Nostalgic TV Shows And Movies Gen Z Missed Out On But Should Totally Watch

Timeless shows and movies.

10/16/2021 4:50:00 PM

Timeless shows and movies.

Timeless shows and movies.

There was once a time when one would record your favorite show the night before on the DVR and wait to watch it the next day... a time when you'd plan a weekend trip to the movies to finally see the new releases.In the age of streaming services, it's now easier than ever to access any TV show or movie. Gen-Z missed out on something magical, but they can recapture the feeling.

These are the shows and movies the new generation couldn't see on their original release (because they were babies or not born yet!) but should definitely still watch now.1.Tap to play or pause GIFTap to play or pause GIF

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Second half of the list You're sending the kids to watch the Hairspray remake and not the original? Sacrilege. Wow I'm Gen Z, and I've seen some of these.

We ask David Chase: why is “The Sopranos” reaching new audiences?“We just wanted to do a solid, respectable gangster movie.” The creator of “The Sopranos”, David Chase, tells AnneMcElvoy about the show’s prequel, “The Many Saints of Newark”, on “The Economist Asks” podcast annemcelvoy And it sucked annemcelvoy Sopranos is absolutely superb TV, arguably flawless. MSON is a real swing and a miss. Without giving out spoilers, lacks certain energy, the story is not an origin story of Tony Soprano & Michael Gandolfini was criminally underused. Surprised this is David Chase's creation. annemcelvoy Sad dysfunctional immoral. Symbol of our times. Ignore.

23 Times TV Shows And Movies Basically Reused Old Characters And Thought We Wouldn’t Notice”Two sides of the same coin, one might say. Let's not forget Roland from Army Wives and Randall from This is us. Played by the same actor and act the same way! There's like 50 characters to choose from. Of course they're gonna reuse the popular ones Boo 😒

EastEnders' Shaheen Jafargholi looks totally different 13 years after TV debutFormer Britain's Got Talent and EastEnders star Shaheen Jafargholi first appeared on our screens in 2008 as a boy with cute dimples aged just 10. He has now shared some images with his fans to show his life after his roles in EastEnders and Casualty

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