THE VERY END... Covid Karma They say that ignorance is bliss but we are finding that ignorance about the vaccine can and does cause death. How long can we continue to mourn for this ignorance. Will our hearts become cold and callous towards these people and eventually began to despise them? I hope not.

It as her decision, she’s got to live with it. Or not… Here’s your sign? Karma? Unfortunately, vulnerable people like this woman are unable to comprehend the consequences of trusting Republicans to keep them safe. They believe that science is lying to them because Republicans keep pound this misinformation into their heads.

Another golly gee whiz for another unneeded death. Bet she was thinking she needed that simple shot right before she got intubated. Too bad but I cant feel sympathy for a person like her She died for the vaccinated Trump. What a useless life she lived! Sad but not surprised. We told you so. Natural selection.

Glad to see Darwinism is alive & well! And nothing of value was lost…

Karma I don’t care and I don’t think everyone else give a damn I hate to hear of anyone dying but I hate misinformation and arrogance too Tears grips my heart knowing how hard I’ve struggled to find a legitimate trader. I never wanted to do this but I’ll be guilty if I don’t share this good news to people, believe it Lisakendriick is the best trader so far.Thanks for helping me and l will forever be grateful✊

Karma Tears grips my heart knowing how hard I’ve struggled to find a legit trader.I never wanted to do this but I’ll be guilty if I don’t share this good news to people KayleighGlover0 she the best trader so far.Thanks for helping me and guiding Me through my trade KayleighGlover0 And? I seen this story four days ago, go ahead and keep recycling news for your pseudo story line

Oops wrong guess! That’s such a, such a, such a —waste Yep, look at all those little hearts for that statement! These people have been spreading poison and killing fellow Americans for months now. Personally I think this is God's retribution on those that deceive his children!! UROCKlive1 As I recall, she wanted to be infected to prove a point. I think she proved it.

Another won bites the dust….no sympathy. So? She got her Herman Cain Award... Soulless msmbc No sympathy for the ignorant!!🤣🤣🤣🤣 Wow... the DarwinAwards are going to have their hands full this year! AwardsDarwin_

Random Funny Dua Lipa Videos You Watch at 2 am Sad to see someone die & the pain from their Loved Ones, BUT that Female chose this! IT is a well know fact that a Nasty side effect of becoming infected with Covid is death. 🎶 Another one bites the dust, and another ones gone, and another ones gone, another one bites the dust 🎶

No tears shed. sounds like a waste of life anyway. 🥀🦠👋🏻 Karma is a mirror. Welp... 🤷🏽‍♀️ Geez, there are a lot of these people.

AW! Who’s crying about it ? Can't celebrate anyone dying, but geez.. I wonder if there's so many of these activist dying because they went out of their way to show the virus was a hoax. beaten at her own game You can’t mess with this virus it will get you in the end. That’s why we have masks, vaccines and distancing.

One less vote for the républicains. GOOD. Rest in the eternal peace that could not find in life, Ms. Wolski. Condolences to her family. Good! I hope she suffered horribly. These people are holding us back from leading the world out of the Covid pandemic. Sorry but, anyone not vax needs to get the COVID box.

One less fucking car at a damn traffic light who wont go when the light turns green,a store park space became available Karma Serendipity. Oh well Good You’re welcome? All I have to say, You Reap what you sow!! RIP 4 out of 5 people hospitalized for COVID are obese, whether they wear masks or not. All masks are doing is adding to pollution of our earth, many being found in the ocean.

Don’t care