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North Korea proposes talks if South Korea lifts 'hostility'

BREAKING: Kim Jong Un’s sister says North Korea is willing to resume talks with South Korea if it lifts hostility on her country.

9/24/2021 7:52:00 AM

BREAKING: Kim Jong Un’s sister says North Korea is willing to resume talks with South Korea if it lifts hostility on her country.

SEOUL , South Korea (AP) — The influential sister of North Korea n leader Kim Jong Un said Friday her country is willing to resume talks with South Korea if it doesn’t provoke the North with hostile policies and double standards.

“If (South) Korea distances itself from the past when it provoked us and criticized us at every step with its double standards and restores sincerity in its words and actions and abandons its hostility, we would then be willing to resume close communication and engage in constructive discussions about restoring and developing relations,” Kim Yo Jong said.

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ADVERTISEMENTTo achieve the end-of-the war declaration, she said: “We must ensure mutual respect toward one another and abandon prejudiced views, harshly hostile policies and unfair double standards toward the other side first.”Her comments were a contrast to a blunt statement by a senior North Korean diplomat earlier Friday that the end-of-war declaration could be used as a “smokescreen covering up the U.S. hostile policy” against the North.

Vice Foreign Minister Ri Thae Song American weapons and troops deployed in South Korea and its vicinity and regular U.S. military drills in the region “all point to the U.S. hostile policy toward (North Korea) getting vicious day by day.” North Korea has also long described U.S.-led economic sanctions as proof of U.S. hostility against the North.

In a response to Ri’s statement, South Korea’s Unification Ministry said it’ll continue its efforts to adopt the end-of-the war declaration and strengthen cooperation with related countries. Cha Duck Chul, a deputy ministry spokesman, said declaring the war’s end would be “a very meaningful step” as it could be a starting point for peace negotiations and denuclearization on the peninsula.

The Korean War ended with an armistice, not a peace treaty, leaving the peninsula in a technical state of war. North Korea has steadily wanted to sign a peace treaty with the United States to formally end the war and for subsequent improved relations. Some experts say the peace treaty could allow North Korea to demand the United States to withdraw its 28,500 troops in South Korea and ease sanctions.

Both Koreas had called for an end-of-war declaration to be made and a peace treaty to be signed during the period of diplomacy with the United States that began in 2018, and there was speculation then-President Donald Trump might announce the war’s end in early 2019 to convince North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to commit to denuclearization.

No such announcement was made as the diplomacy faded to a stalemate over easing the sanctions in return for North Korea denuclearizing. In late 2019, North Korea said the nuclear crisis won’t be resolved if the United States sought to persuade it to return to the talks with a proposal on the war-end declaration without withdrawing its hostile policy.

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In recent months, Kim has warned that North Korea would bolster its nuclear arsenal and introduce more sophisticated weapons systems unless the United States drops its hostile policy. Last week, North Korea conducted its first cruise and ballistic missile tests since March, demonstrating its ability to launch attacks on South Korea and Japan, two key U.S. allies where a total of 80,000 American soldiers are stationed.

___Associated Press writer Kim Tong-hyung contributed to this report. Read more: The Associated Press »

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? Wasn’t it the North that destroyed the building last year that enforced cooperation between the two? At this point you can’t even 100% take serious what anything is said from the North why don't they fire some more train-mounted missiles? let's see how they compare against U.S.-made nuclear-sub launched nuclear missiles.

You cant have rational discussion with people who worship their leader as a god (one who has concentration camps no less) Koreans are nothing less than family and nothing more than human. Together they were meant to show the world their capability as a people, but separate they would fall away to the wasteland.

😂 😆 😂 We just need katyperry to mediate. I hear Kim's a fan Ignore. Look at the historical record. Heard it 100x before. SK is not hostile. Offer food aid to dprk ppl, that’s it. His sister is insanely hot 😘 Of course the aggressors want the opponent to be submissive

North Korea rejects South's calls for declaring end to war in peninsula North Korea 's reaction came after South Korea n President Moon Jae-in reiterated his calls for the end-of-the-war declaration that he said could help achieve denuclearisation and lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula.

And not a single fuck was given 10 DENN And tomorrow news will say Biden negotiated it. And little kamala was there too in the background 南韓對北韓不應該用敵意二字形容,應該是戒備與防禦,因為北韓的擁核,本身就是對半島安全構成了巨大威脅。從韓戰到近代金剛山射殺遊客,和延坪島事件等,都是北韓主動挑起的戰爭與侵犯,南韓政府始終保持克制與民族道義並從未主動發起對北韓的挑衅,這是必須明確的事實關係! “38th parallel, popular name given to latitude 38° N that in East Asia roughly demarcates North Korea & South Korea. The line was chosen by U.S. military planners at the Potsdam Conference (July 1945) near the end of World War II as an army boundary, north of which the U.S.S.R”

I'd trust her way less than Kim Jong Un lol. What they mean is they want American troops to withdraw or for them to stop doing military exercises or whatever because it makes his generals nervous. She's so diplomatic.

N. Korea rejects South's calls for end-of-war declaration North Korea rebuffs South Korea ’s push at UNGA for a declaration to end the 1950-53 Korean War as a way to restore peace, saying such a step could be used as a “smokescreen covering up the U.S. hostile policy' against Pyongyang. if the US would stop choking the North with sanctions their economy would improve and it will be easier for a democratic revolution to happen If associated press reports it just believe the opposite why are 'we' so bad and 'they' so good? why do we ever allow ourselves to lessen our ideals and become counter intuitive to our democracy

Her actual words translated from jibrish Oh! Is Kim Jong Un still alive? Serious question. She’s not to be trusted. Lot of know-nothing Americans commenting on here

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