North Carolina Reports Highest One Day Spike Of COVID-19 Cases

A day after entering its second phase of re-opening, North Carolina has reported its highest one-day spike in new COVID-19 cases: 1,107.

5/24/2020 12:37:00 AM

A day after entering its second phase of re-opening, North Carolina has reported its highest one-day spike in new COVID-19 cases: 1,107.

Health officials announced Saturday that they had recorded 1,107 new infections. The news comes as the state entered Phase 2 of its re-opening plan on Friday.

. Phase two lifted the state's stay-at-home order and allowed certain businesses to restart or expand operations in a limited capacity.In announcing the easing of restrictions, authorities noted that although"overall key indicators remain stable," there remained"continued increases in daily case counts."

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A statement accompanyingGov. Roy Cooper's executive order, issued on Wednesday, said re-opening would be a more modest endeavor than initially envisioned."North Carolina is using the data to guide our decisions about when to lift COVID-19 restrictions, and overall our key indicators remain stable," Cooper

,a Democrat, said."Safer At Home Phase 2 is another careful step forward, and we have to continue taking this virus seriously to prevent a dangerous spike in infections."The executive order allowed businesses such as restaurants, salons and barbers to be open at 50% capacity with social distancing and cleaning requirements in place. Bars, gyms, and movie theaters were to remained close.

The order also capped mass gatherings at 25 people for outdoor venues while indoor events were limited to 10. Read more: NPR »

NC on 5/23 1107 more cases on 26,358 tests 4.2% positive rate - 4th lowest since started Largest Day of Testing for NC Largest Day for Positive Cases 9new deaths from yesterday Of the 9 new, 4 in Nursing Homes/Res care 21 new hospitalizations NC Numbers to date: 3.14% of the pop tested. Of that 3.14%, 6.9% positive for covid19. So far of those tested positive 3.2% have died. Of that 3.2%, 61% of deaths occurred in nursing homes/residential care. 84% of all the deaths in NC are 65+ age group. FactsNotFear

Sure--a spike as NC also reported on the same day a record increase in tests. Based on the increased tests and the "spike" the positive test % of tests was at around 4%, well below the nations average. One more case of negative sensationalist reporting in manipulating the facts. The whole push to more testing by definition will increase the number of positives as, at the current rate of 5% deaths to positive, our moderate symptom positives are most likely 5-10 times what is reported.

Shocking. Someone should have warned all those beautiful people in NC. mikefarr44 praying for the night clubs of North Carolina!! Essential business! No mention of how much testing they're doing. You figure that would be a critical point. Both sides are spinning the narrative for their own ends.. is anyone actually reporting the news?

So we're going to ignore some facts -infected numbers are not adjusted for those that recover -more testing is being done and specifically in those populations where we already knew we would see infections: correctional facilities, elder care facilities, and meat processing. Doctors said caution needed to be applied when reopening again. Not sure how all the states are opening up again, but mass crowds should not be allowed. Maybe businesses should make it fun to social distance. Check out what Germany is doing! TrumpVirus

Color me unsurprised. Thoughts and prayers. The death rate is .06. And most of that are people much older and or those with other conditions like the diabetes, heart disease, lung issues etc. a study in NY discovered 96% of deaths were people with comorbidity (additional issues beyond the virus). Winning 😕

Yup tweets only about southern states that are actually doing okay, but nothing about the northern states that are driving massive positive test numbers like Illinois or New York or NJ guess when they're blue they don't matter. And… If we care about air quality and the environment… We have to vote blue or it’s literally bust!

PrestonWilson44 What a load of crap. Like the virus knew the day of reopening. When were the tests done? Complete reporting please. 'mOrE tEsT mEaNs MoRe CaSeS' Err, the rate of positive tests has gone up, too, so no, it's not just more testing. Either the re-opening is causing an increase or they separated the antibody tests from the rest of the results.

Cases are not the metric... Wonder why? 1 day after opening... When the virus takes 7-14 days to show any signs. Yeah ok Shit is not cool, Cooper yashar well obviously that 1107 had the virus before the opening, yes? Probably not a consequence of re-opening. cdc death rate .004 And of course, with an incubation period, those people were probably infected BEFORE reopening. Imagine how it will be as time goes on...

yashar One thing has nothing to do with the other. One of my none resources for news. WOW!!! One day after opening....that’s Staggering!! And the fact they’re instantly able to calculate this surge & attribute it to the opening...they are AMAZING!! Thank GOD for these terrifying statistics!!! Keeps us all in the know!

