Asheville, North Carolina, Approves Reparations For Black Residents - Cnn

Asheville, North Carolina

North Carolina city votes to approve reparations for Black residents

In a historic move, the city council of Asheville, North Carolina, voted unanimously to approve a reparations resolution for Black residents.

7/16/2020 5:41:00 AM

In a historic move, the city of Asheville , North Carolina , voted unanimously to approve a reparations resolution for Black residents and formally apologized for the role it played in slavery and implementing racist policies

In a historic move, the city council of Asheville , North Carolina , voted unanimously to approve a reparations resolution for Black residents.

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Isn’t Asheville’s where New Yorkers go to retire and spread their germs Pretty easy to give away the ppl's money. I don't understand why this upsets so many white people like it's coming from their pocket! It was fine when the homestead act was passed and every German,European,and anyone else who wasn't black jumped on those reparations hence the generational wealth that so many whites enjoy

this doesnt make since, not a single one of these people were slaves or owned slaves so why are they getting paid for somthing that happened hundreds of years ago NotReparations Waste of time!!! Just quick political points to some, but zero help for the black community. Smoke screen!!! This is not reparations or no where nearing the debt owed to us and our parents. You tied it doe!!🤨The National Reparations Express to moving forward Choo🚂 Choo 🚊 mafakas high-speed train 🚄 coming through!! ADOSRidin’🇺🇸

Women still fight for equal rights and pay, add us to the list. Repare my ass. The damage has been done. Money doesn’t not buy people happiness. It’s temporary. Change makes a difference more than any dollar. Excellent news.There are lots of salty Karen's and Ken's in the thread who have neither the intelligence nor the humanity to comprehend this move.

'Fall of the Western Roman Empire' ... If you know what i mean. Idiotic and stupid. Can’t wait to see the white peoples reactions . Will this be a direct deposit from a white account to a black one ? Ever think they don’t want money? Just equality And its still not enough , but its a start in right direction. Negroe people are owed more than america can give !

Never going there again. This is NotReparations 🤮 WHITE TRASH The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America. So this officially marks the end of racism, both systemic and individual, in Asheville, NC. From now on, not a single Black resident in Asheville, NC, will ever be able to complain about racism preventing them to succeed. Yeah, right.

People who were never enslaved receive money from people who never owned a slave. Quit the victim culture, it results in nothing but more victimhood and govt dependency How much do I get ? Liberal mindset is disturbing! あんまりやり過ぎると韓国みたいにいつまでも『謝罪と賠償を!』 をやられるので控え目にしといた方が懸命だよー… 謝罪は1度 本気で 『申し訳ありませんでした』 でいいと思うよ

Awesome Oh dey be takin' those reparations already From another article comment -BLM are an extreme Marxist violent group formed to overthrow all systems of a civil society. Marxists/commies. Want to create a ravial divide? Go ahead and take something that was hard earned from one person and give it to another cuz of what color your skin is. This will fix racism. 🤦

Jesus fuck Yep .... reparations.... we will say,, that the investment will go in the communities.. via healthcare, housing, education, .. no cash payout , reparations Democratic style .. let pander for the vote .. they won’t figure it out until after the election.. Get ready, Asheville residents..... Black residents? So anyone black, even immigrants?

Not even $1 will go directly to Black people. This is simply a citywide gentrification project labeled as “reparations” to get minority citizens on board. Fuck that Asheville leads the way. Now that’s a smart city council. Are they deducting welfare and food stamps? Are they including the white Irish slave ancestors? How many slaves are alive today to collect? Asking for a friend.....

Trump leading the polls Honestly... Idk if certain measures are really effective, or instead will cause more tension and resentment. I can show you how to make $2500 in 3 hours DM me now!!! CNN · ٣ د في خطوة تاريخية ، صوتت مدينة آشفيل بولاية نورث كارولينا بالإجماع الأسبوع الماضي للموافقة على قرار تعويضات للمقيمين السود واعتذرت رسميًا عن الدور الذي لعبته في العبودية وتنفيذ السياسات العنصرية. sy 'iin 'iin CNN

I identify as a black woman... and I want my money! FFS Are they paying? I've always thought Ashville, N.C. was a cool place. Nit now, I know it is. As a Black woman, I do not want reparations, I want equality, justice, respect and dignity for all people of color. If anyone needed a hint to where the most liberal town in North Carolina you go. Also love how the reparations are “investments” in the black community. Another rope-a-dope slap to the face of the black community. If they were serious about this they’d pay directly.

Wow. Why we don’t go back to the real culprits, the Sumerian and Egyptian gods who enslaved the world and ask for an apology? Ignorants. Awesome! 👏👏👏👏 Hopefully it will be all of our states next. WTF? None of those Black residents whose quality of life is extremely better than what a slave's life was has every had to endure slavery. I bet majority of them are just going to blow the money away on some bullshit then come running back crying for another handout.

