'None Of This Has Been Easy': Melbourne, Australia, Ends Its 111-Day Lockdown

'None Of This Has Been Easy': Melbourne, Australia, Ends Its 111-Day Lockdown

10/29/2020 3:24:00 AM

'None Of This Has Been Easy': Melbourne, Australia, Ends Its 111-Day Lockdown

The city recorded zero new coronavirus cases on Monday, for the first time since June. 'Now is the time to congratulate every single Victorian for staying the course,' said the state's top official.

Darrian Traynor/Getty Imagestoggle captionDarrian Traynor/Getty ImagesPeople enjoy eating outdoors on Wednesday in Melbourne, Australia. Lockdown restrictions in the city were lifted after 111 days, allowing people to leave their home for any reason.Darrian Traynor/Getty Images

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Melbourne, the second-most populous city in Australia, ended its 111-day lockdown on Wednesday.The state of Victoria, where Melbourne is located, eased restrictions after recording zero new coronavirus cases on Monday — for the first time since June."Now is the time to open up," Daniel Andrews, the state's top official, said during a media briefing."Now is the time to congratulate every single Victorian for staying the course."

The city of 5 million people will still limit residents to traveling within 25 kilometers (about 16 miles) of their homes. A border between regional Victoria and Melbourne will also remain.But Melbourne residents can now leave their homes without permission. Shops, cafes, salons, restaurants, bars and places of worship can reopen — affecting 180,000 jobs, according to the state government.

The city plans to continue shedding restrictions in the coming weeks.While most of Australia has seen relatively low coronavirus numbers, cases began spiking in July and August. Read more: NPR Health News »

Good luck small businesses...only 111-day lockdown. No biggie! Wait until the big one comes!! As Bill Gates says, 'the next one everyone's attention'.... Should sent trump to Australia, but too late. Schedule for jail time to learn you can’t con everyone all the time, especially true American people. The real Patriots.

Well timed as they are just going into summer now. I hope all will be well oh, sweet! good news stories ARE so sweet. just like those ice creams. does that work then? will that work? fingers crossed. congratulations, melbourne! 🐱💕mb TorontoDDG That is the correct time to reopen. MelissaJPeltier Other Countries have figured out how to tackle the virus.👏 Meanwhile, in the U.S. our “leader” is telling people at his rallies “COVID will go away after November 3,” as if more than 200,000 people died as a conspiracy against “Dear Leader.”

MelissaJPeltier markfebbraio 🎉 Jealous of this kind of leadership & public will! God I’ve seen what you’ve done for others. 🧻🧼💉🚷🔒 That’s great but it will come back so I guess be prepared to lock down again and further destroy your state Not here. Never. Zero cases when you test 0 people. Lol, it’s not going to stop 🤡

i’d be interested to see some stats on what kind of toll that took on their peoples mental health though... And now it will go up. You're not stopping anything, just pausing it. You guys are so very lucky to have leaders who care about your health and the well being of your society! I know it must not have been easy but it is necessary to stop the spread.

chick_in_kiev The US will average a case a second the next few days which is more than zero. That's what the CCP wants just wait till Joe becomes potus . How to do it right! You guys have all the fun. In fact our whole country is doing well (touch wood) we’re open, some restrictions to large gatherings but otherwise as normal, mask use rises depending on case numbers but cases countrywide are mostly in the single digits for community transmission.

The United States is too selfish to do this They learned nothing except how to be the best lapdogs for the state. Must be nice TheHofstatter Maybe I’m wrong about this, BUT, willing to bet, ONCE AGAIN, countries on this planet end up REVERSING this decision BLINDLY due to a SINGLE POSITIVE TEST rather than basing it on the ORIGINAL GOAL OF FLATTENING THE CURVE!

The rest of the world needs to take a lesson here. Is that pic from today? Yeah, they're going back on lockdown, soon. Yes, because down there the season of respiratory illnesses has gone.. it will be back April-sept 2021.. the trend is the same in Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Argentina etc. nothing to do with Lockdown

It is how it has to be done to save lives POTUS this is how it’s done. Stop denying science, stop economic threats. The economy only works if people can safely work. End the pandemic by admitting it exists and masks save lives. Social distancing saves lives. Quarantine and contact tracing saves life!

