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North Korea threatens to resume calling Trump ‘dotard’

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea threatened Thursday to resume insults of U.S. President Donald Trump and consider him a “dotard” if he keeps using words that provoke the North. Choe...


North Korea threatens to resume insulting President Donald Trump and consider him a “dotard” if he keeps using words that provoke the North. Trump recently revived his “rocket man” nickname for North Korea n leader Kim Jong Un.

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea threatened Thursday to resume insults of U.S. President Donald Trump and consider him a “dotard” if he keeps using words that provoke the North. Choe...

FILE - In this Feb. 28, 2019 file photo, North Korea Deputy Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui talks during a press conference at Melia Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam. North Korea is threatening to resume insults of U.S. President Donald Trump and consider him a “dotard” if he keeps using words that provoke the North. North Korean 1st Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui made the comments on Thursday, days after Trump spoke of a possible military option toward the North and resumed calling its leader, Kim Jong Un, “rocket man.” (AP Photo/Vincent Yu, File)

The development comes as prospects dim for a resumption of nuclear diplomacy between the two countries. In recent weeks, North Korea has hinted at lifting its moratorium on nuclear and long-range missile tests if the Trump administration fails to make substantial concessions in nuclear diplomacy before the year’s end.

“If any language and expressions stoking the atmosphere of confrontation are used once again on purpose at a crucial moment as now, that must really be diagnosed as the relapse of the dotage of a dotard,” Choe said.

In 2017, Trump and Kim traded threats of destruction as North Korea carried out a slew of high-profile weapons tests aimed at acquiring an ability to launch nuclear strikes on the U.S. mainland. Trump said he would bring “fire and fury” on North Korea and derided Kim as “little rocket man,” while Kim threatened to turn Washington into “a sea of fire” and called Trump a “mentally deranged U.S. dotard.”

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UNBORNness Fake news Probaly not a Pelton. Trump has lost all credibility and world respect, consequently his leverage is zero. Only “Moscow Mitch” props him up as president. The Repubs should have stepped in to protect America. They failed us. 北朝鮮の軍部、将軍たちのクーデターは、全く期待できないのか?多方面から秘密の連携は、不可能なのか?内部崩壊は起こらないのか。経済制裁はそれなり効果をあげているようだが。やはり軍がかぎを、握っている。

And Putin is playing Trump for a fool too. Trumps an REAL A. Hole lol mixcom So the two so called Leaders resort to Name Calling😐😐😐 wtf? Go for it.

Crypto expert thought it would be ‘cool’ if North Korea mined ether: sourceA U.S. digital currency expert who was arrested last week for allegedly aiding N...

Not best friends anymore? OpenEyesSee DotardDonald Might be time to bring in drdrew. I thought they were in love, such a fickle couple Sticks and stones may break my bones but,,,,,,,, Summer fling, don't mean a thing But uh-oh those summer nights 🎶 Oh No! Fat Kim is going to insult fat for brains Trump! How are we going to survive this farce!

So does this lower the odds for the Trump4NobelPrize thing? Or just part of his later-day Metternichian genius? By the way, time to change your profile picture DOTARDUS, it's 10 years old

Kim Jong Un rides again as North Korea warns U.S. against using military forceKim Jong Un rides a white horse again, signaling a more confrontational stance with the international community For Christ’s sake are you not going to say anything about the poor horse carrying such a load? It’s literally carrying the only obese guy in the nation without getting an instant swayback. Thing is tough as nails. Poor horse. As we all know, North Korea is a magical country.

Our president is NOT politically savvy! He's ignorant, regarding many human relation subtleties!!! He needs to grow up! I'm ashamed of him!!! God forgive him!!! What do I do with all these coins now ? Real relevant news What about the Biden’s? It's hard to be mad with Kim because he is right about the dotard, imo.

But but but but the peace Trump brought?! Where's his Nobel Peace prize? 🙄 Two preschool boys in a playground, playing games with world politics & peoples' lives. How the f**k did we get here?! 日韓から金絞るために組んでんのとちゃうか? SouthPark wya? 😭 And yet someone says loudly : Trump insults all day long persons he's talking about. For unknown or famous ones, his nicknames are a shame. Humiliating. Impeach

Half-North Korean, half-Chinese kids struggle in South KoreaUIJEONGBU, South Korea (AP) — Song Hong Ryon looks like any other young woman in South Korea . But three years after her arrival from China, the half- North Korea n, half-Chinese 19-year-old has made... Asian countries are some of the most racist & bigoted countries in the world. Same with Muslim countries. How do people not understand this? hyungjin1972 Hmmm hyungjin1972 We're a mean bunch, aren't we?