PrestonWilson44 Unfortunately it is to early to open up. Trumpanzees gone wild! Weird. If only this could have been predicted or explained somehow. donwinslow Murica! Clearly we need a total 100% lockdown across the city opened for 90 days. This is happening because so many never closed, others barely closed then quickly reopened. Fucking disaster

Stay safe pjnotpbj, selamat lebaraan maaf lahir batiinn yaa 🙏🏻❤️ yashar Unrelated, obviously. No words can express the emotions of this news. Its been 3 months and the signs have been posted! You either throw caution to the wind or not. And it looks like those rallies have help teach many valuable lessons long after it was finished. Was the money worth your families life?

More testing means more cases. North Carolina’s death rate is NOT going up, which means the ratio is decreasing. This is a GOOD thing! yashar And tonight they’re all at nascar, and nobody’s wearing a mask. Thoughts and prayers. PromisesMadePromisesKept Also known as .01% of the state’s population yashar a note, Yashar, when you break your testing goal by 4x to 5x, you will get a new record. 910 new covid cases were added to WRAL's count, the most number of cases recorded in one day. Over 26,000 people were tested for the virus, exceeding the testing goals of 5k to 7k daily.

yashar There is no correlation, and no mention of the testing increases... You guys are really getting predictable. I'm sure NateSilver538 SeanTrende Neoavatara have more thoughts. VLOHokie Why it scares me when people say they aren't worried about Corona Virus & aren't going to take any precautions. Because their narcacissm could kill people.

yashar No Mensa candidates donwinslow Oh good job; Don yashar Terrible and inaccurate reporting. No surprise as NPR is MSM and continuing with the fear mongering. People are waking up! yashar Very important to qualify that unless you offset for number of tests performed, the number of positive tests is completely meaningless and probably very misleading. Very bad data unless offset for number of tests.

it's almost like we shouldn't be reopening donwinslow ...thoughts and prayers Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to not see that coming ... Dear God, please save us from ourselves So NPR would have us believe that these 1107 positives are from Friday. That the folks tested picked the virus up on Friday, became symptomatic, got tested and results came back Saturday morning? I would contend that the 1107 had nothing to do with Friday’s activities.

Right. Bet money they added in antibody tests again like they got caught doing. TonyBrunoShow It is just positive tests, doesn't even mean that any of them are sick!!! FAKE NEWS!! 1 day is not long enough to cause a spike. This thing has up to a 14 day incubation period. Its very disingenuous to claim phase 2 caused a spike in the headlines.

So surprised! My tRumper brother lives there. It's time to fence them in. Let them interbreed; they do so well...but keep them from infecting the rest of us. Dang! Stay out of NC! Please report on every individual sickness in the winter please. This is very insightful information. 👀😳👀😳👀😳🤔 You were spreading this crap fear porn four weeks ago when Georgia opened and everyone was going to die. Four weeks later cases are flat and hospitalizations are down and so are deaths. Florida is fine. NPR and objective news never collide in the same sentence.

whelp... NC did 2x as many tests on that day as they’ve done on any other day. Positive test rate went down Sad to see the predictions coming true. Do people confuse opening up a state with abandoning effective mitigation strategies? Go figure... No, Really you mean for real for real! Wow, that virus is quick. One day you say?

Can’t tell NPR from the Kardashians any more How many were tested? What’s the positivity rate? Cases are going to spike, ebb, etc. Surprise, surprise! Doesn't it take several days or weeks after exposure to test positive? If true, then the connection portrayed by this NPR article is a false narrative. GEE, IT'S ALMOST LIKE THERE'S SOME KIND OF FUCKING COROLLARY, OR CAUSE & EFFECT IF YOU WILL, BETWEEN GROUPS OF PEOPLE HANGING OUT AND A SUBSEQUENT SPIKE IN COVID-19 CASES. BUT ONLY 'SCARED' PEOPLE WOULD BE TAKEN IN BY SUCH OBVIOUS BLATHER. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Do you really think people caught covid, presented symptoms and got tested in 1 day? Obviously, this has nothing to do with reopening. Some sheep are panicking that they’ll lose the $600 unemployment kicker. So, the heat and sunshine is not killing Covid 19 ? Strategically released test results? Because you wouldn't see a spike in positive cases so quickly, due to re-opening. They could not accumulate that sort of data so quickly. People don't even start showing signs that quickly in many cases.

If only someone had warned them.....oh wait 🙄 Just waiting to hear about Alabama, Texas, Las Vegas Florida. Going to get ugly Where the idiots held a trumpy boat parade Shame on you npr for inferring with this headline that opening is the cause of the increase immediately after... Or did you forget how to write a headline properly?

Denial is deadly. File this in the, “knew this was coming” category More tests=more positive results=lower mortality rate elinor_c_ostrom Are you surprised? I'm shocked! Shocked, I say That’s not how this works that’s not how any of this works ‘Murica This means people weren’t paying attention to the safety precautions during phases 0&1- phase one should have gone one more week.

