'Not fit for office': George H. W. Bush lawyer and Barr colleague slams Barr for 'undermining' DOJ

'I don't think he's fit for the office because I think what he's done is undertake a campaign to undermine the Dept. of Justice,' says former Deputy AG Donald Ayer, who has worked with AG Barr and known him for more than 4 decades.

2/14/2020 8:02:00 AM

'I don't think he's fit for the office because I think what he's done is undertake a campaign to undermine the Dept. of Justice,' says former Deputy AG Donald Ayer, who has worked with AG Barr and known him for more than 4 decades.

Former Deputy Attorney General Donald Ayer joins MNSBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber to discuss AG Bill Barr’s intervention in DOJ cases to protect convicted Trump aide Roger Stone. Ayer, who also preceded Barr as deputy attorney general under President George H. Bush, argues Barr’s “pattern of conduct that he’s engaged in since he came in” as Attorney General involves “intervening out of usual course to protect Donald Trump.” Ayer adds Barr is not “fit for the office” as his “campaign” as AG works to “undermine the Department of Justice.”

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Some of them need it Ag Barr deserves to be Disbar for life....to show The Country and Trump Moscow Mitch McConnell Lindsey Graham Kavanaugh You Are Not Above The Law Don’t MESS With Our Justice Dept. VOTE BLUE Shutdown trump and his Russian Operatives ENOUGH of COVER UP STOP trumps ABUSE So true Bill19293640 realDonaldTrump

How many of those 1,100 former prosecutors and officials called for action when the IG reported that the FBI lied to the FISA Court 17 times? Why would someone like Barr ( who had a somewhat decent reputation) join with Trump and let Trump make a fool of him. And, he’s not the only one...I just don’t get it.

I don’t think..... wow, what a beginning statement.....that sounds full of facts and evidence..... MSNBC. Not fit for op-ed. Certainly not news. 1100,,,,, You get that from people when someone is cleaning up CORRUPTION! AG Barr is doing the right thing!!! There is NO room in our justice system for militias prosecution from leftist activists!!

Barr has a high bar-he embodies INTEGRITY. When slimy evil is confronted by GOOD TRUTH.... all hell breaks out— evidenced by Antifa, dimDems colluding w/Media (and vice versa) and deep swampy creatures are poked by truth and arise by lashing out with blame and projections! We will just lose again. Is MSNBC really a pedophile ring? everyone keeps saying it Curious

AG Barr shows that he is the boss at the Justice Dept and the deep state within Justice Dept gets all bent out of shape. Replace all of them, drain the swamp. Undermine it more than Loretta Lynch meeting Bill Clinton on the tarmac and then letting Hillary off for crimes that would put anyone else in prison for a decade or more?

Just resign and take the personal lawyer position dipshit. A left wing report? I would agree that he is just plain not fit. He is getting a lot of criticism but he is from his hearings an honorable intelligent man Please... If he wasn’t corrupt, trump wouldn’t have picked him BarrIsUnfit He’s just another disciple in The Cult of Trump

🧐 William Barr is a Trump's lapdog. He's a coward. DisbarrBarr FedtheEffUp1 Barr is a despicable troll-toad hybrid More liberal opinions... STFULIBERALS ... The Left needs to be admitted to the insane asylum. The sooner Barr starts arresting the coup plotters and putting them on trial for treason the quicker the better.

Crybaby Democrats are at it AGAIN!!!!! MSNBC you are not fit to be a so call information center.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤬🤬🤬 Well he's not fit...that's for sure😂 🥯🍗🥩🍕🍟🍔🥓 DanaBashCNN Allowing Barr mis-characterization of Mueller report was fatal error by Democrats. Trump now controls the agency charged with protecting elections. McConnell refuses to sign election security bill. Trump and Barr now in open sync. Defund DOJ or remove Barr for any chance in Nov.

He's Trumps lapdog. Everybody Trump hires has to help him criminalize the presidency. If you dont, expect a nasty tweet and a MAGA hat thrown at you. DisbarBarrNow Ayer should be ashamed of himself! No kidding - the DOJ is well on its way to becoming Trump's personal vendetta department. And if that happens, wave goodbye to your elections...and with them, your democracy

Well unfortunately for us he has the job since drumpf back doored him into it. Then had the nerve to get on TV and say the tweets make it impossible for him to do his job. Who in their right mind believes that? He's doing exactly what he was meant to do. ImpeachBillBarr I think he's with the department needs.

Barr in 2020 equals curruption. Blah You dont need to be a deputy attorney general to know hes not fit for office... The Department of ‘Justice’ undertook a campaign to remove a duly elected President... it could use a little undermining (your word) and reform (mine). The crooked members of the DOJ should be weeded out. AG Barr is just the man to do that.