Really has his number...Trump the dotard. So ThE ChEeSy PhOtO OpPs m MeAnT NoThInG North K-Pop members will not be able to attend Rockefeller Center Christmas. That is fact. I guess POTUS will not be receiving his Nobel Peace Prize. What an imbecile. Rocket man and the Dotard The young ruler and the blow hard A love affair; a separation One small step on North Korean soil As the fart of the deal caused recoil

Rocket man ....dotard.....😂 oh the propaganda called news today in the world of info-tainment i just wanna know who gave trump permission to speak Aren't we all glad that we have grown up world leaders who don't resort to name calling?

North Korea Touts New Resort, Seeking to Blunt U.N. Sanctions North Korea said that its leader, Kim Jong-un, had opened a new mountain resort this week. The isolated country is trying to attract more foreign tourists to blunt the pain of international sanctions. weed retreat with Rodman? Come for the mountain reaort, stay because you were publicly executed by an anti-aircraft gun. Anyone want to go to N. Korea?

Kim is that one kid trying to fight everyone at recess Just this once, North Korea is right. SatiricusRex This is weird, right? Telegraphing literal name calling? It sure does take one to know one! Donald Trump is a joke. What they call each other isn’t what the story is. HaroldLang16 that love affair. Lmao

Well, he *is* a Dotard. And his wife is a Hotard. ...but we’ll always have his letters... sigh.

North Korea warns U.N. Security Council against discussing country's human rights North Korea told the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday that it would ... 1st Amendment dick head. We discuss what we want, when we want. The Bad Guys are really off the hook lately! Or what? The fat little man is gonna go on horseback ride again? Maybe a purple horse this time, to really make a point

I play dota, hmm Trump is a clown and the whole world knows it! It’s about time their romance ended. 🎶 ‘Cause breaking up is hard to do. 🎶 LaughingstockofTheWorld Gold is gonna jump $! I'll call President Trump a dotard right now....dotard. realDonaldTrump I never stopped. It's my favorite name for him I know you are but what am I? 🙄

I am so looking forward to his Christmas gift to us!

North Dakota wall builder who pitched to Trump on Fox News wins $400-million contractTommy Fisher’s ambitious plan to win a border wall contract included talking to Trump through his favorite cable TV channel, Fox News. I'm thinking this will be getting discussed a few months down the line once a whistleblower comes forward.... CORRUPTION. Plain CORRUPTION. And the grifting continues. Cool, 400 million for 30 feet of replacement wall.

😭😭😭😄😄😂😂😂💀 What happened to Nobel Nobel for Trump. Hey Trumpers, B HUSSEIN O has a Nobel. Two charmers MatthewCronin9 Will we see them on Maury tryna get back together MatthewCronin9 Breaking up is really hard to do. Yes, I'm giggling. (this statement shows some parts of the world mood) He should've never stopped.

This is what we've become. Name calling children... He loves pushing people’s buttons. This is not a button to push.

I kinda like Kim now Ahh man! They broke up! ...because their statuses and mentality as prepubescent boys with the ability and proclivity for killing millions of people is never more than an arm's reach from Kim or Trump. smartdissent Love letters?😂 Ohforgawdsakkes! Children... Can you get your hours to laugh?

We’re just plain exhausted at this point! smartdissent He, not North Korea is more of a global threat than North Korea, Russia, Iran & China combined. He would do anything & everything to stay in office including escalation to war. Remember he pulled out of a working Iranian nuc deal, gave credence to “rocket man” started a trade war

Two idiots that never grew up smartdissent Oh .. breaking up is hard to do!

Bro Who runs the world? “Dotard” is the nicest thing one could call realDonaldTrump OMG, can you be more infantile? “I’m rubber, you’re glue.” Seriously? Be a global leader for once, realDonaldTrump. Rise above. Oooh wah. I am standing by for Intercontinental Ballistic Missives. Threaten to call names? Wow...what a cool conflict that is! Especially around Christmas! Go Rudolf!!!!!