I know this not supposed to be here but this how i came across Mrs Janice .. I invested $500 and I earn $5,000 in seven days. I recommend her to anyone who struggle financial janice75564230 How’s their ER or hospitals managinging? What’s the death rate? CC: scottdstone potterybarn And massage therapists have been told they can work. I think they just don’t want to pay the self employed/sole proprietors. They want us off unemployment.

And realDonaldTrump golfing today to push the narrative that somehow, magically, everything is okay💀 Still rooting for death I see. How will they send you money for a tote bag? here's some numbers for you scottdstone, I thought you might want to see this. NO ONE could’ve predicted this. NO ONE! sarcasm cause people won’t get it otherwise

Okay, now do the per capita death rate. any word on how many of these are at meat processing facilities? Trump is celebrating 🥳. TrumpDeathToll100K I listen to NPR every day for a decade, but in the past year or 2 they’ve gotten worse and worse. They are no longer objective, and that sucks because they were a decent news source

Humans are slow learners. As things open there will be some spikes but that’s a good thing. As long as they isolate them. oh, surprise Yes but how many were tested that day? What happens when a highly armed populace realises they were sent out to die so Trump could say the economy was back? Good thing the survival rate is 98.7% then

I wonder how this happened. 🤔 Oh no! ElizabethMcGraw Understanding Coronavirus and immunity Some governments have suggested that the detection of antibodies.. Understand it from virologists. AuntiePinky Exactly what I feared, and why after gazing longingly at the menus of recently opened restaurants I will be cooking at home again tonight.

How many more tests? How many asymptomatic? How many more test did they give? How many died? This is such bad reporting. Imagine that COVID Cases per 1M USA: 5030 NC: 2180 (NY: 19,000) This does not seem to be working out well. Can we send thoughts and bleach to those in power? How many more test are they doing!? Context!! Infection rates are important here!

Pathetic That was expected. Have you seen the numerous individuals targeting people who wear masks? It's staggering. And I can believe it will get far worse.. the number of people I saw without masks today. It was like everyone was out shopping today in full force as if released ... Coffee shops were full, tables set up outside full.. E.g. Trip to Jiffylube.. none of the staff had masks..

Cases don’t occur in one day Increased testing is going to lead to more COVID-19 cases. Re-opening is safely going to plan. Lol. Fear is good for controlling people. As much as everyone hates it, the plan to reopen isn’t safe enough yet! I’ve had one friend die from COVID19 and one in ICU for almost 2 months!

Stevie Wonder saw this coming ClayTravis you want the states too open up Good thing like 99.6% of them will recover I'm more perplexed by NYC Virus deaths NY 29,000 NC 778 And it continues to get worse. StayAtHome Yes in the week leading up to this NC did the most testing it’s done as well but don’t worry about including that in your article. You guys are getting worse as this goes on.

NPR = National Public Ruse Smells of bullshit propaganda. So many want this nation shut down. They want the people to cower in fear in their homes. Time to pony up, folks. Before our government tyrants obliterate our freedoms and liberties entirely. That's a good thing, their immune system will now function normally. The only people dying are the ones going to hospitals (healthy on arrival). Keep them out of hospitals and they'll be able to fight off what amounts to a common cold virus without problems.

Flu season is over. Stop pushing the agenda. WTF?!?!?! Shocking. 😐 Increased testing brings more positive cases, so dishonest MattLorenzo You don’t say... Don’t care Hmmm you don’t say? This isn't going to end well, is it?

North Carolina reports highest daily coronavirus infection increase as state enters phase 2 of reopeningThe state's health department said in press release that the new high in daily cases is 'concerning.' Newsweek is the enemy of the people Republican Senator Thom Tillis.

Coronavirus live updates: North Carolina reports 'notable and concerning' increase in casesJUST IN: The NBA is in talks with The Walt Disney Company to continue the 2019-2020 season in July at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 So sad....we should hold CCP accountable for sure. Or we could focus on a real any other sport....

570 Workers Have Coronavirus At North Carolina Poultry PlantA quarter of employees at a Tyson poultry processing facility in Wilkesboro, N.C., have tested positive for the coronavirus. A majority of those who had the virus didn't show any symptoms, the company says. Well shit we need food Sounds like it’s not affecting them any worse than the flu. Did anyone ask how long the corona virus can live on a dead chicken?

Top North Carolina Health Official: GOP Should 'Plan For The Worst' For ConventionNorth Carolina's top health official says mass gatherings like the Republican National Convention will be a 'very big challenge' if COVID-19 cases continue to increase in the state, as they are currently. They're not and NC was caught Juking numbers so dont believe the liars Cancel it.

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North Dakota COVID-19 contact-tracing app found violating privacy policy - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. How has none of you just realized that this stuff is common practice for businesses. It’s how they make more money. No one really cares about your location and other info anyways, it’s just for ads. And if you have a business you could very well benefit from it... This won't end well