Sign the petition to remove him! Via .waltshaub I'm sure the fact that he's going after corruption has nothing to do with why all these liberals are lying about him This is going on already for a very long time NO, the Dept of Justice was already undermined and he is trying to bring it back into the light. Guess what, he will expose what the Dems/Libs/Socialists and their deep state minions have been up to. That is why you protest too much. Get ready for your comeuppance.

Is there ANY republican you idiots feel is “fit for office?” Excluding RINO’s? Bet you wouldn’t name a single one. It’s being reported that U.S. Attorney Timothy Shea, was THREATENED by Adam Jed and Aaron Zelinsky into agreeing to the sentence recommendation for Roger Stone. Shea was against the 7-9 years recommendation. They both worked for Mueller during the “Russian Collusion” hoax. RT!

Bill Barr is a confederate. He lies and has committed crimes against the citizens. He is a traitor. He will ride on trumps shoulders down the racist, pedifilic, mysoginistic slope to hell. The sooner the better for the USA. Be honest. For how many hours did your network present this man’s statements as absolute truth?

'I don't think he's fit for office...' YA THINK? Its time to ImpeachBarr for dereliction of duty and LYING to congress at his Appointment hearing. Correct . Not fit for anything but prison stripes . ThomasDeLorenzo He must resign or the House must start an impeachment proceedings Everyone has a price, that's why Trump bough him. Let's not pretend that Barr is better than his PRICE.

cool_v GOP The single-source of the CIA’s false Trump-Russia collusion assessment was Oleg Smolenkov, outed by The NY Times. understand what’s happening and why leftist media is going crazy. Barr is uncovering all their corruption and sedition. The loudest ones have the most to lose MSNBC Trolling on Twitter

After all I’ve seen from Colleges cheating for the rich, children of the rich getting passes, Congress cheating for each other etc. I have no respect for our “system”. Our Courts, Government, Professional Employees etc. didn’t earn the respect they expect. EVERYTHING IS A LIE! 'I Think' I smell a rat !

What level of brain damage is required to take MSNBC seriously? turns out Barr has been exposed for a partisan low life he is and always was - willing to destroy the Justice Dept. and rule of law to hold power for the GOP and Donald a man cares for nothing or no one Donald Ayer is the same guy who said the Mueller investigation was going to be a home run. A life-long Deepstate mouthpiece working at one of the largest law firms in the country - representing some of the corporations that run this country. His credibility is less than zero.

I think this whole Barr chastisiment of tweets is a cover story and everyones going for it. I'm not buying any of it as authentic. Barr will be noting that he did this when and if he sits before Congress. Fooled again!! The MEDIA took the BAIT... Trump and Barr must be laughing behind closed doors...!!

If dude had time for abc he has time for congress! RepJerryNadler send BarrIsCorrupt a subpoena TODAY and drag his ass in and swear him in PUBLICEMERGENCY WARNING HaventYouLearned TeamPelosi RepAdamSchiff RepSwalwell AGB must be impeached & removed from office.... ... And the RACIST-CRIMINAL-TRAITOR-IMPEACHED POTUS must be impeached AGAIN & this time removed from office.... ... THEY ARE ABUSING THEIR POWERS & UNDERMINING THE RULE OF LAW!!! GOP DNC

joncoopertweets SenateGOP Barr is just another MoscowMitch 'rubber stamp' mistake! This is impeachable. ImpeachBarr ImpeachTrumpAgain NicolleDWallace Blah blah. The Base are the Neo Confederates. And the elected Republicans are in their thrall. Until the Repug Party is voted out en masse, bravery will always be singular (Romney) or after the fact (Kelly, et al).

Barr stores lies in his cheeks. BarrLies BarrIsCorrupt BarrIsACriminal BarrMustGo BarrMustResign BarrResign DisbarBarr NicolleDWallace Thank you, 🙏🏻resign🙏🏻 Just to watch the jowly man try to justify his abdication of his responsibility to his agency is pathetic and so obviously apparent. He‘s fit for one “office”, and It is about 5x8” and has a potty and sink right in it. Good news for Barr, the food isnt too good, I undertand, so perhaps he’ll shed a few pounds from his jowls.

NicolleDWallace PLEASE keep reporting the fact that Barr interfered with his prosecutors! Barr’s interview is just a diversion from what really happened. TheKoolcat01 DisbarBarr CensureTrump BarrLies DisbarBarr CensureTrump BarrLies DisbarBarr CensureTrump BarrLies DisbarBarr CensureTrump BarrLies DisbarBarr CensureTrump BarrLies DisbarBarr CensureTrump ConstitutionalCrisis ConstitutionalCrisis ConstitutionalCrisis

Deep state has no credibility. Just like MSNBC. You know what they say about opinions. Everyone is entitled to their own. Never trumper! Shut up we don’t care what you say old man. Drain the swamp Yeah let's take about unfit for the office NicolleDWallace All the swamp rats coming out And what does Donald Ayer say about Janet Reno....