Such grownups...they ARE perfect for one another! OpenEyesSee Great. I think we should charge South Korea and Japan 5 times more to have a presence there. That'll help. 1963vette Truth!

Trump is a Dotard no offense taken Kim jong ! The bromance is over. No more beautiful letters. Well, trump thinks a war with North Korea would be a distraction to the trouble he in neck deep. Wait, they’re out of love? Lots of tiny sabre rattling going on... 🙄 Is this about the president of the United States or a fourth grader?

Personally,I hadn’t stop using Dotard to refer to the Dotard. OrangeDotard Maybe other world leaders can succeed at shaming him into resigning. How mature of them! This is where we’re at in human history. Our world leaders resort to calling each other juvenile schoolyard names. At least Kim uses accurate & diverse vocabulary. 😏

Merry Christmas to me🎄 DOTARD is back😂😂😂 LaughingstockofTheWorld Be my guest... Celebrity break ups are always so predictable. “Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!” “Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time!” They should call him 'Mr. Malarkey.' It would bother Trump exponentially more AND give heft to Biden's 'No Malarkey' campaign slogan.

What happened to the love affair? How exactly does it count as a 'threat' to start calling someone an offensive name? I mean, I understand why someone as immature as Trump would see it as a threat, but logically it's hardly a threat, just a statement of disrespect. We all live in a North Korean made submarine Capable of launching icbms thanks to Russia and China 🎶 lalalala

Is it wrong to agree with Kim Hong Un? NorthKorea KimJungHyun Trump TrumpDerangementSyndrome

tmoyer09 Stand in line Kim. He is But what about the love letters and warm thoughts? I know you are, but what am I? 🙄 manchild The love has gone out of spanky's relationship POTUS foxandfriends We told you so Nany nany boo boo? Seems mature I guess that the 'love affair' is over. O K

Oh , so sad ! The honeymoon is over . No more love letters . I wonder if Kim has found another . It will break Donny's heart . He fell in love and now it's over. This is the policy Trump has built. Nothing accomplished but we might resort to name calling. Embarrassing There some serious bipolar shit going on between these two.

Is the love fest over. Okay, that's fine..... but if he starts dipping into calling him 'Mr. Stupidhead' that's where I would draw the line!! IDRCDY 😏 PeggyTo44449436 “We shall say Ni again to you if you do not appease us.” Can’t they just figure this out with middle school slam books? I mean, a 7th grade interpreter would be necessary, but like, whatevs if it saves us from, like, nuclear war?

Guess the honeymoon is over.

Fair is my love, but not so fair as fickle So Trump just wanted a photo opportunity and there was never any substance behind it or did he go back on his words like in the China/US trade deal? Two juveniles in charge of nuclear weapons. What a sad world we live in. What is Kim Jung Un's December surprise? What happened to the love affair? How did Kim Jung In get on that beautiful white horse?

Damnit Kim, you had your chance. Remember the US has a policy of not negotiate with terrorist, we would have left him there with you, forever! Pretty sure that's now part of his official title The love has died hahahahahaha This is so embarrassing. aaaaawwwww, they broke up . 😥 Are we slapping our hands at NK again now?

The world will end because of male fucking frailty. Seriously リツイートしました!!!📢📢🌏🧭🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩📢 No more love ❤️ letters? How embarrassing.. Don’t start nothing won’t be nothing... JuliaDavisNews Wouldn’t want that. Now let me finish eating this cheeseburger Bring it on, Rocket boy. Trump needs a distraction. Kim complies.

Zero respect left :( Happy Anniversay to the BudapestMemorandum 25 years today, The world w US & Europe, agreed to support Ukraine from any Russian aggression, if Ukraine agreed to give up its nuclear arsenal. Why would NK agree to anything, if tRump continues to extort Ukraine? TrumpBribery

What!! No love fest? A war. With words. We're doomed. Remember when we had a competent, educated, sane adult in the White House? Well, too many Americans were afraid of his skin-color, so we ended up with a 73 year old crybaby internet troll after 2016. Dotard Donnie reruns But But ... those LOVE LETTERS

Well there’s some great foreign policy - name calling! “I’m going to insult you if you insult me again!” These two. CBailie This entire “relationship” that Trump touted after meeting with this blood thirsty dictator was nothing more than a ruse. Trump got played by Kim Jong Un. Past American presidents refused to meet Kim for a reason. Of course this is just another Trump humiliation...🤦🏻‍♂️

Looks like we’ve made progress

Hahahaha Now North Korea is laughing at him too! So the commemorative coins are meaningless? They just need to %*! already. Whew, my goodness.... I don't know but this is pretty funny to me.🤣🤣🤣 Is this real life? Mohan__22 I like Republitard better but each to his own. canceltrump impeachment So much for those beautiful letters and falling in love 😂🤣

Trump is a dotard.

