‘Not good enough:’ Maya Wiley slams Aurora PD apology for handcuffing Black children

A police dept in Aurora, Colorado says it's sorry after putting innocent Black girls in handcuffs. Officers mistakenly believed they were riding a stolen car. This is the same dept responsible for the death of Elijah McClain.

8/5/2020 10:42:00 AM

“It’s not good enough,' Maya Wiley says of Aurora, Colorado, police department's apology for handcuffing Black children that officers mistakenly believed were riding in a stolen car. 'There's been no statement about how this gets changed.'

A police dept in Aurora, Colorado says it's sorry after putting innocent Black girls in handcuffs. Officers mistakenly believed they were riding a stolen car. This is the same dept responsible for the death of Elijah McClain.

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The first response of the Aurora PD, before the cellphone footage emerged was: 'This is what we do'! This is their DEFAULT reaction to 'Driving While Black'. I'm surprised they didn't MURDER these kids, because that's the USUAL response to 'Driving While Black'! She is craaaaaaaaaaazy! Maya who? Evil was in full glory that day. It is unbelievable that those people may have lasted for even a few months in that police department. I doubt this is the first time they have done something so monstrous (I chose that word carefully) and if they stay, not the last time.

Tag reader false alerted. Officers followed procedure and made a felony stop. At all times they appeared to be kind, courteous and compassionate. If Maya Wiley was sincere she would do something about the never-ending slaughter of black on black crime. Then people wonder why African Americans are pissed off? I saw this on tv and couldn’t believe it.

Now do white people who get mistaken for a criminal suspect? Of all the horrible news items about the treatment of Black citizens by the police this one is among the most heart wrenching for me. I have young grandchildren and nephews...I can't imagine a more terrifying incident for these children. 💔 WAKE UP AMERICA 😢

thereidout I asked this yesterday but seriously, how long does it take to straighten out a stolen car question? Like isn’t that a radio call while you’re talking to them on the side of the road? How does that escalate to face down on the pavement in handcuffs? UROCKlive1 Damned right, it's not good enough. This is an opportunity to learn, grow and change - but they're just making lame excuses and going on with BAU.

Absolutely disgraceful. That police force needs to be investigated. EndUSPoliceBrutality EndSystemicRacism AuroraPD BlackLivesMatter The majority of the comments on this thread are bots trying to amplify their message with other bots. Black lives must not matter. Obviously the solution is to not have black children in cars.

thereidout And them getting fired for thinking that's how it should be handled 😡 thereidout It gets changed by police officers actually verifying information and assuming POC are innocent before assuming POC are guilty. This situation is further proof that systemic racism IS real and needs to stop. BLM

Not even close. Fire and arrest the cops. 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬 These babies along with their mother, will never forget this horrific act. Never seen this behavior towards anyone in any other race. DISGUSTING! dEFunD thE PoLiCe This is beyond the pale, a whiter shade of pale, you rude motherfu__ers! Do something about this! BlackLivesMatterVeryMuchToMe

These police officers and their commanders should be ashamed. I woke up today literally thinking about the size of license plates on motorcycles. This is bullshit again and if we think our law enforcement is this idiotic then we shouldn't even pay taxes to have this kind of 'enforcement' around us. STOP HARASSING BLACK AMERICANS trumps

It wasn't even that....according to other reports, it was a STOLEN MOTORCYCLE and the family was in a SUV. There was absolutely no reason for that family to have been terrorized by police. My comments wouldn't be safe i can't watch this sh.. No more there's special places for officers like them. Who trained them the KLAN?

I’m sorry does not cut it!!! They knew what they were doing. They mistook their car for a motorcycle? Children pushed to the ground, my gosh. What is wrong with our country?any decency we had,trump has made it ok to be a racist asshole If this action was SOP there is no question of the importance of BLM. That clip was beyond disgraceful. How part of America can close their eyes to the reality of racial discrimination is disgusting. I see it as choice.

Watching a six year old face down crying and screaming and cops drawing a gun on kids just made me want to cry! What is wrong with you people? Those policies are f up, love the hair You are blessed an beautiful 👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👸🏽🎤 MSNBC is filled with radical leftist racists now. I'll settle for a small positive...they're all still alive after the encounter.

Amen Can someone ask the AuroraPD to stop talking about how they approached the car? She needs to be fired. When a potential suspect w/kids is detained, the kids are ushered away, placed in cruiser, given teddy bears, etc. WHERE in the manual does it say force a 6y/o to the ground? BlackLivesMatter The police oppressive culture of black people is evident in Aurora, Colorado and their local government is not working to change the racially insensitive culture . Chief of Police Vanessa Wilson and Mayor Mike Coffman need to be fired in Aurora, Colorado.

Ask every one of those officers to explain how they would expect law enforcement to respond if it was their wife and children in that vehicle. Have her remain stopped until plate is confirmed. Have her exit the vehicle, check for weapons but let her talk to kids through window? They did it because they knew they could plan and simple

Sue them They only handcuffed the adults you lying, fakenews a-holes. We need to send all our emergency services and military. Truly Fucked up.... and I heard and hope it’s not true that it was a motorcycle license plate number....the millions of dollars in therapy alone.tedcruz SenTedCruz you are quick you bring up Antifa which shows your pretty pathetic but any thoughts on maybe everyone’s rights?

Also, still awaiting JusticeForElijahMcClain AuroraPD and APDChiefWilson have lots of 'splaining to do. Actually, no more talk. DO SOMETHING REAL!!! This is your chance to make an impact Ms. Wilson. People are counting on YOU to make REAL change. The spotlight is on you. GO! This is not the first racist incident with this particular police department. And they stopped this SUV because they were looking for a stolen motorcycle? There better be a serious investigation and it’s time for some deep cleaning!

= tabloid journalism Good racist RACISM is REAL in AMERICA It's a system that has been known to be infiltrated by white supremacists and NO president or governor has done a thing about it. Nor will they. Democrats and Republicans afraid to look 'anti-police' and lose votes. Takes courage to believe in a cause.

Aurora Police Department apologizes after officers draw weapons on Black family in stolen vehicle mix-upPolice in Aurora, Colorado, have apologized for drawing guns on a Black woman and four minors after mistaking her car for a stolen one. The incident comes as the department is under scrutiny for the 2019 death of Elijah McClain, a Black man, in custody. 'Mistaking,' really? Ffs why? Apologies are worthless when you don't learn from your mistakes. The officers should be fired. I hope the family sues the PD.

Aurora police apologize after drawing guns on Black family, mistaking vehicle as stolenVideo taken by a bystander shows children, who range in age from 6 to 17 years old, crying and screaming as they lie on their stomachs in a parking lot surrounded by several officers. they should be paid for their suffering If they weren't black, t his would not have happened. The whole America lives with PTSD from engaging with American cops - from minor infractions to whatever else they frame you with.

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Aurora PD Apologizes to Family for Drawing Weapons, Handcuffing in Stolen Car Mix-UpAurora PD has apologized for drawing weapons and handcuffing a black family in a stolen car mix-up. do they not tell them what type of vehicle it is🙄 this shouldn’t happen Let me help you. The license plate came back as a stolen motercycle not car there goes my tax money