Notes from France honor American soldiers' D-Day sacrifice

12/25/2020 9:07:00 AM

The coronavirus pandemic canceled the yearly tradition of U

“It is vitally important that this current generation carries on that history.'

The coronavirus pandemic canceled the yearly tradition of U

Catch up on the developing stories making headlines.French President Emmanuel Macron said that vaccinated Americans and those who test negative for Covid-19 will be able to travel to France"with a special pass.By Reuters Staff 1 Min Read FILE PHOTO: An Air France plane prepares to land at Nice International airport, France, March 16, 2020.By Reuters Staff 2 Min Read FILE PHOTO: Logo of Air France KLM Group is pictured on the first Air France airliner's Airbus A350 during a ceremony at the aircraft builder's headquarters of Airbus in Colomiers near Toulouse, France, September 27, 2019.

The Associated Press FORT BRAGG, N.C.France is currently in its third national lockdown but Macron said that his country’s vaccine rollout is picking up steam.-- Lt.The airline group, which last year received 10.Col.“We will progressively lift the restrictions of the beginning of May, which means that we will organize in the summertime with our professionals in France for French European citizens, but as well for American citizens,” said Macron.Michael Burns didn’t know exactly what was inside the small brown box that arrived on his Fayetteville, North Carolina, doorstep but the return address in the left corner let him know he couldn’t open it right away.4 billion euros ($12.

The package had made the long journey from Sainte-Mere-Eglise, the first French village to be liberated from Nazi occupation by the U.S.This will likely involve converting a 3 billion-euro French government loan into hybrid instruments.S.Army's storied 82nd Airborne Division on June 6, 1944.” The White House and Élysée Palace are “finalizing the technical discussions” on how to reopen travel, said Macron.Every year since, division paratroopers travel to Normandy to commemorate the anniversary of D-Day, a trip that was canceled this year amid the coronavirus pandemic.Weeks later, Burns, a public affairs officer, sat the unopened box down inside the 82nd Airborne Division Museum on Fort Bragg, surrounded by glass cases filled with perfectly preserved green service uniforms, shining jump boots and other World War II relics.” He was referring to the that will contain proof that an individual has either been fully vaccinated against the disease or received a recent negative test result or have recovered recently from Covid-19.“It has been a long and difficult negotiation but I think we have reached a good deal with (EU competition chief) Margrethe Vestager,” Le Maire said.

He’d assembled a group of paratroopers and a historian to take part in the unboxing as his team set up cameras and lights to capture the reveal.History looms large over the men and women of the 82nd.In January, Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Union Commission, said that she supports creating a common EU-established vaccination certificate and even suggested that such a certificate should be a “medical requirement.This is the type of story they live for.Capt.So the idea is indeed to always control the virus, to maximize the vaccination and to progressively lift the restrictions,” said the French president.Darren Cinatl began pulling open the tightly wrapped package.

The history buff jumped into Normandy for the commemoration three times.“If we don't vaccinate in these countries, there is no way to get rid of the virus,” he said.Each time he tries to imagine what it was like for the young men unknowingly on the verge of history.“To stand in the door of a C-47 and think about what that jumpmaster saw on the night of June 5 as they departed England, into June 6,” Cinatl said.You will have new variants and they will come back in our countries.“You can’t put yourself quite in their shoes, but you can only imagine what motivated them to fight the way they did.” Beneath the brown paper lay a keepsake box decorated with American decals — 500 handwritten postcards from the residents of Sainte-Mere-Eglise inside.” READ MORE.

After the celebrations were canceled in June, town Mayor Alain Holley organized an effort alongside U.S.Army Europe to express their gratitude for the longstanding relationship they share with the division.Earlier in the year, the division had sent red and blue All American Division patches to the town’s children.Holley grew up hearing D-Day stories from his grandparents.

“Nobody should forget the sacrifices that the American soldiers made for France,” he told The Associated Press.While Holley watched by video call, the group took turns reading the cards out loud.“I’m so glad to write a few words from the ground you know so well,” someone wrote.“Thanks to you I’m free to do so.” Most were in English, but two soldiers sat by ready to translate the French cards.

A 9-year-old child named Gabriel told U.S.soldiers his birthday is June 6.He wanted to thank them for the sacrifice they made to make him free.During his visits to Normandy, Cinatl is always struck by the local’s grasp of U.

S.history, specifically how well they know the ins and outs of the 82nd.Children in France know much more about American military history, he admits, than kids in the United States do.“To them, it’s their family story,” he said.Twelve thousand men from the 82nd joined Allied forces on June 5 and 6, 1944, to liberate German-occupied France.

Thousands parachuted blindly out of low-flying planes into unknown territory alongside the 101st Airborne Division.The 82nd lost 1,100 soldiers during the campaign and the ones who survived are passing at a staggering rate, especially in a pandemic that is more deadly for older people.Cinatl said keeping their stories alive is integral to the division’s future success.“It is vitally important that this current generation carries on that history,” he said.One final postcard came from Christophe, a waiter at a restaurant in Sainte-Mere-Eglise’s church square.

He told the American soldiers to look for the tall guy in the Yankees cap when they return to Normandy next June.“Show me this postcard and there will be a free beer in it for you,” he wrote..

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France Will Allow Vaccinated American Travelers To Visit With ‘A Special Pass’“We are working hard to propose a very concrete solution, especially for U.S. citizens who are vaccinated,' said French President Emmanuel Macron. EU is behind USA, they better complete their own vaccination because we don't need travelers bring back chinesevirus for souvenir!

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