Politics in 2019, folks. It's off the wall. What's next? Will Kim fart in Trump's general direction? Have we figured out what dotard means? Trumps like... So this is what it comes to. TonyFumano You have to love watching Kim put a muzzle on Trump. Dotard and Rocketman at it again like school boys. Kim is laughing at Trump, too. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

It seems like Kim Jong Un is like most people, they want to be included, not to be the odd man out. President Trump's duties have called him to interact with other countries and North Korea may need attention.🇺🇸 God bless the lonely. 'He will not leave you or forsake you.' Whatever happened to the axis of love letters? I thought we 'made a deal' wtf ever that means

First its 'dotard', whats next? This Dotard Anyone not a Dictator is a Dotard so Kim Fat Un has a good point. Well this is all so mature and not unnerving at all... 😣 How is this not The Onion? U fear that Trump and Dear Leader Kim would bring a nuclear Holocaust. Reality : this movie clip You mean the beautiful love affair is over?

Please do

The dotard moniker for Trump is accurate. They fired missiles into the sea and that didn’t get trump’s attention - so now they’re calling him names TheOnion can’t even come up with headlines this good. Showing up to the party late? That’s okay, welcome to the party, check you’re AA guns at the door. DPRK, please make fun of him on video while laughing at him, too. It will drive him nuts!

Give them both a knife and lock them in a room. You're welcome, I just saved the world. What a time to be alive when this is the news. How the hell did we get here?🤔 Translation: Kim refuses to let tRump build a beachside resort so tRump can’t profit from a deal. Ergo tRump has turned his back on Kim.

I swear I’m watching a real life season of South Park! 🤣

Is this real life? North Korea lagging behind as most of us never stopped calling Trump a dotard Dotage is a synonym for second-childhood...which makes sense. 😹😹😹😹 Trump is going to learn breaking up is hard to do. They’re just calling it like they’re seeing it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Dump Trump ! I guess Kin feels left out


Breaking up is hard to do. Can't they give their love another try? Name-calling is a clear sign of maturity....NOT!! sticksandstones.... You guys wanted to elect a reality tv star. You get reality tv. Oh no? The bromance is over World not sure if Trump will launch nukes after he says, 'Will I go ballistic over North Korea threat? I may, but it's ok if I don't. We'll see what happens.'

The world is being run by 9 year olds. No surprises here. We should move along. Threatens...to resume insults... 🤔 Get me off this crazy train. I don’t want to ride it anymore. Good lord.

Obama gave too many candies to Kim, a selfish adult child. This kind of diplomacy was completely devoid in my international relations curriculum from UCSB in 1984. lol imagine supporting a dictator who executes his own family members and civilians just cuz he doesnt like trump... yall people are nuts Trump should ' call him out'.

Two spoiled brats who never could’ve succeeded without the astounding amount of help they received from their shitty dads. Dotard is acceptable lol call him whatever you want . We definitely do The manchild who buffs a lopsided gherkin should not insult the childboy who inherited a country oh. this is not an Onion article?

Let’s talk about Barron tho.... so what

rulajebreal They should fight it out in the Thunderdome. Two authoritarian dipshits enter. Neither leaves. That is so damn funny threatening Donald by resuming that dotard name-calling Let's go, North Korea! The United States already considers him a 'dotard' so you've got some catching up to do. Little Donnie, why don’t you grow up? Very pitiful excuse for a man.

