Health, North Carolina Sues Juul, Claiming Deceptive Marketing And Targeting Youth - Cnn

Health, North Carolina Sues Juul

North Carolina sues Juul, claiming deceptive marketing and targeting youth

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North Carolina is suing e-cigarette manufacturer Juul, claiming that it marketed its products to children and misled the public about risks associated with those products

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"As a result of Juul's deceptive and unfair practices, thousands of North Carolina kids are at risk of addiction to nicotine," Stein said Wednesday."Juul must be stopped from spreading this disease any further and must pay for its violations of the law.When your child vapes, what's a parent to do?"I'm taking this action today to keep these products out of kids' hands, to keep the vapor out of their lungs and to keep the poison out of their brains," he added. The lawsuit is the first by a state over the company's alleged marketing toward teens. Stein said the suit stemmed from an investigation his office began in October by requesting information on the company's sales and marketing practices. Read More"My investigation showed two things: One, it targeted young people. And two, it misleads the public about the potency of nicotine in its products," he said."You only have to walk through any high school parking lot in North Carolina to see how pervasive Juul is among young people in our state."Juul claims its products are for adults, but its business strategy clearly targeted young people and minors."Stein said he's seeking to stop Juul from engaging in"harmful and unfair marketing practices, to pay civil penalties and for the disgorgement of Juul's ill-gotten profits."Juul ramped up nicotine levels, and competitors followed, study saysStein said that Juul's 75% market hold on e-cigarettes was primarily driven by use among middle and high school students and added that nearly 17% of North Carolina high schoolers reported vaping in the past month. He also cited national numbers, released by the US Food and Drug Administration in November, showing that vaping had increased nearly 80% among high schoolers and 50% among middle schoolers since the year before. Stein said Juul utilized social media influencers popular among young people, as well as designing flavors and products that were attractive to teens. The lawsuit alleges that Juul routinely downplayed the strength of its nicotine. Stein said it entered the market with nicotine concentrations well above what was typical at the time and"downplayed the risks."Juul has maintained that its products are not for kids and are intended to convert adult former smokers."While we have not yet reviewed the complaint, we share the Attorney General's concerns about youth vaping, which is why we have been cooperating with his office and why we have taken the most aggressive actions of anyone in the industry to combat youth usage," it said in a statement Wednesday.Anti-tobacco advocacy groups applauded the lawsuit.Get CNN Health's weekly newsletter Sign up here to get The Results Are In with Dr. Sanjay Gupta every Tuesday from the CNN Health team.

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I’ve seen/heard like 2 ads for them in my life and neither were “targeting children” as NC is saying. The parents of the “children” are the problem, not the company. Snapchat markets marijuana and juuls every single day with colorful pictures on Chedar public story subscription and get away with it by saying things in the headline considered negative but not really negative. In reality, it’s advertisement to children

stop ruining child This is totally bs . Guess Tide pods did the same thing too ! Of course it is. Thats how they make $. CMMadhyaPradesh RahulGandhi PriyankaGandhi INCIndia OfficeOfKNath JM_Scindia VTankha INCMP digvijaya_28 dmgwalior Mr A.A. SIDDIQUI PRINCIPAL, MAHILA POLYTECHNIC, GWALIOR IS CHOR. FIR N.55/12. P.S. TECHNICAL EDUCATION NOT OBEYED S.C.ORDERS. SEE S.C. ORDER, REMOVE HIM.

I live in NorthCarolina and not once have I even seen a misleading advertisement by JUULvapor . I don’t agree with underage smoking but parents & store owners need to be held more accountable not the manufacturer. Always someone elses fault. It us amazing how safe and good for u alcohol is. Politicians leave it alone. Must get pockets lined good and most probably drink. That might explain some of democrats dumb ideas, they are gased.

This is BS. I used the Juul to quit smoking. Dumbass North Carolina is the largest tobacco producer in the country and killer of millions of Americans. The pot calling the kettle black.

North Carolina sues Juul, setting up a fresh legal fight for the embattled e-cigarette companyThe lawsuit could prompt other states to take similar steps against e-cigs. Probably just angry they're hurting the state's cancer (ahem, tobacco) business. North Carolina would likely prefer that traditional cigarettes maintain the bulk of the youth smoking market share. Ridiculous

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Oh but it is sooo much healthier than cigarettes!!! Whats the different between kids or adults smoking drinking using drugs so on...? Hypocrisy Douche flutes Yes, of course, the tobacco state is suing a competing product. After being the most tobacco intensive state in the Union for 200 years, North Carolina...

Listen just like marlboro is bad as kids we smoked. it didnt matter what the package looked like or the flavor or whatever. Kids will do shit like smoke. If e cigs were never made they would smoke marlboros. Not saying it is ok. Just ask joe camel! Where are the bodies? I’d rather every kid vape than any kid smoke.

Are they talking about the products that are ‘nicotine free’? Intersting, as North Carolina's biggest cash crop is tobacco. Excellent.

North Carolina AG sues e-cigarette maker Juul, says it 'downplayed' dangers of nicotine to childrenThe president's goals of a strong economy and a trade deal are in conflict, frustrating Wall Street traders trying to unpack which is more important.

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a tobacco state of mind .it was fine until the tax bill was introduced usually how it goes Said the state whose top crop is tobacco. STFUNC UN makes me sick, we all know cigarette is not good for the body and sometimes it leads to different kinds of diseases and companies are still producing it,instead for the United Nations to put a stop and condemn every companies dat are involved, they are there discuss rubbish

Lawsuit should be thrown out.. from the day e-cigarettes came out we been telling people it's stupid and dangerous.. only idiots would think it's safe to suck in oil into their lungs Good news Ok, but who forced you to use it? Oops. If people don't vape how will I know if they are cool or not?! Tobacco producing state sue for what.........?

