Not a single nonwhite performer among acting award winners

The winners in all 12 major acting categories presented during the Emmys are white.

9/20/2021 11:58:00 AM

The winners in all 12 major acting categories presented during the Emmys are white.

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Ewan McGregor honored for lead role in 'Halston'Ewan McGregor scored a dark-horse win for his lead performance as the fashion designer Halston in the eponymous Netflix limited series.He beat out Paul Bettany ("WandaVision"), Hugh Grant ("The Undoing"), Lin-Manuel Miranda ("Hamilton") and Leslie Odom Jr. ("Hamilton").

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Share this -7h ago / 2:32 AM UTCKate Winslet picks up lead actress Emmy for 'Mare of Easttown'Exactly 10 years after"Mildred Pierce" waltzed into America's hearts, Kate Winslet is back to prove that everything she touches turns to gold statues.

Winslet, who plays a no-nonsense detective with a heart of gold, a love of vaping and a disastrous personal life in HBO's"Mare of Easttown," beat out breakout stars Michaela Coel ("I May Destroy You") and Anya Taylor-Joy ("The Queen's Gambit") for lead actress in a limited or anthology series, solidifying her place as one of the most relevant and likable actors working today.

In the decade that has elapsed since her last Emmy-winning turn on the small screen, the glamorous star has become increasingly vocal about the industry's ageism issue. And while filming"Mare," she grabbed headlines for insisting that her stomach wasn't edited out of a sex scene and for pushing back against airbrushing.

Perhaps even more surprising than her highly relatable portrayal of an aging suburban beauty in free fall, however, is that she pulls off a convincing Philadelphia accent — an achievement that earned the show an additional honor, a limited edition"Mare of Easttown" cheesesteak at the East Coast chain Wawa.

Share this -4h ago / 5:10 AM UTCMichaela Coel receives Emmy and standing ovationMichaela Coel won the Emmy for outstanding writing for a limited or anthology series or movie for “I May Destroy You."Coel was nominated in four categories this year for producing, writing, directing and acting in the hit HBO limited series.

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Daniel, Youre supposed to be a reporter for NBC News focusing on the film and television entertainment industry, not race. That’s nice. Time to throw RuPaul and Michaela Coel under the bus. Clearly they don’t matter. No one watched or cared. Big joke on the people there Wait? Are you serious? You mean the winners were voted best in their categories with no regard to skin color? That cannot be allowed. 🙄

That moment when race and ethnicity defines your every thought you become stupid to the fact that over 20,000 people of all ethnic backgrounds voted for these winners. 'Not a single nonwhite performer among acting award winners The shutout of nonwhite performers is especially notable given the scrutiny of diversity and representation at entertainment industry award shows in recent years.'

Everyone should get a participation trophy. That is the fair and equitable way to handle this. We are all part of a greater collective, no one person or show is better than another. We need to acknowledge everyones talents and sacrifice. And they try to play the viewers by having black hosts, black presenters & Awkwafina while sitting back laughing at how they excluded POC's yet again. EmmysSoWhite... as usual

Let me help you out here. It's a talent competition. Awards are given out based on one criteria, talent. No masks

Dan Walker determined not to let juggling three jobs during Strictly be his 'curse'BBC presenter Dan Walker has joked he has his own version of the infamous Strictly 'curse' – but it's not what you think

holy cow-all white. how dare they be good at their craft Learn the truth about the vaccines. It’s all on my Twitter page. ⚡️ and so it goes.... What's your point? Nobody should win an Emmy. They should distribute them evenly among all races. Point? lol Good!👍

Gabby Petito's family attorney says fiancé Brian Laundrie 'is not missing, he is hiding'Along with the search for missing 22-year-old Gabby Petito, local and federal authorities in Florida are looking for Petito's fiancé Brian Laundrie after his family told police they haven't seen him since Tuesday. Probability - he went to move the body. הוא היה בידיים שלהם. במקום ללחוץ עליו לקבל תשובות מדוע נפרדו דרכיהם הוא היה חופשי. שיאשימו את עצמם. Who cares

Ok. Why does color matter? Why can’t the best shows/actors win? So the Emmys should prioritize race before an actor's acting ability NBC likes tokenism. What a racist comment! Is saying the winners didn’t deserve to win? Yes so proud !!! White power all the way Unless the argument is “x person should have won over x person who did” I’m not sure what collective race has to do with this?

So what

Opinion: Biden is not living up to his promisesScott Jennings writes that President Joe Biden is failing on two campaign promises: shutting down Covid-19 and not being like Donald Trump. Time and again, when given a chance to inspire and unify, Biden and his team have confused and hectored the very unvaccinated Americans he needs to reach the most, Jennings writes. ScottJenningsKY Opinion Hey CNN, this both sides of argument doesn't work when one side doesn't believe in reality. ScottJenningsKY Opinion Biden's open border policy has exasperated the virus. Hundreds of thousands entering our country many with the virus and the government spreading them throughout the country. 2+2 still equals 4. ScottJenningsKY Opinion Maybe it’s because 50% of the population doesn’t even acknowledge that he exists.

Afghan Survivors Of U.S. Drone Strike Say Apology 'Is Not Enough'Emal Ahmadi's 3-year-old daughter, Malika, was among those killed in late August. $1 mil a piece for starters. Does this not remind everyone of something? People in authority with weapons killing innocent civilians, initially proclaiming 'it was a righteous shoot,' only to issue a mea culpa after the fact because it really wasn't righteous in the first place.

Opinion: The post-9/11 fight against extremism must take on propagandists’ tricks, not just ideologyOPINION: Preventing radicalization to extremism will require a combination of preventative media literacy and deep structural solutions. thanks In the live broadcast of the Italian media, the media said that the intensive care unit had not been vaccinated, and medical staff came forward to clarify that all the intensive care unit had been vaccinated, and then the picture was quickly cut off. Radicalization = Wrong think Yea, the Nazis tried this on the Jews.

Taliban says boys can re-enter secondary school but does not mention girlsThe Taliban on Saturday said girls aren't banned from attending secondary school but they first want to set up a 'secure transportation system.' Uh, yahoo News again not telling you the entire story. New schools have to be built to accommodate and mitigate covid 19 risk. The current situation on light of the pandemic prevents many children from attending therefore they are protecting the girls in this situation.