Threatens to resume insulting...holy wow that's like a headline from 'If toddlers ruled the world.' Can we get off this timeline yet? MOTRPolitics1 Really, is this it!? World politics have come down to name calling?!!! Hate it that trump gives a facist murdering enemy nation the upper moral hand. (Also hate it that he makes the world more unstable, therefore more dangerous for everyone - US and worldwide.) Dotard TrumpIsALaughingStock NorthKorea TrumpIsAnInternationalDisgrace

This is the kinda news that the media, led by Jim Acosta, cried about being able to deliver under the 5th Amendment? This is not news this is pathetic Ah, but will they wave their private parts in his general direction?

We need a detante for de taunt. Amazing Wow. Annoying. I thought they were in love? Is this a middle school playground? Do I need to call the principal? She’ll work it out! RESUMING DOTARD realDonaldTrump POTUS bome spurs, is the love affair over? This IS all just a promo for Wrestlemania, isn't it? Is this real?

Are two of you in kindergarten? You are world leaders act like it. Trump you started this mess, stop it.

That's because he is DotardDonald If they want to provoke him more, They should remind Donnie Dumb-Dumb that none of the world leader like him and make fun of him. Threatening to resume insults? Are they joking? Trump gets insulted every day as it is. A few more will make no difference. Have at it Rocket Man.

Love stinks! What happened to the love? Think you liberals....he is over seas and the democRATS hold a fake hearing and then announce impeachment....everything Pres Trump has done to MAKE AMERICA GREATER is being fought against by democRATS. DemocRATS should be held accountable for their uncobstitutional actions.

I guess this means no Nobel Peace Prize. Who could've seen this coming? Diplomacy at its best. This is where we are now. This cannot be true; they are in love. Fake news! 💔May-December bromance between Dotard and Rocket Man on the skids?

Don't you mean Kim ung . Schmuck the ruler of North Korea it looks like a schmuck. JuliaDavisNews It’s fake Is the nickname Rocketman really an insult? While serving I fired some myself, and it's awsome. Fired some big guns also. He does seem to get excited when they go up. And I don't think it's all about the fact they didn't explode on takeoff either. It's descriptive not insulting.

I guess that also means no more beautiful letters. 👶👶🔊🔊🔇 When did The Onion change it's name? Uh oh..we're almost back to the use of 'Dotard' 😂😂😂 Who are these people? What kind of diplomatic madness is this? Perhaps we should appoint a delegation of elementary school teachers to straighten these children out.

😂 perfect. I wonder how Pence will handle this? And yet he was offended by Trudeau's comment! NYkrinDC Wait. This has to be a joke. They are using words to fight us? How we have sunk so low in our world standing in 3 years. I am so ashamed of what we are as a nation thanks to the Confederacy Reborn Minority Rule over us. There is a reason they lost the Civil War to begin with.

liveluv707 Reality JuliaDavisNews Fuck it is 2019 and there it is for the first time i agree with North Korea, i call him dotard every time i speak of him… CenterBeautiful Oh dear. Soon escalating to ‘yo dictator so fat’ jokes. CountryOverPar5 Infinity....

AmericansForImpeachmentOfDotard Oh good. Foreign policy through name calling. Maybe we should just have trump and Kim fight it out on the playlot at recess. holachola They should both go on the jerry Springer show. Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time! Not so much a Cold War as it is a Scold War

Well, we think he’s a dotard too. Never go full dotard Well theyre not wrong pseudotastica I. Thought they were sexpals

We're way ahead of you, Kim. realDonaldTrump At least North Korea issues a warning regarding its use of this tactic favored by Trump. This has been a sic joke since trump started it with his infantile name for a foreign leader! This is how the current occupant handles the United States Foreign Policy, add that to the list of horrendous actions he has done in office!

The horrors. Get a life. Unbelievable! Living at a time where threatening to call Trump names is effective strategy to get what you want! Wow, definitely give him the Nobel Peace Prize So it’s Fat-Boy and Dotard Kim Jong un probably likes being called rocketman

Well, it's the truth about .realDonaldTrump who is about to be impeached. Dotard resist theresistance VoteGOPout of office in 2020. indivisible indivisibleteam Trump’s love affair with Kim Jung Un lasted about as long as some of his marriages. What a time to be alive WTF? Are we 5? 🤦🏻‍♀️ Fine, give the Earth to the dogs. They are more advanced.

Hmm...I thought the issue was _little_ Rocket Man...hmmm How about that Beautiful letter. DEFENDING NORTH KOREA...PRICELESS Finally something positive about dotard Trump. JuliaDavisNews 'Now go away, you silly persons, or I shall taunt you again!'

