North Carolina Will Pause Further Reopening Until September To Start The School Year

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper says the state will remain paused in Phase 2 of its reopening plan — keeping bars, gyms and indoor entertainment venues closed until at least Sept. 11.

8/6/2020 7:31:00 AM

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper says the state will remain paused in Phase 2 of its reopening plan — keeping bars, gyms and indoor entertainment venues closed until at least Sept. 11.

Gov. Roy Cooper said on Wednesday the state will stay in Phase 2 of its Safer at Home plan for five more weeks as students return to school, saying 'now is the time to double down on safety measures.'

Ethan Hyman/Raleigh News & Observer/TNS via Getty Imageshide captiontoggle captionEthan Hyman/Raleigh News & Observer/TNS via Getty ImagesNorth Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said on Wednesday that the state will stay paused in Safer at Home Phase 2 for another five weeks.

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Ethan Hyman/Raleigh News & Observer/TNS via Getty ImagesNorth Carolina Gov. Roy Cooperannouncedon Wednesday that the state's economy will remain paused in Phase 2 for five more weeks, keeping bars, gyms and indoor entertainment venues closed until at least Sept. 11.

He said that the state's coronavirus numbers show promising signs of stabilization, and the start of the school year later this month means it is the time to"double down" on safety."With the opening of schools, people will move around more and so will the virus," Cooper

said."Other states that lifted restrictions quickly have had to go backward as their hospital capacity ran dangerously low and their cases jumped higher. We won't make that mistake in North Carolina."Most but not all schools will reopen with remote learning, Cooper said. Those that open to in-person instruction will have smaller class sizes, mandatory mask-wearing and social distancing.

He added that college campuses will open for students but will use more buildings and less in-person instruction than in a typical year.Schools districts across the country are grappling with how to resume instruction as the pandemic rages on in the U.S.

Under North Carolinaguidance, schools can choose to open for in-person instruction with specific safety protocols under"Plan B" or fully remote learning under"Plan C."Cooper previously announced that the state will provide at least five reusable face coverings for every student, teacher and school staff member in public schools.

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I'm all for safety, but it's stupid they wont open gyms which would help ppl be healthier/have a better chance at fighting covid, but you allow restaurants to stay open and pack 40 people in a small space. At least you can wear masks at the gym. You cant wear one while eating... Douche Men enjoy men like this. We would drink his urine straight from the source 🕯🌹 a wrinkled white man like he. Very erotic, highly arousing face.

These businesses will go out of business and there will be zero help for them from this Governor. He is messing with their lives A--hole Cooper Yes Protect families with children, but the other people just laying up , getting high, not paying a dime on rent, utities, nothing its just not fair to owners,

I hope Trump stops the evication process only for families, other ppl recived stimulus check, 600 government funds, didnt pay a dime on their rent, they took advantage of the situation, partying, buying expensive items, , why should owners continue to suffer, its not fair. Governor Cooper should worry more about people shooting each other but hey that's just me.

To everyone who went out to a crowded bar or joined a big gathering and is complaining about this - congrats, you're the reason it's happening. maggieNYT Smart move. Now mandate face masks Keep using scare tactics Mr. Cooper, that's all you have left because the people of North Carolina have already decided you are gonna be out of a job soon! WE BELIEVE THE DOCTORS, not THE POLITICIANS!

We will vote Cooper out in November and have every ballot cast proved! He's not going to get away with boxes of mysterious ballots found again. Vote DanForestNC I live in NC We are free. We have not warm ask nor have we stopped going to church. Someone just lost his next election. Causing more deaths and misery. The only thing these politicians have done during this covid-19 so-called pandemic is give themselves more power. You know these cocksucker's don't follow the rules they set for others.

Good! He's going to lose. Destroying business and lives for 2000 deaths mostly old people. Out of a state on 9 million. Next were banning cars bc people die in them MOST of the bars in NC are open. Half of the gyms are open. Music venues and a very around 5% of bars are the only establishments closed. There is 0 enforcement of masks and occupancy in any of the opened businesses. Please don’t let our governors lip service sound effective.