When he said it is impossible to do my job it sounds & should sound like if Trump don't stop he will resign Anyone think TRump will? He gets worse. Maybe BArr is realizing this &it matters to him a little bit. I think the word impeachment sounds omenous to Barr! Obamas justice dept people who did worse than this guy and got nothing. Swat teams raided the house of a 73 year old man then they want to give him 9 years. Barr is right to intervene

Hahaha not going to happen Barr is no fool he is not going s where. + Barr, Bush 41’s AG, nixed Reagan Iran-Contra independent counsel investigation. Recommended that Bush 41, Reagan’s VP & successor, pardon all 6 WH targets, including Sec.Def. Weinberger, granted just b4 his trial. No one left to investigate, cooperate & rat out suspect Bush 41.

He is just upset that Trump outed him. He has been undermining the DOJ and the rule of law from day one. IndictBarr Barr was conspiring with Trump re: CONVICTED CRIMINAL ROGER STONE and Oops! People took notice...so now he’s complaining about trumps tweets? Sounds like some cover your ass BS to me. The AG is NOT supposed to be Trumps lawyer.lawsmatter

Like Trump, Barr is morally & ethically bankrupt & politically corrupt! He must be ushered out of his position by pressuring him professionally by the legal community! The DC Bar should open investigations immediately! Lawyers, former AG's & federal & state pol's need to protest! This post shows a picture of AG Barr and a quote from some never-Trumper. Very misleading. I'm sure that was just an accident. wink

I don’t think MSNBC’s fit to report on news. Barr is unfit and should be impeached He's fit enough to clean up 8 years of the Obama administration's corruption and the last 4 years of people plotting a coup.Obama's DOJ knew in January 2017 the Russian collusion story was made up and yet they still pressed forward. Yeah Barr is the problem.

YvetteBovey I think he’s going to help rig the elections in November & and/or he won’t do anything about it. We are fucked. 🤦🏻‍♂️ I don't think he could fit this nice jacket 🧥 😂 Behind closed doors Barr is scheming his next dirty move. Don't fall for his fake annoyance of president. It's a show. If Trump don't come out against what Barr said about him then you know it was a show

Another former sad jealous person. This president has done more for america and americans than the last 4 president? Barr covered up Reagan's Iran Contra scandal by having Bush Senior pardon those involved before the investigation was complete and sent to trial. yeah how about gun runners to Mexico like Obama and Eric Holder 🤣

And this has been the official Libtard position of Leftwing propaganda network . You have no credibility and are repugnant to 50% of the non-brain dead portion of the electorate. ⚔️Criminals typically create Ciaos & ruin good things!!⚔️ You think!🤔 The Swamp strikes back! Trump is tweeting him badly. He has deceived(lied)the public from the start, should have seen the writing on the wall

My analog tweet agrees. Unfit

Trump Congratulates William Barr for Eliminating Justice Department IndependencePresident Trump’s stated view of the subject of DOJ independence is very clear: He does not believe it should exist, or that it ever has. jonathanchait writes

Barr: Won't be 'bullied' by Trump on Stone case; jurors appalledNancy Pelosi accused President Donald Trump of abusing his power and interfering in the criminal case of his convicted friend and adviser Roger Stone Dose anybody take this woman seriously anymore Nutsy PELOSI Esa Pelosi si que jode.

Barr breaks with Trump: His tweets ‘make it impossible for me to do my job’Attorney General William Barr sharply criticized President Trump’s prolific Twitter habit, saying that the president’s affinity for opining about the goings-on at the DOJ “make it impossible for me to do my job” BS. Someone ask him if tweets make it to his office. And yet Barr still bends to his masters wishes. No he doesn’t. This is called a snow job! Cover up the filt with words that sound pleasing for now in hopes people forget before the snow melts. boybye

Senate Democrats Demand Barr Resign Or Face Impeachment Over Roger Stone CasePresident Trump congratulated Attorney General William Barr for "taking charge" of the case against Trump&39;s longtime friend. He is guilty he will not be acquitted I bet they got a good laugh out of that. Senate Democrats. Go. Pound. Sand.

Barr takes swipe at Trump, says tweets are making it 'impossible to do my job'AG Barr on Thursday has issued a public admonishment of President Trump, telling ABC News that the president's tweets about US Justice Dept. matters 'make it impossible for me to do my job.' Oh please this was obviously a propaganda ploy. The indifferent reaction from both Trump & LindseyGrahamSC just confirms it. Has the media learned nothing? Way to be complicit in propaganda with your softball interview abcnews FascistTrump GOPPropaganda BarrMustGo Pathetic ResignAG Impossible for you to do your job What job is that? Doing what tRump tells you to do?

Barr tells Trump to stop tweeting about Stone case; juror calls it 'appalling'Attorney General Barr tells Trump to stop tweeting about Roger Stone case, saying in an ABC interview that the tweets 'make it impossible to do my job' The Banana Republicans Like he was doing it to begin with, smh