Waiting for the Christmas nuclear missiles from North Korea. That is the appearance I’m interpreting from latest photos and articles on N. Korea and Trump. World leaders trading insults rather than nukes. At least it's an 'achievement' WoW. Just wow Megalomaniacs will Melli I see we’re back in the “sticks and stones” phase of foreign relations

Yes!!!! He allowed this to happen by leaving the NATO meeting early. Troll him until he resigns!! Glad we are all adults here. Unreal. such a great negotiator Is this seriously news? I just ...... I have no words

Oh come on North Korea you are better than Trump TrumpIsALaughingStock ImpeachTrump Go away or we shall taunt you a second time. Trump to Kim: ' Something happened along the way What used to be happy was sad Something happened along the way And yesterday was all we had And, oh, after the love has gone How could you lead me on' EWAF

' I fart in your general direction' But, but a what about those love letters? When 7th graders ruled the earth. Just a couple of 6th grade girls Lol tikitengu Trump is a dotard.

You know it’s bad when the North Koreans are piling on. ciqii Really it may be time for Trump to put a boot in has assss. You cannot call realDonaldTrump Dotard! Only we can! drbishop509 It's comical to go back and forth with these two and the name calling and love letters. Till you remember they control nuclear weapons! That sht is not funny!

Let Kim testify at the impeachment hearings! Bet he’s got some juicy goods on trump!! JuliaDavisNews Had to triple check it wasn't DPRK_News ... What a world Well why not? The rest of the world insults him All this winning is not everything Trump promised it would be

North Korea threatens to resume calling Trump a 'dotard!'🧐😖🥺😎🇰🇵 Did not like 'comments' (Mockings) Genesis 28 16 When Jacob awoke from his sleep, he thought: “Surely the Lord is in this place, and I was not aware of it' 17 He was afraid and said: “How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God; this is the gate of heaven

But wait 🤣🤣🤣 Wonder what N Korea thinks if the new relationship between China and S Korea, which was caused by Trump's expert deal making skills. SoMuchWinning This isn't how diplomacy works. It's how an elementary schoolyard works. “Art of the deal” 😂😂 This is the dumbest way democracy dies Maybe the world stage can do what so far the House, our voices, and the impeachment proceedings have not managed to do: convince the GOP and the electorate to get rid of this pimple on our ass.

That magic horse isn’t working. France, UK, Canada and Holland were laughing at Trump yesterday and North Korea is joining in today. MAGA this is what the world really thinks of dullard Trump. America isn't great again, but it sure as heck is a joke.

I can't believe we have fallen so far that the United States is in competition with North Korea for the worst leader in the world. What happened to the love?!? Stable genius. You guess who I'm referring to. Love on the rocks. Dotard JuliaDavisNews Love gone sour? Bbbbbbut the beautiful letters! BloodyDotard 😂

Oh great. We have a 5th grade bully running the country while our enemies are circling the wagons. Pudgy Kindergarten schoolyard bullies taunting each other as five-year-olds are known to do JuliaDavisNews Here we go again. One minute he’s in love with the liddle’ dictator and now... WhereIsTheLove

JuliaDavisNews but, but.... Lmaooooooo. is this real life? 🤣 Go for it! The rest of the world already is. Fire and fury, to love letters, are we now at sticks and stones? The abysmal foriegn policy of this administration is inept at best, but dangerous is a more accurate adjective. non-zero chance that this starts WW3. happy Thursday!

ConvictTrump ConvictTrump ConvictTrump ConvictTrump ConvictTrump ConvictTrump ConvictTrump ConvictTrump ConvictTrump ConvictTrump ConvictTrump ConvictTrump ConvictTrump ConvictTrump ConvictTrump ConvictTrump ConvictTrump ConvictTrump ConvictTrump ConvictTrump but...but....what about those beutifull letters!!!? its not fair... love are suppouse to be forever !!! Why... Whyyyyy?

A pair of 3 year olds.

Good lord Was it in the form of a very nice letter? JuliaDavisNews Oh dear - it looks like the children might start fighting in the schoolyard again. Good thing nothing important is at stake. cool. Are they planning to call Trump Donald the Dotard? I suppose we should be grateful that this is all NK is threatening... for now.

