Business, January 6 İnsurrection And Facebook: Internal Docs Paint A Damning Picture - Cnn

Business, January 6 İnsurrection And Facebook: Internal Docs Paint A Damning Picture - Cnn

Not stopping 'Stop the Steal:' Facebook Papers paint damning picture of company's role in insurrection

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10/23/2021 3:10:00 AM

Facebook's own analysis reveals how the company failed to halt growth of movement dedicated to 2020 election lie

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U.S. labor board official orders Amazon to redo union vote at Alabama warehouse

A regional director for the U.S. National Labor Relations Board on Monday called for a rerun of a union election at an Inc facility in Alabama, setting the stage for another high-profile organizing battle at the world's largest online retailer.

Americans SEND YOU a SONG AND REGARDS, MOTHER.f.B clowns in msnc. Gray’s 'Let’s Go Brandon' music video features the rapper in a 'Make America Great Again' hat with an 'Impeach Biden' t-shirt as lyrics such as 'Let’s go Brandon, when you ask questions they start banning But yet CNN won’t look in the how Facebook and other big tech censored presidential candidates in favor of Joe Biden double standard much

They allowed this mess to go on! Bye Facebook...rebranded to 'Truth' lol I don’t understand why you keep bringing those deplorable trump supporters they don’t have the common sense or the brains to accept that Biden is our president and trump completely ruined the USA and thanks to the smart voters because they got trump and his family out of the whit

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I'm Not *Not* Freaking Out About This American Girl CollaborationThe iconic doll company has teamed up with Stoney Clover Lane on a line of accessories guaranteed to spark joy for millennials.

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if you need any kind of t-shirt design. Contact me: It need stop the discussion of Hunter's laptop. Cnn still is protecting the Bidens Baby Fact check It should be noted that the invention of the phone was not the bell of the United States,but Antonio Muchi of Italy Because he didn't have the cost of an invention patent,so Bell bought it at one price I think I should say that the phone's name is Muchi, not Bell

Bull doo doo Cnn, great job reporting weak and unimportant news, how about reporting on the Loudon County email story, afraid of something or someone?

Smearing Popularism Does Not Help Black VotersOne can’t persuasively rebut popularism’s arguments without first trying to understand them, writes EricLevitz

USE CODE cvyxfncw Let’s go Brandon and the Marxists main stream media !! What about the 2016 Russian collusion lie that the Democrats still run with to this day Sigh. Another day, another 'darkest day in the history of the world' story from CNN. For leftwing lunatics, this overshadows the border crisis, inflation, 11 million unfilled job openings, China firing rockets, the Afghan debacle, etc. Amazing what passes for :news' with liberals

so did CNN ICYMI, biased CNN competes directly with Facebook for digital ad revenue RIPjournalism

San Fran Restaurant Closed for Not Checking Vax StatusCity officials shut down the only In-N-Out Burger restaurant in San Francisco because employees weren't obeying a city ordinance to verify indoor diners’ vaccination status, SFGate reported. Stand strong, In-N-Out. For all of us.

Maybe put a 'Sources Requested' icon between the Heart & Share icons. When 3 or more people click Sources, the tweet is hidden until sources are provided by the author. No source means never show the tweet. Smart Alec remark as a source, tweet gets reported. 20 reports = suspend. CANT SEE HOW ANY JOURNALIST CAN KEEP A JOB...Y IS ANY NEWS NEWS WITH THIS FUCKING PATHETIC JUDICIAL SYSTEM....OHHHH THOSE PPL AREN'T BLACC

insurrection? do you unAmerican stains not think that every time a blm or antifa thug attacked a cop, burned a bldg or assaulted someone it was WRONG. Your network should be fined and listed next to the Inquirer. Get out of our airports. Insurrection The Taliban retaking over Afghanistan was an insurrection. Let's not confuse the two.