I want reparations for all the murders and crimes committed by black criminals against white people😳 roybelly How do you distribute the money? Is it equal among the entire black population? Or do you have to prove you descended from slaves? I’m sure there’s official documentation. Fuck outta here this DOES NOT specifically give anything to black citizens of this country. Minority is a VERY BROAD TERM. 🙄

What bunch of dimwits! Y'all didn't have anything to do with slavery Stupid white idiots! 'I hope it's not a BLM nillprint that ment to be Separation, instead of: Reparation for the black tobacco Road people of NC! Can't you say it properly, it's a Separation or a Reparation? So fucking stupid.... sky rocketing taxes during a epidemic and financial collapse on something most families had no part of 250 years ago.... just idiots

About damn time, I need some new hair weaves! Will the Irish get the same treatment? They were the first slaves, why just blacks? No way! Total disagreement here .. ok reparations for stolen land in the west ? Not gonna happen obviously !!! smh No one ever accused North Carolinians of being critical thinkers; but if they were they would deduct reparations for the role those Blacks, their relatives & ancestors played in all of the crime & property damage against the city & prolonged periods of public assistance.

Something we look forward to... What the We're in 2020 and this craps still happening!!! I can't believe what I'm reading!!! Historic, lmao..... OMG....these people are insane Haha.. I’m identifying differently now, gimme money So this must be one of the worst places to live We don't need you to invest in areas where Black residents face disparities we need investments in the people who r descendants of slave's so that the people can use the money to build we don't need you 2 make decisions for the ppl since you have a history of making bad decisions

This is For All the racist white people that didn’t read and are for some reason angry, NO they are not getting individual checks the state will just simply invest in areas where black residents face disparities. That’s fucked up. The current generation shouldn’t pay for the misconduct of those in the past. Create opportunities for African Americans or anyone and they will thrive for years to come.

Might be Trump supporters, might not be. When did they enslave their black citizens? What did we miss? Ok if one only italian, irish greek portoghese or other immigrants were compelled to work in unfair condition who will compensate them? Oh for fuck sake man this generation doesn't need no god Dame apology All they've done is disrespect all those who fought real racism by manipulating a past that's was horrid and painful just so they can play the race card in today's era Where they are free and equal as any else

The Devil is a Liar. Shawna Mizelle and the CNN brass that backs this narrative know full damn well that this isn't specifically for Black people. Foundational Black Americans are all too familiar with this con. Baby steps. A very important one though. .....Nah CUTTHECHECK Weak ass town! Why the hell would you apologize? This shit is stupid!

Okay then it's done then, no more using it as a crutch. No it didn't. This is stupid and Racist. Are the virtue signaling left going to pay for it out of their pockets? No no they’re not. The citizens of Asheville should toss these losers out on their ass Cause welfare, food stamps, affirmative action, grants, free college, and demands on society through political correctness just isn’t enough. Any black person can take advantage of the above. If they choose not to, u can’t fix that. Just more virtue signaling

😂😂😂😂😂😂 I ❤️AVL! They should compensate the American Africans and the African countries that suffered from the slavery. Glad I do not live there. All I can say is Why? Why should whites descended from northern states have to pay reparations? The union never had slaves, they fought to end it. You'd have to do some serious genealogical research to weed out those modern whites who would qualify. Sounds like Nazi Germany looking for Arian heritage

REALLY? Wow the 3 blacks that live there will share a house reparation free Asheville is a trash Liberal city that used to be decent. Why not just set up a GoFundMe account and those with white guilt can be free to donate? Glad I don't live in that soon to be's a decision they will live to regret....

Wow. I would like to request reparations for the PTSD I have suffered, due to the ancestors I don’t know that also didn’t live in the US at the time slavery. But this suffering I have endures bc of the color of my skin is so tramatic that I can’t work hard to get paid well. We have to reimagine the elimination of the Democrats Party.👍

I think Black people want a Cash payment. So,2 trillion dollars would be 50 thousand dollars for every Black person in America, approximately. So,just pass a bill and do it Any apology or reparations never please everyone, especially the voters. Congratulations Asheville, for doing the right thing. What about Native Americans?

Yikes will see a sharp decline in residents there. Absolutely ridiculous Just silly

North Carolina capitol city chooses its first Black councilwoman“I can honestly say I am a little emotional thinking of the historical impact of being selected,” Stormie Denise Forte said. 'Being Black and being female and being a person within the LGBTQ community — all those things make up the person I am.” Sounds like you don’t need it but good luck and never, ever, ever, give up👍 Congratulations! I'm sure they will have as much success as every black ran democratic city.

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North Carolina School Districts Will Have Option To Be Entirely Remote In Fall, Governor Says North Carolina schools will reopen in fall with a mix of online and in-person learning, the governor said Tuesday, but school districts will have the option to switch to online instruction only.

City council in Asheville, North Carolina, unanimously approves reparation planLeaders in Asheville , North Carolina , have taken a historic step to repair centuries of racial prejudice by unanimously voting to provide reparations. Um wow that’s insane Of course Asheville would 🙄 Stupid shit

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