JuliaDavisNews I’m having a hard time figuring out which leader is crazier. It’s clear which is smarter. I guess their love affair is over now 🙄 There are no more adults. This my fellow citizens, is where we are at this point in our great country......dotarding dueling dotard. Fml.

JuliaDavisNews I thought that realDonaldTrump fell in love and deserved a Nobel Peace Prize? JuliaDavisNews Wait, I ridiculed somebody for saying that this was a real headline from AP, and now I'm the asshole? WTH? Trump is a dotard. Dottering dotard. JuliaDavisNews Noogies and wedgies to commence momentarily.

Not a good week for trump relationships with the US’s world neighbors. This is like when the cats are fighting and you have to pull out the spray bottle, except we’re all going to die. GALAHAD: Is there someone else up there we could talk to? GUARD: No, now go away or I shall taunt you a second time-a!

That's 'Mr. Dotard' to you, sir! I assume sticking out their tongues is next.

One of these days it won’t be insults hurled... these unstable leaders will lead us into another War. The lasting legacy of Trump's presidency will be that our children and our children's children will never have to look up the definition of dotard like we once had to. TheFutureIsBright So he is mentally ill perhaps old narcissist 😂

Anyone remember back when world leaders actually had dignity and actually tried to achieve things other than personal profit? Trump’s negotiating skills are impeccable. 😂🙄 Trying to wrap my head around this. If you threaten to call someone a (derogatory) name, aren't you -- in fact -- calling that someone that name? 🤔

Two idiots in charge of running countries calling each other names, what a time to be alive! But other countries respect the US like never b4, Trump said. We told you, NK was toying w/him. Nooo, you just knew Trump was getting him to denuke. So, plz, continue...you were saying Trump got NK to denuke but Obama couldn't. Start 👈 there. & tell us how childish helps

Lol - how to really hurt the “president” of the United States? Call him names! That’s all it takes! How to get him to be your lapdog? Tell him he’s smart! He’ll do whatever you ask!

Are we really talking about two world leaders or are we back in the fucking playground. Kids playing with nukes.... Jeez LOL at this being what this country has been reduced to. No Core VALUES Trump is the Question Money is the ANSWER A VULGAR VESSEL for sale Are we surprised? Only trump didnt expect this cause Trump's a worldwide joke

So, after giving Kim Jong In what no one else would...we get...nothing, absolutely nothing, in return. And relations are exactly where they were. Nice banter for a couple kids with nuclear weapons He's just got played... When your president is a worldwide joke.. 😕 Same tbh.

OperationNAM this is hilarious JeremyKohCNA Honestly... is this real news? 😂 They’re being kind. ... and they would be correct. And we care again why ? He done more for our country than Obama and glad he is president. So this is what being respected around the world looks like... Well....who isn't insulting trump.....

Resume ? It’s the truth by definition he is just that . I just learned 'cockalorum' yesterday. It means 'a self-important little man.' He could use that. (And it's pronounced like 'cock alarm,' so that's kind of a bonus.)

🤦🏻‍♀️ So... you know what never mind... That's commander dotard nicole_bertrand Trump should just have stayed out of NK. He got punked and after seeing how much the rest of the world regards him as pathetic, Jong Un is going to continue to play him. That’s ok Trump is threating to remain a Dotard and for no particular reason!

Is this a flashback headline? Or is this 'the break glass in case of impeachment start antagonist stick with dictator buddy & we're all going to die if you don't re-elect Trump.' card? Because they know insulting HIM personally is worse to HIM than testing missiles that threaten the world Trump has done nothing but emobolden North Korea. Giving them legitimacy with several photo ops wit a US President. Failure on the Trump and his administration!!!

Because they know that words and name calling gets under his skin

This is so hilariously middle school Oh I see the love has gone out of this relationship, so sad. I guess we’ll be going back to name calling. Break ups are so hard.... Trouble in paradise? Here we go. Potus doing anything at all, up to and including dangerous brinksmanship, to distract from his impeachment. God help us.

This could easily be an article on The Onion. How about something a little more exciting like 'dumpy trumpy?' Ok, Rocketman. Well, if the shoe fits, wear it. Reality TV diplomacy

Aaaaand remember when people were praising his negotiating skills... 'Look at what he's done in North Korea!'. Sadly the population has a 5 second memory Real_kimjonguno is a mentally unbalanced despotic dictator. If he trys to harm America or her allies - realDonaldTrump will AnnihilateNorthKorea.