You mean the same North Carolina that has produced more tobacco, tobacco products and tobacco companies than anywhere else in the country? Oh.... okay.

Election scandal, 'bathroom bill' shadow GOP in North Carolina redo primaryThe two most explosive recent episodes in North Carolina politics — involving bathrooms and alleged election fraud — will reemerge Tuesday in a high-profile congressional race “The GOP in North Carolina, and across the nation, realisingjust how low they had sunk and the hypocrisy of having been caught practising actual election rigging, vowed to take a hard look at themselves and never again raise the myth of voter fraud.” Not really, though. its unbelievable that they get a do over, after committing election fraud. GOPvoterfraud

İbb nin vakıf bağışları ile danayı bütün yutan antrikotçular... Bilal 'in TÜGVAsı, 74.3 milyon lira, TÜRGEV 51 milyon 593 bin 44 lira, T3 41.1 milyon lira , T3 mütevelli heyeti başkanı, Baykar Selçuk Bayraktar, Ensar Vakfı 29 milyon 797 bin 240 lira.. 20.04.2019 Basın, Sputnik I've met the kids in N.C. They need amphetamines just to form a thought.

How is the North Carolina lawsuit against Big Tobacco for the same claims going? Now that's a lawsuit that has legs! But it looks so cool Pot, kettle. Kettle, pot. 'Nuf said... Hmm, wonder if they grow a shit ton of tobacco in North Carolina? Tobacco state suing an Evap company. Must be cutting into their state profits. Hypocrites

itmerub cesar1111110 lmao I hope more states follow suit! unacceptable

North Carolina 'bathroom bill' sponsor wins Republican nod for rerun of 2018 U.S. House raceNorth Carolina's 'bathroom bill' sponsor wins in special primary, will run as GOP candidate in September rerun of 2018 House race via ReutersTV TV Legislators in red states push symbolic legislation like bathroom bills and protections against gay wedding cakes because these people are completely at a loss for real ideas. They have no idea how to pass a law that will actually improve quality of life in their states. TV Ffs. TV NC - a close 2nd to Alabama in stupidity. Tied with several other states.

I’m sure it’s a coincidence the North Carolina has a huge tobacco industry wait...the state that made tons of money on tobacco is suing over this...interesting... Sounds like the Tobacco companies lawsuits of decades ago... Guess History Does repeat itself... Gee. I wonder which North Carolina based industry is behind this?

Isn’t there a lot of tobacco being grown there? Surely a coincidence Some children need a good vape It literally says that it’s dangerous

North Carolina ‘bathroom bill’ sponsor wins GOP redo of tainted electionBishop’s role as sponsor of a headline-grabbing “bathroom bill” that voided anti-discrimination protections for LGBT people is likely to be a focal point in this repeat race. Still afraid of other people's parts?

North Carolina Primary Election Results: Ninth House DistrictThe U.S. House election in North Carolina that ended without a winner last year is getting a do-over, and Republicans voted for their candidate today. Follow our live results here: They will cheat again Tremendous 'Without a winner' huh? How about the GOP candidate cheated & committed election fraud, so the election got a re-do. Stop diluting the truth with puff headlines like this. It's way past time the media truthfully portrays the GOP as the corrupt, dishonest cheats they are.

North Carolina man charged with 1985 murder of top Hollywood directorA North Carolina man has been charged in the long-unsolved murder of a top Holly... Bad santa He looks like a nice guy...

Republicans nominate Bishop for North Carolina do-over electionState Sen. Dan Bishop won Tuesday’s Republican primary in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District do-over race. Barf. Republicans blatantly cheat but they get another chance at the seat? Disgusting.

NC sheriff: Mom accused of attempted murder threw baby down ravine and faked kidnappingHenderson County Sheriff Lowell Griffin said it was by the 'grace of a merciful God' that the 7-week-old baby girl survived the fall and was found. Oh my my, look in her eyes, she CALLED OUT FOR HELP AS MANY OF US DO OVER AND OVER, ONLY AFTER THE TRAGGIC RESULT OF HURTING HER BABY SHE GETS THE HELP NEEDED I HOPE N PRAY, THIS BABY IS JUST A TOUCH OF WHAT'S GOING ON. WE ARE FAILING. Houston what the f*** are we supposed to do? 'grace of a merciful God' my ass. The fantasy of an imaginary god has nothing to do with it. Take a look at the environment of evil that surrounds you. The fantasy of 'god' is what has caused it. The fantasy of “no God” might have caused it too. Narcissists just wanna have fun, and babies, jobs, etc. just get in the way. Ever hear of adoption?

North Carolina voters split on Republican senator's subpoena of Trump's sonDays after Sen. Richard Burr issued a subpoena to Donald Trump Jr. to appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee, the North Carolina Republican's decision continues to reverberate throughout his home state, especially among Republicans. Burr is now officially a RINO, he can join the club of Flake, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, and Romney Burr looking for a TV gig! PDANet.FoxFiKey.USBmode

Republican Dan Bishop Wins Do-Over North Carolina House PrimaryThe GOP avoided a runoff in the primary for North Carolina’s do-over Ninth Congressional District race as State Senator Dan Bishop won with more than 30% of the vote. So ? Nothing says Republican like gerrymander. Did he though? Our elections aren't secure. ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯

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