maggieNYT Is this why Trump keeps claiming coronavirus will just go away? Drinks at bars are expensive. Cheaper and better to drink at home. Thank you! Good! Thank you NC_Governor. Hope they are relooking at schools & universities too. trump is trying to save AMERICA and the left and china are trying to destroy the country I WOULD RATHER LIVE WITH FREEDOM VOTE TRUMP OR LOSE YOUR FREEDOM

maggieNYT They don't want this to end. We are allowing our freedoms to end by doing nothing. You can say goodbye to America. Even NPR promotes fakescience COVID19 Dafuq, one of the bars down the street from me has been open for at least a week already Another fascist government. Sieg Heil, Amerika. Rise of the 4th Reich. Sprechen sie Deutsch? POTUS GOPChairwoman GOP TheDemocrats RVAT2020 MAGA

Except all the gyms in my city are open. Is there somewhere to report that? Meanwhile back in Tennessee! GovBillLee doesn’t care...... It reminds me of that tragedy Not-so-fun fact: Restaurant analysts and operators have been quoting an estimate that 75 percent of the independent restaurants that have been closed to protect Americans from the coronavirus won’t make it.

maggieNYT engage in male homosexuality and they wonder why the fuck I feel like I do... I will do anything I have to do to ensure that shit hole ceases operation and something is done about those health care professionals. Though that was Google probably aka the anti-christ. maggieNYT One of the fucking million other reasons I will never return to Hampton and want to leave this shitty fucking city I used to love behind.

maggieNYT Undoubtedly on my fucking hit list. Despite numerous complaints to the doctor about my homo room mate harassing me and having all these emotional break throughs that were important. Nothing was done about these homo terrorists and I was told I was bi-polar just for refusing to maggieNYT while doing nothing played in my head and I just burst into tears. That course of events the me crying thing over it in connecticut was the main reason I went to her house I actually felt like I had to apologize to her. God damn that place in connecticut was a shit-hole and

maggieNYT I don't feel emotions without add meds, in addition to a whole other things that make me non-functional in society when not having adhd meds... Anyway the video playback of her crying and me basically just going from full on conversation with her to watching her get yelled at maggieNYT Clearly it was my best friend Trevor who I was used to watching doing things like this.. But he basically just started yelling at her, among other things that I won't mention and the video of this occurring just played back in my head in connecticut cuz apparently I learned I don

maggieNYT I distinctly remember having this flash back about a moment Maggie was at my grandmothers house with a bunch of high school kids and Maggie and I were sitting together at the dining room table talking when Trevor walks up and starts saying a bunch of rude ass shit to her Wish many other governors would follow his lead.

maggieNYT had all those emotional outbursts and how to be a gentleman training in Utah, among other things. And I was sitting at the computer and I just burst into tears, undoubtedly fuelled further by harassment from homosexual terrorists but still mainly about Maggie maggieNYT Though the subliminal message behind this regarding pregnanting maggie seem clear... Though I swear I want to make it contingent to firing officer kursov cuz he's a total prick... I ugh had something else to say but, I remember I was in Connecticut and it was just right after I

Because there would be nothing like the excitement of restarting the pandemic on 9/11. maggieNYT Good work Governor. I know this was not an easy decision thanks to all the people who believe their rights are being infringed upon. Thank you NC_Governor for putting health, safety & lives first. WeWillVote WearAMask SocialDistancing coronavirus

“Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.” John F. Kennedy (not a commentary on John F. Kennedy) maggieNYT the fact that they’ve gotten away with these unconstitutional actions for so long is unbelievable.

maggieNYT He has worked so hard to try to keep us safe without a lot of cooperation, sadly. He looks tired. ❤️ Gov. Cooper. So grateful we have NC_Governor leading our state right now. 👍🏾 Steady leadership in the face of hostile ignorance is helping in NC. Now worry about our suspicious voting machines.

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'Straight Out Of North Korea': Chris Hayes Rips Trump's 'Deceitful Propaganda'The MSNBC host said the president is leading a 'full, concerted effort ... to undermine the legitimacy of the election.' Both sides will contest election results in battleground states. The MSNBC host said the president is leading a 'full, concerted effort ... to undermine the legitimacy of the eating contest.' Gotta love how the liberal media quotes each other to create a story that wasn’t news in the first place. That’s what we call bootstrappin!

Diageo’s Alcohol Sales Rise in North America but Fall Elsewhere as Covid-19 WeighsJohnnie Walker maker Diageo reported a sharp drop in sales for the year as higher alcohol sales in North America failed to make up for slumps in most other countries caused by the pandemic. Johnnie Walker很好喝,要加冰块🧊 If you like Jack Daniels and are on a budget this is the whiskey to get. isn't DIAGEO on the Board of Directors of FedEx ?