Literally nobody respects or even fears trump What happened to the lovely letter? I thought they were in Love? Well duh! Tulsi2020 Tulsi TulsiGabbard has a better plan on North Korea which is what a super power should be doing in the 1st place! Well..he IS a “Dotard” so is this really a problem? I mean other than the fact that Trump legitimized a despot dictator and has allowed their long range middle and nuclear programs to flourish? TrumpIsAFailure FailSon JustResignAlready LaughingstockofTheWorld

realDonaldTrump's relationship with other countries is like whac-a-mole. Something simmers down for 10 minutes and then another stormy situation fires up. TrumpIsALaughingStock Thanks to the Dem’s

threatening to use insulting words? some new kind of strategic ploy. I wonder if north Korea is used by Russian gas company war Lord's to push their earth killing agenda How long before the Party of Obstruction Realizes this man is a Hazard to America's well being and stature AROUND THE WORLD!! Are they ALL the UNEDUCATED he loves so much?

why Does trump treat NK as s JOKE😊😊😊 Children! Trump and Kim arguing like children while both nation's have thousands of nukes aimed at each other. What could go wrong? Can poopyhead be on the horizon? Wow, trump has turned US foreign discourse into school house name calling. Are we winning yet? But trump says he fell in love with Kim Jong Un. His heart will be broken. Oh no! 😢😢🥺☠️💔

They are literally children

Pssst: DPRK has long known LaughingStock is not worthy of respect. Flattering a dotard and respecting him are very different things. Just ask LaughingStock sycophants: all flatter him, while snickering and complaining behind his back, e.g. Rex “he’s a fucking moron” Tillerson. Kim and Donald Isn't it sad that under this president's dictatorship, world leaders (good and evil) have all reverted to little schoolchildren by calling each other names?

What an embarrassment. NotTheOnion 🤨 The world is run by children in men’s bodies. Omg, its official. The AP has used the word 'Dotard' in a serious sense in their reporting. Like a weird dream that you might have from eating the wrong food before bed, we now live in combo Idiocracy/Upside Down world.

Hoping a makeup sex tape isn’t on the horizon. A night in Pyongyang. 'The president gets to make foreign policy as he sees fit.' Kim does what China tells him. This is China upset and sending their poodle out to piss on your lawn. I don't think Donald Trump will warn him before he starts banging... Oh my, more “cutting edge” news from the AP! If this was high school, I’d stick you people in a hall locker !

🙄🙄🙄 So I guess that Nobel Peace prize is still off the table 😂 I’ve seen this before. Where are we? The fucking sandbox? 🤣so childish on both sides

I shall taunt you a second time So much for THAT Nobel prize. I assume were still claiming victory, tho, right? Is this TheOnion? because it made me laugh out loud Wait, you’re telling me this isn’t a DPRK_News tweet? And that's donald's BFF, where there are love letters to prove it. Dotocracy: government rule by dotards

What about all the beautiful letters? The headline displaying the downfall of man. Honestly thought this was a DPRK_News tweet. Yea, Trump's a foreign-relations genius!🤦‍♀️

Kim cries and throws temper tantrum when called names. Trump refuses to go to a meeting because he was mocked. Similar creatures. Trump KimJongUn Go away, or I shall taunt you a second time! Gonna have to side with N. Korea on this one Dotard I'm so proud other world leaders respect America and it's leaders again.

PhGoffin Korean diplomats at Mofa_Belgium secretly kicked their DPRK diplomacy back to 2016-levels: the North Koreans threaten to resume insulting President Donald Trump and consider him a “dotard” if he keeps using words that provoke ...Samsung I can't believe this is a real story. Is this really our new reality? Announcements of resuming name calling, this is getting so bizarre.

This is our foreign policy negotiations people😑 Trump you can not deal with a murderer by calling Kim Rocket Man. Talk to your Defense Department and Pentagon. Then maybe you can talk or set limits with Kim. May I remind you North Korea wants to nuk America! lol this is news Wow. Great reporting. It’s almost like the AP is on Kim Jong Un’s side.

Children with nukes. Good times.

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