North Korea preparing for a military parade, satellite images show

North Korea preparing for a military parade, satellite images show

9/18/2020 1:03:00 PM

North Korea preparing for a military parade, satellite images show

Satellite images indicate that North Korea is preparing for a massive military parade in its capital to mark the 75th anniversary of its ruling party next month.

SEOUL  — North Korea is preparing for a massive military parade in its capital to mark the 75th anniversary of its ruling party next month, satellite images indicated Friday, even as the countrystrengthens its anti-coronavirus measures.The images, provided by Maxar, a Colorado-based satellite imagery company, show thousands of people assembled in formation near Pyongyang’s Kim Il Sung Square and rehearsing for a military parade. The anniversary of the founding of the ruling Workers’ Party is on Oct. 10.

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North Korea often holds military parades featuring goose-stepping soldiers and new weapons systems on state anniversaries to bolster unity and intimidate enemies.North Korea insists it hasn’t had any coronavirus cases, aby many foreign experts.Advertisement

On Monday, the North’s Korean Central News Agency said the country is intensifying its emergency anti-coronavirus efforts. It said authorities are trying to boost the anti-pandemic atmosphere to ensure that the anti-virus campaign “is waged consistently without a moment’s indolence, slackness and carelessness.”

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has called for strong unity among the country’s 25 million people as it faces multiple crises including the pandemic, damage from a recent typhoon, and ongoing U.S.-led economic sanctions. He closed the country’s border with China, its biggest trading partner, in January over virus concerns. Experts say the border closure has likely worsened North Korea’s already-troubled economy.

Earlier this week, the nominee for chairman of South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff told lawmakers that North Korea might conduct its first underwater ballistic missile test in about a year ahead of the Oct. 10 ruling party anniversary.NewsletterMust-read stories from the L.A. Times

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Somebody’s going to be so jealous.

A new perspective on Trump's charm offensive with North Korea'Whoever sits in the Oval Office next year, Woodward's alarming discoveries show the unsolved 70-year US-North Korea showdown is as dangerous as ever,' write StCollinson and husca StCollinson husca That's not good. StCollinson husca We were at the breach of war thanks to Obama and the last 4 years we had' peace' can't f_ ck with that!! StCollinson husca realDonaldTrump gop WELL, AS I ALREADY SAID, donald's MEETING WITH NORTH KOREA WAS A PERFORMANCE DURING HIS IMPEACHMENT. LIKEWISE, THE ABRAHAM AGREEMENT IS ANOTHER PERFORMANCE BECAUSE HE'S LOSING THIS ELECTION. the donald ALWAYS USES SMOKE CURTAINS WHENEVER HE IS AT RISK.

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China, Japan, South Korea agree to make 'all policy efforts' to fight pandemicFinance ministers and central bankers from China, Japan and South Korea agreed on Friday to redouble their efforts to help the region recover economically from the novel coronavirus while vowing to defend the multilateral trade and investment system. Message from the one who predicted coronavirus. Dr. Anthony R. Fehr, Assistant Professor of Infectious Disease at the University of Kansas. He was one of about a hundred people in the country studying the coronavirus full-time. The world needs more cooperation like this and less divisive discord. China 🇨🇳 lied people died!

Missile launch or storm repairs? Flurry of activity fuels speculation of North Korea testAnalysts and security officials say they are watching for signs that North Korea may use an upcoming holiday to unveil new weapons or test fire a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM), after a flurry of activity was detected at a key base. Missile launch. Classic NK. Provoke for attention. My bet is they launch something or another, get Trump to react 'strongly', threaten war, he wags the dog. The country rallies. Trump wins. No war. NK gets what they want: a senile old man in the WH. Pugsley Addams is blowing up trains once again, just to let the world know he is alive and healthy. It's the sister you have to watch out for. Like a lioness stalking its prey, she'll lay quiet and pounce when least expected Another exciting day out for the little fella!

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