Grammy Contenders 2022: H.E.R. Declares 'R&B Is Not Dead'The multi-instrumentalist and songwriter also discusses how DJ Khaled inspires her and what she draws from the blues in an interview for Rolling Stone’s new Grammy Preview 'You got to be seasoned to sing like that.' - from Showtimes Soul Food [I believe] Love and Hip Hop S1, Rich Dollaz criticized Olivia's - Walk Away performance. He said O was smiling while singing about pain. H.E.R. says she recognizes that its hard to sing about pain. GRAMMYs

English Please help me! My name is Lin donglong, an employee of China telecom fuzhou branch. Company manager huang fei (communist party of China) organized the leadership of the gang of evil forces brutal persecution: surveillance location, insult,abuse, framed to take nude photos of me lets go brandon

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Brian Laundrie search live updates: Apparent human remains found, not ID'dNEW: Dr. Russell Vega, the chief medical examiner for Florida’s 12th District, confirmed to ABC that he is working on trying to identify the apparent human remains found Wednesday in a nature preserve along with Brian Laundrie's backpack and notebook. Sorry to Gabby's parents, but do we have to hear about this 24 hours a day? There are so many missing and/or murdered people in this country everyday; why has the media not spoken about those poor people? Her parents must have some influential relationships with some people 🙄 Brian so it was him after dog the bounty hunter killed him good deal justest servied now gappy can rest in peace her killer is on his way to hell

No one is safe in this current Ugandan regime. What did the dog do to deserve such a purnishment. Human right violations, animal violations the list goes on UNHumanRights StandUpUganda1 guardiannews StopFundingDictatorMuseveni FreePoliticalPrisoners UgMoving4wd All the souls that have left this world ever since HEBobiwine entered the journey of politics,the abductions,tortures.Justice denied regardless of international protests. Video bellow shows a journalists being abused. hrw ICC UN

Why is this relevant when Fox and OAN peddle the same nonsense? Taliban still has a page. Did you know they throw gays from rooftops? No surprise here. It’s time government takes action to regulate these social media giants because it’s quite clear too many Americans are incapable of distinguishing truth from fiction.

Lol 😂 social media it’s all lies… money talk and lies are joke 😂 Siri humans lol you forgot your human body has needs 😂 01010111 01100101 00100000 01101000 01100001 01110110 01100101 00100000 01110011 01110100 01100001 01110010 01110100 01100101 01100100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01100101 01110100 01100101 01110010 01101110 01101001 01110100 01111001

Rep. Jerry Nadler scolds GOP lawmakers for not wearing masks at House Judiciary hearingThe House Judiciary Committee chairman called out several non-mask-wearing members — including Reps. Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene — by name. lol no one gives af Fine them all. with no debate, just take it out if their paycheck. kind of like ordinary folks who break rules

TRUTH SOCIAL IS COMING . Here is how MarkZuckerberg started Facebook: Facebook started by Zuckerberg to judge the 'attractiveness ' of young women at Harvard; he violated the univ rules of obtaining this info so Harvard shut it down after 2 days. Bullying & shaming was the goal. insurrectionists? you mean, the mainstream media, social media and the democrat party?

Help me , I have a target for the 10k Twitter followers. if you are followed me i will be definitely followed and like you. HELP ME...…. So, basically we know Facebook knew about every bad thing they were doing. And said…fuck it, let’s see what happens. What gall! The kings of fake/fraud lies, CNN aka ( The Communist news network), naturally agrees with FBs labeling of all the fraud connected with the election as a lie! When the day of reckoning comes it’s going to be great! But not for you left-wing communist tools of soros!

Not news station. A propaganda machine for DNC.

IS COMPLICITY NO FAILED FUE COMPLICIDAD NO FALLA support thiz please 共産党が当選すれば、日米安全保を破棄すると公言する。日米同盟が日本の繁栄を後押した。結果が日本の高度成長、先進国の仲間入りを果たした。大企業を揶揄するが、納入する中小企業、零細企業の恩恵には、触れない。下請けを過去のように扱えない、法的縛りもある。資本主義の日本に共産党は要らない Ummmmm….. im no fan of any type of riot… but im sitting here reading you say people should not be allowed to communicate with other people….Unless its information YOU all approve of and fits your ideology…You should stop, gather yourselves, and think…

And you’re surprised? Facebook So that’s 0-2. Cause they push the Russian hoax narrative in 2016 which is also proved to be bullshit. Fuck Mark Zuckerberg! They aren’t supposed to be babysitters. Oh.. do you think connecting people are dangerous. If they cannot interact it will be safer? 'SELECTIVE OUTRAGE!' Where is Facebook's failure in promoting and being complicit in the burning, looting, murder, robbery, intimidation, tearing down federal buildings and monuments of the Left! Why are you not reporting on the Democrat bailing out of BLM and Antifa?

Time to break up the Zuckerberg monopoly. You misspelled “exacerbated for profit” Trump was blowing the fire of the 2020 election with yellow news🥲 Facebook = HATE. DELETE FACEBOOK! Fine them!