I would eat vegemite to make this happen here. chick_in_kiev We had two days of zero! Then today it was 3. Still better than 700+. We are OK. Congrats Melbourne!! Oh, good...my sister loves living in Melbourne. She was feeling hemmed in, now she has some freedom of movement. They live on an island but yes congrats 👍🏻

congrats! you must have done something right. we in the usa would not know what that is. any advice? Congrats all, we need someone to guide us here in the US Yeah we did it! And actually a lot of it was tough but on the whole for most of us it was ok. We are still wearing masks and that’s ok. So proud of us Victorians!

👍 It has not been easy for us - and it shows how far behind the USA is. chick_in_kiev THIS was a lockdown. It worked. However, as Spain, Italy, France, and the U.K. learned, don’t go back to “normal.” If a society goes back, don’t be surprised to revisit the virus crisis. How do you get your bogans to comply? We've a real problem with ours in the US.

They had to end the lockdown in Victoria when it became apparent that it had been illegal all along. Expect some big claims for compensation from anyone who suffered economic losses as a result. how long before they see a spike in cases? And we can't even 'lockdown' for a damn day 🤦 how it came and why they did,find out here

Zero new cases doesn’t mean they aren’t there as we learned in Israel this summer. Tread carefully re-opening. So far, we are doing better second time around coming out of lockdown. But wouldn’t be surprised if we are back where we were in a few months. So they delayed the inevitable at what cost? Zero. An American dream.

god I wish I lived in a functioning country We had low numbers over here and were an island. Americans need to realise that containing it there is impossible. You already had too high a number to eliminate it. It’s astounding that you blame your President but not each Governor. Europe has worse numbers than you

Almost collapsed your economy by design Good for them Lockdowns are great but only work as long as they are in place. I hope they did something to prepare for another wave now that they are opened up. Hip hip hooray!!!!

The U.S. election could shape the world like none before'If Trump wins we're going to be in a much more fragmented, competitive, nationalist world,' one expert said. NBC means we're going to continue the America first strategy which America loves!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good thing he won't win. Finally, a little bias against Trump for a change. Getting really tired of Biden being drug by the press.

Melbourne, Australia's second-largest city, ends its 111-day coronavirus lockdownAccording to the Victoria state government, the lockdown easing will allow 6,200 retail stores, 5,800 cafes and restaurants, 1,000 beauty salons and 800 pubs to reopen, affecting 180,000 jobs It can be done - Wear a mask and follow the rules !

Australia's second-largest city ends 111-day virus lockdownMELBOURNE, Australia (AP) — Coffee business owner Darren Silverman pulled his van over and wept when he heard on the radio that Melbourne’s pandemic lockdown would be largely lifted on Wednesday... Meanwhile 1 in 4 Wisconsinites have the rona...we’re doing great! thank you very much for your work

End of Melbourne lockdown paves way for crowds at cricket, tennisMelbourne's liberation from its COVID-19 lockdown has boosted hopes of crowds attending some of Australia's major sporting events in the country's second-biggest city. Just. Plain. Wow.

Melbourne opens up dining, shopping as four month virus lockdown liftedMelbourne's shops, restaurants and hotels opened for business on Wednesday after a four month coronavirus lockdown, with happy customers enjoying alfresco eating in the spring sunshine and shopkeepers hoping for big sales to make up for lost revenue. thanks Good to hear 😘👍 Remember this is all based on a flawed testing method that produces false positive results, deaths that have been reclassified as Covid regardless of the actual cause, and a 99.9% recovery rate! Plandemic Agenda21 ID2020 Operationlockstep Quantumtattoo Coronavirus Covid

France and Germany impose new lockdowns to curb coronavirus spreadFrance announced a full nationwide coronavirus lockdown and German officials imposed a partial four-week lockdown Nah, they're trying to prevent people from to taking to the streets like in Italy. Again, needing help with reporting If everyone stays at home for just 2 weeks that should bend the curve ,right? They screwed up.